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Hello there :) I had breast implants a couple...

Hello there :) I had breast implants a couple months ago and chose a prefect surgeon for my boobs, and get compliments and able to refer him almost DAILY! (Refer to my breast implant review) Noses weren't his specialty, he does 5 star body-work so I had to search on for a doc for my nose bc they are all much better in different areas.
I wanted a rhino for about 5 years at least. I even had a cutout of a pic I had been saving since then! Well, I searched and searched, even pre poobs and couldn't find ANY surgeon anywhere near me that offered results I desired. Symmetry, and overall completely intricate results. That is until I found DR. Peter Change of Timeless plastic surgery.
Pre-op: I had my pre-op 3 weeks ago, and planned it for today as that was convenient for being off work of course:) At the pre-op I once again looked at his before and after pics and was over the moon about them. NO OTHER SURGEON i looked at in houston, even the special ENT certified ones offered symmetry. I am a bit of a perfectionst and notice things others wouldn't about myself. His Surg. Asst Pearl was incredible. we went over pics and she explained how people's ethnicity and skin texture and thickness plays a big part on what realistic noses for you are, so we looked at women with similiar skin/nose pictures. I then gave Dr. Chang my exact wishes and he talked me for a long time going over every little thing. I totally had faith in him, I could tell he thought of it as sculpting a piece of art. He get's it. I am having my nasal bones brought closer together (break nose basically ahhhhh!) Remove my hump and 2 bumps you can feel at the top edges of the bump. Confusing I know! Bumps and humps! I am also having my bridge narrowed and tip slightly refined.
Day of Surgery- Here in Houston, it is hot as an oven about 50 weeks out of the year. Well, this morning started as one of the 2 weeks it get cold! 40 degree and raining. lol Got up at 6, took a valium I was prescribed for nerves and headed to his office surgery center. His awesome nurses made me laugh and put me at ease bc they knew I had extreme anxiety about the procedure. They gave me afew things for nausea and for antibiotic purposes thru my IV, but nothing to make me sleep which I appreciated bc I hate that feeling when you are spinning and not even in the the OR yet. I hate not being fully aware too far in advance you know? Next, Dr. Chang came in, we went over the pic I had saved for 5 years of my desired nose, marked my nose with marker and then it was off to the OR :) They let me choose the radio station and I felt relaxed lying on the table, but certainly not woozy or under the influence. The last thing I remember.
I woke up fully dressed and sitting in a wheel chair. I really had no pain just a tweaking feeling in my collema. (bone between nostrils.) Honestly if someone would of pinched my finger that would of hurt worse. Pain level around a little 2! :) I wasn't nauseated at all. My throat was sore from having my mouth open but has since has gone back to normal. It just felt like how it feels when you wake up after brealthing thru your mouth at nite, no biggie. I was so happy bc I was so worried about the pain upon waking up from surgery bc I knew I was having extensive work done as opposed to just the tip done. When you hear that your nose will be "broken" or nasal bones repositioned as they say, I was thinking it would be unbearable! Not the case at all. My mom drove me home and I dozed and dreamed l a little.
HOME- got home around 3, so my surgery was about 4hours. Really felt fine, just a little unstable from the anesthesia. My mom had bought us burgers on the way home and my woozy clutzy self knocked over her drink. lol That was just the IV sedation wearing of :)
**** I would strongly refer a surgeon who uses IV sedation as opposed to general btw. I had general for my boobs and felt paralyzed for the first day, you know, so heavy all over. Like my extremities weight 300 lbs each. I love being mobile :) You know, knocking over drinks and stuff. lol ;) Poor mother.
I tried laying down with the infamous "neck pillow": but it just wasn't comfy since I have a sensitive neck so I just slept propped up on 2 pillows.Took a narco after eating my mainly to prevent pain and get a good nap since I had minimal sleep night b/f surgery. Woke up 4 hrs later, went and grabbed a pizza through the pizza hut drive-thru, then watched the Daning with The Stars finale, and started typing this!
I have had to replace my drip pad once so far, mainly just in between meals bc its hard to eat with that so close over your top lip. The only twinge I feel is when I drink through a straw but its nothing. I am so happy :)
I am sitting here now, DWTS is over so I am watching criminal minds, finishing some pizza and thrilled that I am not in pain. Knock on wood! My narco is like 7 hours ago and I am fine :) I will probably just take the narco before bedtime if I can continue to manage, plus pain pills are extremely contipating. I already preventatively started taking a stool softner. I will catch ya'll later! Thanks for reading and Hope everyone has Happy Turkey-Day

Day 2

I had my first post-op today... I am much more sore today and very swollen...... Slept pretty much all day after my appointment. Hopefully tomo will be a better day. I just feel alot of pressure and throbbing over my nose.

