550CC Silicone *loving them* !

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Hey guys! Super excited to get my twins done in...

Hey guys! Super excited to get my twins done in June! Seems so far away but it gives me time to do PLENTY of research and I am so glad that I am..leaving my consultation I had NO idea what 'high profiles' were ...thought BA was just based on how many CC's...and saline or silicone lol! Anyways, take the time to read up on my experience! Hope it'll ease your mind a little! I am 25, about 114lbs (AM) and towards the evening 116 at the most.. My BWD is 12. I started to workout after leaving my consultation in February. It's a 12-week challenge that began in March. So by the time I am looking pretty good, it'll be time for my boobies! Perfect timing or what?! Oh, but I've been avoiding chest work outs..some reason I don't want to touch that area..reserving what ever is there for the **BIG DAY** Hope you ladies enjoy!

Morning everyone, I cannot stop going back and...

Morning everyone, I cannot stop going back and forth about what I want. I know I want silicone, and I don't think I have a choice on what profile..but I do love the fullness feel of 500CC, but do I look like all boob? I am adding 50CC's to 500 because I am going under the muscle and I know I will be losing some. I feel I may be all boobs since my PS said "550" is the biggest he can go on me with my BWD.

Can't sleep of course, I've asked a question to...

Can't sleep of course, I've asked a question to the docs on RealSelf...about getting 500-550CC's and they're all pretty much telling me it won't suit me..makes everything so much more confusing. I am so tired of going back and forth! Here are my photos..stats again 5'2ish, 115lbs, bwd is 12 or 12.5 (pretty sure .5 won't make a major diff) ...

I feel like I am back at square one...stressing on...

I feel like I am back at square one...stressing on the size. All the docs on here are saying that 500-550 HP is way too big for my frame...My PS did say they'll be busty D's..I can't wait until my pre-op to figure all this out..And I think I want Mod+ instead of HP...hopefully we have the option to choose the profile...ah I am so confused and I HATE this. I have tried on 450..and felt okay..but it didn't feel full in my hands as I grabbed them. They looked nice though..Sigh* just venting.

Hi ladies! :) Not much of an update just counting...

Hi ladies! :) Not much of an update just counting down the days/weeks! I have $400 left to pay off. Not much I know, but I'd like to take every $200 out of my pay, that way I am not completely broke and have money to shop and go out to eat and what not :)

This the LAST month of our 12-weeks challenge too! Ah! I can finally give myself a little bit more cheat days :) I weighed myself the other morning, I was 112 :/ The reason the stale face is because my BF% is still the same. But I've done some research and it said the BF% on a scale isn't accurate. Any one else know how to measure this?

OH, made myself a "morning glory" from the Nutriblast...OMG I must have ate a bad FRUIT. My stomach was turnnnnning. I had to leave work by 10am. My morning was not GLORIOUS at all.


My pre-op was on Monday June 10, 2013 at 11AM. I got to try on sizers again because I just needed a second look. I am happy to say I will be getting 550CC for sure :) I would love to be in the D-DD's family!

Surgery date is scheduled for June 28th at 7:15AM !!! So excited and nervous since its only in 2 weeks! AH!

Pics from pre-op

Can't wait!

Constantly thinking about boobs all day and night ! Now that I picked a size, I constantly think "what if I look like a bimbo?" "oh they're going to look p e r f " - just going back and forth! But I keep reminding myself, as long I am happy with them, who cares what anyone else thinks. Everyone can have their own opinions :)

I hope I gave myself enough recovery time..even though I know when I head back to work I am still recovering. My job consists desk work..if I need to lift anything I can always ask someone. Everyone is pretty understanding and helpful here :) *knocks on wood* The BA date is on a Friday and post-op appt Monday and I plan to be back at work Tuesday and Wednesday and then off work Thursday (July 4) . Should be fine right?

My three year old has gotten the hang of me not carrying her..I tell her "mommy's tummy hurts" and she'll be like "aww okay mommy" and she will walk to the car and Ill open the door for her and she will climb in/out of the seat herself :) I just have to buckle her.

I am hoping the days will fly by..but then again I know I will be super nervous the night before >_< !!

This past weekend...(venting)

I thought I shared with you guys about my emotional roller coaster over the weekend. I honestly tried to keep my head up..but just broke down.

We have a dog, well had...Her name was Chewie :) She was about 2 years old (around there). Her previous owner did not provide me paper work for her..but she was full Shih Tzu. She looked like Chewbacca from Star Wars! Anyways, she was given to us because previous owners couldn't take care of her anymore..So she was free and they just wanted her to have a loving home. And that's exactly what we gave her. She came with FLEAS and WORMS (in her stool)...I gave her 2 baths the same night I got her..the following business day I took her to a vet and she got treated for both.

