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I am so thrilled that this surgery might become a...

I am so thrilled that this surgery might become a reality for me. Ever since it became apparent that my boobs were never going to arrive, I have casually researched plastic surgery. Only in the past few weeks did I make a serious commitment to learn more about the procedure. I have already been to one consultation. has been a great resource, so I'm more than happy to share my experience in the hopes that it will help someone else.

With this surgery, I hope to achieve a more feminine figure, more confidence, and a better fit in clothes. In fact, I would love to wear a pushup bra and actually see a difference! Right now, there is sadly nothing to push up.

Here are some before photos. I think they really accentuate the asymmetry of my breasts. Until my surgeon pointed it out, I didn't realize that one breast was so much larger and higher than the other. I find it's harder to notice in real life.

Consultation #1, Dr. Steely in Houston, TX

On Friday, my boyfriend and his mom came with me to Houston where I went to my first consultation. I'm so lucky to have such great, supportive people in my lives. We made a fun day trip out of it. I think we'll be making this drive many times in the upcoming months....

Everyone at Dr. Steely's office was very nice. I went into my consultation alone. After the office manager confirmed that I was a candidate for the procedure, Dr. Steely gave me a brief overview of the surgery (nothing that I didn't know, hah!) Then we went into the exam room, where I was given privacy to undress. I changed into a hospital gown (well, really it was more like a hospital...shirt) and Dr. Steely examined and measured my breasts. He was very respectful and touched me as minimally as possible. He pointed out several things right away - one breast is larger and higher, and I have pectus excavatum (sunken chest). In my 23 years of having them, I had never noticed the asymmetry in my breasts, LOL. This is why he is the expert. I showed him some wish pictures and he suggested that I try 300cc sizers. He uses Mentor implants. He suggested silicone, smooth, round, high profile, under the muscle implants with an inframammary incision. This is exactly what I was expecting--and hoping--to hear! The fact that we are already on the same page means a lot to me.

Heather was assisting Dr. Steely. She helped me put the sizers into a sports bra. She and I were both surprised at how big 300cc looked on me, especially because I am NOT a tiny person! Looking back, I really should have tried on more sizers, as I would have liked to see how 350 or 375 looked. But at the time, I was overwhelmed at how good ANY boobs looked on me! I didn't want to take them off! The next consultation I go to, I will be sure to try on a variety of sizers.

When Dr. Steely came back, I asked him some more specific questions, and he was happy to sit down and answer all of them. I tried to keep it short, as the consultation was free, but I had driven 3.5 hours to speak to him!

When I left, I was given a folder full of information. The cost would normally be $6700, but I plan on paying in cash to get a cash discount. That brings it down to $6400.

It's all becoming so real! I have been sharing the news with my close friends and family. Almost everyone is excited for me and very supportive. I've seen how well my wonderful boyfriend takes care of me when I'm sick, and I know I can count on him to help me during my recovery. The hardest part is going to be figuring out how to explain it at work! I plan on taking a week off to recover. What did you ladies tell your boss/coworkers?

Wish Pictures

Just wanted to throw these pictures up. Dr. Steely said that some of these are probably too large to be feasible for my body, so I'm trying to adjust my expectations.

Ciaravino consultation

The morning that I was supposed to have my consultation, Dr Ciaravino's office called to tell me he wouldn't be in that day. They said he had an emergency, and yes, I get it, but still felt peeved at the late notice. My boyfriend and I had both taken a whole day off of work so we could drive to Houston. Because of this, I went anyway and consulted with one of Dr Ciaravino's assistants, Hana.

Hana was very nice and answered all of my questions. I was a little disappointed when she suggested 275cc at the most. I'm afraid that my desired size just won't be achievable on my frame. I'm not a tiny person either... I'm 5'6" and 130lb, but my ribcage is small. Seeing my results on the Vectra was cool, but also disappointing because I was expecting a bigger change. If I can't get the size I want, it's hard to justify spending $7k.

