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I have been searching and searching for a...

I have been searching and searching for a procedure that would get me great results without having to get the lap band, gastic by-pass, or gastric sleeve. I am 5"3 196lbs and I'm not proud of it. I have been trying to lose weight for about the three years. I have tried it all(trust). I have been consistent for about two months, then convert back to bad habits. I have had two miscarriages; one in 2009 and again 2012. The weight continues to creep on. My average weight is 175lbs and I plan on getting down before my surgery January. I recently went to visit my family in Dallas and I saw my sister with the compression garment on with a drain... ??? I asked her what is that? It has been on ever since. I been on her looking and looking with my looking *&#. lol
So I'm in the early stages of pre-op, and I have already received my quote... She said it would be $3200 for abs, back, waist, flanks, and bbl. $550 more for arms and thighs. Yes, I do not want to have to come back and get anything else done. I will be getting my vitamins and all my supplies early so I will not be over-welmed. I'm in Houston and my sister is in Dallas and she will be assisting me in preparing for my trip. I have not had any children yet and look like I have three already. After sending my photos to Yily, she said I need to lose 20lbs because I do not plan on getting a tummy tuck and I haven't had kids. My husband is not really sure about this whole process but he knows it's something I want so he's coming around. (Darn Chemistry Teachers) He know everything about the body and he has plenty questions for Yily. Lord she might not even do me when he's done getting on her nerves. LOL. It's four of us going together and I'm nervous.. We are all different sizes and shapes. I will be posting pictures of myself before and after. I will try and lose 25lbs before my date, and I need strength... Pray for me!

Added a photo of me at about 180lbs...with my Ardyss body magic on!!

I wanted to add a photo of me at my normal weight... I had been that size for about three years and thennnnnnn bam!!! The weight creep on and on and now I'm a whooping 196lbs. Weight lost journey The more weight I lose, I guess the better I'll look. We shall see....

Starting my weight lost journey of 25lbs today!!!

I have ordered the Pure Garcinia Cambogia from AMAZON By Dynamic Nutrition and I will document my progress weekly. Today I am 197.5 ohh my.... My goal is to be 175lb by the time I reach January.. Very do-able.. I have added a photo of the product, I hope it delivers with excercise and diet....


I moved my date up!!!

OK! So I have started the Pure Carcinia Cambogia or whatever it is called and it is working great as far as curving my cravings. I have yet to step on the scale because I haven't started to work out yet. It has been about 4 days on the pills and my first workout is in the morning. I'm up because I just got an email from Yily that stated she can actually do my surgery on November 7th, 3013, and I am excited. I have to lose at least 25lbs and I need your support! My vitamins should be here by Tuesday and my iron should be going up and up and up when they get here.. Being careful not to over do it though. I have hired a trip planner Jazmine Navarro and she has been absoultely worth every penny. She got me a quote from Dr. Duran in two days and a quote from Yily in three!!! I had been emailing them both for at least a week. Her services include by not limited to obtaining a quote, date confirmation, securing your date, booking your flight, arranging your hotel, hostal apartment or RH stay, chauffeur, nurse, cook, tourist travel, spa and salon services and anything else you could possibly need to enjoy your stay and recovery in Santo Domingo. She is on it! All I have to worry about is losing weight and showing up for my flight. I will keep you posted an everything as far as weight lost and my test that i'm having ran here before I go!


Ok, I have not been ghost, I have been on facebook in a surgery group and it has been so helpful gathering all the information. I went to my doctor on 09/12/2013 and I got my results back but am unable to read them. So, I will have to keep you updated my hemogloblin levels or whatever. First let me say I have been trying to work out and lose this weight but I have not been successful, I had to stop taking my pills for a minute because I thought I was prego, but it turned out that I was not. Yily has confirmed my date for October 30th and I found a place to stay on AIRBNB. A whole apartment and I will be hiring a nurse along with my surgery buddy. Facebook has several groups that are so helpful. DR Dolls and Dra Augustina Hilario Duran groups are the best, in my option. Jazmin Navarro is a trip planner on Facebook, and she can arrange for everything you will need. I will be booking my flight soon. I will update ya'll later. Keep me in your prayers...

