19 Yr 5'4" 100lbs 371cc Natrelle Silicone Moderate Plus- Houston, TX

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I was really nervous, but I found Dr. Vitenas on...

I was really nervous, but I found Dr. Vitenas on here and signed up for a consultation and I couldn't be happier that I did it! The staff was really sweet, Lindsey was so amazing, she works with you. I came in a second time to re-try on implants and she helped me feel good about the size I want- 371cc

I stopped growing in 5th grade. Only 32A at this...

I stopped growing in 5th grade. Only 32A at this point, I found RealSelf and I'm so glade I did! Found Dr. Vitenas and I looked at his photos, I knew he'd be a good choice. I got serious at 17, now at 19 I'm finally going to get them done! I'm so excited to finally fill out and be confident in myself

Before photos

Before photos

I always use serious padding to make it look like I have something. I have this thing with my chest and my doctor pointed it out, I don't recall the name of it but you can see, my chest sticks out. It should be flat but some how my chest points out so having smaller breast and wearing anything that exposes my chest, it's embarrassing.

Before photos not in clothes

Again you can see the chest thing I was talking about, I'm hoping that getting 371cc or about a full c low d maybe will hide it when I wear a bra and stuff. Either way I'll be happy because I've always wanted boobs!!! One is slightly fuller I guess to say but not a big difference. Doctor says I don't need two different sizes

Before photos

Before with clothes on, no bra

I usually wear a 32A but I don't have much going on at all

Wearing shirts no bra: before

Before photos: no bra

Trying on implants: 339cc I think

Trying on implants 371cc's

Bought some bras!

Bought some sport like bras, kinda just guessed at what size, but after the surgery I should be about full C to a D so they are all medium. Hope they fit!

Made some rice sizers! 375cc

It is slightly bigger than what I'm actually getting I'll be getting 371 cc

Rice sizers

Getting close!!!

I've been so nervous and contemplating about the size I was thinking (371cc) I trust my doctor but it's still a big change, I just keep finding myself going back and forth between 371cc and a slightly smaller size. I'm afraid of the long term of having bigger implants and what it'll do. But I really do like the look of it when I tried them on. The size felt comfortable. I just want to get the surgery done and start recovering already!
I just also wanted to state (not sure who will see this) that I'm posting all of this for myself to look back on.

Almost there!!!

Finally almost to the big day!! I'm so excited to finally have boobs. I day dream every day about how it'll feel and I look online and in my own closet for shirts that I can actually wear and feel confident in!!! I just want it to happen now! I really hope it'll be all worth it. But I'm sure to love them because no matter what I'll have boobs for the first time. And of course my boyfriend is happy haha he wanted to be here to take care of me (of course as do I) but he had to move out of state for his new job early. Still really bummed out about it but thankfully my parents will help me recover. But it'll be so weird cause that was the last time he would see me with nothing, he left on Halloween and I won't be able to see him again (in person) until December 16th when I fly to Nevada (where he lives now) to stay there for 4 weeks! It'll be the first time he'll see them in person and I'm excited! I just pray they will look how I want them too. I'm practically broken now because I used all my money I saved up for this surgery. And I'm still having to pay 1,300 but I'll pay it off within a year (carecredit) hopefully before that. Depends how much money I get from working.

Forgot to add!

All the info!!!

So my stats are:
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Weight: (as of tonight) 98.5
Starting size: I normally wear a 32A
Implant size I plan on getting: 371cc moderate plus natrelle silicone submuscular under the crease
My doctor: Dr. Vitenas

What my doctor told me to do to get ready for the surgery and to help me recover:
-Starting at 2 weeks before the surgery I couldn't take any type of medicine, herbs or mega doses of omega and vitamin e.
-to eat healthier; no fast food, low sodium diet
-no smoking or drinking
-take multivitamins everyday

At 1 week I had to:
-bathe with either dial, safeguard, or lever 2000

The night before surgery I can and cannot:
-cannot eat or drink after 10 pm
-have to shower with a special soap they gave me (Hibiclens)
-to wash all my clothes I plan to wear and sheets; anything that will touch my skin with tide free because my skin will be sensitive; no dryer sheets
-cannot put anything on my skin or hair

Morning before surgery:
-cannot put anything on skin (lotion, perfume, deodorant), no makeup or anything on hair
-zip up jacket, pull up pants, slip on shoes
-no jewelry

My doctor is having me braless for 6 weeks to help them drop faster and I have to massage them in the pockets for a little bit every 30 minutes for the 6 weeks.

