Birthday Present to Myself ..almost 50! - Houston, TX

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Much needed breast lift ! I interviewed several PS...

Much needed breast lift ! I interviewed several PS , narrowed it down to Dr Yarish. He is very informative answered all my questions. I also have a incisional hernia in my belly button ,that he will also fix. My surgery is tomorrow morning, first thing. For some reason I am not nervous yet! Maybe cause I've wanted it done for so long!

1day post op

Pretty painful yesterday but nothing that pain meds didn't take care of . Went this mornings to to see Dr Yarish and have banding removed, incisisions cleaned,and bra put on. My husband took a pic , I'm pretty excited!

Day 2 post op going well

Dr Yarish gave me Xanax,to take at night to help me sleep. I took it the first night after Surgery as well as last night (along with my pain pill.) I slept through the night both nights except to get up to once each night. Last night I actually slept 12 hrs! Got up this morning feeling pretty good! I haven't had a pain pill since 4:00am this morning and its1:00pm. Pretty excited that I'm 48 hrs post op and feeling this good! I think that says alot for my doctor! I highly recommend Dr Yarish.

6 days after surgery

Day 6 ... got stitches out today. Everything looks good but excessive bruising under left arm from lipo. Lipo under right looks better but has more swelling. Feeling really pretty good, went to the mall after my appt. to get some exercise! Definitely made me feel better! Trying to drink a lot of water to help with swelling

Day 12

Bruising is getting much better! Scars are healing really good already. Lipo on sides is still lumpy and sore
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Soo far everything has been great! Dr Yarish is really great, made me feel very comfortable. The girls have been good also.

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