Day 2 continued

Here's a pic of my Day 2 swelling. I look horrible


Have spent the past 2 days of recovery alone bc my mom had to work both nights ( night shift at the hospital). I am soooo swollen today. I've noticed tho I am sleeping pretty much all the time. Also, my nose mainly throbs when I feel stressed or anxious/lonely. As long as I stay calm and positive I'm not in pain. I believe it's similar to when you get stressed and your head throbs. I have been taking my narco like 3x daily and my antibiotic of course. I have also been squirting the saline solution whenever my nose feels dry. Thankfully Dr. Chang doesn't put packing, he uses internal splints that are hollow so I have been able to breathe thru my nose perfectly fine this whole time.

More active today

Rode around In the car today, didn't sleep the day away. Didn't take a pain pill all day but now am in a lot of pain after dinner. Monday my internal splints come out I keep seeing dots in front of my face so I'm going to check my blood pressure.

Sleeping too much

I believe that bc of how much I am sleeping, my swelling isn't going down.... I slept the day away today. I think that bc of the time of year and the pain, I am getting depressed. I just can't wait til everything gets back to normal.

My bandage is coming off

Well, the tape from one side of my paper mache type cast came unstuck, so i just cut it off so it would stop flapping against my skin. Now I am worried that the other side of my cast will be too toght since it is the only side with tape attached. Well, I guess we will see whats up on Monday at my appt. I can't believe they expected this external cast (had to have cast bc they broke my bones) to last a week with the tape. Your eyes water, you swell etc and the tape just doesn't stay.
I am wondering if I should take the tape off of the other side too, evening out the pressure. The cast will still be formed to my nose just not strapped down. Like I said, it is paper mache type consistency. What do you think? Now I feel like the side that is strapped down is too tight. SHould I cut that sides tape to even the pressure or leave it alone until Monday (today is saturday)? opinion please


I am having stress in other aspects of my life that I feel are affecting my nose recovery. I have a crazy (literally) landlord that keeps busting in while I am home and sending me threatening texts that don't make sense. I have had to call the police and she still won't leave me alone. Other words, I will be moving in the next month, but all of this is making my blood pressure go up and the holidays are approaching so I am freaking out. Anyways, I think my nose is ok. I have a follow up tomo.


I just scraped the inside of my L nostril with a q-tip and green liquid is on it, and that didn't happen to the R nostril. I certainly hope it isn't infected..... It's really painful where I took the swab from too..... I am under so much stress this would not help if my nose surgery is infected :(

So happy!!

They took my stitches and internal/ external cast off!!!! The stitches pinched and the pulling out of the internal splints felt strange but I am sooooo overwhelmed with happiness over my nose!! And this is only 6 days post op!

Feeling fineee!

Since Dr. Chang put the bandage back on (says just one more week bc of my nose bones being repositioned) I am not able to wash my hair since I can't get my face wet. Not washing my hair since surgery was gross and made me feel bad, so I went and got it done at the salon and am feeling great. Just what I needed. I will do this until my cast comes off. Only costs 20 bucks. :)
On the nose front, no pain, I can breathe perfectly and sleep flat on my back. All is good. Just can't wait to get the cast off for good. :)
It's crazy to think that this time last week I had just had the surgery that morning. Its incredible how fast the healing process it of a rhinoplasty! So pleased.

Almost 2 weeks

Took my cars off myself. He was going to do it Monday so it's just 2 days early. Had a Christmas party. :). Swelling is Down and I feel fantastic

Hey hey!

Had my follow up on Monday (two days ago) he said everything is healing perfectly. We are both really pleased!! No sunglasses for 2 more months and can't blow my nose for another month bc there are internal stitches that dissolve over time. I haven't had any pain for weeks and have been back to work for a week and a half. :)

Couldn't be happier

Feel great! My nose has no swelling and is (not to sound conceded) but perfect for my face!!

Thought I'd check in!

I simply could not be an more pleased with my nose :). Thank you to everyone that has read my journey and I wish y'all the best of luck with yours!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Totally impressed so far. I had looked over hundreds of DRs work online, and even those $12-15,000 docs pics were not pleasing to me. Symentry wasn't there and I was disappointed as I couldn't find one bc It's my nose and I am not going to settle result wise. THEN, I found DR. Peter Change at TImeless Plastic Surgery. He's an artist. Now I have my result, and I'm over the moon truly. He made my nose into exactly what I wanted but I couldn't even express what he gave me. It's like he read my mind and gave me the perfect nose for MY face. I could cry. I am so happy. He says he sees in 3-D and I believe it. He also is so fine tuned that I really had no bruising. Swelling yes (probably bc I slept so much!) but he performs the surgery so delicately. Couldn't of even imagined or received a better result.

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