Breast Implant Revision via Percutaneous Implant Deflation

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Hello real selfers, time for me to pay it forward...

Hello real selfers, time for me to pay it forward and share my experience with you guys as you have all been my inspiration and courage to go forward with my goal of explanting my current implants and exchanging to a smaller size with NO MAJOR LIFT SCARS. My goal is to explant from 500 cc mentor filled to 575, (DD bra size) to a beautiful C cup with NO LIFT. Ladies, I currently live in the Netherlands, have had one consultation here where the doc said was not possible to do without a major lift, then went to Germany where another very highly regarded PS said she would not even consider a no lift procedure to explant and/or exchange and had never heard of the deflation process. I also did an internet consultation with a top PS in South Africa, who again had not heard of and would not consider the deflation before exchange procedure and once again, told me I would have to have a major lift should I choose to downsize. Let me backtrack a little and tell you that I love my breasts. They are beautiful and the doctor who did the initial augmentation did a wonderful job. I weighed a bit more at the time, not having lost my pregnancy weight and he basically gave me breasts proportion to my size at the time. But ever since I shed the weight, the breasts are just too huge and too cumbersome for my body causing constant neck and back ache and I'm ready for a change. I had heard or rather "read" of this procedure here on real self, although there is not very much information on this procedure at all. This is why I am choosing to chronicle my journey. Through this website I have found a doctor who specialises in the Percutaneous implant deflation/breast exchange procedure, and his results are beautiful. Now, I have not consulted with him yet, but I have made appointments for the consultation, deflation, and the surgery for this coming summer, June 23 for the consultation and deflation, and July 16 for the explant/exchange surgery. My day dream is that I will get there on the 23rd for the consultation and that he will tell me that I don't need the deflation, that he can absolutely do the explant exchange with no breast lift, no problem. The pictures of the deflated breast are quite scary and truthfully, I don't know if I am strong enough to walk around with the deflated breasts for almost a month. But the reality is he'll probably advise that I go forward with the deflation and wait the approx month before the explant/exchange surgery as scheduled. Regardless, I am just so happy and excited that I have found a doctor who's procedure gives me a good chance of not having to have that dreaded breast lift scar, the mere thought of that gives me the courage to go forward and let this all play out. There are so many of us out there who regret going so big and so we go ahead with the exchange or complete removal of the implants and take the scars because we have no other choice. Maybe now, we really have a choice. I will keep you ladies posted.

Thoughts going forward...

My upcoming procedure is going to be expensive. Almost more than the cost of a new breast augmentation altogether. I've been wondering if I should just get the implants explanted, removed, sonyanara goodbye, regardless of how they look after. The truth is, I love beautiful breasts. Always have. Always had booby envy for anyone with a beautiful pair! My own were nice enough, just too small for my liking and now too big for my frame. What I am hoping and praying is that I am not one of those people that will never be satisfied. No...I don't think I am like that, the negatives of my breast now, truly outweigh the positives. They are uncomfortable and heavy. And since I got them, back and neck troubles were triggered. Those sexy bras I couldn't wait to purchase never materialized as my DD sizes bras looked like my grandmother's bras, huge, wide, lots of material and none of it sexy. Too too large and not sexy in my book. I also have to buy clothes about two or three sizes too large to fit over my breasts.... So then I just look fat. I am aware of how vain and how expensive my procedure is going to be, I think on it daily. So yes, going to go through with it, the whole deflating, replanting, exchanging ordeal. Unless.. By some miracle my breasts look great deflated and then I just get the implants removed and live happily ever! Ha ha, we'll see. Will keep you posted.

Dr. Michael Ciaravino or Bust! Haha no pun intended...

In just a few short weeks I will be headed to Houston. On my second morning there I will have my first appointment with Dr. Michael Ciaravino, at least that's what my calendar says, I am still waiting for my confirmation from his office. I did speak to a lovely young lady when I initially called, gave a deposit over the phone and made the appointments. I will most likely call again shortly to make sure all is still happening on the days we agreed. Just getting nervous because I haven't had an email back confirming those appointments. I'll be there on the dates and times we agreed, praying that his office and commitments are top notch and that I won't be messed around like so many other bad stories we see on this website.

I have had a lot of personal emails from fellow realselfers asking that I update as soon as my deflation/consultation takes place...I promise I will, and I hope, hope, hope that I can bring myself to post the pics of the deflated implants. Really nervous about that part and hoping that I will remember when I get there why I want them removed in the first place. More on that in the next post....

