Jaw implants..NOT WORTH IT. Completely USELESS surgery.

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I'm having this done by Dr. Norris on June 23rd,...

I'm having this done by Dr. Norris on June 23rd, 2015 at WestSide Surgical Hospital, Houston TX. I am hoping that this procedure will help add some contours/definition to the lower part of my face. I have been thinking about getting jaw implants since 2011 but I haven't found anybody who offers them up until now. I want a more masculine face because i feel like i have the face of a teenager and I am 27 years old. It is very round and boyish looking. I havent made up my mind as to whether or not this is going to be an inpatient procedure. I am thinking about having the surgery in the morning and staying in the hospital the rest of the day, overnight, and be discharged in the morning.

In less than 36 hours I will be in surgery....

I'm happy, and hopeful. I want to be hot. Tired of feelin' depressed about my appearance. It gets old. If I don't get good results with this procedure...I think I'm gonna give it up for good. No more plastic surgery, 'cause the feeling of disappointment is enough to make me not want to do it! I hate goin' thru that. I'm a little upset that I have to be there at 6AM, really? Ya think it coulda been a little later? I'm a pro at this, so I'm not scared. I just want to get it over with and for it be three months from now so I can judge the results accurately.I'm tellin' you, if I'm not happy...well, lets not go there. :-)

7 Hours after surgery

Phew...I've been in terrible discomfort just up until now. I woke up feelin' gassed and had a unspeakably sore throat. The drive home felt SO drawn-out. It's not so much pain that I am dealin' with now as it is irritation, especially when I swallow my soup. I took Vicodin and that helped tremendously. I feel asleep for two hours with my hands still on my laptop. Pics are on the way!


On second thought, privacy is a concern for me. If you email me requesting pics, I will gladly share them. Thanks.

Liquid diet only?

Forget the soup, I'm gonna live off chocolate syrup! Now's my chance...

Ok, I give in, here are the pics.

After Pic

3 Days after surgery

Still swollen obviously, throat still sore, but its gradually getting better. I'm still eating pudding, soup, and shakes. Hard to turn my head and open mouth. Still taking Vicodin for pain. I'm optimistic that I'll get good results, but its far too early to judge my results. I can't believe its only been 3 days since surgery! It feels like....a week and a half. Phew..Been playing on my ipad and shopping on Amazon to pass the time. ^_^

Looks like I won't be getting much from this procedure either....

It's been about a week and honestly...I feel like i'm not going to be happy with the results. The implants aren't big enough. But I got the largest size available? How can I go any bigger? I have 11mm of projection in the implants, I'm thinkin I need to go for 20mm to get what I want. I'm not happy. I've been severely depressed. I'm thinkin' about givin' up plastic surgery for good.

Week Post-op

I brought up the idea of possibly going a little bigger a year from now at the post-op appt today, but he told me it would be impossible and I would basically look like a freak. I wasn't 100% serious when i asked him, I just wanted to know to satisfy my curiosity. Umm...they actually told me that they would be reading my review on here today...and I'm like, omg...I don't want them to see this!! lol. I'm embarrassed. I don't think I'll be showin my face in that office again! Ugh...*face palm*

2 weeks...moving on.

I'm disappointed in the results of this procedure. The implants are too small and don't make that much of a difference in my opinion. I look at my reflection and just shrug my shoulders at my results. I stopped looking in the mirror a few days ago cause I just end up getting furious and it makes me want to throw something. I wanted my results to be very dramatic. My jaw keeps shrinking and shrinking day after day. I was happy the first few days after my procedure. My jaw had that nice, sharp angle that I have wanted for so long, thats all I ever wanted! After two weeks, it looks like my face and jaw is slowly going back to how it was pre-surgery. I'm upset that the implant companies don't offer implants the will give you good results, they settle for mediocre and boring. Jesus Christ, if this is the largest jaw implant they offer, I'm glad I didn't go for a medium!!! It would have made like....ZERO difference in the way my face looks. And ya know, when I pay 7500 dollars for a procedure, I want 7500 dollar results, I don't want mediocre, ho-hum results...like what I have now. Oh well, hey it's summer...i'm gonna go out and enjoy my mediocre results! Lovin' it.

I don't strive for mediocre, but it's a word that I've come to include in my vocabulary A LOT to describe the results of all the procedures I've had. Tired of that word...

3 Weeks after

All the swelling is gone and I don't know if it's because of that or me losing weight, but my jaw implants look a little more pronounced at this point than they were a week and a half ago. I like my right jaw, but my left still looks smaller than I would like. I don't know. W/E...

I took the pics down, sorry.

Somebody made a comment that I didn't appreciate and now I'm never posting publicly again. You can still send me a private message and I will present you with pictures. I don't have a problem with that.

Month later....

Results are barely visible. My face doesn't look any different. My face still has a round appearance to it. This procedure did nothing for me. Completely useless....

A month later

I've come to the realization that plastic surgery doesn't work. It's just a money-grab. I can't help but feel like plastic surgeons and their staff prey on insecure, vulnerable people and try to make them believe that if they pay enough money, they could look like their favorite movie star. It doesn't work! You can never change who you are! LOL. I just wish I would have realized this 20,000 dollars ago. Jesus. I feel like I made the mistake of a life-time these last couple of years. I basically handed over tens of thousands of dollars to plastic surgeons because they filled my head with empty promises and here I was believing every single word of it because I was chasing this cheap dream of hopefully one day looking like Chris Pratt or Tom Cruise. Trust me, I've had 5 procedures so far, and I look exactly the same...I still look like me. 100%. Don't waste your money!
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