200cc = 1 cup size!! A cup+ 325/350cc HP too small!!!!

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Some of you may have read my first review. A year...

Some of you may have read my first review. A year ago this Tuesday, I got my first BA with Natrelle 325cc & 350cc Style 20. I started a small A cup and was hoping to be a mid-full 34C. From day one of the surgery I knew that they looked the wrong size but it wasn't until months and months of waiting for them to fill out that I realized that they weren't going to change. After a year of disappointment and wearing padded bra's to get "the look" that I was expecting the first time around. Oh well, I realize that things don't always go as planned. My first PS just didn't feel that she could give me the look & size that I wanted so I found another doctor that I feel confident can give me large breasts.
I would be lying if I said that I was not afraid of going through this surgery again! The first time was scary but I know what to expect now. The only fear is of the unknown consequences and whether or not it is worth it. I do feel unhappy with what I have now. They are not very complimentary on my figure and I look completely "natural".
The one thing that I do know is that they are not what I wanted so I have two options. Live with them being the wrong size or have them exchanged for larger implants. I hope that the 2nd time is easier than the 1st.

Some before & after pics


Lately I have been trying to get my "boobs" off my mind. It's a struggle each day when you have to look at something that makes you feel embarrassed. I don't really like dressing at the gym and feel self conscious around my husband even. I never felt like this with my A cups before but I think there is a certain expectation that when you get an augmentation, you should have large breasts. At least, that is what I had expected and wanted.
My husband has been trying to get me to forget about them. I would love to let go of some of the hurt and anger that I have toward my doctor for letting me down. I put my trust in her and feel that I didn't get honesty in return. I am usually pretty easygoing but not when it comes to someone altering my body and having little regard for how it will look afterwards. I guess it has been hard for me to accept but eventually I will have to move past the hurt and disappointment.
On a lighter note, I will be focusing more on my artwork which brings me satisfaction and is a positive outlet for me. Till next time...XOXO

My left implant never dropped

This is a close-up look at how uneven they are. My old PS said that they look fine and dismissed it by saying "nothing is perfect". Also, by saying I want to go bigger, not in width (they are very wide) I just need them to project more. I think that they look kinda too wide for my frame in this pic. I'll see what yall think.

Hey Lovely Ladies,

I'm looking for more references on revision specialists in the Houston area if anyone knows of any. I'm going on Friday to see Dr. Cho again. I really like him and felt a good vibe from his staff... I just want to make sure that I find the best doctor for my particular case, so I wanna weigh all my options.
Now that summer is here, Im ready to have "women's breasts" (not feel embarrassed that I look like a underdeveloped pre-teen). I'm ready to trade them in as soon as I can find the right doctor.
Also, is there a website other than this one that gives reviews? I'm curious bc my first PS has great reviews on this site and my experience was horrible! It makes me nervous that I might choose the wrong doctor.

I tried on sizers again...

I went to see Dr. Cho at integrated Plastic Surgery this morning. His assistant is really nice and spent a lot of time with me to try to achieve the look that I want. We tried on the 125cc & 250cc sizers. The 125cc's will add about a cup and the others might add two. She recommended going with the bigger (even up to 600cc) as to not be disappointed. I'm torn bc I want them a natural size 34C and not too big for my frame. Here are the pictures...let me know what you think.
Pls keep in mind that I have a tiny tiny rib cage (26"). I don't want HUGE boobs but to balance my hips more.

Projection of my HP's

I found this old pic

This pic was taken prior to my BA. It makes me depressed to look at it bc I feel that I look the same and I was only wearing a 34B lightly padded bra :-/
I feel like this surgery was just a huge waste of money bc I can't even fill out my clothes better!

