33 Years Old, 3 Kids, Tired of Looking Pregnant. Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair - Houston, TX

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Busy mom of 3. Ages 4, 2, and 8 months. First...

Busy mom of 3. Ages 4, 2, and 8 months. First pregnancy I gained 75 pounds. My baby was 10 pounds 12 ounces. That seperated my stomach muscles. The next 2 pregnancies were supported by my skin. The after math is a protruding abdomen that looks 4 months pregnant. I literally get asked every couple weeks if I am expecting. Even wearing 2 spanx and not having a bite to eat I still get asked if I am pregnant! My breast are deflated with no upper volume. I have what I call "bottom boobs." I nursed all 3 of my kids 6 months and they all preferred one side making me disproportionate.
I am 5 ft 2 in and I am at my prepregnancy weight of 128. I would like to loose a few more pounds before surgery but that date is creeping up quick! I am a nurse, on my feet a lot so working out has been a challenge as I am so tired when I'm finally done with 12hr shift that often turns to 14 hours. I don't eat terrible but I could def improve. It's hard to feel motivated because no amount of exercise improved the way I look. I am very ready to feel and look normal again!! I just don't want to look pregnant!! I'll post pics once I'm closer to my surgery date which is only a few weeks away.

The specifics

My consultation was 6 weeks ago. Eva was great at making me comfortable and gave me all the info I was seeking. Dr. P was honest. I described the look I was going far. Breasts that are full, that can occur in nature. Not the first thing you notice when seeing me but nice in a swim suit. I tried on sizers and he told me once it became to large for my frame. We decided on 365cc on the Right, 385cc on the left. Round, high profile Naturelle Inspira smooth, under the muscle. To my surprise I do not need a lift. This was such a relief as I will have less scarring then I had prepared myself far. My abd muscle separation was classified as severe. But not the worst he has seen. I'm also having a hernia repair and placement of Seri mesh. Anyone have this?? He says my muscles will grown into it and it will be added support. I'm also having periareolar reduction to the right side. The side the kids preferred to nurse. Also having axillary tissue excision on the right side due to mammory glands some how ending up there and when my milk came in swelled up and stretched the skin. My poor right side lol. And lastly having Lipo of the flanks. My flanks are not terrible but I have a curve in my spine and I have one love handle that's always bothered me in certain outfits especially swim suits. I started my vitamins yesterday. I also lost 2 more pounds, down to 126. Trying to get as low as I can. I have not gotten strong enough to post my before pics. Hopefully soon!!

Getting closer

I received my supplies I ordered for recovery. I have a wedge for under my legs, a larger wedge for under my back, a female urinal, chux pads, a mattress protector, a shower chair and a walker. I'm renting a wheel chair for the day I return as the walk from our vehicle to the condo we rented is a far distance. The unit does not have a recliner so I'm bringing a zero gravity chair from home as back up in case I can't get comfortable with the wedges. Also bringing pillows. Hope I'm not forgetting anything. I'm starting to get so nervous. It's starting to affect my sleep. I'm getting maybe 3 hours. I keep thinking of random crazy things that could possibly go wrong. I just can't wait for this to be over so I can move forward. I did loose 2 more pounds, down to 124. Just figured out I'll be starting my cycle either the day of or day after surgery. Just great....my husband will be taking care of me. He does not have the strongest stomach. Eva assured me this happens sometimes and it won't be an issue. Just hoping it holds out till the day after surgery :/

Holy $hit this hurts

I'm on the flat side!! The pain is horrific. But can't wait to see tomorrow what it looks like. I tried to sneak a peek and see I ended up having to get a vertical scar in addition to the hip to hip. I had too much skin and too small a frame. Dr P also suggested I not put the implant inscion in the nipple and do it under the breast fold. He said the shape is more controlled and the overall appearance long term would be better. I only have one JP drain. Hoping this pain eases up to a tolerable level.

Picture time

Today is postop day 3 and I feel like I might survive. The first 2 days were awful. I feel less sore and have figured movements to avoid Ect.