23 days til I take off

Ok, so my days has been getting easier and easier. I have been taking Chloroxygen to raise my hemoglobin levels, and it has been going well. I haven't lost the required pounds that Yily told me to lose but I have lose some weight. I wen to get my physical with the Doctor and my levels were 13.3, and i plan on going back to the Dr. before I leave.I have really been getting some good information from the groups on facebook which are wonderful for support and finding a surgery buddy. I have gotten most of my supplies and I will be packing up this week. I have been having these dreams as my date gets closer and closer. The flight is booked and the apartment is ready for me when I arrive; I booked on AIRBNB and got a great deal.. Any way I will keep you guys posted...

17 days away!

I know I have not shared a lot of information so far, but I am going to make sure I share more after surgery. I have my flight ticket arranged and my room and boarding is taken care of. I have decided to stay at an apartment I booked on Airbnb with three other young ladies. It is a beautiful place.
I got a sweet deal and feel free to message her and let her know you booked because of my review. I will keep you guys posted on my stay. I still encourage you ladies to go to Durans page and request to be added to the secret groups. They have Duran groups, Yily groups, Cabral groups, and general information groups. I have my bags already to be packed, I will start packing soon. I have to get my t-shirts and my ensure and I'm set. I was so tired of buying things left to right, I just stopped. What I have is what I have. I not missed a day on my iron and my next appointment with the doctor is October 17th. I will get my Hemo checked for the last time before flying out. I can't wait.. Oh I need to get some colon cleanser pills too! TTYL

12 days to go!

I just came from the doctor again, I just wanted to double check and make sure everything was good, and it was! I asked for my hemogloblin levels to be checked again and he said I didn't need to check them again because they were fine for surgery. he stated that I had them checked on 09/11/2013 and they were ready for surgery. I didn't ask him that, i wanted to know what they were now/today! But anyway he went on to say that the average hemo levels for a women is 11 and I was above average so do worry. I can not wait to leave, my bags are almost packed and I am continuing to take the Blood Builders, Chloroxygen, Iron Pills, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Conplex/B12, and Geritol now...I also have vitamin c 1000mg out the packages that I take with Purabsorb liquid iron too. So my levels should be great... Here are some more photos of my pre op size...

Vitamins and Hemoglobin Supplements

Here are the supplements I'm taking

Don't rely on realself alone!

Ladies you have to do on facebook and search Yily de los Santos and look at her friends, there are ladies there that you can message to be added to the secret groups. It's much more information there. Also you can search for Augustina Duran and be added to that group as well. There you will find a lot of ladies that are going to Dominican Repuplic for surgery. I found my surgery buddies there. Do it now! The support I needed was found there, Just wanted to share..


Yasmines recovery house has page and all the girls on her page are going and are apart of the groups ladies...
Don't know if the links will actually work, I'm trying to help ya'll find your way to survival through your waiting period!

7 more days!

I am all packed and ready to go, I have tried my best to pack effectively in order to cut down on baggage fees, however, I still will have the first free bag and will have to pay $40 for the second checked bag because i have plenty gatorade and ensure shakes(clear and milky). I have stopped buying all the supplies that I see people listing because they come home with all that stuff they didn't use. I have seen it happen to many times, so I got the necessary things. They are buying several products that actually does the same thing, so no extra spending for me. I got my prescriptions from my doctor and my unisom sleep aid so I will get some rest. I am so excited you guys, you just don't know! I didn't list supplies yet because I don't want anyone to buy things they will not need. I will give you a list when I get there or when I get back of exactly what will be beneficial to you and for you. How am I going to tell you what you will actually need and I haven't had surgery yet. My husband is fully supporting my decision and has paid for massages, flights, and the apartment I'm staying in. I am paying for the actual surgery. TTYL Get in a group ladies....

6 more days!