Debunking some myths about Implants

I thought that I would share some tips about getting a BA for girls who are considering it. There is so much advice and articles out there to sift through and not all of it is true. These are just some things that I found out after my BA that I wish that I knew prior:
1.) Choose a doctor that will work with you to achieve the look that you want. It is important that your doctor spends time with you before surgery and not just their assistants. What happened in my case was poor communication and being handed off to different assistants each pre-op visit.
2.) The sizers will look smaller than they are once inside of you. Add at least 25cc to whatever you like.
3.) They do not grow! I read online that they will get larger and larger and grow a full cup size after a year. I can truthfully say that if anything, mine got way smaller. Wishful thinking :-/
4.) Proportions play a huge part in choosing a size. A tall girl will usually need a bigger implant. Also, if you have curvy body type, you will need more cc's.
5.) Don't rush into it. Take your time and research before making such a big decision.
6.) Your first BA may not be perfect. It's normal to have high expectations when you've been wanting this your whole life. However, it might take another surgery or two to get those "perfect breasts". Be patient!
7.) Implants may improve your self esteem, but its important to love yourself and your body bc no surgery can give you self confidence.
I hope that this helps some girls out there who are considering this procedure. Also, I would love to hear some things that you found out after your BA that you would like to share...

More consultations and more time spent thinking about boobs

I have a confession to make...well, I have been working hard on letting go of some of my depression over my implants. I've realized that my stress and hurt over them has cause me to relapse back into drinking every night. I don't want to go down that road... I'm praying that everything will turn out ok with my revision. It's been a struggle to wake up every day feeling defeated and broken. Honestly, I thought it would be 10-15 years before I even had to think about another operation. Yes, I'm freaked out about it & all the bad complications that can happen. I need some advice..does anyone know if I have any rights to get my previous surgeon to cover some of the costs. She left me with noticeably uneven breasts and refused to fix them. Now, I'm stuck eating the cost of having another surgery. Can a patient claim malpractice or what are my patient rights?

Trying to get a few more opinions

I called Dr. Gills office this morning to schedule an appointment with him. I had seen him a few months ago very briefly but never went over pricing. At the time I had expressed my desire to have a natural slope to my breasts ie. Teardrop implants which he doesn't do. Well, to make a long story short, his assistant tells me that my file says "I am not a candidate for surgery". Wtf?!?! I feel like Elaine on Seinfeld when she discovered her doctors have been writing things about her on her patient records. I mean it's kinda crazy bc I'm just wanting to have a cup size increase and for the love of God...not look like I have two balls stuck to my chest. Is it wrong for me to feel frustrated by this...on a positive note, Mr. Vitenas is willing to see me for a consultation and his assistant Cherly seems very helpful. I told her the type of implants I have and she said that she couldn't understand why my PS used that size/style on me... She thinks that I could possibly have cc since my implant is riding high but we will determine that at the consultation. If so, I will need Stratus which is costly! $10-12k!!! I don't know I can afford to spend that again. I feel like my first PS really set me up for disappointment and I shouldn't have to pay for her mistakes.

Candid pics: the ugly truth

I'm going to share a photo to demonstrate how a thin women with little breast tissue might benefit from a shaped or moderate profile implant. While I've seen great results of HP's and UHP's ...they are not a good choice for everyone. I think that in my case, I just have very tight, thin skin without any tissue coverage. I basically adopted the round look of the implants.
I've had a lot of compliments from girls on this site saying how natural my breasts look in some photos but these pictures speak the truth. I'm re-thinking choosing a higher profile implant to go larger. It's just not going to look good on me. I'm going to consult with Dr. Vietnam and a few more surgeons then decide if this surgery is even worth it. Honestly, I would rather them be even smaller and look more natural than have this result.

The Daily Struggle of feeling too small w/implants

Hi girls, not much is new except I've been still searching for the right surgeon. I'm impressed with some of the ones I've met so far but I can't afford to do this wrong a 2nd time. Also, I'm writing bc it's the only thing that gets this feeling of guilt off my chest. I still suffer with depression and feeling inadequate. It's completely effected my intimacy with my husband. I wish that I could proudly take my shirt off but I feel ashamed. I really don't like when he touches them or pretends like they look good. I just wanted this surgery to make me feel sexier! I can't wait to feel more like a woman!
Anyways, thinking of finding a counselor until I can get them redone. Is it normal to feel this way? :-/

Sry for the delay...

