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I decided about 2 yrs ago that I wanted larger...

I decided about 2 yrs ago that I wanted larger breast. Not big but larger than the almost Acup I have now. I'm 39 with one kiddo who is almost 18.
I have since had my consult and my pre op. As a mate of fact my pre op was today. I am scheduled for surgery on the 23rd of January. 2 weeks from tomorrow I couldn't be anymore excited. I have had a staph infection in the past so I will be doing a 2wk regiment of soap and meds just as a precaution. It's been yrs since the infection but I'm not taking any chances.

10 day till.....

Only 10 days till my BA. I'm detail cleaning my house, the things that will bug me while I'm just sitting around. I don't do idle. Also I talked with a girlfriend who suggested I get my clothes that I will be wearing out for easy access. So my fuzzy socks, yoga pants ect. are in a basket easy to get to. I decided that I would fix several crock pot meals so my family could just grab the from the freezer. I dislike fast food so this is a win/win. Here is a strange question. Has anyone else had sore breast before the BA? It is like the girls know I'm going to do something to them.

Before pics

I forgot to tell you what I decided about size!

I tried on the Sixers again at my pre op. I took my very best friend with me. See when I took my man all her could see was boobies so I never got any helpful feedback. I like the 325 but no bigger. The nurse suggested I go for 300 with an overfill since the can't take any out of the 325 if I need to be evened out. I don't want to wake up with 340cc. The Dr. Ordered not sizes and the Day off surgery we will discuss it one last time to make sure I understand my options and the look of each. I'm 5'4" 120 pounds small frame. Just FYI.

I Hate auto correct

My last update was done on my phone apparently even after proof reading it, it terrible. I'm meant sizers. All my man could see was boobies. My dr. Ordered both 300cc and 325cc . I would blame it on my nerves but I'm not at all nervous.

dream boobs

Perfect size for me.

5 days till boobies

Started my new meds today and it made me even more excited. Just one step closer. I've waited so long you would think the next few days would be no big deal. My house is spotless, everything is ready. My sweet hubby even moved the furniture around so I would be comfortable sleeping in the recliner if it comes to that. Got the Coobie bra everyone on here is talking about, love them.

My befores

I know I sound crazy but I think I have pretty breast. I always have even though they were small. However I the last couple years the volume is just faded away. So Thursday yes, 2 days from today volume will no longer be an issue. I'm ready to buy a swim suit, I'm ready for sunshine but mostly I'm ready to feel sexy again.

Sorry I forgot to add the pics to my post

Tomorrow is the BIG day

I'm packed, scrubbed and ready to go. It's a 2 hour drive to the surgery center then a night in the hotel, that is way too nice since I will be sleeping most of the time. The next morning the nurse will come by and clear me to go home.....another 2 hour drive. Thank God for drugs. I took a pic of myself in my swim suit from last yr. I will take an after in the same suit once I'm feeling up to it.

after pics

It went great. I have had little to no pain. They have me wrapped real right but I get to take everything off I'm an hour. I'm going to shower then the nurse will come to to hotel and check me out. After that there is a 2 hour drive home. There is a snow a snow/sleet mix falling. Ugh.

Vavavavoom & pain free

It's been over 24 hours. I've eating and done the massages still no pain. The muscle spasms are crazy feeling but the meds for that help. I keep having to remind myself no to do things. I'm so stoked I am a full C Cup and thought they were to big however at the massaging my swelling seems to go down a bit. I went in thinking I would get 300 cc with and overfill, after talking once again with the Dr I decoded to go 325. Let's just say I glad I did and so is my Honey. On a negative side the surgery bra was killing me, the stitching was leaving tiny welps. To remedy this I have one of the Coobie bra s under the surgery. I'm allergic to latex so I have small stitches. Tomorrow after my shower I Will post uncovered. Nighty night.

2 days out

Alright, other than I hate the post surgery bra everything is wonderful. Still no pain. The swelling came back a little while I was up and moving before my shower. To tell the truth I was expecting it to more difficult or some pain. Even after I massage themi don't hurt. Here are some after pics

Love the look.

It's been 4 days. I can pretty much do anything I want except over my head or pick up heavy things including the laundry basket. My breast are beautiful, that Dr must have be so tender with me. I never bruised, no pain and even thought I have stitches (which itch like crazy) they look just like I wanted. The swelling goes away till I get up and start moving around. Right between them at the top where you can feel the beast plate I can feel/here a bubble moving. My post op isn't till Thursday (it's Monday). I'm can wait. I'm glad I reconsidered the size, Dr was right. I was going 300 with overfill. Ended up 325 with overfill to 350. Under the muscle saline Natrelle. I was worried this was going to be to big. However since I will be a small to full C I am very pleased. I never wanted huge boobies. Just wanted to look like a woman and cute clothes. Mission accomplished!!!!! I will post pics later when I shower. Before I go let me say this m I researched for 2 months on Dr's only. I had several consults. Dr Mentz did always tell me what I wanted to hear but he was always truthful. Not once did he rush me or try to push me off on his staff. The day of surgery I had to go last because I have had Staph in the past but he came to me explained it was for the safety of the other patients. I waited 3 extra hours in the prep room it was hard I hadn't eaten or even had a sip of water. I was a little cranky my head started pounding, but I thought he had the staff check on me talk to me ect. I would not wish and infection on anyone so thinking back I'm glad he cares enough to put patients first, even if it means one of them is going to get grumpy to do the right thing. The Dr you choose is the most important decision in this whole process. If you choose a great Dr. Everything else will be take care of professionally. OK off my soap box. Later ladies it's time to walk a couple blocks with the ladies in my neighborhood.

post op 4 days

I can't wait to be healed up enough to start working out. I've so lazy since Christmas now I'm more than motivated to be bikini ready.