I feel pretty good now, not nervous anymore just excited and still can't believe it's happening haha


Just had the surgery, just got home. I'm so happy I cried already three times haha I was expecting the worse of the worse but dr. Vitenas was is so amazing with this type of work. Only about and 1hr and a half I think it took. I don't feel sick at all. The only thing was I was shaking a lot once I woke up.
I'm so happy. Words can't explain it.
I do feel tightness and it's already starting to feel better. I can do a few things by myself. But I can't take any medicine until 12pm. I'm gonna try to sleep a little. But just wanted to post this really quick.
I didn't get 371cc silicone and I'm so happy! He requires me to not were a bra at all for 6 weeks to help. Only thing is it'll be weird feeling going to my classes haha but I don't care I'm proud of myself to pay for all of this on my own.
My medicine is Diazepam for muscle spasms, hydrocodone for pain, and cefadroxil for bacteria kinda like infection to help heal.

Only 4 hours after: standing up

At this point I'm feel pretty good. Not a lot of pain. Not even a lot of pressure on my chest. I was told to take my hydrocodone at 12pm then my Diazepam at 2pm and my cefadroxil tomorrow. I honestly thought the worst but I'm feeling really good! Little drowsy but not much. But I heard the 2nd day is the worse /:

Before & After

I got style 15 natrelle silicone 371cc moderate plus on both

I hope they get bigger...

I know I'm posting a lot but they look small. I just hope when they drop and "fluff" they get bigger. Will they? /:

Day 2 after surgery

I'm still feeling good. Only thing hurting is under my armpits but I think it's cause I was trying to do a lot myself yesterday. And I still feel air bubbles on the top of my chest, and what hurts the most is the ribs under my breast are really sore like they're bruised. And a little of air bubbles there too. But other than that doing really good (: been walking around a lot.

Boob Grief?

I'm starting to get really upset and not like them. I was crying for joy yesterday but being my second day I'm just upset.
My doctor said for my chest wall size 371cc is the highest I can get.
I was looking at other girls with getting 371cc and they looked nice and big! But mine look so small right now.
I heard that if a girl likes me the size while it is swollen she end up hating the size later because the swelling will go down; she liked the size of the swollen breasts.
But if a girl doesn't like the size at first that it's too small, she'll like it later once it drops more a "fluffs" but this confuses me because they both together do not make sense hand in hand.
Bottom line, I'm upset that they will only maybe give me a small C cup. I was wanted a D to DD.
Any advice? /: I'm getting really depressed.

Day 3...

Woke up feeling really great and was able to move my arms around easier. However I just got home and I'm in the most pain I have been in. Today is Sunday and I was hoping to miss my classes tomorrow (Monday) but since it's near finals these are our last exams; two class exams in the morning and a major lab in the afternoon and I can't miss Monday because we start our thanksgiving break. So I have to go. So today I was planning on trying to get off the pain medicine and muscle relaxer and switch to Tylenol because that's all I'm allowed to take. So I was going good, but I have to practice driving so I can make sure I can drive to my classes myself tomorrow. Well I tried to drive. It was okay except when it came to turning the wheel. So my update now is my left arm I can hardly even lift. My left crease felt like it ripped. I ended up tearing up just trying to pull out of my drive way. But I tried going to the grocery store and pulling out of that actually made me cried. It was the worst pain. I felt like it ripped it. But before I started driving I was in my room trying to reach for hoodies from my closet so I can wear something baggy to school to cover them up and I reached with my left arm and I felt it stretch kinda bad. I think that probably added to it to make it worse when I was driving. And a side little note for some reason my left side under my ribs hurt really bad when I touch it. And while I was driving every time there was a bump it hurt. So conclusion for driving myself to school tomorrow, I just have to take it slow, and be careful on turning keeping my arms low. Aaand as of right now I am really feeling my hydrocodone and muscle relaxer now And I'm feeling better. I keep putting ice packs on them and it helps as well as massaging them. But this medicines are my love right now. Just sucks they make you drowsy. It's just one day I have to suffer through. Wish me luck tomorrow...