I have been late to respond to comments on my post but I appreciate all the positive feedback and advice. This morning I went to my first consult with Dr. McHugh and it was great. I told him my goals and expectations and he said that he could give me a range of up to 600cc. He does not use style 45's. He asked if I liked the very round look bc they have a newer implant from Natrelle that gives a lot of projection. I told him that I prefer the more natural slope and he said "no problem" and to stick with the style 20's but go bigger. I'm really thinking that somewhere in the 450-500cc range would be best. Idk... From what he told me, I'm currently a mid 32C/34B. I started pretty flat so i figure that's why I needed a larger implant. He said another 150cc-175cc at least to get a D cup or more if I want a full D/DD. Even though the size kinda scares me, I'm gonna trust him cause I still don't understand sizing that well. He made me feel comfortable and said that the surgery would be very easy the second time around. I'm excited and nervous but I know that I'm not happy with my current size. Thoughts?!?!

Breast measurement

I hope that everyone is doing well. I just wanted to share some pics to show my ribcage measurement and BWD. Please advise me if you think that the 500cc HP might look good on me or if they are too much. I'm not wanting gigantic breasts but a nice D cup will fit my frame.
Also, I'm happy to announce that I've gained some weight back. Yes, I've been working out but also lost a lot of weight that I've struggled to gain back. I feel so much more confident and sexy with some curves. :))

New lingerie

I found some sexy lingerie the other day that helped me feel better about myself. I like my breasts when they are in bras or covered but not so much naked...anyways thought I would surprise the hubby with this ;)

Random pics...

I found a bra calculator online

Here's the link for you ladies that are curious..
Why do I feel so small though? Ha!

Confession: I have a swim suit addiction

Okay, so I'm a little over two weeks away from my FL vacation and I have been hitting up Amazon, Sherifyn and Yandy for their swim suit sales. I can only bring so many so I need help deciding on which ones to bring.
PS: we are going with my husband's family so maybe I want to be conservative. Haha :)

Forgot to upload these

More swim suits

Body love and body acceptance

For the last few weeks I have been thinking and trying to put my boobs behind me. I'm not saying that I'm happy with the size but I've come to realize that my self worth does not rely on the size of my breasts. It is ridiculous to think that society puts such unrealistic standards on women to look a certain way!! I'm over it!!! Sure, I would like to look more proportional and I will probably get another boob job to correct these results, but I no longer care to be in that daily struggle of boob greed and feeling inadequate. Enough is enough!!! My breasts will never be my best feature bc they are fake... I'd rather feel good about my natural attributes and love myself for what God gave me!! I encourage all girls to love yourself first before getting any type of plastic surgery. Love yourself, love your body, embrace your inner beauty!! XOXO

I wanted to share..

This was an email sent to me months ago from my last PS regarding my revision... For those who are considering this doctor, please note...
Choosing the right doctor is an important decision! I am still searching but I have since then discovered that I am ok if I never find one. I will love my body regardless and like I said, boobs will not define me.
This email was one of the things that set me off in a depression and now I read it and know that it wasn't true. I never had body dismorphic disorder. #lovingmyself #crazy #findadoctorwhocares

I went to see Dr. Thomas Shannon

I felt his staff were very friendly and overall had a good feeling about him. He didn't seem to be trying to "sell me something" and generally seemed very knowledgable. He mentioned that he prefers saline implants most of the time bc they are adjustable. He couldn't understand why my PS used the size that I have being that I requested a c cup and am tall. He said for tall girls (with my prior stats and wide hips)the smallest he would use is a 375cc abc that's conservative. He suggested 425cc sailine under the muscle. Anyone have any advice on sailine implants? Thoughts?!?!

Saline vs silicone

I couldn't be more thankful for all the advice that you ladies have posted on my page. I have a lot of thinking to do if what implants will compliment my body and still look somewhat natural. I am stuck with UHP silicone or high profile saline if I go bigger!!! I have researched both implant styles and both can look natural if done right but have a higher chance of looking unnatural if they are overfilled or placed wrong. Should I still go forward with a revision if I am truly unhappy with my current size? I would hate for them to turn out worse. I feel that I would like about a inch more of projection to my current implants...