Bye for now friends, I will post updates as soon as I meet with Dr. Michael Ciaravino.

Today's the day! Let the "deflation' begin....

Okay ladies, today is the day. Just to recap, I am going in for a "Percutaneous Implant Deflation". I am undecided if I will just remove the implants completely, or do an implant exchange. The goal of the PID is that my current saline implants will be deflated, and my breasts will have about 3 weeks to shrink and on July 15 we will revisit and consult and I will decide how my breasts look at that point and I'll either have a full implant removal or do a breast implant exchange. Either way, I refuse to get a lift, (do not want the scars) and by doing the deflation first and giving my body some time to heal I can make a good, informed decision on how to proceed. My current saline breasts are beautiful. They look natural, but are larger than my body frame will allow and I have back, shoulder and neck pain constantly and the cons outweigh the pros of having these big breasts. For me this is purely about feeling better physically and emotionally. Be clear, I still want beautiful nice sized breasts, just not 550 size! Dr. Ciaravino is considered one of the best in the field of breast implant revisions, and I'm hoping that he'll be able to give me a pair that I can be comfortable with and also be proud of and more importantly a pair that won't feel as if I'm walking like I'm going to fall over, tip forward like I always feel with these tattas! I'm jet lagged (currently live and flew in from Europe for this procedure) and wide awake and nervous and excited and hope that I will be positive even after the shock of seeing how bad my breasts are going to look deflated. I will post pics after my appointment, most likely this evening after I've spent the full day enjoying being back in the USA. Please wish me luck, and I will keep you all updated I promise:)

Deflation done, goodbye big boobaas!

Good morning real selfers, it's 4:54 a.m. Body clock still on Netherlands time, yikes! It's good though, I'm feeling rested and able to reflect on yesterday refreshed and with a little time under my belt as the "new me".

Let me start at the beginning of my appointment yesterday morning. Got to the offices of Dr. Ciaravino and was very impressed with the office setting. It was posh and comfy, loved it. I was there a bit early but there were lots of good magazines to read and right at 9:00 a.m. on the dot, I was called in for the first consult with a lovely lady named Ashley. Ashley went over my medical history, discussed with me my goals and showed me pictures of what I could expect, etc. She was able to provide me great information and answer all the questions I had. Immediately after my consult with her, Dr. Ciaravino came in and examined me. He was attentive and understood immediately what I hoped to accomplish and spoke to me about the procedure. I was at ease and comfortable and knew instinctively that this guy knows what he's doing. About five minutes later I was ushered into another room where another beautiful assistant was waiting to prep me for the deflation. She discussed with me that she had a similar procedure except that her implants were silicone, so though she did not go the deflation route, she did have her implants removed, and after an appropriate amount of time, Dr. C exchanged her implants to smaller ones WITHOUT BREAST LIFT SCARS. I loved that she was the assistant prepping me because she knew exactly what I was going through, how I was feeling and knew how to comfort and nurture me through my nervousness. Thanks to Natalie, I felt even more optimistic and assured that this was the route for me. Dr. C arrived "wala" the implants were deflated in about ten minutes? It didn't take that long and except for the sting of the lidocaine shot to numb my boobs, it was a pain free process. Basically he numbed my breasts with lidocaine, then inserted a syringe attached to a tube that suctioned out the saline. It was quick and I didn't feel a thing. It was surreal to go from almost 600 cc's to back to normal. It was freeing and wonderful, I had almost a sense of elation. That being said, I have admitted that I loved the way my "big breasts looked" but they were just too big, cumbersome, etc. After the deflation was done, Dr. C and I chatted again about how we would access how we would proceed when I come back on July 15. That will have given my breasts over 3 weeks to heal on their own. We are hoping that my breast tissue will shrink back a good amount and that we can either explant with no lift or exchange to a smaller implant with no breast lift. This decision is mine of course and for me will be determined on what happens in the next 3 weeks. The pics that I have downloaded are a bit misleading, I do look like i have cleavage, and it almost looks like i have big breasts under the compression, but in person except for the cleavage poking through, the rest of chest looks flat. That is the purpose of the compression bandage, it's supposed to help my breast tissue shrink back to normal, so though it looks really odd standing up, I am okay with it. It's uncomfortable but not painful, it looks strange but I don't care. My end result is all that matters so you can't deflate and then not follow through with doctors orders right ladies?
Okay, so after the deflation, Natalie took some pics and wrapped me up. I was too scared to look down at my chest but Natalie told me that she was very happy with the way my breasts looked. That they didn't look as bad as I was thinking in my head but she understood my hesitation and didn't push, she took pictures and then wrapped me up with the bandage and went over after care instructions. Shortly after I got to meet the beautiful and sweet Becca who had responded to all my emails and questions in a timely manner. We worked out the financial details, the upcoming visits and surgery date, etc. Everything was so efficient and I appreciated so much how easy and thorough everyone was for each part of the process. Now, it's a waiting game. I'm sure I'll take a peek at my boobies today when I change the band aids (area where the syringe sucked out the saline) under my compression garment and will post for all of us to analyze. Goodbye for now ladies, have a wonderful day! I am so excited to be back in Houston and crawfish is on my agenda today, woo hoo!

