BBL 21 Months PO (Schulman) - TT 7 Months PO (Salama)

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Hooray I did it, I lost 40lbs with exercising and...

Hooray I did it, I lost 40lbs with exercising and changing my eating habit, I'm really proud of myself. I am 5'6 and 180lbs now, it's time for the next chapter in my life "In Need of Curves". I've been researching this procedure for a year now. I have narrowed my search down to 3 PS's. I am feeling really good about Dr Cortes I feel he will give me the hips and well as the bootay projection I desire. I will be making my decision very soon. I really would like to make it happen by November 2013. Once I bring my husband on board with all of this, I think the decision to move forward will be much easier. He keep telling me to keep doing what I'm doing and I'll get the results I want. He doesn't understand my pain, there isn't any exercise in the world that will fill the dents where hips should be. I think now he's getting tired of me talking about it, he is finally realizing that I'm not going to let it die. I keep telling him he will benefit greatly.

Consult with Dr. Schulman in New York

I decided to contact Dr Schulman for a consult closer to home. There aren't many Schulman bbl dolls on RS.

Wish pics!.......Looking forward to my transformation!

Looking forward to my consultation with Dr S in a few weeks. I am currently 183 lbs, I workout 5 days a week. My goal is to get down to 170lbs before surgery.

New York here I come..........

Yay........9 days to consult with Dr Schulman! If all goes well I will be setting date immediately. I'm so obsessed with getting this surgery. Ready for the new chapter in my life. I am so ready to start shopping for clothes again. My husband is coming along slowly. He keep saying he don't see what the problem is. I hide the imperfections well in clothes and try not to expose my naked body to often. I believe once I have this surgery, I will feel good about my body and then it will be hard for me to keep clothes

Problem uploading pics.........

I tried uploading pics from my cell phone with no success. I will keep trying.

Pre-op Measurements - Goal to be 170lbs before surgery

Weight - 180lbs
Bust - 41
Waist - 33
Center of Butt - 41
Upper Thighs Width - 26
Arms Width - 13

Wish Pics

2nd attempt at trying to load wish pics borrowed from some of my BBL Sisters......

Dr Salama - Miami Florida??????

What a woman to Dr Salama seems to hit the mark every time. I love the way he sculpts the waist. His projection is on point, he gives a nice round shape. Seems like he know what a girl loves. The curves......Wow!

Consult w/Schulman - New York

Consult with Dr Schulman went well. Dr Schulman seems to be very knowledgable about the BBL procedures. I'm not confident that he will give that much focus on the hips. He did say that I will need a tt later due to loose skin in abdomen after lipo. It was hell getting to his office in New York City. Driving in NY was very challenging.......Geesh! I have one more consult before making a decision.

Salama BBL Dolls......

I must say I am amazed by Dr Salama's BBL results. His transformation is so impressing. The way he sculpts the body is amazing. The detail he shows to developing the waist and nice projection is a work of art. There are many BBL sistas here on RS that the before and after pics speaks volumes.

The Verdict's In..........It's Official Dr. Salama here I come! December 2013

Wow! My heart is racing! What did I just do! Did I just make it official? I'm freaking out over here. B4R and Elli890, help me please! I dream about this surgery day and night and now its time to make it happen. After months of research and almost a dozen consults, I feel Dr Salama will give me what my heart desires. I need to find a flight and condo (14 days) immediately for hubby and me. My emotions are all over the place. Did anyone else feel like this after biting the bullet and setting the date? I'm going to need a sedative to calm me down, headed downstairs for a glass of wine hope that helps. I need to start shopping for post op supplies.

Making progress....Losing belly fat! Can you tell?

As I continue in my quest to get to 170lbs before the big day, I'm seeing progress. I'm losing inches in my abdomen. I will need a TT for loose skin.

40 days to go!!!!!!!!! Condo Booked!!!!!!!! It's getting real.......Salama here I come!!!!!

Things are starting to fall in place. Condo booked for 14 days in Hollywood Beach. Will be booking air and rental car tomorrow. No turning back

Seeking Advice!

Hello BBL Sistas - I am in need of some advice. So, I sent an email to Dr Salama's office a few days ago to request a phone consult with the Dr since I'm coming from out of town and surgery is 32 days away. I wanted to talk to the Dr to get a better feel for the person operating on me. I was told that Dr Salama doesn't do phone consult, I will meet him the morning of surgery.....sad face! I was also told by the patient coordinator that after reviewing my pics Dr Salama feels that I need a TT which is no surprise to me because I knew that. She stated that Dr Salama normally like to do the TT first and have u return in 4 months for bbl. I am not traveling to florida for a TT, I can have that done locally. She said she wanted to prepare me for what could happen when I arrive because sometimes the Dr Salama insist that the TT is done first but he will make that observation the morning of surgery and different between the bbl and TT will be refunded to me. I know I will get better results by doing the TT first but that's not my preference and I should be able to make that decision and deal with the consequences. The fact that I'm not able to speak to a Dr that I'm paying a healthy amount of money to perform a life changing surgery is blowing my mind. I realize he's a busy surgeon but the ability to provide a personable experience with each patient shouldn't be compromised. This could be a deal breaker for me. Please ladies I need feedback...........

BBL IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the BBL Dolls that listened to my concern and provided feedback!!!!!!!!!

