35 Year Old Mom of 2 Ready to Be Nipped and Tucked! - Houston, TX

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After having my second daughter at the age of 33,...

After having my second daughter at the age of 33, I quickly realized my body wasn't going to "bounce back" like it did with my first. I'm not expecting perfection, but getting rid of the skin and "pouch" below my belly button will be an awesome boost of confidence. I'm also excited to have the girls put back in place. I knew they were low, but didn't realize just how low until Dr. Steely dos the measurements. (Wow). I'm so excited for a somewhat fresh start, after my beautiful babies basically wrecked me. 9 more days!!! =) Before pics coming soon. (Eeek)

Final countdown!

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm so anxious, nervous, and excited; I can't sleep. I have all of my post-op supplies, my meds, clothing, and child care in place.
I took some photos tonight of my "before".....and I'm praying the next pictures I post will look a million times better! (Swelling, bruises and all!)

Day 1 post op

Well, I've been in and out of drunken sleep all day (pain meds are good!) and I did shower. It felt amazing. And I saw a swollen version of my results, and I'm extremely happy!!! My boobs feel on fire, much like the "let down" when your milk comes in. And they're super sore on the outsides where he did some lipo. Basically the lipo is what is giving me the most pain/discomfort. Learning to get up and down using only legs has proven challenging. But my hubs has been amazing. I'm posting some pics we took right after my shower today. Just resting and sleeping a lot!

Day 2 post op

I'm getting around much easier and am able to be semi-upright when walking. My lower back hurts the most when I'm up for very long. I don't really have an appetite, but I have major gas bubbles rumbling in my tummy. (Sorry for tmi). Lol! The swelling above my rear is still prevalent, and I noticed while applying ointment to my belly today that my torso is swollen today too. Trying my best to stay off my feet, walking only to the bathroom every few hours. I'm still loving my boobs, even though they're swollen. I have had zero thoughts of regret thus far!

Day 4 post op

I just showered again and washed my hair, and I feel amazing! I'm feeling so much better today, as far as soreness goes, and I slept pretty stretched out last night. My side breast on my right side still hurts quite a bit, even to lift my arm, but I go back to Dr. Steely tomorrow. I'm hopeful my drains can be removed. (They're just a pain and in the way).

Post op day 6

I went in yesterday for my first post op check-up, and Dr. Steely was super excited with my progress and results thus far. He said it was too early to take my drains out, so I will be going back to see him on Friday (will be post op day 8), and he will remove them then. He has such a good sense of humor and makes me and my husband feel totally comfortable asking anything and everything. He told me everything looks awesome now, and I'm going to look like a rockstar when it's all said and done. Lol! =)

On a pain med note, I only took 2 yesterday, and I was feeling pretty good all day. However, around 2:30 this morning I was regretting not taking it as it I had been. Needless-to-say, I won't be making that mistake again! =)

Pics post op day 6

Day 8 post op (6/10/16)

So, I went in to get my drains out, and he only removed one. It didn't hurt at all! I was bummed the other has to stay in until Tiesday, but I totally understand the importance of getting all of this fluid out of me. I feel really good overall, and like I've said before, each day gets a little better/easier. I'm still loving my results, and my friends are teasingly jealous. Lol! So far so good!! =)

Post op day 10

I'm still feeling awesome, but the swelling in my legs and hips are no fun. I'm walking around a lot, and it doesn't take much for my calves, ankles, and feet to balloon up. I have noticed at night that my hands also swell up when I'm lying down asleep, unless I keep them rested up on my torso. I'm drinking lots and lots of water, and I'm not sure there's much else I could do. Still loving my results!!

Post op day 12 (6/14/16)

I got my other drain removed today!!! I seriously feel like a new person. Lol! I also drove for the first time today, and it was totally fine! (I've been off my pain meds for 2 days now). The swelling in my feet, calves, and legs still suck, but at this point, it's a small price to pay. Loving my progress!!! =)

Post op day 14 (6/16/16)

It's been 2 weeks!!! Today is my last day to wear my garment, but I think I'll continue to wear it at night. I will be in spanx now 24/7 lol! I've been doing my breast massages, which is anything but a massage. (Yikes!) It's over pretty quickly though, but it's three times a day. It's actually getting easier/less painful. I put my bikini on for the first time since my surgery, and I am super pleased! I am still very swollen (and about 10 lbs heavier since before my surgery). So, I'm very excited to see my progress from this point forward.

Post op 3 weeks and 1 day (6/24)

I had my first endemology appt yesterday, and it didn't hurt (at all) like I thought it would! (Whew!) I can definitely tell a difference in the places that were "hard"from the lipo--they are a lot softer after just one treatment. And I absolutely adore Cindy! She is so personable and fun. I get my stitches out on Tuesday, 6/28. I'm so excited!

Stitches out! Post op day 26 (6/28)

I went in today, and Dr. Steely removed my tape and clipped a few stitches. The majority of them were already dissolving, but it felt so good to have that tape removed! Everything looks good, and now I'm on to the scar cream. I seriously couldn't be happier with my results thus far, even though they keep reminding me I'm still pretty swollen. I absolutely adore Dr. Steely and his entire staff!

6 weeks post op!

I'm still on vacation, but thought I'd post a quick pic. I'm still noticeably more swollen this time of day, as opposed to the morning, but I still love how I look! =)

6 weeks and 4 days post op

Just went in for another check-up, and all is well! I got the approval to ramp up my workouts, with light weights anyway. I have to hold off on plank moves and push-ups, but I'm happy to get the rest of rear in gear to match Dr. Steely's amazing work. I just love him and Cindy! I see him again in 2 weeks, and he's going to take photos. Here's to busting my *ss these next 2 weeks! =)

2 months post op!

I had my 2 month appt yesterday, and I am fully released!! Dr. Steely took some more pictures, and the difference from my before pics is unbelievable!!
My hubs and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary this past weekend, and I was able to wear a "little black dress" that showed off my new body. I felt gorgeous again for the first time in a long time!!

Before and afters (8 weeks post op)

I've had several people ask me for side-by-side pics, so here ya go! =)
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday, and I am so thankful I found Dr. Steely! He took his time and answered every question, even when I repeated myself. His excitement for my results have eased my anxiety tremendously, and I feel super confident in his abilities.

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