Patients rights?

The other day I finally let one of my good friends see a pic of my breasts (literally the only person besides my husband). Well, she saw how uneven they were and asked why my doctor refused to fix them? I was unsure what to tell her but let her know that my PS just declined to redo my breasts.
My friend suggested that I should take legal action. Trust me, I am not one to sue or anything but it made me feel better to know that my concerns were totally justified. I know that all the paperwork I filled out prior to surgery basically signs away my rights to any legal actions but I think that it is unfair that my PS screwed up my breasts and now I need to pay 100% of the costs to fix them or leave them uneven. Seriously, there should be a warning for girls going into this that they can get stuck suffering the consequences.
Also, what is the story about getting mammograms with silicone implants? I have no doctor so how do I get a check up every two years as recommended? Can I see my primary doctor about this or does it have to be a PS?#whatsagirltodo

I sent an email to my former PS's office

Requesting a partial refund for the current state of my breasts. I sent pics of the unevenness and pleaded with them to understand how I feel to have to get a revision after only a year.
As I expected, I got NO response. I didn't expect them to admit fault but it just shows how dishonest her practice is that she dismisses patients so easily when they are unsatisfied with her sloppy work.
I do NOT recommend this doctor by any means!!! Please stay clear of Dr. Kim!!!!

Camera angles

Different angles and how they change perspective. I see why they look normal in some of my pics.


I apologize for not updating my review in awhile. Honestly, I'm taking time off to keep myself from getting boob obsessed again and trying to let go of the disappointment from my BA.
Anyways, I'm back and one of my discoveries is that I think my implants are too narrow. I have almost a 3" gap bw my breasts and being a tall girl, I want them wider and in line with my broad shoulders. I believe that my PS measured my bwd wrong or something. I know that she could have at least given me a wider and bigger implant. Just my thoughts...
I don't feel any different about them, only I'm in better spirits. I guess that I've been trying to move on but there is always a disappointment in the back of my mind bc I know that they could "Look better" (not perfect, but in line with most augmentations). I haven't been to any consults lately or called any doctors back in fear of going through another disappointing surgery. I'm freaked out about doing it all over again but I know that I'm not satisfied with my current results. I know that I have to make a decision to redo them or just live with them for a while. Such a tough choice... I pray that I can make the right decision. Xoxo

Boobie update

Hello again! I hope that I haven't offended anyone by not responding to all of the comments. I truly appreciate everyone's helpful advice and inspiration!!
I was feeling a bit down a few nights ago only bc again of a comment from one of my friends that I should've gone bigger and asked when I'm getting them redone so I can look good in a bikini we saw online (so, I can't wear a bikini the way I look now?) *rolls eyes
Seriously, It's been such a roller coaster of emotions and insecurities prior to surgery. It sucks to realize that you can't get past the criticism. Anyways, I'm not going to let myself get depressed about it anymore. I'm moving forward with positivity and hopefulness!!
I am scheduled to see Dr. Correa next weeks so I'm excited.
I was searching for wish pics and I found some on another doctors site that raised my curiousity...
I found some ladies with smaller implants than I currently supposably have but they look bigger!!! I understand that ones anatomy can play a role in the size but I am wondering why my implants never seemed to fluff and project out. It's weird bc I'm a bit smaller around the chest than both of these ladies in the pics and they have moderate implants with less projection. It was wish pics such as these that made me think that I had chosen the right size but I guess that I was wrong.
Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays!! I'm excited bc my brother and nephew are coming to town. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!