Day 4 update!

Hello lady's! So today I had to go to school and I had to switch to Tylenol because that's all I can take, it was hard to drive a bit, but turning was the most hardest. It was hard to focus in school but overall it was okay. Just discomfort. But I don't feel any tightness or something like most women I've seen said they feel.
But today I had my check up appointment with my Doctor. Apparently I was not massaging them correctly. I wasn't hard on them. He grabbed them sooo hard and rough and tried pushing them together really hard. I wanted to cry. It hurt where my incisions were. He said they were still really tight and because they are really big implants for me I really have to be rough. I was able to move my arms though and stretch them above my head. He was really nice about it though even though it was rough, I understand though. He just wants me to have the best results. He said I can take off the bandages at the end of this week to clean it and use scar treatment they have every morning and night but it's like $100 so I'm still contemplating on it. Since I paid for all my surgery ($6,500) my parents said they'll think about helping me get it.
I love Dr. Vitenas, he is the best at what he does and his staff is so amazing and sweet and very welcoming. He is very straight forward which I like, not sugar coating things. I'm just glad I'll be having this whole week off from school because of thanksgiving break. So I'll be on my pain meds and continue to massage how he showed me and try to be more active with my arms.

Just a little update about how I'm feeling

Nothing crazy going on just sharing my overall experience of what I'm feeling at this point.
-My neck/shoulders have been hurting so much. I put icy hot on it and it helps but it doesn't go away. I think it's cause of the more weight on my chest and I know I have a habit of my shoulders leaning forward.
-My breast do feel really tight unless I massage them. Now that I learned how to correct massage them I'm hoping they will drop faster. My doctor was worried because I have such big implants in that I wasn't moving them around enough and I wasn't.
-Only thing that truly hurts is my left incision still. If you see my photos you can see all the blood but it's dry. I can't take them off until later this week.
-I still am trying to work on moving my arms and I can I do a lot more now and I can even get up out of bed myself pretty easy without pain. My armpits still hurt a little but I can put up with the annoying feeling. Just trying to put my arms completely over my head still needs some work
-I don't know what it is with my left breasts incision but that is was is killing me the most. It hurts when I wear clothing and it touches it. Just hurts when anything touches it. At least the air bubbles or fluid in my chest and ribs are going away more
-maybe too much information but I still having gone number two but I have started taking stool softeners. Nothing yet but hoping lol

Luckily this week is my thanksgiving break from school so I have this whole week to really work on recovering (:

Nipples dry?

Just now noticing that my nipples are dry? There is dry skin kinda peeling and it looks almost like scabs? Like it's hard dry skin only around my nipples. I don't know what to do. How/Does this happen?

Finally I can lay on my side!

Finally it doesn't hurt to lay on my sides! Feels sooooo goood haha

Just a few photos

Photos to show what they really look like all around. How squishy they are starting to get. I've realized as well that when they start feeling tight and kinda pressured I kinda know at that point I need to massage them and then they feel soooo much better.
I'm starting to lean off the medicine now finally but my left incision still hurts a little. Mostly when I massage my left breast. I can get too close to it because it'll hurt. But my left breast looks a lot smaller than my right. Maybe my right one is dropping faster I don't know haha
Nipples are sensitive to when then rub on it. But at least I have sensation.
The only numb feeling is my left breast where the cleavage to hall of my under breast if that makes since. I can feel it but it's like when your leg falls asleep kinda feeling almost. But I'm getting to feel it more and more everyday.

