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I have always wanted breast implants, I mean...

I have always wanted breast implants, I mean literally since I was 8 years old! :) Ever since I turned 18, I have been researching surgeons and critically looking over hundreds of before and after pics. Now that I work at a upper scale club as a waitress and make a good amount of money, I figured that I could take the plunge and be able to afford the surgery and my college/living expenses.

I decided on Dr. Scott Yarish at Town and Country Plastic Surgery here in Houston. I had my consultation on the 14th of June, and it went great. I explained that I wanted to go as large as I could. I don't care if people can tell I have them done, I just want them to be beautifully done. I told him that of course all of his photos were very nice, but I noticed that some girls I know and some pics I had seen on other Dr.'s websites looked like torpedos, with the nipples pointing down and he explained what surgical error causes that, and assured me that would not happen to me. He said that is typical of discount docs, which isn't hard to believe. He explained that with my being so small, 32B-C naturally, and not having any children, 500cc would be most likely that largest I could INITIALLY go without getting stretch marks. He said that during surgery, he would fill the saline slowly watching to make sure my skin wasn't tearing. He estimates I will go between 450cc (saline) and 500cc. He knew that my goal was 650-700cc, and said that it would be a two step process for that in my case. If after the initial surgery I still wanted to go bigger, he would wait about 6 months and go back in under local anesthesia and fill the implants more, letting my breasts stretch slowly avoiding stretch marks and nerve damage. Who knows, I may not even want to go bigger anyway :) 

He explained he would put the incision under the breast, because most patients have the most success with that incision. He will be implanting Mentor Ultra High Profile and fill them anywhere from 450-500cc. He will be going partially under the muscle. After Dr. Yarish going through everything with me, and patiently answering all of the questions I had on my list, I knew he was the surgeon for me so I scheduled a surgery date. His staff was wonderfully warm and compassionate, telling me to call/email if I had any questions before my pre-op, and said that I could come back by as many times as I wanted to keep trying on implant sizes or ask questions. My pre-op is 2 weeks before my surgery. I am so excited!!!!!! I feel a very strong trust with this surgeon and feel very positive and at east with the whole situation! The best part, is that the surgical suite is in his office building. I won't have to drive far at all. Plus, it is much more comfortable and spa like as opposed to going to a hospital or surgical center. Does anyone have any tips for me? I will keep tracking my progress on here. Only 8 weeks til D-day! Thanks!

Pre-op visit tomorrow!

My surgery is 2 weeks away! I have my pre-op tomo where I will find out my exact time I need to be at the surgical suite and what I need to do to prepare.... I also make the official payment! Whew! I am so excited..... I am going to ask 100 more questions tomorrow.

