19 Year Old, 100 Lbs, 371cc - Houston, TX

I was really nervous, but I found Dr. Vitenas on...

I was really nervous, but I found Dr. Vitenas on here and signed up for a consultation and I couldn't be happier that I did it! The staff was really sweet, Lindsey was so amazing, she works with you. I came in a second time to re-try on implants and she helped me feel good about the size I want- 371cc

I stopped growing in 5th grade. Only 32A at this...

I stopped growing in 5th grade. Only 32A at this point, I found RealSelf and I'm so glade I did! Found Dr. Vitenas and I looked at his photos, I knew he'd be a good choice. I got serious at 17, now at 19 I'm finally going to get them done! I'm so excited to finally fill out and be confident in myself

Before photos

Before photos

I always use serious padding to make it look like I have something. I have this thing with my chest and my doctor pointed it out, I don't recall the name of it but you can see, my chest sticks out. It should be flat but some how my chest points out so having smaller breast and wearing anything that exposes my chest, it's embarrassing.

Before photos not in clothes

Again you can see the chest thing I was talking about, I'm hoping that getting 371cc or about a full c low d maybe will hide it when I wear a bra and stuff. Either way I'll be happy because I've always wanted boobs!!! One is slightly fuller I guess to say but not a big difference. Doctor says I don't need two different sizes

Before photos

Before with clothes on, no bra

I usually wear a 32A but I don't have much going on at all

Wearing shirts no bra: before

Before photos: no bra

Trying on implants: 339cc I think

Trying on implants 371cc's

Bought some bras!

Bought some sport like bras, kinda just guessed at what size, but after the surgery I should be about full C to a D so they are all medium. Hope they fit!

Made some rice sizers! 375cc

It is slightly bigger than what I'm actually getting I'll be getting 371 cc

Rice sizers

Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vitenas is so nice and he knows what he is doing! Lindsey was so sweet and amazing working with me and helping me decide on the size I want!

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