Bruise actually isn't noticeable

Update from my last post I think my camera just made the color really visible but in real life it isn't noticeable at all

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hope everyone is blessed and thankful. I'm sure thankful for this new me. This was the first time I got dolled up, get dressed, and went out!!! I felt so good!
Small note: don't wear 3 inch heels while going to the galleria mall to shop the Black Friday sales. Had to take one for the team; my older sister wanted a giant black tote from Victoria secret lol
First time trying nip covers. Makes it look like my nips are flowers. Very helpful though, to hide my torpedo nips and so my clothes don't hurt my sensitive nipples. I almost kind of just want to wear them all the time lol I took them off and had my padless no wire (basically just soft fabric) bra on; touched my nipples and my gosh they are so sensitive to everything! When do they stop?! lol

Info on the implants I got

My info card about the implants I got as well as a site I found http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/allergan-breast-implants.html that shows the width and projection the implants will become. I only posted the picture of the type I got style 15

Quick! Scar cream?!

What type of scar treatment or cream or something should I use for best quick results? What did y'all use?
My doctor supplies a scar treatment but it's $100 and because I paid all for my surgery myself as well as still paying $114 money myself I just don't feel that I should spend 100 on the scar treatment when I know there are other types out there that can work just as well.
I just don't know what I should buy. Help?

One week update!!

Comparing the tops I tried on before the surgery and now 1 week out! Plus a few other things I wore.

At one week:
Positive notes:
-I can easily get up out of bed on my own
-I can sleep on my side with just some discomfort when but more when I toss and turn
-I can reach my arms above my head easily/ I can take a shirt off over my head lifting my arms up
-I can carry things without a lot of discomfort. Only small discomfort when I'm carry something heavy (but I'm not carrying anything heavier than 5-8 lbs) only discomfort if carrying for a long time but it's tolerable
-I can wash my hair and body by myself, and I do simple are exercises to get them more flexible again so now I can reach the middle of my back
-massaging doesn't hurt as much, only on my left breast-note on that-I have a lot of fluid/air bubbles still on that side of my breast, and it hurts sometimes when I pinch (massage) closest to my incision but it's tolerable
-I have officially stopped taking all of the medicine I was given: finished all of the anti-bacterial/infection pills, stopped taking my heavy pain meds because I no longer feel pain, and I don't need to take my muscle relaxers really I did yesterday cause I did a lot with my arms and my chest just felt weird a little so I took some and I felt fine
-my breast are dropping nicely so far yaaaay

Not so great notes:
-my nipples still stick out noticeably (as you can see)
-my nipples are very sensitive; meaning just any kind of fabric that rubs or touches them it'll hurt however I am in love with the pedal nipple covers, they stick very well because they take a little while to peel off and they hide my pointy nips and it doesn't hurt while they are on!

So far that's all I can think of but if y'all have any other questions, ask! I'll do my best to answer (:

And they still have a lot of dropping to do so no cleavage yet, and I'm not allowed to wear anything padded or with wire. Bra free for 5 more weeks!!

Continuing my one week update...

One week Video

1 week video
Video to show the proportion to my body, i massage them; i was instructed to massage this way with a little of my own to that felt comfortable to move around my implants. My doctor told me i had to be very rough with them because of how big the implants are. And i'm not complaining now! Now that i have been massaging like this (rough) they have gotten softer and dropping! I also show how jiggly they are, they really aren't yet, just a little bit. And i'll show how i can raise my arms up above my head nicely.
If there is any questions please ask! (:

Just took off my bandaids!!!

First off. Ow to the holy moly. That's why my skin is all red but I'm sooooo so so so happy with my "scars" already! It's only been a week and they look so healed! I feel now my breasts can breathe lol but I did pick up some scar treatment stuff

Just a bit pissed off.