Surgery was today! THRILLED

Hey everyone, I know I didn't update much in between my consultion and my surgery, but nothing much happened between just keeping busy working and preparing for my fall semester of college.
SO, my surgery was scheduled for today at 1, so I had to come in an hour early. Dr. Yarish has his own private, spa-like surgical suite right behind his office so it was super convenient to get to. My mom came with me, and she is a registered nurse so I had the best support person possible!
My pre-op room resembled a 5 star hotel room and had a little water fall and relaxing jazz music playing :). I did a urine pregnancy test, (negative of course) then crawled back into my heated blankets :). The initial nurse, Sarah then came in and started my IV. She was absolutely beautiful and just as sweet. She told me that A Registered Nurse Anethesit would be performing my general anethesia and that she was great and had not only domr anethesia on her herself, but all of her family! Really made me feel that much more at ease.
The CRNA then came in and She gave me a quick "cocktail of meds" through my IV that included relaxing agents and an anti-nasuea med.
About 2 minutes after the cocktail, I felt this sudden feeling of doom and panic. I leaped forward in the bed and told my mom I needed to just leave! My mom looked concerned and went and got the CRNA. By the time she came in I had relaxed back to normal and was slightly dosing. She explained that 5% of the population has that adverse reaction to a medication she had adminstered called "regalin" and not to be worried. Like I said, 10 minutes later the panic feeling had left.
After dosing for about 30 minutes Dr. Yarish came in and went over my implants, and said that today my R breast looked a little bigger and so he would adjust them by pputting 20 extra cc in my left. He also explained the if he could fit 500+cc he would use UHP saline to accomodate that size on my chest, but if he was using 400-475cc he would use HP. He then said he would be taking me back in 10 minutes! He also made some marks on my chest. He is just a calming man, it just reconfirmed why I chose him in the past.
The CRNA (can't remember her name, darn!) then came back and walked me to the operating room, already fully of surgical staff :) I had a great feeling knowing the moment I had been waiting for was about to happen! I quickly asked her if the post pain would be unbearable and she said that no, they would already have narcotics in my system when I woke up. SHe also said that due to my small stature (115lbs, 5'5) not too take as many of my Vicadin at home and to try to just take the Soma (muscle relaxer as that would get to the source of the pain. (chest muscle stretching.)
I laid down, and noticed they had a top 40 station playing :) My kind of music! Anywa, they attached 2 things on my leg (blood pressure cuffs I am assuming) and some kind of electrode thing on my back (checking me heart rate I am assuming) they felt cold but no pain at all. It was incredible to see everyone doing something different at the same time! Next thing, I felt a slight burn in my IV so I know they were inserting something. Right after the nice CRNA put a mask delicately over my face and told me to think of my dream vacation. That is all she wrote!
I woke up to my post-op nurse saying my name over and over. My body felt heavy and I didn't think I would be ale to speak very clearly. Some how I managed to mumble out, "Where's my mom?" :) She gave me some sprite and went and got her. Much to my surprise and pleasure, I had NO stomach issues. My chest felt tight and sore, but was able to move from the bed to a recliner to wait to see my Doctor. The post-op nurse told me I had the most beautiful breasts and DR. Y did an absolutely fantastic job. Then, the CRNA came around the corner and gave me the same compiment :) Felt great.
While relaxing in the recliner, they kept telling my to keep my eyes open and the anethesia makes it hard to talk and move at first. I ate afew animal crackers, finished my Sprite, and Dr. Yarish came by.
He told me that I had beautiful breasts and I did great!! He was very very pleased with his results, and asked my how I was feeling. He also spoke with my mom for a few moment. (I was busy trying to keep my eyed open that I missed that convo) lol.. I was told that my first post-op visit would be tomorrow at 9am.
I felt wobbly wallking to the car, but luckily it was an extremely short walk to the car bc Yarish had his own private walkway to get to the pickup area/car. The nurse helped me out and even seatbelted me in! Now that is excpetional care.

Now, originally they had given me a RX for Soma, Vicadin, Xanax, andanti-biotics. Before surgery I was like, oh I don't want to take much for pain, I will be fine. I had too much pride I guess.... STUPID.
Once I got home, I propped myself up in bed and was in pretty severe pain. I called my mom in and asked her for a Soma and a Xanax after laying their for like an hour. The pressure on your chest can make you a bit tense and anxious. I still could not sleep. I felt like a stabbing pain, especially in my right breast. After 2 more hours, I conceded and took some vicadin, then slept 3 hours. By now it was like 11pm. THERE IS NOTHING to be embarrased about taking your pain medicatipn. They just cut your muscle and if you hadn't had kids before, especially stretched your skin the the max! It is bound to hurt.
It is around 12:30 central time, and I was able to eat a lean cuisine (light on the stomach) with no problem, and even some strawberry shortcake! I am know sitting in front of the tv watching flashpoint and writing this all for ya'll :)
My big tip from this point would be to TAKE your pills before the pain is excruciating, however often it says on your prescription bottle. Manage it before it get too bad. Hopefully after another day or two I will lessen them if not stop them completely. Thank you guys for reading :) I incuded a pic of my in my peaceful pre-operative suite and my right now (day 1 ) with the gauze wrap :)

A few more pics

Here is a pic of me before implants, day before surgery actually.