Thinking about my body more and more! Getting all my ducks in a row. Printing flight tickets, addresses, getting all phone numbers I might need over there. Things of that nature...

Too excited!

I justed wanted to drop a few lines letting you guys know that I have heard of a treatment after surgery that helps with the lumps and bumps that are associated with liposuction called Endermologie treatments. Check it out! It is commonly used for cellulite treatments but works wonders for lipo patients I've heard. I shall see! Saturday, Sunday, Monday and I'm off to Santo Domingo Tuesday morning... sooo ready now!

Bags packed and ticket on deck!

I have packed all my bags and I will be headed to the airport in the morning for Santo Domingo ladies! I am a little spooked, I can't believe I am actually going through with it! The day has finally come... Please pray for me as I travel along my way!

I am alive and well.

Ladies I had surgery on yesterday and every thing is fine. I will give you nuts and pieces until I can get to a computer to type. Nevertheless, I must say that my butt and lower back is hurting the most. My hemo was 13.7 and I was able to get every thing fine. Waist, back, arms, thighs, flanks, and arm pits with a little fast added to fill out my booty. I was treated well ladies, and Yily doesn't want to see any wish pictures unless it's one of her patients, no celebrities. I arrived at Cipla at 7:20 am running late. .oh before that, I missed my flight and had to catch a later flight. Smh and it was crowded on there too. Getting light heard from looking at this phone screen. Ttyl I will post pictures soon. .

One day post op...

I got up with all my bags packed and ready to go to the airport, but I was no under the impression I had to be there an hour and a half early. Ladies be at the airport at least an hour and 15 minutes before your flight leaves. I had to catch a later flight. I also had plenty of gatorade and ensure that I had in my carry on trying to avoid paying for extra checked bags and I was stopped and told I have to check it or throw it away. I had already paid for one $40 bag and the next bag was $150 due to excess baggage is what they call it. I told her, I don't have $150 so I will have to call someone to come get it, then she said I'll allow you to have it. As soon as I got to Santo Domingo the language barriers begun. The think you speak Spanish and they talk talk talk, and I said "c" "c" "c".lol You have to go threw several check points before exiting to the rap where you will find several taxi people screaming taxi taxi and it's wild. I will continue this later, my back is starting to spasm because of how I'm sitting and typing..ttyl

3 Days Post Op

Well, I have to say it has been an eventful three days! I left the airport and headed to the apartment where I would stay and it was very welcoming.. As I think I said her family was here to greet me! I didn't go to Cipla the first I arrived because I was trying to get my phone to work and connect with the WiFi that was in my room. I was nervous and started to flip out cause I couldn't use whatsapp nor viber to connect with my family. So we headed to the mall where the young guy had to which my phone over to international roaming or whatever. I was able to text using the whatsapp and call using viber and I was satisfied! We stopped by the supermarket and got a few things then headed home. The morning of my surgery I was up at 4:45am with my bags packed ready to go to Cipla and my driver was no where to be found. I was a little hot because he knew I had to be at Cipla at 7. So I ended up getting there around 7:30am and I was the first to arrive. There was another girl that walked in from California named Jennifer and she was sweet. We connected right away because we both spoke English. We actually ended up being room mates at Cipla. We got all of our test ran and we both had great hemo levels, hers was 13.4 and mine was 13.7. Here come the trouble, I weighed in at 198lbs at 5"3 and my BMI was 35.1. They will not operate on you if your BMI is over 35. So they had to call around to make sure I could actually have surgery! I was scared ya'll. But Yily approved it and it was a go! They took us threw a few more question and we had to sign some papers which I took pictures of so you can see them. They were in the nature of emergency contacts and whatnot. Shortly after the EKG test we had to pay for surgery, we paid and it was downstairs to some more papers and that's when they actually weigh you. They then let us know what room we were going to be in and told us Yily would be in to mark us up! Ya'll there is confidentiality at all what so ever. They ask you personal question in front of everybody, meaning whomever is in the room at the time! We were in the room waiting then Yily walked in and it was on. She straight said take off your clothes you are first; so with her assistant there and Jennifer I got naked and she began to tell her assistant some things in Spanish and I began to tell the assistant somethings in English and she would translate. I let Yily know that I wanted all areas done and she let me know that she would try, just depends on my blood levels and how my body reacts during surgery. Man she begins to mark me up and down like a piece of paper. You stand in front of her and she goes to work. After that a young lady came in with the blue pill and I took it and Yily begun marking Jennifer up and down all in front of me, the assistant, the young lady with the blue pill, meanwhile I'm still standing there naked too! It was a trip! Jennifer and myself was like what in the world is going on here, we standing butt naked with three other women in the room, all marked up ready for surgery. Then they gave us some gowns to put on and a cap, then the bed came in and I got in it. They rolled me the operating room where there were two men and a lady, looked like they were preparing for Yily to come in. All I was thinking is when is Yily coming in, when is Yily coming in. It started to look and feel like Hostel the movie, and I was getting scared. It was not a fancy, nice and new operating room it actually looked like a horror film TO ME! The man said be still and I was like what are you doing, He pulled out this needle and I was like where is Yily! He said I have to give you this shot and ya'll that is all she wrote, I don't remember anything after that except a memory of me asking for Yily during the surgery I think. I also remember them sticking that catheter in my stuff..The next time I woke up they were rolling Jennifer into the room with me and I was like Jennifer are you ok! The worst part of it all is lying in that one spot all night long at Cipla. My booty was hurting and you can not move! You can't get up or anything. Your just lying there with the IV in your arm. Got to go! I will post pictures as soon as I get back to the states, they will not load for some reason. ttyl