Long story short, Saturday evening I brought her some water and found her just laying there..didn't respond to the bowl of water that I brought out...I then examined her body and she was EXTREMELY thin. She was still alive and breathing but was VERY weak. My boyfriend and I monitored her very closely since..I didn't want to rush her to the ER because I would have to pay upfront..they don't have payment plans or whatnot. Sunday evening was my daughter's 3rd birthday party. Sunday, my dad and little brother came over to spend time with us..and most of my time was looking after Chewie. Yes, I stepped out for lunch and came straight home to check on her. We been feeding her water through a syringe since we found her laying like this. My daughter's birthday was from 7PM-9PM...when we came home from the party...My bf checked on Chewie..and she didn't make it :( We are so HEARTBROKEN! My daughter asked me, "Chewie not wake up?" ..She doesn't know the meaning of "dead".

The next day was my PRE-OP, the day I've been waiting for since February! But I had no excitement anymore..I was happy it was tomorrow..but just could not feel 'happy'. I felt guilty to be happy and joyful about something I've been waiting for because of Chewie passing away.

The day of my PRE-OP went well, of course you can read about that above. I was happy when I was there..But when we left..it was time to go let Chewie go.. (sad again)

The next morning, TUESDAY 6/11/13 - my daughter's actual birthday.

Does this all makes sense to anyone? It was really an emotional rollercoaster! I just did not how to feel anymore! Going back and forth from being happy and sad! I dislike it!

Having *negative* thoughts

So I was showering last night..and started washing my body then I suddenly started to freak out about 'WHAT IF the boobs are going to be to my NECK!" "WHAT IF they're going to make me look fat!" UGH Now I am wishing I should have just gotten 500. Because even if it was a tad bit smaller when it is under my muscle, they'll still look great! But I got *boob greed* and said 550!


10 more days!

I am feeling anxious than ever! 10 more days until I am a WOMAN!


I still need to go fill my Rx's! Currently taking a supplement nurse told me to take for a week. Bought my anti-bacterial soap...need to go buy some button up shirts..what else...


BA is this Friday! Totally freaking out now! Last night I even googled "how silicone implants are inserted" just for shits and giggles....freaked myself out even more! Now that its almost near, I'd like time to slow down a bit so I can gather myself!!

Picked up prescriptions today...

It's starting to get real...picked up my prescriptions...What did you guys use the most? My doc wrote 5 scripts for me..Even though he wrote one for a stool softener, should I still get some laxatives?? I've been hearing how backed up girls get :X


The *BIG* day is almost here..I got a text msg from my baby-daddy's sister...she JUST remembered she has a concert to go to Thursday night (the night when my daughter is suppose to stay with her). So I texted BD to see if he can come down Thursday instead of Friday...He has our daughter every other weekend..and this weekend is his weekend to have her. He lives in Dallas. If he lived in Houston, im sure he wouldn't have mind. But worse comes to worse, Ill have my little brother stay with me Thursday night and he could be home with her Friday morning when I go to my surgery. Trying not to stress because I am already nervous. ((((((goood vibes only))))))

So it hit me this morning...would it be a bad idea to wear a maxi dress to surgery? That is pretty easy to take off and on! lol

BIG day tomorrow!

6/28/2013 is finally going to be here soon...o m g! Got the call from the nurse and time has been changed from 7:15 to 6:30AM !!

She said maxi dress would be perfect if I don't mind the surgical bra showing :)

Boyfriend said he will go buy 2 pillows for me so that I don't roll around when I sleep. He's so thoughtful :)

I cannot believe the day is almost here! I will keep you all updated with pics and posts. And for those that already had their BA's, see you on the other side! ^_~!

Almost time >_<

Top of the morning everyone :) Just waiting on boyfriend to get dress...I'm so hungry! Just took a bath with the soap they told me to buy...starting to get nervous, EEEKK!! I've been waiting for this day since the beginning of March. I cannot believe how time as fly and the patience I had! Haha idk how many times I tried to reschedule this because I was so anxious. I'm glad I waited though, because I was able to more research and see more profiles. I am confident with my decision with my size. I cannot wait to see results :)

Any ladies who are getting their BA today, good luck and smooth recovery ^_~!

Day 1

I am finally feeling a little better, still sore though. Someone has to help me getting up...I do NOT remember anything! One minute I'm in surgery room the next I'm at home!

Anywho, here's a post-op pic

Is this normal?

My breast look so deformed right now.. Just got them done yesterday 6/28/2013

Day 2

Woke up with some sharp pain on my right boob..they are still sitting pretty high too. But totally not complaining about the size!

Post Op day 2 - incisions

Here are the crease incisions.

Day 3 Post Op

Feeling 95% better :) I still won't reach high because the moment I feel pain, I'll put my hands back down. I am really happy right now :) no more sharp pain. I find it easing to sleep on a reclining chair than a bed with tons of pillows. Just IMO

Loving them !

Day of surgery - late post

I forgot to tell you guys how my surgery went. So we got the there at 6:30AM and nurse hooked me up to IV...took my blood pressure and whatnot and we waited until doctor came in to mark me..they injected me with antibiotics and something for nausea. Few minutes later, the doctor comes in starts to make markings and at the time I was already feeling sooo sleepy. Not sure if it was because I went to sleep late or the anesthesia. Then they had me go to the restroom one last time to also take off my contacts. Walked to the OR room and then the laid me down with arms out. The nurse asked me, "what's your favorite radio station?" And I said "95.7?"...Next thing you know, I woke up at home!