Consult with Dr. Correa

I just had another consult with another local PS in my area. Dr. Correa has a practice in The Woodlands Tx. His nurse Gabrielle was incredibly nice and helpful. I was immediately impressed that he took many measurements of me and was not so quick to just promise a size without first examining my anatomy. He said that if I wanted to go up to a 32DD, he could go to 480cc uhp and maybe adjust 25cc or so in surgery if needed. He seemed to understand the miscommunication that occurred with my first doctor and said that I could easily go up in size now that my tissues have stretched.
He did warn me that the 480cc might only give me a 1/2" more projection but I will have more fullness on my chest. This was kind of a disappointment to me as I feel that I need at least an inch more bc of my body type. My current implants are so far apart and seem to have zero projection (especially for a taller girl). I'm 100% not happy with my implants now so should I go for it? Is it worth a revision if I only get 1/2" more? I want to look like a full C in clothes but maybe need to measure bigger to get that look.

Where did I go wrong?

I titled this next post "where did I go wrong?" because I thought it might be helpful for some girls considering a BA to see me as an example and how I ended up in the state that I am in.
I researched 1000's of pics online and read numerous articles (some now I know we're BS!) I even spent hours and hours on this site. I came across maybe 8 reviews of a girl 5'8 120lbs and 350cc seemed to transform them into a 32DD (almost every time). I felt confident in my decision to go with this size, even though the 400cc uhp sizers that I tried on at the doctors office seemed just right on my body. I doubted what looked good on me and believed the stuff I read online. Also, now looking back at my wish pics, they were of girls much more petite than me. Their breasts looked beautiful to me but now seeing the same implant on my body makes me cringe bc they look awkward on me.
My point is... PLEASE be truthful to yourself and what you want. Make sure that your PS is on the same page and don't choose a size based on what you read online. Too much info can be a bad thing when it comes to something like this...
I'm 95% positive that I am going to get a revision bc I look at my current implants the same way I did my natural breasts. I am a pear shape still and that was not my intent. I hope that my story can shed some light for those who are considering this procedure.

Selfies in the mirror

Since my last update, everything has been good. I've been most concerned with work and also trying to take more time for myself to think things over. I appreciate all advice and I'm excited for my new breasts and hopefully can say goodbye to these implants soon!! I've had so many consults in the last few months just bc I want to see what is the best fit for me. Do I want silicone or saline? Stick with high profile or uhp? Anatomicals? It's enough to confuse any patient bc there are so many options out there!! How do we know which one is going to work for our body type? I feel like the best thing is to feel at ease with the doctor first and have confidence that they have my best interests at heart. My first PS was a trusted and board certified doctor but I felt like she didn't guide me properly and I was just "another patient" among many. I want to find a doc with experience who doesn't leave it up to me to pick the right implants (bc I have no idea!!) and can make a suggestion on what is appropriate for my height/weight. I just want body balance and not to have 36DD's! Being tall And starting off a 28/30A has been quite a challenge bc it's not so common. I'm really trying to find similar girls out there with my stats but most are shorter and more petite. I'm broad shouldered and tall so the result looks smaller.
My current stats:
26.5" chest

New pics

I feel somewhat bad that I have been lousy at responding to all of my friends on here.. Work has been super busy!!! I appreciate your comments and I'm gonna go through and try to get back to everyone!!! just adding some new pics. I think that my biggest progress is that I now have a plan to move forward and I'm not going to keep dwelling on what went wrong with my first BA. (ie. I choose the wrong PS!) Moving forward... I would like to hear from more ladies who have the inspira uhp implants bc I have seen great results from these. Was considering saline and also mentor uhp's but I will have to see what my doctor recommends.

It's Summer time again and can't wait!

I'm ready to plan my vacation early September and couldn't be more excited!!! I'm wondering if I should get my revision before or after? I think that I would have enough time to heal but want them to look good in swimsuits.
I've been shopping Yandy and Amiclubwear for some cute and also inexpensive bikinis. Also, Target had a good selection!
I'm not super happy with having to wear padding and gel bra inserts to get cleavage but the end result is nice! Hopefully, I will be able to throw away the add-a-cup sizes bras very soon!!!

Not sure if they've changed any

I have decided to postpone my surgery bc I recently got laid off my job... I am not giving up though bc I know that I want to go bigger for sure!!! Looking to be an hourglass!!!

