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You ladies have been my night cap, I read your...

You ladies have been my night cap, I read your blogs til I fall asleep.. Dr cortes is who I have chosen for my bbl and lips. I have begun to buy post op things so far I have massage table to lay in when I get tired if bed or couch, pepe ez, thigh slimmers, cane chair( which I am returning) a few ladies said it doesn't work.

where to stay in Florida for Zip Dr. Salama?

Im changing Docs..need a place to stay..any suggestion

I'm booked in everyway

Hotel booked
Surgery Date with Dr. Salama girls, tell me what do I do now besides pray for a speedy recovery and the best results ever
P.s. I Love love Cynthia at the office

sitting on my new ass next month??

What do I use to sit?.. im trying to prepare for post op..I bought a 5mm yoga mat that when I sat down on it place under my thighs it went flat and my ass was on the chair! The exercise massage roll is so daam thick that I rolled right on the floor! Help me?!

34 more days and getting ready

What else do I need...I'm super excited my husband is finally acting like he is interested in what is about to take place. I guess he thought it was still all talk. NOT!!

no ass but Hot!

A few pics of my fly ass less self..been searching threw 500+ pics and only found 1 booty shot..I never posed like that cuz I worked what I had. So this is it..


Do any of you vets that has been to Dr. Salama think I need my own foam? Knowing that he gv u sum post op.

yoga mat

Do I need two yoga mats and then tape..cuz 1 mat went flat as soon as I sat on it.

lymphatic massage

I just bought a Groupon for 2 lymp massages at $69..And the director said I can buy addtional at that rate break and it up in 30 mins so blessed and I pray my recovery goes as smooth as my planning.

flight and hotel book

Flight booked! $300 RT Nonstop. It had been $340.. save a few coins. Hotel Booked! 8 nights $360. Courtyard by Marriott, Aventura. Now I'm waiting and hoping my hubby's job approves his FMLA so i can get his flight and rental car. An suggeation on car size for the


Do yall think I need to buy extra?? I hope u do bcuz I responded to my question in my earlier post.

pre-op measurements & physical

Neck 13.5
Chest 40
Waist 35.5
Hips 40
waiting on Lab results and pcp clearance. Making progress

Iron pill dosage

So my pcp advise me that I have been overdosing on iron pills, I was told to and had been taking 4-5pills a day when I am only to take 1. If you are unsure on the dosage please get opinion from your doctor or PS not anybody else! .This could've turn out bad 4 me.



medical clearance

I am all Cleared!! Husband flight & car booked..3 more weeks

Dining out

What do u guys eat when the hotel has no kitchen.

10 days to go!

Wow!! U I'm bouta b transformed into a big booty girl! Shaking in my stilettos!

Sx Paid in full $$$

Its about to go down..I had a great weekend with my family and friends! Last one b4 the big arrival of my new baby! Her first name is Bastalliondonk last name Booty!

4 days til the birth of my new baby

4 days pre op

4 days pre op

Add on

Bill from Dr. Cortes

Why do I have a $5000+ Bill from Dr. CORTES's office and I'm not having nor have I had surgery with him? What is this about? Lucy
told me since I haven't paid for my sx it'll be Cxl automatically!!

I made it out

No comments yet.. its day 3..feeling ok.. mixed emotions about the whole experience/ setting, etc... when I look in the mirror... smh... is all I hv to say

post op 5 days

Pics 4 u guys..let me kno


How do I know if my butt in garment is too small or large for the butt. Should it b snug or loose on booty?

