47 Yrs Old, 16 Yr. Old Saline Implants in Need of Replacement! Houston, TX

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I've been thinking about having my implants...

I've been thinking about having my implants replaced for a few years now. My daughter just graduated last year & I was finally able to buy her a car. Now it's my turn but instead of a car mom is getting new implants. :-) I've researched doctors and spoke to quite a few people and I've decided to go with Dr. Ciaravino. I had my consultation and I really liked him. He said I would need a lift. (I expected that) I've gained and lost weight over the yrs. Dr. Ciaravino also suggested doing Percutaneous Implant Deflation. I also had to quit smoking. I'm a little behind in posting. I wasn't sure I wanted to post my journey to new boobies but I've been reading other peoples journeys. Everyone here seems to be very nice, offering suggestions & kind words of encouragement. I've already quit smoking (17 yr smoker) scheduled my surgery date and had the Percutaneous Implant Deflation. The deflation wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm still trying to get used to the way they look. This is supposed to help your skin to shrink up some before the surgery. I'll post pics in the next day or so. I'm really excited and hope everything goes well. :-)

Lipo of the flanks

Idk why but I forgot to mention in my previous post that I've decided to add lipo of the flanks when I have the lift & implants. I'm really nervous about the lipo. I'm hoping it's not too painful. I've had a c-section so as long as the pain isn't worse I'll be ok. Any suggestions on anything that will help me w/healing would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure Dr. C will give me all the details at my pre-op but that's not until 5/18. TIA

Getting close to pre-op day!! May 18th!!

Ok, I finally got up the nerve to post some pics. "Before" in the tank top, now after the deflation and wish boobies. :-) I can't wait to get these deflated things out. I guess I slept on the wrong last night because I woke up this morning and had a bulge in my left boob. It freaked me out!! It looked like the implant was scrunched up. I pushed on it for a few seconds and it went back in place but it was scary there for a second.

Pre-Op is tomorrow morning and I'm so excited I can't sleep :-)

My pre-op is tomorrow! WooHoo!! Finally! I've been on this site almost every day. My fiance says I look at boobs more than he does...lol. I have my wish boobs printed out (in color...lol) and I have my boob notebook with all the questions I've thought of since I started researching. I have a few pics of wish boobs & wish scars. I know everyone is different when it comes to healing & scarring. My C-section, appendix and 1st BA scars have all healed great. You can barely see them and that was w/o really trying to make sure they healed nicely. The C-section and appendix are so low I wasn't too worried. The BL/BA scars however will be different and I'll be doing everything I can to make sure they heal nicely. I just came across an awesome review of Dr. Ciaravino on here by a lady who had they exact procedure as me. She had 13 yr old implants. (mine are 16 yrs old) Dr. C did the deflation and BL/BA. She said Dr. C was amazing and it was the best decision she made. That was awesome to read the day before my pre-op. My friend came by tonight to do my botox and we were discussing my surgery. She and her sister went to Dr C. and said he's the best. Good luck to everyone & happy healing to those who have already done the deed! I'm off to look at more boobies since I can't sleep...heehee!

1 Day Post Op

Hello and Happy Memorial day weekend to everyone! I was told the surgery went great. I haven't been able to see much but I posted what I could...lol. Pain meds are working so please excuse any rambling. I did figure out I can not take muscle relaxers. They give me a horrible headache. I took a pain pill & muscle relaxer when I got home. 15 minutes later I was in so much pain I felt like I was dying. It wasn't my chest or where they did the lipo it was my head. I laid down and put the heating pad over my face. After about and hr or so I was fine. Originally Dr. Ciaravino said he wanted to go back with 225 cc. When he came in before surgery I told him I was afraid they would be too small. I started out with 350 cc implants. He agreed and said he would use 300 cc implants if I had the room and I did!! Yay!! I love Dr. Ciaravino! He's super sweet and listened to everything I had to say. He explained everything before hand. He went higher up on the lipo of my flanks than originally planned too. When he was marking me he said "I'm going to go up and get this part too so it will flow & look natural". I can't wait until Tuesday for my follow up. The only bad thing is we are flooded AGAIN!!!! I laid there all night listening to the thunder. Work up to the water coming under the house. My fiance wants to go to a hotel. Usually I'd be packing. I really want to stay home this time. The house is 15 foot off the ground, we have plenty of food and water. I'll be miserable sitting in a hotel with nothing to do. Anyways, hope everyone is doing great! Happy Healing to all! :-)