Honest review

I feel it is important to warn others so that they don't encounter the same misfortune that I did. Please be careful about misrepresentations on this site about sizing.
I don't want to call any out but I came across a few reviews that are inconsistent (Stats: height/ weight drastically changing In weeks time). I just feel that if people are depending on this site to see real results, it's unfair for some to not be honest from the start!
It's just a bit frustrating when this site has the potential of helping people achieve the "look" they desire instead of misleading them.
My warning is to just BEWARE of comparing results and selecting "wish pics" from this site or any.
The best representation is what you will get is achieved by trying on sizers. This is how YOUR body will look after surgery. That is all folks... Good night. Xx

Breaking communication barriers

This is just a little illustration to show how sometimes a doctor can misinterpret their patient either bc they don't understand their wishes or lack of time spent with the patient. It's super important to make sure that you and your PS are on the same page. Using terminology like "proportionate/modest c cup" and "natural looking full breasts" can result in miscommunication. It's important that your doctor also has clear pictures of what you want in case their version of a
C-cup is way different. Chances are that if your idea of augmented breasts is going to be much much bigger since we are all used to seeing extremely large implants on models and actresses in TV. (ie Baywatch, sports illustrated, porn stars) and that is our perception of what augmented breasts look like!! No wonder we are so scared of going "too big" on our first BA!!!
This is why bra sizes are really irrelevant! A patient who wants a C cup is really simply asking to "look like a C", who cares if you wear a D or DD at stores like Victoria Secret where they have vanity sizing. it's simple, choose an implant that compliments our body and gives us an hourglass figure. Problem solved.
I strongly recommend having a good conversation with your PS before surgery (not their assistants). Definitely bring pictures as a visual to represent too small, just right and too big!
I hope that this helps someone out there! Good communication is key!

Moving along

Hello everyone! Life seems to have taken a lot of twists and turns. So now I am back working again... And you know I am anticipating when I can get my breasts redone. Balancing having the time and money has been difficult but I feel that I need to jump into it at some point. Makes no sense to live in disappointment over my breasts.
I have spent all afternoon on this site and I came across a few reviewers with questions about sizing. Some of the doctors on this site discourage choosing HP and uhp and urge girls to choose modest implants. i feel that they should consider that not all patients want to have a completely unnoticeable, natural size. I asked a few questions prior to my BA and was told 400 uhp would look too big on my frame..however I know now that was not the case. Just be careful about listening to all advice.
On another note, some doctors on this site are really helpful :)
Does anyone know if doctors will do virtual consultations? Thinking of an out-of-state renowned doctor such as Revis or Pousti?

Ready for vacation

Hello again! I am excited because we are coming up on our summer beach vacation again. As for boobs, I am not certain of when is the right time to fix them. If I do them now, I won't have time to heal. Thinking maybe fall or December.
I wanted to upload another full body pic (clearly shows my petite stature size 2... and that also I'm not very tall). This is a good example that even someone tiny can need a larger implant and do not to let the cc's amount scare you. The uhp's were made for narrow framed women to fit their chest properly. I can't wait to switch mine out so that can finally feel curvy and fill out swim suits.
I hope that everyone else is enjoying their summer!! Xx

Target shopping

So I am strolling along in Target and just running my usual errands when I see a cute bra hanging on the rack. Well, I noticed the size was a 34A and I said to myself of course this has to be too small. I should've walked away then but something told me to try it on.
Ok ladies, so the 34A fit and now I realize that all of my concerns are justified. Seriously, though... It's really disheartening to know that I spent $6,000 and can still wear an A cup!!! If I can offer any advice to girls, it would be to please don't be afraid to go a little bigger. You won't look ridiculous and you also won't regret your decision to get an augmentation like I do. No one should walk out of surgery and not feel confident about their results!

This can't be normal

I've been experiencing chest tightness as of lately and the feeling that my implants are constricted under the muscle. The weird upper bulginess that I had in the first few weeks of my BA never went away after two years. To demonstrate I have taken a few pics. My implants far exceed my chest wall into my armpits as they are wider than my bwd. I'm just concerned bc my chest always feels pressure on it. They never seemed to fit right and while they look small I think may be because they never dropped and fluffed!
What do y'all think?