Almost forgot!

I know i have bragged on Dr. Y in my posts, but he deserves every bit of it. He is a truly caring person. In fact, he donates a week of his time a couple times year, bringing his whole staff with him to help repair the clef palates for the indigent people in Mexico. They bring all supplies, including baby blankets and much more to the people. THey also have to deliver the occasional baby or two as if they come to the clinic in labor, how could you turn them away? He is leaving tomorrow, right after my inital post-op :) If you do decide to go get a consultation with him please give him my name (you can inbox me for info) and I will be given a referal fee which is just icing on the cake. Even no incentive for me, I am still SOLD on him and his staff and will recommend him to many :) Choosing a PS is a big decision and I am SO happy about mine. :)

Day 2 (not even 24 hours after surgery)

I had a rough first night, alot of pain. I got up at 8 to go to my post-op at 9. THe staff said that I was healing great and gave me 2 more bras. Dr. Y said I hardly had any swelling. I will be back Monday for my stitches to be taken out I had to run an errand downtown with my mom and I could tell that I did too much walking as I was in extreme pain when I got home. I ate a bit of food when I got home around 1,and took a 4 hour nap and awoke without pain :)! Here is a pic of me in my sports bra, and one without at the drs office. The gave me one 36 and two 38's bc they said the 36 would only be good for the next 2 days, then I would have to wear the looser 38's to help them drop over the next month. I am hoping tonite is an easier night pain wise. Whenever it really hurts tho I just think about how much I love my results!
Oh P.S the Dr's office warned me about letting my pain get too bad bc they said I need to takemy pain meds on the dot bc if your pain is severe, your blood pressure will rise causing the blood to pool in your chest putting you at risk for hematoma and contracture, so they kept reminding me to TAKE IT EASY! :)

Day 4 (Saturday)

Nights have still been hard as I cannot seem to get comfortable. Seems like if I am not straining my chest I am straining my upper back and it hurts! I decided to just stick with the muscle relaxers as of today since the Narco is making me soooo blocked up. Can't stand it. I went and saw the movie the Butler yesterday and it was great, also bought a few tops at the mall I know will look great after I heal.
My R breast seems to be more sore on the side near my armpit, I am figuring that is bc I am right handed. Monday I go to get my stitches out and they will show me how to massage them. I noticed that though some of my breast is numb to the touch, I do have nippled sensation bc when its cold places it hurts worse and my nipples get hard. Thats a good thing as I don't want dysfunctional nips! lol Did anyone notice that one breast healed differently than the other?

Off to the pool

Was able to sleep flat last night! My R one is still more sore when I move like bushing my teeth etc but they both have healed leaps and bounds. My incisions are almost non existent. Headed to sit by the pool (incisions protected) for an hour!

Pool today!

I'm still sore and tight but made my way to the pool today! I'm off the Vicodin bc my pain is better and the Vicodin clogged up my gut way too much. Tired of looking 6 months pregnant! Having to really be diligent with taking Milk of Magnesia every 4 hours. I know it sounds gross but it's beyond true! TIP-if you have surgery, start taking milk of mag or some constipation aid immediately after surgery and continue until your pain pills are done! Don't wait til you need them bc then it's tough. Get ahead.

have my 2nd pre op tomorrow where they will take my stitches out and teach me how to massage. I'm driving myself! I'm hoping once I start massaging they will loosen up, and I'm sure time will help. My period starts in about a week so I'm wondering if that's adding to my breast tenderness/swelling since I usually experience that. Thanks for reading pretty ladies!

