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Had my permalip procedure literally 30 minutes ago...

Had my permalip procedure literally 30 minutes ago. It was done in the office. I was nervous as heck! I went to the room, I laid down in the chair. It reminded me of going to the dentist. It was time for the dental blocks. He put about 15 shots around my mouth, a few close to my cheekbones. It wasn't very painful, just the regular feeling of a shot. I guess it was how many shots I got was more nerve wrecking. The procedure took about 30 minutes. Longest 30 minutes of my life! Occasionally I could feel a tiny bit of discomfort as he would pull my lips and when he did the stitches. But nothing horrible. I stayed in the room around an hour so they can observe me. Which was nice since I have freshly done stitches around my mouth. The numbing medicine is starting to wear off. I'm starting to feel like my lips are very stretched out, can't really talk and I feel like I've been beat up!!! I have ice packs over my lips. I'll keep you updated on a daily basis. Hoping for a fast and great recovery!

Day 1 Post Op

It's the next morning of my procedure. I don't feel any pain. Lips feel very tight and they are more swollen than yesterday. I hope the swelling goes down quick. I haven't eaten anything, I've just been drinking water and taking my prescribed medicine. I didn't sleep too well, I had to sleep propped up in the bed. I'm going to have several restless nights ahead of me. Hope it was worth it. Be aware that your lips are very tight and stretched that your mouth gets dry. Sort of a challenge to pass your saliva. But as of now, only more swelling. No pain. I've been using ziplock bags with ice on and off to help with swelling. I noticed it helped with any pain or discomfort. It numbs the lips. Hope it helps with the swelling soon!!! I keep applying neosporin over my incisions and Carmex over my lips to keep them moisturized.

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Day 2 Post Op

Talk about patience! It's barely day 2 and I'm already Loosing patience. It's still swollen and more bruising. I feel no pain. Still doing the same thing, neosporin and carmex on my lips. I'm going to clean it with hydrogen peroxide and water later today. I am concerned now because every picture I've seen of someone recovering has literally no visible stitches or blood. I'm starting to worry that my dr didn't do a good job. I thought only incisions were made in the corners of your mouth. I have stitches in the side AND upper and bottom lips. Im worried. Can't wait for time to heal me.

Day 3

Still swollen. The top lip looks like it's healing well. It's just the bottom lip that looks the same. Still a lot of bruising and the middle stitches STILL bleed when I clean it with a QTip. I'll have to call my dr. I don't know if he did a good job. I don't know why I have stitches on my lips to begin with. Can anyone tell me if that's normal????

Day 4

I have more movement in my mouth. I can talk better, not all the way Normal but better. Waiting for the stitches to dissolve and heal. The bruises don't bother me much. I have my follow up appointment on Friday. I need to find out why I have stitches on my lips! I'm thinking he made a mistake and tugged to hard that it cause my lips to tear. Just assuming. I'll keep you posted. I'm sure it will go down more but I hope it stays with volume from the side view. I didn't want voluptuous lips, just natural more volume size. Nothing outrageous.

Week post op

Well I still have stitches, swelling is down, bruises almost gone. I have more movement on my mouth. I can talk better, not all normal, but way better. Have my follow up today. See how that goes. As far as my lips, they look the same as before, definitely more volume from a side view, but don't know if that's swelling or the way it'll look now. Still not sure if it was worth the money, depending how much more it'll decrease. Do keep in mind that your doctor may give you antibiotic pills and you are prone to yeast infections!!! My dr made me stop taking mine. The antibiotics kills the good bacteria and you'll end up with a yeast infection. No one has mentioned that here so I thought I'd let you know! Be aware! I'm not disappointed in how it's looking but for $2 grand....eh!

Almost 2 weejs

Not crazy about it. It's nice but not worth the money honestly. I could of done something else with 2 grand. To each its own I guess. Good luck to everyone.
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