Seeing changes

Today something was terribly wrong, my nipples started hurting. My sister says that this is what it feels like when your milk comes in and you breastfeed. I never got milk with my kid so I was freaked out. I had no idea they could be so tender. Just breathing hurt. My grandma said very casually put cabbage leafs on them......what? See every female in my family is well endowed & all got milk. They have always picked with me so I didn't know if she was serious, even if she is I am not walking around with vegetable leaves on my breast. We are a very open family and the fact that my Grandma had girls who had girls who had girls means nothing is of limits. I was given lots of advice and a set of Soothies Gel Pads. Wonderful! Problem solved. My post op was moved to this coming Monday, the stitches well come out then. I can pretty much do whatever I want but I don't push it. If I feel like I'm going to have to strain I just don't do it like hanging up laundry ect. I did drive to meet some friends for lunch, no problems there. I took some pics when blistered nips feel better I will put a few out fits on.

2 weeks since my BA

Where to start? I have gone back to work, taking care of my family and my house. I had my post op Monday my stitches were removed. Dr says I look great and asked if I had any concerns. Ummm No! I've had no bruising, no pain, full range of motion and my new girls are perfect. I still have some swelling and of course they are not settled. I really didn't expect to go this well. Now if I could just get used to them. I will have time this weekend to pics.

pic 2 weeks after BA

Just a few pics to show my progress. Everything is going great. Tonight is date night, I'm feeling a bit nervous. I'm going to dress classy with some cleavage. I realize this is done everyday by millions of ladies but a first for me. Tomorrow my daughter and I are going shopping for some new tops. Several of my work blouses no longer fit. I work at a high school anything that is now tight or to low cut is no longer an option.

compare and see for yourself

Had a little free time this afternoon so I put on the same clothes I took some before pictures in. You can clearly tell the difference. I am not wearing a bra in these pictures because I did not wear one in the befores. I love the way I look and I'm glad I listened to my PS. He could see the end result from yrs of great work all I could see was the cc's. He knew the look I wanted and I trusted him even though to be honest I was thinking they were going to be too big.

Almost a month ago......

The 23rd will be a month and I'm sleeping on my stomach and working out (legs). I have gotten used to my new look however my nipples are still sore, almost raw. For about the past week my left seems a bit larger. I sure hope they even out. Maybe it's because they are setteling. Is it normal for them to change sizes after the swelling is gone? O on a funny note I had to run yesterday to catch someone and I had to hold the "girls". Now I have seen this done a lot but never thought it was necessary. Wrong. It was and I laughed at myself. Going to need some good sports bras before I hit the track.

last years bikini top wont do

I went through my swimwear, it's so crazy to think this white top was my favorite last yr. I bought it in the girls department. This yr it covers me but not enough I would go in public. I have this to on in a pic I posted before. I love the difference a year & a good dr. can make.

6 weeks with my new boobs

Thursday will be 6 wks but I will be out of town so I took my pictures tonight. I have lost weight since my surgery, I feel great so I'm walking and doing lower body work outs. I do my massages faithfully. I don't go to my 6 wks post op till next week I hope he is pleased with his work I am. I happier with my new look than I though I would be.

over the shoulder new boobie holder

I went from being so flat chested I bought my bras in the little girls section to trying to buy one with some size to it. Only one problem I tried to do this and if I get one to fit in cup size it is to big around, rides up in the back. If I get one that fits around I have some boobage not covers on the side by my underarm. I traded one issue for another lol. I am not complaining but maybe someone can give me some advice. I still can't wear underwire and don't really care to ever wear underwire. My step daughters who are extremely well endowed and may be seeing my Dr. for reductions before they are 30 suggest I go to Dillards. They both agreed I would be sized & fitted correctly there compared to VS. I had to move my 6 wks appointment with the Dr. Because my kid had 4 wisdom teeth removed and boy that was an adventure. I set to see him the last week of this month. If you know of any brands that go 30 or 32 around but a small C please share. Thanks.

loving my new girls 8 weeks after surgery

So it's been 8wks and my boobs have finally evened out. Every morning I wake up and look to see the changes. Here are a few new pics I took this morning. I'm going shopping for summer clothes so I can take pics in so cute tops that actually fit. Confession: I walk around mostly naked every chance I get. I'm not sure if I'm trying to get used to them so I don't look at myself when walking past reflective surfaces or what.

Big change

Over the last few days I have noticed my breast have gotten smaller. They are so beautiful and look more natural as the days past. I don't know if this is supposed to happen. I'm completely healthy ran a 5k just this past weekend doing yoga everyday. Anyway is this the size I will be will they get smaller? I just saw my PS last week he says everything is great and to call if I had any questions but I don't want to call over this.

it's almost been a year.........

It's almout been a year and I'm pretty hot looking. Lol Some days I forget I haven't always had these beautiful breast. They feel so natural, move natural and look natural. I will write more on my 1 year anniversary and post nudes so you ladies can compare and see what a brilliant Dr. Can do.

I have consulted with other doctors Mentz was the last on my list. Once I met him and his staff I knew this was my doctor. He listens to me and explains things in detail. I had answers to questions I hadn't even thought to ask after speaking to him.

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