*Finally Got 'Em!* Natrelle 600/650 HP silicone unders Feb. 11th '15, 24 Yrs Old, 2 Kiddos, 5'7 165lbs :-) - Houston, TX

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Since my first bra I have always been trying to...

Since my first bra I have always been trying to find a way to make my boobs look bigger! Starting with the classic tissue/sock stuffing, to adding pads, then adding pads to padded pushup bras, those little water filled padding thingies for bikinis (wired push up bikini of course) and now only wearing VS super crazy thick padded pushup bras. The struggle is so real, it's actually pretty sad!!! I have always been thick, especially more so after having two children. My top half doesn't match the bottom whatsoever. I'm a little over 5' 6" and roughly 160 lbs. I work out with my trainer 3 times a week, but that's mostly just to trim off the pregnancy flub and firm up. I love food so it's a slow process....very slow lol. But I just want big boobs, and I'm finally going to get them! My consultation is this Wednesday!!! Will post current pics soon.

pre-op girls in vs super duper padded push up

I'd be happy if this was 100% boob........but it's not lol. My consultation is tomorrow I'm so excited! Gotta upload some wish pics ;-)

wish pics

These are what I'm planning on showing to Dr. Rose tomorrow :-)

Had my consult!!!

My consultation with Dr. Rose yesterday went great! He is very professional and a very nice man. To get the look I want he advised 550cc (with 25cc extra on the right for my mild asymmetry). I've seen tons of girls my same body type with this size and it looks great! Only thing is most of them ended up with boobie greed :-/ Idk if I should try and push 600cc, even though the ps said that that would look too big on me and be stripper-esque which is NOT what I want. I guess I should just trust my ps! Since I work with a pharmacist who is friends with him, he was kind enough to waive the 95$ consultation fee plus give me a discount on the procedure! Awesome right?!! But it's still quite expensive lol. Now the only thing holding me back is the funds....so let the saving commense! I plan on having enough by my 25th birthday (April) so it will be a gift to myself :-) Even though it's still some months away, I am so excited and before I know it it'll be boobie time!!! Just in time for next Summer ;-)

rapid recovery

I forgot to mention that Dr. Rose performs his ba's with the rapid recovery technique. He said I could have the procedure on a Thurs or Fri and be back to work on Monday!! Pretty awesome :-)

Boob Dreams?!??!

Ok so I know I'm not the only who actually dreams about their boobs. It's the craziest thing! I've had 3 already! First one I was looking in the mirror post op and looked exactly the same as pre-op and I got so angry and upset at myself for not going with 600 I started crying! The 2nd dream they looked absolutely perfect at the beach with a bikini and I stuck to the 550. Then in my 3rd dream the 550 was way too huge that my bf got so mad at me for getting them that big. Wth! Lol....man these dreams are nuts! Anyone else with crazy boob dreams???

Possibly switching surgeons...?!?!

So the more I've been thinking about the costs of having my ba, the more I'm starting to feel bad or selfish for potentially spending 8 grand on myself. That's a lot of money that could be spent on a family vacation, paying off some bills, or savings for "rainy days" as my Mother told me in the past. I don't know why it never crossed my mind before, I'm thinking because my mind was preoccupied with the unexpected passing of my Mother (it still is, actually) amongst other things. But with the New Year and April creeping closer I guess it's hitting me harder. Anyways, my best friend for 10 years is also dying for a ba lol. She's a BSN RN at one of the big local hospitals in our area and was telling me about how a ton of nurses on her floor had their ba with Dr. Sam Sukkar in Clear Lake. I looked him up on real self and though there was some outdated reviews they were all positive. Of course, I'm still doing my research but my BIG thing about switching ps will be that I'd save about 3 grand by NOT going with the famous Dr. Franklin Rose. For some reason, aside from his use of the rapid recovery technique, I feel like I'm paying for his prestige. My bf and I are going to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sukkar and I guess I'll go from there! Thanks for y'alls support ladies! ?

Date Set!!!!!

It's really happening! I can't believe it! When my best friend and I went for our consult with Dr. Sukkar we absolutely loved it! His staff is super friendly and very helpful. They answered every question we had. They did the 3D imaging which was pretty cool, and also let us take home different sized sizers for the weekend! Needless to say we both put our deposit down and booked our surgery for Feb. 11th! I'm getting 550cc in the left and 600cc in the right. Mentor brand silicone high profile. It's so exciting to be sharing this experience with my best friend since high school. Will update again on pre-op day :-)

...forgot to mention!

I forgot to mention that Dr. Sukkar also does the "rapid recovery" technique (although they don't call it that at their office) where the blade used during surgery cauterizes somehow to where very little blood loss occurs...Dr. Sukkar had said the blood loss is LESS then one of those little tubes that are taken when you give blood. Less blood loss = much quicker healing. His patient care coordinator Mary, (who is absolutely super sweet and AWESOME) told us that we would even be able to go out for Valentines Day which is only 3 days after procedure day! She had mentioned to us that they had a patient who went out dancing the night AFTER her BA!!! So I am really looking forward to this "less painful" approach, but still preparing for the worst pain....even though in my opinion NO pain could be worse than c-section pain, and I've had two c-sections! So bring it on!! Feb. 11th needs to hurry on up!! :-) :-) :-)

Before pic

Will post more before pics later for comparison...