Overall, I was impressed by the beautiful office and advanced technology (Vectra! So cool!) but it's hard to make my decision without having met the doctor.


My pre-op is scheduled for June 21, 2016. My surgery is scheduled for July 14, 2016 with Dr. Steely!

Now it's just a waiting game. I can't believe I actually worked up the nerve to do this!

If I could get your opinion...
There is a 3 hour car ride between me and my surgeon. Would it be best to travel home immediately after the surgery (while I'm still pretty doped up) or should I stay in Houston and wait a day before making the drive home?
(Obviously I won't be driving myself, but I'm afraid it will be a pretty miserable ride)

Rice Sizer Pictures

I had some fun with rice sizers tonight! The ones I made are supposedly 300cc. I tried on all sorts of different clothes with them. While the majority of my wardrobe still fit me, some items looked really unflattering. I'll definitely have to shop for some more flattering styles when I'm healed. Of course, having boobs opens up a whole world of clothing that I previously could not pull off. My small upper body is the only reason people tell me "you're so skinny" -- I'm not skinny! I'm kind of scared to lost that. Anyone else in the same boat? Did your boobs made you appear larger?

My pre-op appointment, and more pre-op pictures

I had my pre-op earlier this week, and I couldn't be happier! It's all coming together and I'm SO excited. Dr. Steely was great, and I feel really comfortable with him as my surgeon. I'm counting down the days until my surgery.

I thought my pre-op would help me narrow down sizes, but it did quite the opposite. While I previously thought I was getting 300cc, now I know he will select from a range of 275-375cc! What a surprise that'll be when I wake up. I really do trust my surgeon to make the decision, and I'm not hung up on cc amounts at all. Sometimes, I see women agonizing over, say 330cc vs 350cc. I'm thinking...."that's a difference of teaspoons, calm your tits!" :P

Sorry guys, I just think it's silly when some people are so stuck on cc amounts. That final decision can only be made when you're on the table...and unfortunately, we can't be awake and giving our opinion in that moment!

Also, I learned something about pain prescriptions today....they are controlled across state lines. Since my surgeon is in Texas, the law prevents Louisiana pharmacies from filling it. Uh, I wish I had realized that before going home. One more thing to add to my to-do list for surgery day -_-

I also got my bloodwork done this week, and thankfully, it barely hurt! I'm not scared of needles at all, but no one LIKES being poked and stuck. Also, my prescriptions and bloodwork were both (partially) covered by my insurance, which was a great surprise! Anyone else have such luck?

I have only one reservation about the surgery, and I plan on calling my doctor's office next week to ask about it. He measured my BWD to be around 8.6 cm and 9.2 cm. This sounds really small. When I researched the diameter of my implants, I found that they range from about 10-12 cm. What? How in the world will that fit? If that's true, the biggest implant I could get, according to the chart, is like 150cc....and that can't be right?! I'm going to try to measure myself and see if I get the same numbers. This is the only thing that worries me.

More pre-op photos (nude)

I just want to have plenty of pictures to make a good comparison. :)

Surgery is in 10 days! Starting my pre-op regimen of no alcohol, no ibuprofen, no green tea etc. The hardest part will be decreasing my coffee intake. He said it's not a big deal, just try to cut back on caffeine a bit. I don't want to take any chances and I will follow his instructions to a T!


This would be the worst timing ever! Yesterday, I started to feel the telltale signs of a UTI coming on. I know they can't do surgery with an infection elsewhere in the body. Noooo!

I took some cranberry supplements and drank plenty of unsweetened cranberry juice (which made me stress, because berries are on my list of "foods to not consume in excess.") Thankfully, this morning I felt no symptoms of the UTI *whew*

I called my PS to give them a heads up, and they called in an antibiotic for me, just in case. I was very impressed they could do this. It saved me time and a trip to the doctor!

Now I just have to hope the antibiotic does not cause a yeast infection :( Ever since getting my Mirena implanted, I have unfortunately been prone to those. My current plan is to subsist off Greek yogurt for the next week or so. -___-

We did it!!