2 days post deflation

Hello ladies! As promised, here is a pic of my deflated breasts. If you look closely you can see on the right breast a point where the deflated implant is. My breasts feel very soft and jelly like right now and in truth, I'm afraid to touch them, i don't like being able to feel the implant still inside. As i've said before I love beautiful breasts, but right now I am completely on the fence on whether to just explant or go ahead and implant to a smaller size! I'm liking how I look without the big top...but also missing a bit of the fullness too! One thing is for certain either way though, if I do decide to explant completely with no exchange, I will not be getting a breast lift. Would be perfectly happy the way they are now. This is only day 2, so am keeping an open mind on whether to explant of implant smaller ones. Time will tell! Back with more updates soon:)

10 days post deflation

Hello real selfers! Been traveling with no privacy, lol, no good time to take pics and update till tonight.
The short and sweet of it is this....I love not having DOUBLE D's anymore. Don't feel self conscience, don't look fat in everything I wear and best of all, fit into size small and medium tops again!
On the negative side, I have not "fluffed out on top yet and that is going to be a factor on whether I decide to explant or exchange, thank goodness I have 11 more days to decide.
Have a great 4th of July everyone, God bless America!!!!

Dr. Ciaravino, do your magic! I've made my decision, going forward with breast exchange to smaller size no breast lift!

Hello real selfers, today was D-day for me and my boobies (DECISION DAY!). I cannot tell you guys how wonderful this journey has been since the day I deflated my breasts. It's been so great to start over with a clean slate and get an idea how I look and feel with my breasts deflated and make an informed decision on what i think will be best for me. Explant or Exchange, the decision was really hard for me because I do love being natural again, but ultimately, I don't like the way my breasts look right now. Not loving the ski slope profile and don't like that I don't fill out a size C as I would hope to. I went into the my pre-op meeting today so unsure, wanting to be told what to do, and instead was given so much good info, without being rushed, judged, or pushed into anything. I was nervous, exhausted (no sleep last night) and didn't relax until I met with Sarah. She was the assistant that met with me for the first part of my visit today and she really listened to me and my musings of what my breast goal wishes were. Even when I started rambling, she listened and did her best to show me the different outcomes of other ladies with similar breasts like mine and the before and after pictures so I could see how mine might look etc. for whichever way I chose to go forward. I wish I could say that I opted for the explant and was going to save myself some money and be forever happy and not have any regrets, but alas, I opted to go with the exchange for smaller implants than what I had previously. That was my original plan, to just go smaller WITH NO LIFT, but I realised that I was so torn even as I was waiting to see the doc, still so unsure, because I really do want a nice 36C bra size, with no padding, etc. I never got to experience how great it was to have bigger boobs than my small B because I went straight from a small B to a DD. THIS TIME i hope to do it right. I am going from saline 575cc's to silicone anywhere between 325 and 375 cc's. I am leaving it in Dr. Ciaravino's hands to know what would work best for me with the look I have in mind. I hope to be sporty looking again, and be able to play softball, volleyball and go jogging again without feeling like I'm going to tip over, I hope to fill out my bikini tops and my low cut blouses and dresses without looking like a porn queen, I hope to feel sexy and know that my breasts help me achieve the looks that I want without having the full attention on them. That's what I am hoping for and it's all in Dr. Ciaravino's hands now. If you have super sized saline breasts, I strongly encourage you to go the deflation route if it all possible. You may decide you don't want an exchange and opt for the explant, in fact when Dr. C examined me, he said that he thought my breasts looked just fine and that an explant would be a good option for me , but if I did decide to go with the exchange, he talked me through the other options of what to expect with implants smaller than the ones I had previously. Once again, I really felt listened to and I feel confident that he is going to do his best to help me reach my "breast" goals.
And speaking of Dr. Ciaravino, I strongly encourage those of you who are looking for a breast augmentation/revision/exchange/explant etc, to give him a call. Every person there on his staff is very informed, very helpful and super nice as well as crazy gorgeous! Makes me feel gorgeous by association. I also got to see his tummy tuck work first hand, a gorgeous client was in the waiting room with me and she looked fabulous, lol she let me touch her gorgeous tummy and I can honestly vouch that his tummy work is beautiful. Anyway real selfers, please say a prayer for me. I go "under" tomorrow and like most people, am super nervous about being under. I will post updates as soon as I can and will add pics as well. Love to you all, thanks for being part of my journey, and all of you ladies who have emailed personal messages to my inbox feel free to keep the questions coming, I am so happy to answer your questions and help you anyway I can. It's the real self way, right? Till later lovelies!!!

