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I have had countless consults over the years to...

I have had countless consults over the years to the point I think I continued to go to "keep hope alive," but needless to say after visiting with a doc last year and again last week, my hubby has made the deposit and I have set a date for my breast augmentation. After birthing and breastfeeding three children my 34a's best days have long past!

The doctor I have chosen is AMAZING!!! During my first consult he was extremely patient answering my 101 gazillion questions, thorough in his exam and interactive in my choosing a size proportionate (sp) to my body type. I knew immediately last year he was the one. When the hubs brought the conversation up about whether or not I was ready to move forward I decided to solicit my gyn- whom I have an extreme amount of confidence in and because my hyster he performed went exactly as he told me he would, and asked for a suggested surgeon. After visiting the plastic surgeon he suggested I was FAR from impressed. He seemed very monotone and although I will not take away the fact that he seemed like a very nice person, I felt no warmth, connection or anything else that struck a feeling of confidence and trust in him. Anyway, for the past year the surgeon I chose remained on my mind and nĂºmero UNO on my list soooo I made another appointment for a consult and headed in for the second time to meet with him. I was impressed with how inviting he and his nurse were AGAIN; not sure if he made notes or not but he brought up some specific things I had brought to his attention during the initial consult. Not asking if I were ready to move forward or not he told me that he needed to reexamine and measure me. He answered very thoroughly my 101 gazillion new questions and helped my via his opinion regarding the sizers I tried on. His nurse- the absolute best. I LURVE yes LURVE her. She made me feel like I had known her forever- she and I were howling with laughter at a variety of things!!!

I also had a second consult with the surgeon referred by my gyn and he made no impression different from the initial one. I personally felt like he lacked attention to detail and the answers he offered in response to my concerns made me feel like he was lazy in process (ex. Not doing a lift in conjunction with and augmentation because my breast are small to begin with and a larger implant will fix the problem of lack of fullness at the top.......I know better than this!!!!). Although he was $2000 less in price than the surgeon I chose- a $4000 difference still wouldn't change my mind. I sincerely feel like you pay for what you get and quality isnt expensive- its priceless!!!!!!

All that said I am scheduled for Dec 14, 2012 as this will give me an opportunity to see the kiddos back off to school and as I am in school also- I will be on christmas break which is great for recovery...... Hopefully I can wait that long- if not I may schedule for my bray in October. I will definitely keep you all posted and up to date. Wish me luck as I draw near.

Ok so I after visiting this site and another AND...

Ok so I after visiting this site and another AND according to what my ps has said- I can expect just a tad bit smaller outcome than the sizers look due to the implant being placed under the muscle. Would I be crazy to request mybps go up to a 425/450cc mod plus silicone (or maybe even 500cc) vs. the 400cc mod plus silicone I originally wanted. My ps said that i was pushing it with the 400 sizer..... Am i correct in the fact that my 400cc sizer selection actually translates to him using a 450cc implant!? Anywho my procedure also consists of a peroareola lift and I am currently a deflated, upper pole fullness lacking, sagging 32/34 a cup!!!! I know cc's do not convert to cups but my overall desire is a full c!!!

Uuuugh!!!!! Decisions decisions........ I think I'm beginning to think too much!!!! SOMEONE PLS HELP!!!!

I have secured my surgery date via deposit for...

I have secured my surgery date via deposit for October 31 - I am overjoyed!!!

Life has been crazy and I had to push back my BA...

Life has been crazy and I had to push back my BA due to "life" and its unpredictable hurdles! Ok, so a friend of mine had a BA done by Dr. Newall so I have now scheduled a consult with him on the 11 of April. I feel like there is no comparison to real life experience and results like I have the opportunity to experience via my friends experience and results.

Though I will lose all but my deposit- there is no price to be put on quality, comfort, and ease of mind with a major decision such as this one! I will definitely keep the community up to date.

I chose him by looking at countless Houston surgeons' websites work before and after photos.

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