Day 6

Well, I think I might of overdone it yesterday. I wanted to get all my stuff done while I was dressed cute and on the road and feeling good. I had a post op visit yesterday first, and was taught how to massage them. Mandy (medical staff) said that I was healing very well and my R was was just more sore bc it is my dominant arm, and not to forget that they will heal differently. I then went and got my nails done and a few other errands. Ending my day with a nice dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant.
Today, I woke up very sore and just feel sick. Also, my period came a week early this morning (I read that the anesthesia can do that) so that is not fun. Going to massage in a minute to get that out of the way..... I think that my period issue has caused my boobs to be extremely sore too, so can't wait for my hormones to get back to normal.

1 week

Had a nice day. Took it easy and wasn't too sore. The sides of my boobs near the armpit are really the only tender area now. :). I think I am going to go back to work this weekend and just take it slow. It'll be back to business for me after this week!!

Worked Last Night!

Alright Ladies, I know my Doc told me to stay off for a month... But I didn't. I went back to work last night and had it in semi-full gear. I have to admit I did feel more tired as the combination of the anesthesia and sitting around for a 10 days got me a little outta shape. I have to admit tho, this morning I felt great. I woke up with NO morning boob and I am so much less sore. Massaging doesn't hurt or anything now! I won't be going in tonite as it did exhaust me, but I will be back in full swing next week.
Everyone, follow your Dr's orders. I am a bad patient!! I'm just sharing my personal experience.

A little tight

Has some sharp pain in my R breast that went all the way to my back last night. Barely got a wink of sleep. Had a follow up today and they told me that there was a nerve right there that was being irritated but to keep taking muscle relaxers and it would ease up. They also told me to be more aggressive with the massaging of my breast implant as it was tighter and not moving as well as the Left.

2 wks today

Well I am pretty much feeling back to normal! :) If you are about to undergo BA just know that after 2 weeks life will be much better! I am attending my college classes and headed back to work again tomorrow. I am still not working out or bunge jumping (haha ;) ) but can do day to day things with no issues! I am off my muscle relaxers and don't even need tylenol bc Thank God there really isn't any pain anymore. Is it just me or is it amazing at how advanced medical things have become that you can have breast implants and feel so good just 2 weeks later? This, coming from a person that probably overdid it during this time period. They have also started the dropping process and are starting to soften. (I am massaging aggressively 3x daily)
I have been pleasantly surprised at how many of my friends have said that they look natural. I never figured they would look natural and didn't care, but am really enjoying the fact that they supposedly do! :) Well, I have another post-op with Dr Y tomorrow. Hope all you pretty ladies are recovering wonderfully! OH P.S Here is a pic of them at this very moment.

Good day

Hey Everyone, I am doing well. Didn't work this weekend, didn't feel like it. I have been suffering from some anxiety. Other than that everything on the boob front is great. My L boob feels like I was born with it! My R is still a little tighter, but so much better every day :)

Feeling great, 1 month

Hey everyone! Haven't updated in a little bit, but it's just bc things have been going so smoothly! I went back to work last week, felt fine. I now feel like I was born with these breasts. They have dropped significantly and are feeling softer by the day. I'm massaging a couple times a day and am able to sleep on my stomach some :)

Feel great!

It has been almost 3months surprisingly. I haven't psted much lately simply bc nothing has happened :) I feel like I was born with them. Life goes on! Thank God I haven't had any problems. I have my 3 month check up next week. I probably should be massaging more but just forget to do it. THey are softening up nicely though, and have dropped alot.

3 month pics :)

My scars are pretty non existent. My R has dropped more than my left and is softer, but I'm sure the left will catch up. I'm very pleased. It was a whirlwind that goes by fast!! Have my 3 month check up tomo :)

Silicone vs. Saline

Alot of people have asked me if I think saline or silicone is better. Well I got saline and am extremely happy. I want you to read this article though about silicone breast implants, many people think that they are safe and VERY WELL may be for majority of folks but please read this article...

Missed my appt!