ER visit last night 1 week Postop

Started having pain in my Left Calf yesterday mid day. I noticed a soreness during my shower. I thought maybe I pulled a muscle trying to get in/out of bed. Well by the end of the day my husband noticed my left calf was larger then my right. I called the dr on call which happen to be Dr. P my Dr. We were already in route to ER as I know the symptoms of a blood clot. He said that's what he was going to tell me to do. I had blood work done, a deep vein ultrasound and CT scan of my lungs after the d dimer blood clotting test came back "alarmingly high". Although the test results could be affected by the recent major surgery. Ultrasound was negative for clot. But both nurse and person doing my scan informed me it would have to be a large, well developed clot to come up on ultrasound. I was sent home. Told to continue my anticoagulant I have been taken. I did everything right. I'm a non smoker, do not take birth control. I wore my Ted hose stockings and walked early and frequently. I did have varicose veins during pregnancy that I had ablated about 7 months ago. I called my vein dr this morning. The nurse encouraged me to loosen my abdominal binder as this could contribute to swelling and blood clots of the lower legs. So I did that and I'm now swelling in my abdomen. I'm also wearing tighter Ted hose stockings and keeping them on until my follow up vein appt on Mon. I'm having another ultrasound done. I'm hoping over the coming days the pain and swelling goes away and this is a thing of the past. I did ask if my varicose vein surgery could make me higher risk. She said for the first 48hrs I would be higher risk. But after the 48hrs would be norm Risk as people who did not have the vein surgery. I made sure Dr.P was aware of my vein surgery prior to my mommy make over. Feeling very scared. Please send prayers my way.

11 days Post Op

I had called my vein dr and nurse gave me institutions I followed to a science. Loosened my CG at bed time, elevated my ankles on 1 pillow. I stopped putting my wedge that went in the bend of my knee. Wore my Ted hose stockings 24 hrs a day. Put on a timer and walked every 2 hours, even during the night. I had pain in the calf severe for 2 days, went to sleep then like magic awoke to no swelling and pain vanished. Hoping what ever it was my body was able to take care of it. I personally feel like the compression garment combined with the way my legs were bent on the wedge was contributing to blood pooling in my legs and I may have had the start of something bad happening. Take home message is if something seems wrong take action and correct as soon as possible. If I had not gotten advice from the nurse and changed some things I think I would have been on my way to making a blood clot even on the Eliquis.
Besides that I'm dependent a lot less on the pain meds. I only take one at bedtime. I'm able to shower, prepare my meals and do just about everything for myself. I have willed myself several times out of sneezing as this feels like it would be insanely painful. I did cough once and the pain to the muscle repair was horrid. It's still hard to bend or make sudden movements. My husband said he noticed I'm moving around a lot better. I'm able to stand straight up. The tightness finally isn't uncomfortable. The first week I had to slouch slightly forward. I'm in my bed and sleeping on two pillows and ankles floated on one pillow. No more wedges. I'm still wearing this bulky CG but can move to a Spanx on Wed once I'm at 2 weeks. My adhesive taking came off under my breasts so I have started using the Steri strips. A lot less itchy in my opinion. My dr has me on a vitamin regimen. I take 3 vitamins morning and night. I take Bromaline 3 times a day and also Arinca 3 times a day. Swelling has been mild to moderate. I watch my sodium intake and drink lots of water. I'm finally home and eagerly waiting to see my little ones. It will be interesting to see how much I'm able to do with them. I am not allowed to lift more then 5 pounds so this won't be good with my 9 month old spoiled butt :/ Will update soon. Take care ladies????

1 month Post Op

Feeling great. Just have some swelling by mid-day. Started scar therapy. Having lots of itching from nerve regeneration. Love that I can put on any outfit and it looks great. No changing over and over again. My size 5 pants fit loose. Loving the new me!! Can't wait until I'm 100%. I still get tired and it's still sore to sneeze. But I would do it all over again 100 times over!!

8 weeks Postop

Feeling great and back to near normal activity. I have started working again. I was worried as I am a nurse and on my feet for 12-14 hours. I do have swelling at the end of the day. I tried to wear a spanx and it did nothing for the swelling. It does cause discomfort so I stopped wearing it. When I am home I wear my original binder. I also wear it to sleep. It gives me the most relief from swelling. I am able to lift on my baby. She's now 21 pounds and I sometimes worry bc she wants to be held constantly. Some days I just can't as much as she wants. I get sore if I hold her all day. Dr said I can increase my activity. I started doing squats and stationary type of excercies. I do have something going on that I'm following up on at next weeks apt. I started having a burning pain on my Right abdomen. I stopped doing my excercies and stopped lifting on the baby as much. A couple days ago I noticed I now have a bump the size of a quarter and some bruising. I sent him a picture and he said possible tear in scar tissue or a popped stitch. I don't believe it's either. I think I would feel a pop if I popped a stitch and it feels too large. It's sponge feeling. I have had scar tissue before and it does not feel like that. My gut tells me it's the seri mech. I'm not 100%, but it seems like it's the edge. Maybe it flipped up on the edge?? I'm worried. The pain is still there. I guess I will see next Fri. I will update soon as I know.

12 week Post Op

Seen the Dr and the bump turned out to be a popped stitch and seri mech edge torn from tissue. A hematoma formed and he says it should heal on its own and should not affect my results. I had to limit my activity. No holding the baby and no exercising. Besides that I'm feeling great. Swelling is still something I deal with. It's improved but such a pain. It's so nice wearing clothes and not looking pregnant. I feel such a boost in my confidence. I would do this all over again in a heartbeat.
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