37 Years Old Looking for the Overhaul. TT, LBL, BA, BBL, lipo. Houston, TX

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I am 37, 5'6" and currently 187 pounds and a...

I am 37, 5'6" and currently 187 pounds and a deflated sad 38C. Spanning the last 20 years, I have been as high as 250 (the day I gave birth) and as low as 147 (the day of my senior prom). I spent most of that time in between 180-200. I have gained and lost the same 50-60 pounds many, many times over. I've had the "apron" since I was 19 (after gaining and losing a freshman forty - yes, 4-0). The flat butt and apron run in the family, unfortunately for my sweet mama. Of course, she never had the opportunity to do anything about it, but I just can't go on this way. I used to "at least" have really great boobs. Firm and perky and fantastic cleavage. But after nursing my son for 31 months (!!!), they are sad versions of what they used to be. I have been dieting and exercising like crazy since November and have lost about 45 pounds. Hopefully I can lose another 10 in the next month. I have chosen to go with Dr. Patronella for the complete overhaul. It will be a lower body lift with liposuction to the axilla, lateral chest, back, braline, flanks, hips, supragluts, fat grafting to the buttocks and lateral gluts and breast augmentation (without lift) with Inspira moderate profile 350cc on the right and Inspira full profile 400 on the left. I have a son that will be three in August. My mother is my nanny and lives about 2 miles away. My husband is very supportive, although, in practice, he is quite terrible with anything medical or being a "nurse." Other members of my family live in town and will be helping with my son. I am SO excited and so nervous, as well. Of course, I'm sure as many here, the most terrible thought in the back of my head is what is something happens to me and I can not be here for my son all because I was being vain! I am trying to remember that many, many people have successful surgeries every day and I trust Dr. Patronella and his team whole-heartedly.

Pre-Op Appointment Tomorrow

Looking forward to my pre-op appointment tomorrow. My husband is coming with me and this will be the first time he is meeting Dr. P. Getting excited and nervous! A few more pictures. Will use those undies as a before and after reference. Will be so nice not to have them get "lost" under the flap whenever I move around! :/ Ugh.

Pre-Op Completed - Added Lipo to Knees!

Well, I'm all set! Have my vitamins, prescriptions, bra, supplies; hemoglobin levels and BP checked out perfectly. The next time I set foot there, will be the morning of surgery! I added lipo to the knees to the scope of the surgery. Might as well go for it all at once.
My husband met the doctor and liked his demeanor. My husband saw that I was getting nervous and quiet. In an effort to lighten the mood (he has a sarcastic sense of humor), after he heard all of the procedures he commented that "seems like this is taking a Volkswagen and turning it into a Ferrari!" It worked -- I was cracking up laughing. I told him too bad I'll still have the VW engine ;) haha.

So excited and nervous. We are headed on vacation in the interim and I have another quick business trip, so actually I think the time will go really quickly! I know if I was sitting at home, it would CREEP by, so I'm thankful to be staying busy.

One more sleep

I am so ready and so nervous all at the same time! I have all my supplies ready by the bedside, all the family's laundry done, all my meals prepped for my hubby and son, the lift chair in place, etc., etc. I can barely stand myself!
Tomorrow I am going to pretend to have muffins with mom at my son's preschool (because obviously, I can't eat or drink anything!), then I'll say my goodbyes to him, and then my husband is taking me to surgery!
All my pray-ers out there, please say a prayer for me and my doctors! :)

On the flat side!

My surgery was from 11 am to about 5:30 PM on Thursday. I recall my husband visiting me when I was back in my private room, but just vaguely. At 5 am on Friday, they came in and did a dressing change. At 6 am my mom came to pick me up. Moving around to get to the car did make me nauseous. The quickly gave me a shot of something and I started to feel better.
I saw Dr. P right before I left and he said everything went well and they took 10-12 pounds out/off.
I got home and took my position in the lift chair I rented -- absolutely worth every penny!
I slept most of the day yesterday. The first few times getting up and using the restroom were extremely painful. It is sort of a weird burning sensation and everything feels very heavy. But by the evening yesterday, it was already getting much easier.
I haven't tried to be a martyr with the pain medicine. I've been taking 2 oxy every 4 hours. I plan to wean tonight to one.
The gas pain has also been somewhat strong!
Today the home health nurse came after I showered and helped me get redressed. The shower felt amazing?
I have been drinking a couple of protein shakes and lots and lots of vitamin water. I just now ate a few chicken nuggets, but I haven't had much appetite at all. I only ate because I noticed I was very woozy after the shower.
The bruising from the lipo is the most painful part. I am very swollen, of course, but already so excited with the change!

Trying to post photos, 2 days post

Three days post op

Actually doing better than I thought I would be doing! Down to one oxy every 8 hours. Didn't take a nap today. Was up quite a few times. No longer need assistance to use the restroom, get up and down, etc. Got to snuggle with my toddler and enjoy some cuddled up paw patrol time. Swelling continues to go down. As nerves come back and bruising increases, the craziest part is the itching! Taking off my garments and having my hubby lightly tickle my back was so, so enjoyable! Ha!

Breaking out the bikini

Guess I'll definitely need new tops! Ha! Loving it though. :) When I wore this suit before, it looked ok if standing perfectly straight, but if I moved it would snap under my flap! Ugh! Sleep has been my most difficult part of part of this whole ordeal - I have only been getting 4-5 hours a night and no napping. I just can't get comfy and I lie awake. Even the xanax doesn't work. Ugh. Dreaming of a stomach sleep! :)

16 days post

Feeling great! Back to life as usual pretty much, except for exercising and lifting heavy things (although I have lifted my 35 pound son down from the counter, for example, on occasion).
Had my first lymphatic massage this week. It felt great and I think it helped with swelling, although I was sore the next day at most bruised places.
I saw doctor at 12 days postop and he said I was "no where near my final results." I can tell I still have swelling in my lower back, but he said my lower abdomen is also still very swollen. So exciting! I'm already so happy, so I can't imagine it getting better.
Wore a pair of jeans today and the waistband didn't flap over! Woohooo!

Fun little trip down memory lane

Where I was a year after baby and before weight loss and surgery and where I was last night! SOOO happy!

Nice tummy!

9 weeks post op. Life completely back to normal. Back to 100 % exercise, no compression garments, pants that don't fold over... haha. Life is good!

16 Weeks After

I remain so happy with the results! I will probably have a "revision" in the form of a second go-round on the BBL. At my last visit with Dr. P (12 weeks), he agreed and said he is willing to do that, but we need to wait until 6 mos. post so that he can tell "what is what" -- he insists there is still some swelling.
I was up about 5 pounds post-surgery, but have now lost that. I'm back in a workout schedule and everything is great! Nice to do a burpee and not have my pants snap below my fat roll! Ha!
I have a few hard spots underneath my scars. I try massaging them. Dr. P actually used a steroid injection in one at my hip that was the largest and actually uncomfortable. It seems to be resolving and is no longer bothersome!
Still think Dr. P is a genius and fully believe that this surgery has CHANGED MY LIFE. I am happier, more confident, more active with my son...

I felt like Dr. Patronella really had a "whole torso" vision for what would be the best results. I know my personality and I would definitely be the kind that would be "disappointed" with a flat butt once my stomach was flat, for instance, so I really appreciated his approach. I love his work and I think his technique gives really natural, really feminine results, which is exactly what I'm going for.

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