Saline Implants Removed Under Local - Houston, TX

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Hello. I will be removing my saline implants...

Hello. I will be removing my saline implants tomorrow afternoon after only having them for 15 months. I will be sharing my journey on this web site. I made a very impulsive decision to get them done at the age of 30, for personal reasons... However, I knew 3 weeks after that I completely regretted my decision, however I decided to give them a year before removing them. I hope my story will help inspire other girls. Thank you.

Just got done with procedure

Hello! I just walked out of the op room and currently in the waiting area, awaiting my ride home. I feel great. The procedure was smooth, took 30-35 minutes. I felt virtually no pain, at one point the PS had to stop to give me a tiny bit more anesthesia... But honestly, it was not bad at all. I will update photos once I'm home and feel better. I'm a bit tired and will probably be napping today. Thank you.

Day of procedure - picture post

Hello, as promised here are my pictures of the post - op. I had my surgery at 2:30 and it's now 9 pm. So far, I've only taken Tylenol extra strength for the pain. I'm doing well so far, I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks.

1 day post op

Hello. Here is what they look like today. My PS said I could remove the tape and take a shower? I've seen other postings and never noticed anyone else taking a shower the day after, usually they make you wait 2 days. I followed the instructions but now I feel pain on the incision bc I no longer have any tape on them just the strap and a sports bra.

Day 2, post-op

Here is a picture of them with a sports bra on. I'm no longer wearing the strap and the tape on the incisions has been removed. Honestly, yesterday was the worst day, in terms of pain. I took Tylenol extra strength and I still had a difficult time sleeping. The nurse told me that the day of the procedure and the day after are always the worst... So I'm hoping today is better. So far, I feel less pain versus yesterday. I just took some Tylenol and hopefully won't have to take anymore until bed time. Yesterday I took some in the AM, the afternoon and before bed. I will post more pictures in a few days. Thanks.

Day 3, post op

Day 3, they are starting to look fuller... They feel super soft and fragile like a babies bottom lol...

Two weeks post op..

Tomorrow will be 14 days. Here are some pics. I've felt much better. I actually went for a 3 mile walk yesterday. The doctor said I can resume regular activities after 2 weeks. I'm hoping this week of next I will be comfortable enough to start running again. They still feel very "fluffy" but not as soft as last week.

Four weeks post-op

I went to see my surgeon this week for my 4 week post-op and she cleared me to resume my exercise routine. So excited!! I have attached some pics of what they look like now. I feel great. My breasts look almost like they did prior to the surgery. I don't feel any pain and I'm happy I did this!! I'm retrospective, implants were never the right decision for me and glad to be natural again.

4 months post op!!

I'm so happy with my decision to remove my implants. Here's an update on the look of my breasts.

7 months post implant removal

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