36 Yr Old, 5'10" 115lbs with 270cc Mentor Mod Plus Anatomicals - Houston, TX

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All my life I was skinny and flat and after three...

All my life I was skinny and flat and after three children, even more so! After wanting to get a breath aug for 18 years, I finally decided to go through with after seeing great results from a friend of mine. I did a lot of research and finally settled on Dr. Sean Boutros in Houston. He will also being doing my orgnathic surgery in a few months, so it is nice to have already established a relationship with him and his staff. He has a great bedside manner and truly loves what he does. He also tends to err on the conservative side which was important to me as I did not want to look 'fake'. He examined me and after listening to the look I wanted, recommend the 270cc Mentor Mod Plus anatomicals in 'Tall'.
I had a lot of presurgery anxiety as I had never been put completely under and was terrified of being nauseous and vomiting upon waking up. The nurse and anesthesiologist put me at ease and assured me they would keep meds on board to prevent nausea. They brought me to the sx suite, late me down and it was lights out! I woke up to them lifting me up and saying I was all done. I was coherent enough to ask.for anti-nausea meds through my IV (even though I wasn't nauseous) and they happily obliged. They got me in a wheelchair and asked if I was in pain and I told them.no, just felt tight.
I was fine on the drive home, just dizzy and a little tired, but no pain. I didn't even really start to feel sore until late that night and the next day. The worst part for me was having to sleep reclined and on my back....it gave me excruciating back pain...however, keep in mind I refused pain meds and the muscle relaxers (I don't do well with narcotics as they tend to make me sick) so I probably made it a little harder on myself than necessary. The first 3 days were the toughest due to be sore, back pain and lack of arm mobility. I actually started driving again on day 5 (drove myself to my post op) and that ended up making me REALLY sore that afternoon and night and I also had a bunch of bruising pop up on my left side. Call my doc to make sure it was nothing to be concerned with and they had me send a pic and then assured me that it was normal, especially with as much as they had to manipulate me in surgery.
I am now about 2 and half weeks out and things are SO much better! They have started to drop some and soften, which is nice and I can now raise my arms above my head with only a slight twinge. They are also starting to feel more like a part of me and less like two rocks sitting on my chest....well, except in the morning (oh, the morning boob!). I am definitely getting excited about my final result, especially since I went to VS the other day and the only bras that fit were the 32DD (Wha...!!!).
If you are considering doing this, all I can say is 'Go for it!'....I am really starting to feel confident about my body and actually feel like a grown woman! Yay!!

Almost 4 weeks post-op!!

This coming Thursday will mark 4 weeks since my surgery and thinks have goiter so much better! I only have the occasional twinge, usually in my arm pit area if I stretch my arm to quickly. I would say 80% of the tightness feeling as gone away and I have moments of not feeling tight at all. Unfortunately, I am still getting morning boob, but it dominoes quickly once I get up and start moving around. I still sleeping on my back as I haven't found side sleeping very comfortable since I still have some bruising down the sides of my ribcage. Per doctor instructions, I have not worn a bra nor massage AT ALL. I have noticed that they have dropped some. My right has dropped a little more than my left and is starting to slowly take on a rounder shape towards the base. They have also started to get softer....mainly on the sides and the bottom, but still have a firm feel if I real grip them. Everyday has been a gradual improvement and I am still very happy with my shape, size and placement. Can't wait to see what changes the next 4 weeks bring!! :) Posted some current pics.

7 weeks post op and feeling GREAT!!

Hi everyone! I am now 7 weeks post and I am feeling so much better! Morning boob has basically stopped (woohoo!) and I have gotten the all clear from Dr. Boutros to resume normal activity. I think they have dropped as much as the are going to, but they still need to fluff and soften more. They are way softer than when I started, but are still kinda firm feeling and there is very little movement (jiggliness). Dr. B told me not to wear a bra post op and I am still not in hopes of expediting the fluffing process. I feel like they are the perfect size for me and I don't look fake. I posted some current pics and promise I will get my 'befores' up. Hope everyone is doing well!!

My 'before' pics...

I was a 32A/AA before. ..

4 month update

So I am officially 4 months out from my surgery and I LOVE them still. They have really started to settle into a natural position and are getting really soft. They have done wonders for my confidence. Clothes are so much more fun now!
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