One more pic

Hi everyone! I've been so busy lately that I haven't been on this site in a week. It's probably best though until I get them redone I'd rather forget about my boobs and how much I hate them!!
I don't know what to do bc I just simply don't have the money right now to fix them. Everytime I plan to do it, our financial situation and timing is not right. I don't want to be selfish but I just feel like leaving them this way is crazy. I would rather not have implants at all.

Life lesson: Do NOT go to a Doctor during a discount special of the month for breast augmentation!!! This is a clear sign that they will rush you through the process and not spend the necessary time with you to understand what you want.

Yandy lingerie

Yandy.com is one of my fav lingerie websites case everything is so cute but really affordable!! So, I ordered some Christmas lingerie but I'm ashamed to say I don't think that I can put it on in front of my husband. I just don't like having my boobs on display cause of how I feel about them. Ugh! I still think it is cute! Just need the courage to feel sexy and not self conscious instead. I mean afterall I was an AA cup before so I guess not having boobs shouldn't be a big deal. Still can't wait to fill out bras and tops without padding.

New Year, New Attitude

2017- one of my resolutions this year is to let go of the anger and disappointment that I've been carrying with me for the past 2 years.
Tbh, i have been carrying the guilt and disappointment of this surgery with me every day since getting my BA. I felt angry with my PS for not spending time with me. I felt angry that she had just assumed that I wanted a very descrete result and her staff had not told her otherwise. She asked "if I had wanted a bigger size, why hadn't I just picked one?" Another time she said "Aren't they so cute" knowing I felt unhappy with the size!! Nonetheless, I left most of my post op appointments in tears!! finally one day she refused to correct them and one of her staff accused me of having body dismorphic disorder!!
I was hurt that after years of battling infertility and wanting to feel like a woman, I had to go on feeling less feminine. It's been a daily struggle to regain my confidence and self esteem after this experience. I do plan to get back my life and not continue to let what happened to me hurt me any longer!! I have to let go of all of my disappointment, anger, guilt in order to move on to a positive 2017! Here's to a new year and better perspective!!!
Wishing everyone a great New Years!!! "Cheers"

I found this on RS

A doctor posted an answer to a question and I found it particularly interesting. He mentioned how cup size increase varies significantly with height. I just wanted to post this for girls considering going with smaller implants. Believe me, I was wanting a somewhat modest (maybe she's born with it) look! But just take into consideration that you want to choose an implant based on your height/weight/build and not just based on cup size by a c cup on someone 5'2 will look totally different on someone 5'9. If you are unsure, ask your PS what other patients with your stats usually pick. Forget about cup size cause I've read on RS about girls with AA cups claiming they are a DD (some in the 200's and some 600's). So clearly its is not accurate. I know that I post a lot on here but I want to save other girls from making the same mistake that I made. Right now, I look like just barely a B cup so this was just a wasted surgery for me. I can only use it as an example to make the right choice next time around. Good luck to all of my ladies getting BA's!!!

Still feeling small but in good spirits

Ok, so i am still finding it hard to believe that I have even 350cc on me. It's weird bc compared to girls who started off the same and got 200-250 cc range implants, mine look identical. I'm not saying that my doctor switched them but just finding it odd!!! Idk?!?

Improper implant size & placement

I hope everyone has been doing well! I have taken some time off from this site again to take a break from worrying about my boobs. Well, it has helped some and I don't think about them much unless I'm standing in front of a mirror (which I try to avoid).
Still, i hope to fix this disasterous result and hopefully one day have nice looking breasts.
As you can plainly see again, the implants were stuffed and forced into the pockets and this caused them to become misshapen and shift upwards and into my armpits. This is not the way implants are supposed to look! So, if you notice this happening to your breasts, your implants don't fit you properly!

A cups just need more cc's...

It's been a while since I posted a side view so I thought that I would do another one to show the projection of 325's. Really disappointing how flat they are... i just hope that this helps other girls to not be afraid of going bigger!! I had not intended on having to do another surgery so soon but I also really want nice large C cup breasts.
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