Two days post op!

7 Days Post Op!

This is my last day in Santo Domingo and I must say I am going to miss these ladies! They have treated me like family! The sixth day I broke down crying with not one particular reason why and they got me out the bed, fixed my hair, but me some make up and lipstick on and took me out for pizza! The have waited on me hand and foot! My own mama would have not done the things these ladies have done for me real talk. I have gained some family members out her! They told me when I heal
to come back in vacation and I just need to worry about my flight tickets! You bet I'm coming back. Well I will give you all a full review when I can sit down at my computer at home and piece my eventful stay together. We went dancing last night and these girls know how to party! They are far from broke and I love it!

11 days Post op

OK ladies things have been fine. I made my trip home from DR. via Delta First Class flight and it was ok. My feet were so swollen that I couldn't enjoy first class because I was so worried about my feet. I did request wheelchair service for my return flight home amd it had to be the best decision I had made the whole trip. No waiting in lines for anything! LOL it was almost like your V.I.P for special services. I loved it! I didn't have to go to the counter, pick up any bags, nothing..They handled everything. OMG the apartment I stayed in turned out to be the second best decision I could have made., They were awesome to me! They made sure I didn't want for anything; water, pills, clean sheets, food, whatever I needed they provided. They treated my like I was family and I soo appreciated it. I can't wait to go back and visit them when I'm well. I had my first massage since I returned home today and it felt great! My body is healing properly but slowly. I will be patient and wait, really that's all I can do. I have been updating in the groups on facebook! I will tell you a thousand times; send Yily a friend request on facebook, then look at her list of friends and find me! I will then accept your friend request provided you send me a massage saying you are from realself trying to be added to a group! In the meantime while I'm waiting to take more pictures for you guys, ask me anything you want... I will do my best to answer! I will upload those forms they had me to sign when I got there soon. Oh Yily's office is as small as the hall bathroom just so you'd know. Confidentiality? There is no such thing...

2 weeks post op

I feel so much better! I had my fourth massage today and I must say that they give you life!

21 Days Post Op!

Getting better everyday!!!

I have been getting my massages every three days and they work wonders. I can tell already that my top half is soo much smaller than before. I am starting to feel sharp pains in my lower back as my nerves are coming back I guess. I have been taking zzz quil to sleep at night and it gets me through. That's all for now! ttyl
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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