must need items for 1st few days

1. Meds and Vitamins..Every 4 hr pain meds management.. Don't miss 1 pill the first few days. Day 9 i'm not taking any vicaden. Every time I took pain meds no matter time off day I ate 5 or so crackers with a drink of my choice to wash down then meds.
3. Day of sx Yo grandma robe (for real) nothing else. Literally they take u in mark u up and off to the sx table u go!
4. 4 maxi dresses( bareley left room)
5. Maxi pads for garment protection
6. Gauze, antibotics ointment & tape
7. Arnica gel and tabs
8. Antibacterial soap
9. A love one
10. Socks
11. Food( whatever you can tolerate. I ate soup, salads, fish sandwich, grouper, cabbage, veggies, crakers wit pb & then tuna.
12. Gatorade, pinr apple juice
13. Firming lotion
14. Alot of Walking around helps with the stiffness.
15. Headband for tubes when showering ( better than suctions they were a waste of $$ for me)

pain & stiffness

Pain was manageable with med control, stiffness got me more..I had my arms done too so its very uncomfortable to lay on yo belly with arm pain and discomfort..other than that. Hopefully no1 touches yo lipo areas or butt and u will b good.

my dislikes and disappointments

I didnt like the fact that some of the staff i came in contact with didnt speak good English and had a hard time understanding me as I did them. I just felt like I didnt pay 8999 to have the language barrier . I cuda paid 3500 and went to the DR ( out the country) if I was interested in putting up with that mess. After expressing my concerns with the language barrier Dr. Salam fixed it immediately by address my concern and offering me a satisfying solution. I was disappointed because Dr. Salama told me in my pre op..(I chose to go fwd) I will not hv a great big ole booty because i'm not built to hv 1 because of the elasticity of my skin but I did get 1300 cc's per side. Which day 1 post look like a little booty..but then day 2..demanded to speak wit Dr abt my concerns and he eased all my sorrows and regret with a very detail explanation along witb changing me into the butt in garment and it wasn't until then tht I honestly saw a big difference in my hubby and bbl sista told me I was good but I didnt c or feel it.. ladies we have to honestly wait and c the bigger picture on this house we are trying to build.

my stay @ courtyard by Marriott aventura

1 word

plane ride home

God is good!
Flew home thanksgiving day...No delays/cancellations or bad weather
Didn't get wheelchair service because I decided I am gonna get me an exit row and u cant b handicap asking for an exit row.. It was a Male ticket agent at the gate and I knew I had it then.. soooo I turned on my charm and there u go A WHOLE EXIT ROW TO MYSELF. Had to sit on boppy for take off and landing(leaned fwd on seat in front of me lucky no1 was there eitha) otha than tht I lay in thr 3 rows of seat. Smooth 2.10 hr flight.. Im lucky and blessed. God is good!

today's challenges

Finding comfort to lay down or sit down..
1. cane chair (waste of $)
2. Yoga mat to hard leg falls to aleep after sitting for a while.
3. Ass to wide for beach/lawn chair to be cut out.
4. Hubby bought $40 camping chair. .(yet to be determined)
5. Foam cushion..its hard to get in initially (still working on it)
6. Face down pillow ( who wanna lay like tht so I use it for the height and firmness to lift head for tv watching)
7. Massage table (yet to be determined)
All the shit I bought and nothing is comfy for long periods.

Garment choice

Wearing the butt in garment for now an maybe for the entirety..(one of his staff members had her butt done 2mths ago an wore the butt in garment since day1 and her ass is so phat , round & beautiful). it gave me form on my ass.. no irregular looking butt..also its more comfy and ez to potty..I hv not noticed fat loss.. not much compression on butt the material tht go over yo butt is made out of the material like a pair of panties.


sitting backwards on the toilet is where im most comfortable. .. a mess! But true

must have

P ez female urinal!! The best thing

she feels my pain

Love her, my road dog (literally)


Day 15
Hips 45
Waist 30

side profile

In panties looking alright

swelling going down

A break from garment b4 bath..


6 weeks post

What yall think??

4 mths

still healing..I dont like back fat


scheduling revision

August 2014

Dr. Salama has alot of knowledge on performing the bbl and has mastered his craft he can look and touch you and then tell you what your result will be scientifically & realistically. He is the Man for real. No bull! He is honest, sincere and compassionate. Most of His staff is on the same level

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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