Hooray! Surgery day has come and gone. I must say, it hurt more than I expected. This is probably due to the fact that I am young and have never been pregnant, so my tissues have never been stretched before. I vomited twice in the hospital and slept a lot on the ride home. The most painful part is still between my breasts, in the cleavage area. It feels like the skin is about to rip in two! That must be the part that was stretched the most, due to my pectus excavatum.

Right now, they look smaller than I hoped for. However, with this much pain, I don't think anything bigger would have even fit!! Dropping and fluffing might help them to look bigger in time. I just have to accept that my body cannot accommodate huge boobs.

I still don't know how many cc's I got. I'll try to call the office on Monday and find out. My range was supposed to be 275-375cc, but my mom overheard Dr Steely asking a nurse if they had 250s in stock. So I bet he had to go smaller than we anticipated. Oh well, I would rather err on the smaller side if it's safer. I do hope it'll create a noticeable difference. Otherwise, what is the point of the operation?

I'm now 2 days post op and feeling better. I have more mobility but still need some help reaching, opening containers, lifting things, and sitting up. you never realize how much you use your pecs until you can't! I still need my pain meds but I'm trying to wean off of them. They make me feel a bit hung over and fuzzy.

Ice pack contraption

This is how I put on ice packs hands-free- the scarf is wrapped around and tied at the back of the neck, like a halter top. It's holding two ice packs against my chest. I added some chip clips for extra security!

Post-op day 2

Here are some pics taken 2 days after surgery (I'm counting surgery day as 'day zero')

I feel like they're changing already and starting to look more natural! Or maybe it's just the different lighting. I'm excited for them to drop and fluff some more. Hopefully they'll get a tiny bit further apart, as they are nearly touching at the moment! Also, sorry for the grossness, but the constipation is real. I look so bloated and pregnant. I had not pooped in days D:

It's been a while!

I haven't been active on Realself much lately, but figured I would dump lots of post-op progression pictures here! The healing process was slower and more painful than I imagined it would be. I vomited a few times on day 5, and the compression bra was KILLER. My chest already felt constricted due to the implants, and that bra only made it worse. I managed to drive and go back to work on day 7, but felt fatigued and easily tired for a few weeks after the surgery.

Around 2 months PO, I had some worrying pain that I thought could be the onset of CC. My PS prescribed Accolate and saw me right away. It turned out to be nothing, thank goodness. He cleared me to go braless (YES!!!!) and I'm so much more comfortable now that I'm out of that damn compression bra.

Currently, I'm a bit more than 3 months out and I think the implants were absolutely worth it, and one of the best decisions I've ever made about my body. Dr. Steely did a beautiful job and I feel great about my new breasts. They are the perfect size for my body, and not obviously fake. I hope to enjoy them for years to come :)

Composite Pictures

It may be helpful to see before & afters, and side-by-side progression pics :)

Dr. Steely and his staff were amazing throughout the whole process of my breast augmentation. At my consultation, Dr. Steely answered all of my (many) questions and spent lots of time with me, making me feel very comfortable and confident in his abilities. He was extremely respectful about touching me and taking my photos. I received a large packet of information to take home and study, which I appreciated. Throughout the process, the office staff was quick to respond to emails and phone calls. As an out-of-state patient, they worked with me and even scheduled Skype follow-up appointments, which saved me many long trips. Dr. Steely's assistants, Cindy and Heather are so kind and knowledgable. I felt comfortable letting them address my concerns when Dr. Steely was not able to personally. The only criticism I have is that my post-op appointments with Dr. Steely felt a bit rushed (like he wanted to be in and out in 2 minutes). However, I cannot really fault for this, because the post-op visits don't involve much. Also, he seemed to always be on time! As for my results, I couldn't be happier. I'm currently 3 months post-op and my body has never looked better. I feel great and my confidence has skyrocketed. Choosing Dr. Steely for my breast augmentation was truly one of the best decisions I've ever made about my body.

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