I had other things I needed to do before I could have to time to take off my bandages. To then come to open my scar cream that in instructed by my doctor to apply at night and the morning. And since I took them off later at night, I was excited to try out this scar cream that cost $36 better than the $100 cream from my doctor but still, expensive for a little thing. Can to open it; fairly easily, and there was no scar cream in there. Just the instructions. I am so pissed. I then went to check my scar sheets (only $20) and the box had be tapered with! It was already open! LUCKILY everything was in there. So now all I have is to put the sheet on but I'm not to happy about it because my doctor never instructed about scar sheets because the bandaids hurt like hell to take off and I'd expect the exact same with the sheets! Thankful at these I have the sheets. But it pisses me off so much! Poor, shallow, I'll-mannered people that can't afford it so they steal! There were a lot of other scar treatments that was very affordable for people with not a lot of money but I COULD and it wasn't there. I bought a small box for $36. I didn't think I'd have to worry and check to make sure this little expensive thing was in this little box! It's pitiful. I know I'm ranting but this just took me over the edge. My mother didn't want me driving in that late of night (about 11:30pm when I found out) and they closed at 12am. So I'm waking up before 7 (when they open) and I'm going straight there when I wake up. Sorry not sorry for ranting. Goodnight.

Update at 2 weeks

Have my 2 week appointment today. When he first saw them he said they're looking really good! But He says I'm still not massaging them hard enough. Kinda gets me upset cause yeah it's easy for him to squeeze them seriously hard he doesn't feel the pain! I do the best I can to really move them and be rough with them when massaging but I don't know. I'm just going to kinda keep doing what I've been doing. He said when he was squeezing them that because I got big implants and I have a really tiny chest that it's very important to really move them around like he was.
They feel softer. Still no jiggle, not even when I go down stairs. I try jumping up and down a little, and I can see it a little move on top but they're still pretty stuck to my chest lol But I have more control with my arms, I can move them around more and lift a lot of stuff like everyday things way easier without strain or pain.
Only place i don't have sensation is still on my left breast; under my nipple and towards the center of my chest. But I can feel everything on my right breast. I think I'm getting some sensation back but just very little. But idk. I scratch my nail across it and I don't feel it. /:
Still on my low sodium diet. Still can't wear a bra.
And I bought some lingerie and bralettes cause I'm leaving to see my boyfriend in nevada in 2 weeks and I'll be up there for 4 weeks!! I'm so excited! First time he'll be seeing them and touching them in person!
And when I get back I have my next appointment cause by then itll be a month and my surgeon wants to see how they are then.
Thankfully I don't have anymore fluid or bubbles anywhere on my chest. And I'm so thankful my incisions look this good! I've seen some bad ones on here /: that was what I was most worried about but they're already pretty flat and not dark really at all! I think they'll recover nicely.
No cleavage yet but slowly getting there.
And I can get up out of bed so easy and sleeping is getting easier on my sides. And I finally tried sleeping on my stomach and it doesn't hurt at all! It's still so comfy to sleep on my stomach.
Thanks for checking up on my update! If there's any other things you'd want to know let me know!
I'll might some updates as the weeks go by while I'm up there too but for sure I plan on taking pictures and videos of how they are at a month.

3 week update

I'm very very pleased with my recovery thus far! Only three weeks and I love them! They still have a lot of dropping to do though but I love how they look on my body. I've been feeling a brand new confidence start within me. My lingerie has been coming in the mail and I love to looking at myself with it on haha I'm so beyond happy with them.

I'm still trying to get used to them, they don't hurt at all not even my back. My arms don't hurt anymore. I keep trying to do simple arm stretches only sometimes it hurts my underarms like my armpit area if I stretch my arm far back enough.
They're getting really squishy and starting to giggle a little

Week 4 update

Actually doing pretty good!
Finally my nipples aren't so freakin sensitive. Well my left one is still a little but has gone down a lot. My right one is finally normal lol
And I can feel then giggle a little when I go up and down stairs!
Feels weird but they're still tight and high a little.