I missed my 3 month appt. I had been fighting a UTI, and the night I wrote my last review here actually I started feeling even worse and ended up in the hospital. TUrns out my UTI wasn't responding and had moved to my kidneys. I am nervous to reschedule bc I don't want them to be mad!
On the boob front, my L boob is not sore and I am afraid that somehow my lingering kidney infection got into my implant pocket. I am going to have to ask Dr. Y bc I remember him saying that dental work could shoot bacteria to your implant pocket through blood, so I figure a long running UTI/kidney infection could do the same.

*****Correction *****

My L boob is really sore

Hey there!

My UTI went way thank GOD. I really appreciate all of your kind words and concern :) I think the reason my L boob is so much tighter is bc intially like 2 weeks post op my R one was harder and not moving, so I hyper focused on that one and neglected the L that was healing on track. Now I have to make up for lost time and move this L one! I just had my nose done today with an excellent nose surgeon and they used a foley catheder while I was asleep and it bled a little bit after which they said was normal, so if i am lucky I will come down with another UTI since I am prone! Anyway, thanks again ladies.

Starting to regain feeling

Starting to regain feeling in both breasts, but it feels weird! It feels a little tight and kind of tingly. I have an appt on the 8th of Jan so we will make sure everything is AoK. They look perfect and feel pretty soft. :) I am probably just being a hypochondriac as I have been prone to before!


Has anyone struggled with one dropping slower than the other? My L breast has morphed into a higher, tighter version of my Right boob. My R boob feels great and looks great. My nipples are completely uneven now and I don't know what to do. I keep massaging but my L still feels tight. I have an apt on Wednesday with dr yarish. I am hoping that its just that my muscle in my L is tighter bc it isn't my dominant arm. I am really worried about capular contracture. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

SO Relieved!

Had my appt today. Turns out my L isn't getting hard or forming a capsule, they are both soft as can be according to my Dr. :) He said that it is riding higher bc (as I knew as well) my L breast crease was just over 1/4 higher than my R so therefore it is going to appear to be riding higher. He said that they still look great and if I wanted he could go in minimally invasive and lower the implant and breast crease. He recommended just leaving it alone though and I agree with that. I already have a great pair! You have to remember that the differences before your surgery will remain after. Also we tend to notice things on ourselves that no one else would notice! If you look at my photo, it really isn't that noticeable. I always know that that small revision is available to me if I choose. He also commended me on my massaging saying that whatever I was doing was working perfectly and they were extremely soft :) Great day!

It dropped!

Hey everyone, I will post a pic soon but all of a sudden my L dropped. Nipples are even and everything. Just remember potential implant patients that your final result won't be until at least 5-6 months even tho the Drs tell you like 2 months. They will continue to change. It has been a rollercoaster but I am so happy! Soft and supple!

Been a while!

Hey there! All is well, love my not do new set :). Crazy how time flies. They are soft as can be and I still and able to move both of them really well when I think to massage. Surprisingly a lot of people think they're natural bc they slope so well and feel so soft and heavy like breast tissue. Feels a lot more natural than my friends that have silicone. I know they are the" perfect" size as ppl say, but now that it's all said and done I wish they were bigger!:). A common thing I'm sure. Good thing is I can disguise them if needed. Church, gym, doctors appointments etc. my L breast crease was always higher making my L nipple look a little lower but it's just nature! Also made my R one drop a little lower since the crease is naturally lower. Nothing I could do about that :)They look identical in clothes and stuff. Very happy.

Revision (going bigger)

Love my boobs but always intended for them to be bigger so I have started a new review on my profile following my revision to 800cc silicone! If you'd like, check it out :) Thank you friends.

Overly dissected pockets

During my consult for my revision, I found out that my asymetry was caused by my R one bottoming out, and my L one bottoming out to the side. Both due to overly dissected pockets. :( Let's just say that since my revision my nipples are even and I am much happier.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Been almost a year since surgery and my R one is bottomed out and my L one is bottoming out to the side. Both due to over dissected pockets. Really unfortunate. I just wish his results would of ended up being better. I had a revision with another surgeon and am much happier. I wrote another review accordingly. Dr. Yarish is nice but I honestly I wouldn't recommend him.

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