Post Op - Day 6

Happy 4th of July!

I still have to sleep at a 45 degree..sucks. And when I'm on my feet a lot, I get shortness of breath and my boobs tend to tighten up and get so hard lol. But that's for now!


Okay, so I am TIRED of wearing my black surgical bra because I am limited to what I can wear...SUCKS! I read that Danskin from Wal-Mart is a good post-op bra..and I tried on this black bra yesterday that cost an ARM AND LEG. Any suggestions?

Incisions out

PS told me to apply Neosporin. For some reason, I feel like ima going to need something more...better...I just don't feel Neosporin will do the job.


Only able to do lower body....so far that was only walking and leg press. Everything else feels my chest is involved. I am so scared of bottoming out so I'm being extra cautious ....any ladies working out?

Boobie Blues?

Why do I still feel small when my PS when his max that he could on me with my BWD ? Tomorrow will be 2 weeks post-op, I know it's still early and I need to remain patient. But I don't like feeling this way...upsetting. Sitting in the office for 8hrs by yourself could do that to you I guess...UGH! need to snap out of it!

2 weeks post op

I only try to take pics weekly...I think if I took pics everyday it'll drive me crazy. I do see a difference but still doesn't look like boobs yet :(

3 weeks post op

Hey ladies! Today marks three weeks since I've had my BA. I don't see much of a difference since week two. The only thing that bothers me is that my right (your left) is smaller than my left (your right). It was like that to begin with..but to actually feel the difference when I touch them, makes me sad a little. But you cannot tell with clothes on. When my BF massages them for me, I see and feel a major difference the next morning. He's able to put more pressure than me. But I am trying! Still being patient for the D&F fairy comes and visit me :)

Crease incision scars

Currently just putting Neosporin and Palmers Vitamin E oil. It's helps with scars and the stretch marks my boyfriend is starting to see under my nipple. The oil helps the massaging too!

A little sad today...

So I am 20 days post-op...and what the heck is going on with my right (your left) boob?! Makes me feel so sad that my left (your right) feels so much fuller and has side boob..and my right doesn't :(

4 weeks post op

Morning ladies! Today marks 4 weeks since my BA. Went to see my PS yesterday and he told me I can massage as much as I want now. I also asked him if they'll project out anymore..(because some days I feel small when I look down lol) and he said yes. I told him about my right boob, he asked if I use that hand a lot and I said yes. So, since my right boob was smaller than my left before and I also use it more, it'll appear smaller than my left because of fat burning on that side etc etc. I'll hardly notice it when everything settles though because he showed me what it'll look like once they drop some more and project out more. Still no upper body workouts. I still don't lay completely on my back when I sleep because I can't get up.....I had my women's check up yesterday and I needed assistance to get up! My PS also told me that I need to be massaging my incision scar too. Didn't know that! They didn't tell me at my last appointment...so I have to start doing that now. Overrall, everything went well..still patiently waiting to get measured. What do you ladies think ill be?!

Week 5

Hi ladies! By looking at today's progress, looks like they're fluffing? Still uneven nipples but, loving that they're fluffing out. Still need them to drop some lol. Constantly massaging anywhere I can! In my office, car or home! Lol hope everyone's having a great Friday! Let me know what you think!

Week 5 PICS

6 weeks

I still have my ups and downs but my body isn't perfect. I like the cleavage...but not I'm starting to think they're TOO CLOSE. Like almost looking like "symatasia" (spell check please) That was my main concern, but I know I don't have it because I can feel that when I push my boobs together they don't pass the sternum. It could just be my anatomy. I'll have my follow up next week.

$5 Bikini Top, I just had to!

Most of the swimwear was only $5! I just had to grab this top, already have a nice bikini bottom from VS.

Old navy

Forgot to mention, the swim wear that's on sale are at Old Navy!

Sad Day

I'm going to see my PS this Thursday and I'm going to show him this. It's a little sad that you can see which breast is fuller with just simple shirts. I don't plan on wearing loose blouses all the time. Have any of you ladies experienced this when going this big? Will this change? If not, I need to know if I should talk to him about a revision...I don't want to have to go there though because I didn't spend this much to be uneven. Really upset about this. I have to constantly wear a cardigan at work so no one can tell. At my family's get together, someone asked if I "breast fed" because she could see one of my boobs were fuller, and I was wearing dark gray!

7 weeks

So I had my 7 week check up yesterday. PS did point out that my rib cage on my left side sticks out more that's why it looks fuller. But both have the same amount of cc. He made me spread my arms and put him over my head and yes I can tell that they are the same size. Can't really do anything about my rib cage!

He gave me the OKAY to sleep any way I want again! AND work out upper body :) AND I could wear any bra I like! Best believe I drove to VS afterwards! I did not splurge though, just bought one haha. I spent some $$$ on my anniversary gift to my boyfriend. I can wear a 34D-DD depending on the bra. DD seems to give me a lot of coverage. Wearing bras that aren't camis or bandeaus makes a big difference in my shirts that made me seem fuller on one side :) I look totally even with an actual bra on now :)
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