Week 5 update

Week 5 update video
I'm very pleased with my results so far!
My breast can now touch! they are getting softer and you can see that they are getting more bouncy. Not by much yet which I think it's my fault, I haven't been massaging them as much as I should be lately. But they are still dropping, not as noticeable now but they're looking great in my clothing, even though it's 20-30 degrees out here in Nevada I can't show them off in a hoodie and snow coats lol
Thanks for everyone that's keeping up with my progress, I hope the video looks okay.
If anyone of you lovely's have a question just ask! <3

6 week update!!!

6 week update, all about the jiggle
This is it! The first 6 weeks were the most important! This should be the general final size I should be! And I can wear any kind of bra now! (Don't think I'll be wearing one a lot though, I'm enjoying being braless)

I've taken photos again to show how they look now at 6 weeks. And a video so I can really show how much it jiggles because I realized my last week's video didn't show it moving much. It's incredible how much it can change every week.

And so because I've hit my final 6 week mark I've made some collage photos to really show the progress of my recovery through the weeks.

Bought bras!

The other day I went to Walmart to get my first bra. Tried on some b cups and c cups. I ended up getting a 36B and a 34C but after work and I took off the 34C it left marks on my breasts. My mom said then that that's too small.
Ended up going to Pink, getting sized. They sized me at a 32C. So I got three different bras from them, one that's full coverage/t-shirt bra-no push up. The other is push up then another that's called like date night? It's push up that pushes right up if that makes since.
I'm really happy with them! Only thing is wearing the wire, feels uncomfortable on my left breast. But not bad. I have my appointment tomorrow with Dr.Vitenas. I might put an update tomorrow about it.

Dr. Appointment

I just had my appointment with Dr. Vitenas, he was really impressed!! I'm so happy! He loves them! But not as much as I love them!
All he told me was that I have to keep putting scar cream or sheets on them for another 6 weeks and to continue to massage them about twice a day for the rest of my life haha
And I won't be seeing him until a year later.
I'll keep up with updates like if/when my bra sizes change, if I notice anything different, how they're dropping, etc. at certain points like I'm around 2 months now, don't know the next time but I'm going to post new updated photos of the shirts I wore before surgery to compare being 2 months now!

Before and after

Just to show before the surgery how I looked and about 2 months after the surgery. And one or two comparing after a week into surgery and now.

New bra!

Just received a new bra in the mail and I love it! (But slightly disappointed because I thought it'd give me more cleavage; like touching cleavage- but maybe they just still have to drop and "fluff" more?) its Victoria's Secret Bombshell Bra at 32C.

Feel/look too small :(

Lately I've been feeling like they're smaller than they were. I heard after awhile it get smaller then it's something of the swelling. I mean they're the same size I guess but maybe I'm just so used to them that looking at them and feeling them that they just seem smaller now. Cause they are waaayy bigger than what I had haha probably just so used to the size now.
But it still makes me upset. I'm only wearing a 32C. I was hoping I'd be a small D not small C... but I can't complain too much, they are still a lot bigger than what I had. Just now I kinda wish they were bigger lol
Anyone else going through this or already went through it? Is it just a "phase"?

Working out

So I thought it'd be a good idea to just mention how it is working out after the surgery. Now I never actually worked out before, especially not much with my arms. But there are some things I have a hard time doing. It hurts on the side above my breasts like where my armpit is to do basically anything with my arms like push ups, or anything we're I have to pull with my arms. Like I was so sore for 4 days. I just thought I'd mention. But I do plan on working on working up my arms so it doesn't hurt. Just have to slowly build up to it.
If anyone has any specific questions, ask! And if you have some advice for me dealing with working out involving my arms it would be appreciated (:

Has anyone experienced this?

So I thought it would last long but it's been a few weeks now and not going away. It doesn't hurt, and even though it looks like ripples (to me i guess) but they don't have a different feeling, they're just soft like my skin. It's on both breasts and the opposite sides on my nipple. Like exactly that's what's also weird. Anyone else experience this? Or knows anything about it?

