28 Years Old, 5'11... 150lbs... 550cc-600cc Silicone Gel High Profile - Houston, TX

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10 years, 5 consultations, and deciding on a size...

10 years, 5 consultations, and deciding on a size for the past 3 months has been quite the experience but I finally decided to go with 550cc-600cc but as always the doctor will decide in the end. "It was always about having the nice side boob, looking down and seeing 2 full breast, and of course from some angles the under boob" I have always seen myself as an Acup or Bcup but due to my height and depending on what my weight is sitting at if im hitting the gym a lot, I either have the no boob syndrome or if Im not hitting the gym, 10lbs heavier I tend to sit at having a 34d. Still managing to look like a B.. They're complicated and honestly I just think the ruler is confused.. So here is my story and my results I will be keeping everyone updated and hoping to help anyone that I can.. My thing was that when I fist started looking to have my boobs done and I was being very conservative and just wanted that natural full look. Truth is most girls profiles I look at aren't 5'11 so its kinda hard for me to decide what would look proportioned. I do have curves so it was no longer about being conservative, it was more on the verge of what would look good on me. I started looking at the 400cc, the gummie bear implants, although my friends had them and loved them. I went into the first consultation and just thought they felt really firm, I couldn't do it..The squishiness of the silicone gel had me pretty entertained my friends.. Cant lie... Then it was the size of the implants that freaked me out. 500 and
600 cc implants just look huge to me and so I was like no way. Well by the end of that consultation we had decided on 450cc.. Went home and started looking up sizes and searching the chive etc. I had to go back and try bigger this time they set me up with sizers ( something that actually looks more like a boob and what it will look like...) they gave me 550-600 and Im sure I sat in there for 30 minutes playing with them before I finally decided that hey these are going to look more of what I wanted.. Its just scary when your putting a huge round thing in front of your boob and it makes you think that is what it will look like...Just calm down.. they wouldn't put something tasteless on you.. at least I wouldn't hope... MY procedure is 10/14/2014 7 more days ladies!!! (for some reason it wouldn't let me put that..

wishful boobs

Here is a little bit of me and what I want

The new toys have arrived

They're absolutely beautiful. I ended up with a full 600cc. They're extremely sore and swollen it seems but I also had more energy then I thought I would, possibly moving around too much. At least that's what I hope...

Day 2

Today has been kinda painless . Other then just wanting a back rub.. it hurts to take deep breaths and I'm extremely bloated. Not sure if it's normal for them to be this tight looking, I've never seen my nipples look so huge, or even my boobs looking all cone like..... hopefully they will get to looking netter soon

6 days post op... Why so Numb? and bloated

How do you know if your breast is hardening.. i get that they are supposed to feel tight.. but what are the warning signs?? My boobs are absolutely beautiful but my left boob is still very numb compared to my right and I now have feeling in my right areola but the left is still unresponsive. My one week check up is Wednesday so I'm sure I can ask her but how do you know if they're too firm or if you will get all feeling back in your breast.. there is bruising to the left breast and the incision seems longer.. and suggestions?? Also my stomach is still super bloated..

3 and a half weeks PO embarrassing

My left breast is taking much longer to heal then my right... sometimes even hurts to breathe it seems... I will admit that I'm spending less time looking at them in hopes that my left will soon drop into the pocket and look like the other... I thought they were big at first but now other then them looking off a bit I'm still happy with the size... I am now a 34ddd, which is border line for Victoria secret and other cute lingerie. .. Thank god... any bigger and I would of been in granny looking stuff... i got sized slightly early, just because the high profile doesn't really drop, it just softened. ..

felt like I was showing signs of capsular contracture

Ok no worries. ..Dr cash feels I am not having that capsular contracture..just received a call ... because of the size of implant it just takes longer to heal and will feel tight and discomfort. . I'm right handed so it's common that my right side is healing much faster because the muscle is used to a lot more activity.. my left side is basically saying what's going on, and taking a longer recovery because it now has this huge implant under it... which explains why I'm still on light duty and need to remain patient.... hopefully this helps... and a reassurance that my boobs are being normal, just funky looking at the moment

forgot to post ... Bra Shop

I forgot to post this... my boobs at 3 weeks

7 weeks PO

At 7 weeks...I am able to comfortably lay on my side and sometimes add pressure to them...I am still having issues with my left breast falling into its new home, and still have shooting pains through my nibble, which I still hadn't received feeling back into yet.. I am hoping to be released into the gym tomorrow with light weight..although I'm pretty sure my legs have built up more motivation then I'm even ready for myself...

4 months old

Still no feeling in my left breast but I love them

4 month check up

2 more months till the feeling may return
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