Payment made $$$!

So yesterday really sealed the deal! I paid with a big stack of cash and now I'm just counting down the days!!! I had bought some Arnica Montana 50X supplements to help with bruising & swelling. I'm hoping that helps. Also, I'm running a little cold right now that BETTER pass by the 11th lol, I heard you have to resched if you're sick, eek! Any other ladies who've taken the Arnica, I would love to hear your experience :-)

Torn!!! Any input please!!!

My pre-op is tomorrow and I have to decide on size. I'm torn between 550/600 or 600/650. I know it's only a 50 cc difference, but I dont know how drastic that might be! I don't want to end up with boob greed but at the same time I don't want to look top heavy or chubby. Helppppp! Argh.....

Tomorrow is DDay! !!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is my big boobie day! I am so EXCITED! Dr. Sukkar's nurse called and confirmed my arrival time at 8:45 in the morning and reminded me to take an antibiotic tonight and one again in the morning. My best friend goes for her BA right after me at 10:15. I can't believe time flew by so quick! I've uploaded some more before pics for comparison later and also the supplements I'm taking. So yep... Tomorrow y'all can welcome me into the big titty committee! LOL See you guys on the other side! Eeeekkk! :-) :-) :-)

I survived!

Wow w! Wh at an experien ce! My ps ending up putting 600/650 which me and my boyfriend are very happy about! They're very franken-boobie right now, but from watching the progress of so many lovely ladies I can tell these are going to drop nicely! At least I hope so! Lol. The initial pain when waking up from the surgery was pretty bad but it was a blur. I'm at home in bed now, took a really long nap and ate a sandwich and I feel pretty good. Only thing is the tightness At the top of my chest is a bit uncomfortable, but nothing untolerable. My PS doesn't do the surgical bra, the band, the wrapping or anything like that.he just says let the girls hang loose for the next two weeks. Nipple covers or a cami and that's it lol. I don't have any bruises yet, & Ice helps big time. Now just playing the waiting game as patient as I can and waiting for these babies to drop and fluff!

2 weeks post-op!

Hey ladies! So here I am with my 2 week update. So far so good, had my first follow up yesterday and got that icky tape removed and finally got to see my incisions. They aren't as bad as I thought, very thin incision line but the area around is still swollen. I'm supposed to start massaging the incisions with scar gel in another week. I'm doing the breast displacement massages now. I can't wait til my boobies drop and fluff! My next post-op appt is in another 4 weeks. I had to go buy some bralettes from Walmart and can you believe I needed a 2X! I was amazed haha! And from here they're only gonna get bigger :-)

6 weeks and doing awesome!

Hello realself ladies! I haven't been updating as much here, but my IG is constantly updated with posts almost everyday. If you'd like to follow my ba acct on IG it's @fitgirl_ba43

I had my 6 week post op with Dr. Sukkar yesterday and everything is going well! I'm so so very happy and thankful that I chose Dr. Sukkar as my ps because he is such a sweet and caring man! I don't ever feel rushed and he takes out the time to answer my questions. So far my progression is on track, I just gotta kick up my massaging a bit more. The incisions are healing nicely and they are perfectly in the crease! Almost all pain has subsided and I actually slept comfortably on my stomach last night! It felt a little different, but nothing too strange. Now I'm just trying to be patient and let gravity do it's thing. D&f sure loves to take its sweet ass time lol!


Dunno why my pics didn't upload. ..but here they are! (hopefully)

Allergan's complimentary 10 year warranty

So I just learned that if you have Allergan Silicone implants, included will be a lifetime implant rupture warranty AND a 10 year capsular contracture warranty! Pretty freakin awesome right?! The patient care coordinator at my ps' office didn't know that either and initially she had sent me their link so that I could purchase the extra cap con warranty if I wanted to, which of course I did cuz you just never know! With Mentor the 10 year cap con warranty is an extra $250! My bestie ended up with Mentor (silicone 325/350) and had to pay it, but I ended up with Allergan cuz that's the only brand implants the office had at sizes +600cc....so I really lucked out! Just thought I'd share the info with you lovely ladies in case you come across that option and may be curious about the extra cost of a capsular contracture warranty! :)

*new pics* 3 months post-op!

Went for my 3 months check up and all is well! Boobs are dropping and finally soft! Incisions don't feel hard anymore at all, but there's tiny holes (2 on the left, 1 on right) and according to the nurse it's just where the internal sutures were and it should resolve on its own. I'm 100% so happy I got this done and would do it again in a heartbeat! Maybe go bigger next time, heehee! ;)
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Great ps and great staff! Everyone is kind and caring and they really cater to you. Would recommend Dr. Sukkar to anyone wanting work done by one of the best!

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