3 Months!!!

3 months update
Today marks my 3 months after getting 371cc Silicone implants under the muscle.
I'm still about 100 lbs, 5'4", and my bra size is still a little weird. I wear 32C's but they can be a little small and just barely covering my nipple. But 34C's depending on the type it is can be too big with a gap.
They are very squishy now, I would consider to be like normal real boobs. They jiggle A LOT haha I have fun playing with them honestly. I'm just so happy with them. I think they look great.
However I still have light stretch marks around my nipples. I have been rubbing coconut oil on them and my scars to lighten them. In my opinion I can see a slight difference and they're lightening up.
I really don't have much else to say, everything is going fine with them (:

I'll be doing my next updated post at 6 months.

I just have to post this!

I won't do these much but I just bought this gorgeous romper and I am just loving it! I just wanted to share/say that if you were like me (itty bitty) are you're thinking about getting the surgery or if you just got it done and just recovering, that it is WORTH IT. As long as you have the right surgeon I think that's the hardest part honestly; hoping that he or she goes a great job. But it's also on yourself as well. You need to take really good care of them in the beginning after surgery. I don't know if it was just me or because of my surgeon but I think my recovering wasn't that bad. I thought the worst and it was actually tolerable. Pain meds n such really helped. But it was mostly just uncomfortable on my chest. But tolerable. I just want to really say that it is worth it because no matter the size you get, it's obviously going to be better than what you had because they'd be bigger! I officially decided on my size because I thought "I'm just going to get the biggest size I can" after considering looking at other girls pictures and from my surgeon being the best at doing natural implants that I trusted his judgment that it was the biggest I could go and it still look good. Of course I'd want them bigger lol And he's very pleased with them! I know it can be scary, frightening, and daunting. Worried and stressed about the "what if's". Trust me I dealt with that for over a year just researching and deciding what surgeon, implant type, implant style, and of course implant size to choose. It got worse and worse as I actually met my surgeon, and getting closer to my surgery date. (I didn't 100% feel confident with getting my 371cc until about 3 days before the surgery, and even after still waiting until the surgery I was iffy) There are Many options but it just takes research and honestly kind of trusting your gut. Meet with the surgeon, feel it out. Look at many photos of women with the size you're wanting. And this app helped so much. Even though there wasn't many girls/women on here similar to me with the type of implants I was wanting to go for, I took a leap. Hoping it'll turn out well. Well that's why I'm posting and updating and responding as much as I can. Because If I can do anything to help another woman that's going through this difficult decision and process, I will. That's what I hope I can do for y'all, to help with my pictures and writing about what's going on, what I'm experiencing, that hopefully it can help you all figure it out and take in to consideration how it worked for me. Cause I gotta tell ya, it is amazing to not wear a bra all the time, not having to always fake it, being able to wear whatever I want now! I really feel like I have become a more confident woman. Because of this surgery. I wish the best for all of you lovely ladies!

Laying Down - 3 months post op - how do they look?

Laying Down - little over 3 months
This update is just for you lovely ladies to see how my breasts look when laying down.

Again, I am only about 100 lbs (this morning I weighed myself at 98.5 lbs) with 371cc Moderate Plus Natrelle Silicone.

So with that being said, as you can see in my pictures and video, you can see my chest (ribs) in between. To me, touching them while laying down, it is slightly harder to squeeze. And watching the video it does kinda look like you can see the implants when I'm moving them around..
It doesn't really bother me how they look really. Mostly cause I can't see them haha

Have a great day <3

New bra SIZE!

So today I went to Pink and got resized. From the whole talk about what size am I really. So to catch y'all up who don't know, I was first sized after my 6 weeks at Pink to be a 32C. Now, today, I finally tried on a 32D and I think it is a lot nicer. I know they are "sister sizes" and I'm still confused about that but my problem was 32C- my boobs kinda was popping out over it, learned that means it's too small. So wearing a 32D was a bit better, covered more. Tried a 32DD as well and there was good space between the bra and my boob. Maybe I could be a 34D? You tell me with the picture I posted. (It does have a slight push up)
I'm still trying to figure out the correct size but I know I could still get bigger.