Surgery done, resting comfortably

Hello real selfers, surgery was today and am home, in and out of sleep. This time around I'm feeling allot more pain than the first time around. It's okay though, once I was able to get my nausea under control I have been able to eat soup and crackers and take my meds, thus taking the pain down too a tolerable level. I forgot to ask what size implants I have, but from what I can see, Dr C REALLY listened to my wishes and they seem just the right size for me. Sorry I can't write more details and include pics this time, I will update again tomorrow. Much love to you all.

Breast implant exchange NO breast lift!

Day 1 post op.

LOVE what I am seeing so far. Dr. Magic (Ciaravino) and I agreed that between that silicone size 325-375 would be a good size for me. I awoke to find that I have 350cc silicone and I am just so pleased! Have not taken off the compression bra and gauze bandage roll so I have't seen the end result, but I am including a pic of how they look today with a tank top on. I am loving my results so far, and am just so happy that I could downsize WITHOUT the breast lift scars. All of you who are sending me personal messages, thank you for your support and for taking this journey with me, and those of you that i have inspired to go the deflation route, I wish you luck and know from experience now, that it is a completely wonderful way to go. And again to those sending private messages, please don't hesitate to ask those questions on the board, I know there are many others with the same questions and everyone would benefit from the Q and A's. Have a wonderful day everyone, I will post again with more pics very soon!

4 day post op

Ladies, here are the pics I've been promising, my breasts look larger in the pics than they are in person. I am thrilled about the size, the position of my nipples, and SO grateful I was able to exchange to a smaller size with NO lift. I believe that they look very natural this early on, and know they will continue to settle. I'm pretty happy with my breasts, not do much with my weight, yikes!

Implant exchange to smaller size with NO LIFT, ladies, it can be done!

Hello Realselfers, sorry it's been a while since my last post. Been traveling again and am back in Europe for a week, before we head back out to the West Coast! What a summer this has been. Ladies, I know there are many of you out there who want to downsize your current implants but are afraid of also having to have a breast lift. I was right there with you, just know that this can be done, and there are many women out there getting it done, just like me by deflating first, and some are opting to do it in two procedures, taking out the implants, giving your body time to adjust and shrink, and then going back in and having no implants put it. However you choose, just know that there are options, you don't always have to have the breast lift!!! I was told by 3 different doctors that it could not be done. Went to a PS in Germany, emailed a consult in South Africa, and saw a doctor in the Netherlands, everyone of them told me it couldn't be done. Well, it's done and I am thrilled with the results. I'll be posting some more pics tonight, jet lagging and 11 days post op, so I'm not as well rested I should be, but I'll continue to keep you ladies posted. Thank you to all who have been following my journey, and those of you who have decided to go forward with yours, keep me updated! Sending love, and prayers, and good luck to you all!!!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Update- Met with Dr. Ciaravino yesterday morning. He was attentive and KIND. Which is very important to someone about to change their appearance, don't you agree? Dr. Ciaravino really listened to me, understood what my ultimate goal is and together with his excellent staff, I left his offices feeling that whatever the outcome, I am in the best hands. I am giving five stars to he and his staff, for yesterday's visit:)

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