Pics from day 3

OK, I'm a little behind on posting. We're still in the hotel due to the floods. I think I'm healing pretty good for the circumstances. I'm still pretty sore. I go for my post op tomorrow. I need to remember to ask Dr. Ciaravino if he went over or under the muscle. I have to say I love my boobs but I'm amazed with the liposuction on my flanks. The swelling hasn't subsided but I already see my hour glass shape I had years ago. Now it's my job to get my absence flat again. I'll post pics of my flanks tomorrow. There's still a lot of bruising but it will fade. Hope everyone had a Happy Memorial Day! Happy healing! XOXO!!

Day 5

I went for my post op. I just love Dr. Ciaravino! He's so awesome and I'm really glad I chose him to be my PS. If you're in the Houston or surrounding area & planning on having work done do yourself a favor and go for a consultation with him. Sooooooo, the post op went well. Said I'm healing great! I also learned that he did a lot of work on my flanks. He removed more fat than was originally planned. I knew he went higher than planned because he said he was going to when he was marking me. I really wish I could have had lipo on my tummy too but Dr. Ciaravino said with the lift, implants and liposuction on my flanks it might be too much on my body at one time. He was right. That's what I like about him. He won't do something that will be too traumatic & he won't do something if he thinks the outcome my not be that good. Because he also said if he removed the amount of fat I was wanting my skin could end up with wrinkles if we didn't do a lift. I plan on exercising and getting my tummy as small and tight as I can. Then if there is still a little poof I'll go back and have Dr. Ciaravino fix it for me. Everything is great except we're still in a hotel due to flooding. I expect to be able to get back in the house by next weekend. Hope everyone is healing good & happy with their results. Xoxo!

Some of my pics didn't upload

Could have something to do with the storm outside. Ugh. Please stop with the rain. Let's try this agaon.

More pics

Just a few more pics. Still have lots of bruising from the lipo but it's worth it. It's the one area that doesn't respond to exercise. My mom is not a fan of plastic surgery but she even said she'd her the flanks don't respond to exercise. That made me feel good. :-)

Scar Gel

Day 13 Post Op

Well, I'very been back to work this week. So glad we don't see customers because I've been able to wear my yoga pants & t-shirts. Finally tried on a bra. This one is a 36 D. It fits perfectly! I told Dr. Ciaravino I wanted to be a 36 D. He's amazing! I can't wait to go back on the 23rd and get the tape removed! It's starting to itch but I'll deal with it until then. I'm super happy with the progress. The left has dropped a little more than the right but I'm not gonna stress. I have a couple of new pics. Happy healing & good luck to everyone!

Sunday will be my one month boobiversary!

Well I went to my follow up yesterday. The rest of the tape was removed , thank goodness. It was driving me crazy! I got to really see my incisions for the first time. I'd peeked at them but hadn't been able to really see them. I'm really impressed. I think within six months to a year you wont be able to see them at all. The right one is almost dropped as muchas the left. I'm a little OCD so I have stared at them trying to notice any differences. I'm still very happy with them. Sooo glad they don't lay on my stomach when I'm sitting down anymore... Lol. I used to put a pillow under them to keep them from touching my stomach because it felt so gross. Hope everyone's healinh process is going good!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I'm beyond happy with Dr. Ciaravino, his staff and my results. If you are considering doing any type of plastic surgery Dr. Ciaravino is the man! He is a true artist when it comes to the female body. I had a breast lift with my implants replaced and lipo on my flanks. I'm not even a full week into my recovery and I'm amazed! My breasts are perfect! I have feeling in my nipples. I can already see my hour glass figure from the lipo! I'm so excited to see the final results. Dr. Ciaravino truly cares about his patients. Everyone has been wonderful beginning with the consultation all the way thru to my post op. My patient consultant Jessica was awesome! She made me feel so comfortable & at ease thru everything. I feel like I can say or ask her anything. If I ever decide to have anything else done to battle mean old mother nature I'll definitely have Dr Ciaravino in my corner. He is amazing!!! There is no other plastic surgeon for me. I love, love love Dr. Ciaravino!!!

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