First bikini!

First bikini that I've bought after my surgery! I am so excited to wear it! Wearing a swimsuit was the biggest self conscious feeling I had. There's no real faking it wearing a bikini. But I am soo happy cause now I have something there!!

How did you ladies feel for the first time wearing a bikini after the surgery? (:

4 Month Update! (Video only)

4 Month's Update
A kind gorgeous lady was curious about how (at this point) my breast are when moving around/ jumping - totally understandable, I wish I was able to find a woman that posted more detailed videos and pictures and writing before I got mine done, but I am NOT complaining haha I'm proud of mine (:

In the video, I show how squishy and jiggly they are on each side and pushing them together. Just moving them around. Also in the video I show that the one thing that doesn't look the best is kind of when I flex my chest kinda and my breast don't touch. I think it's just because I don't have a lot on my chest (bony). Feels weird to me but it's not that bad. And of course, jumping up and down a little haha When I go up and down steps I feel them move up and down (which is amazing to finally feel) So I'm not like seriously jumping but just kinda going up and down a little.
Hope this helps you ladies that are questioning how they'd look; the ones you are thinking about getting or just got done and need a little encouragement that they just need time (:
And thank you all for the compliments!

Thank Y'all so much!!

I just wanted to say thank you and you're very welcome to all of the lovely ladies that are supporting me and loving my results! I was so afraid at first but I'm super happy with everything! I haven't replied to all that said my transformation is great but thank you all that did! And to the all the women out there that are thankful for my posts and videos, you are all very very welcome! I did it for all of you and I keep up with it because I know it's a very big decision and I won't to do my best to help y'all know what y'all what! I will continue to respond to any questions y'all might have (: have a wonderful day! And I'll be updating with newer photos and videos once I hit my 6 months point!!

6 month update!!

My 6 month update!!
My stats: 19 yrs, 5'4", about 100 lbs, no children

Doctor: Dr. Vitenas

Started with a 32 A cup, now I wear about a 32 C / 32 D. However I'm now realizing that the C cup is a little small, my nipples almost stick out of it. So a I'm coming to a point that a small D cup is my result.

- I now have full feeling all around my breasts and I have full sensation in my nipples.
- Sometimes I will experience a feeling of my skin under my breast over lap. (Touching)
- Scars are healing very well

- I have gotten stretch marks around my nipples (on the inner side) and I have been using coconut oil to rub on it and my scars to help heal it and lighten the color. It has really helped a lot. I didn't use it every day, I'd do it majority of the time after I got out of the shower.
- I have been able to feel some rippling a little under my right breast, but very deep ones on the middle, inner side, and under my left breast. It however is not very noticeable, but can feel it.

Side note: I have not been very good at massaging them every day like I'm suppose to. So when I do they feel a little hard/stiff. So definitely keep up with the massaging!

As you can see in my photos and video, that they have settled down nicely. And very squishy and jiggly. And how much lighter my scars are.

The biggest thing that gets me with comparing from months ago to now is how different they really had gotten! From them starting so high and how low they have dropped, to my scars healing.

Thank you everyone who enjoys my updates! I really do this all for y'all!
And I am very pleased with my new boobs! Defiantly Worth It!

Happy Summer!!

Just wanted to say that I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and a great recovery to all the women out there!

Just pictures to show how I'm loving my new life with these two beauties
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vitenas is so nice and he knows what he is doing! Lindsey was so sweet and amazing working with me and helping me decide on the size I want! update to after the surgery (at 6 weeks) I love my results so much! Dr. Vitenas did such a great job and when I would go back for him to see how they're doing it was quick but I didn't mind it was just a check up to see how they're doing. But he is honestly magical. He is very good at what he does! I would recommend him to everybody! My mom was even thinking about getting something done with the facility. I love my results so much from 32A to now a good full C cup, so natural looking... Just what I was wanting!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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