The train is moving again! I worked with the patient coordinator to advocate on my behalf since I wasn't able to speak with the Dr directly. She stressed my feelings about wanting the BBL first and TT at a later date and he agreed. I'm so glad to have that behind me. There are so many bigger things to be worry about, I'm glad I don't have to spend anymore energy on that. I have less than 30 days to go........Yippeeeeee

Making Progress

Can u see the difference in my abdomen? I am cutting back on my cardio regiment so I can save some fat for my big booty...

Losing abdomen fat....Future TT to get rid of extra skin.

25 days til I see Dr Salama!!!!!!!

I awoke this morning with a boat load of emotions. Like all my bbl sistas I am excited thinking about how having a more attractive booty would be a life changing experience. How just having the ability to walk up to a clothing rack with the confidence of knowing that any item on the rack will be enhanced by your beautiful body would be great reward for all the pain and sleepless nights. Oh what a feeling it would be to retire the butt pads that I often wondered if they were detectable with certain outfits. I am soooooooo ready to feel that sweet confident feeling of walking in front of my husband of 18 years (together 24) in my birthday suit without the fear of Ms Flatty dominating my silhouette. The feeling of fear is also present from time to time, you know that "what if" factor. I sometimes sit and think about the cons of this surgery and look at my family and question whether I'm being selfish. I've been unhappy with my body for a longtime, however, it was magnified times 100 when I lose weight. Any sign of curves, booty or boobs were all stolen within a blink of an eye. It took a minute for my husband to accept that I wanted to do this. He thought it was just a phase I was going through and that I would eventually get over it. Alrighty then, it's two years later and I am still talking about it That's when he realized that I was serious about improving my body. He supports me in my decision to do this but he still doesn't see the need, I told him to stay I thought the emotional roller coaster would start post op but boy was I wrong. I still go back and forth but I find if I stay immersed in all my bbl sistas wonderful results it provides the therapy I need during pre-op to help me get to post-op. I look forward to this change. Until next time!

Daily 4:30am Workout Continues.....

A few pics wearing workout clothes. I will take pics after surgery wearing these same clothes.

Almost time...... Another pic of current state!

Ok, my time is rapidly approaching and I want to document as much as I can so that I have a reference point to compare my end results. I need my waist snatched and hips filled.

Cleared for Surgery..........

Labs and EKG good.

Current Situation........

Few pics showing current view from back and side. My transformation is 18 days away.

Change in PS....

I changed from Salama to Schulman. I'm looking forward to Dr Schulman making me over. Not sure how to change the PS name in my profile. At peace with my decision!!!!!!

Labs requested for clearance!!!!!!!!


Feelings 13 Days B4 Surgery........

Wow! It's really going down in 13 days. I can honestly say, I'm not as nervous as I was a few months ago. I have educated myself as much as I can and feel confident that my surgeon of choice will deliver the best results for "MY" body type. From everything I hear this surgery is vey emotional. So, I continue to pray for the ability post-op to recognize "improvement" and not "perfection". To go under the knife expecting perfection is a lot to ask for from a surgeon. There is only one person that I Iknow that can deliver perfection. I go into surgery with a body with many deficiencies, uneven cheeks, cellulite, dents, loose skin etc, so I welcome improvement. As long as I'm able to say the famous words "I might not be where I want to be but I'm sure not where I use to be" then mission will be accomplished.

8 Days and Counting...

Ok, so it's really going down! Reality has sat in, I am having surgery in 8 days. All the logistics have been taken care of. Looking forward to a having a phatty. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for recovery. I think I'm well prepared but we'll see.

Today starts my leave......

This time next week I will be recovering. I am officially off work for two months for recovery....

Quick Pic....

I would love to fill out these pajama pants.....

Christmas Shopping Completed......

So I have officially completed my Xmas shopping. All gifts brought and wrapped. I wanted to complete my shopping prior to surgery in the event I'm not up to the task postop.

Checking My List Twice....

All post-op supplies checked..

Prescribed Medication
Dramamine (for nausea)
Health Insurance Information
Stability Disc (thigh support while sitting)
Foam Rolls (thight support while sitting)
Soft Pillow (for back support while sitting)
Arina Gel (for swelling)
Calendula Extract (for swelling)
Body Pillow
4x4in Gauzes
Female Wipes
Ricola Cough/Throat Drops
Sanitary Napkins
Antibacterial Soap
Tooth Brush/Paste
Adhesive Remover
Extension Cord
Foam Sheets
Triangle foam for lower back
Tummy board
Female Urinal (funnel)
Tank Tops
Slip on shoes
Towels (2 old towels)
Pineaple Juice
Orange Juice
Post op I plan to eat plenty of foods with protein.

4 Days Away.........

Feeling blessed! Ok, so my husband is officially off work for one month to take care of me postop bless his heart. He is well prepared. He went to the grocery store yesterday to prepare for my meals. He said he just need for me to concentrate on getting well he got everything else. God is goood!

Snow on the way.......

Ok, so bad weather is on the way! Today all schools and Govt are closed in my surrounding areas. Expecting one inch of snow per hour. My surgery is 2 days away. I will be driving to my surgery destination. I pray the snow doesn't affect my travels......geesh! Snow, Snow go away come back another day. Rain, sleet or snow nothing will keep me from reaching New

Snow is falling....

The snow continues to fall but I repeat this weather will not stop me from traveling to NY tmrw....

Day Before Surgery!

Tomorrow is the "Big Day". Ok, so I didn't make my goal weight of 170lbs. I am a little disappointed in myself for not meeting the goal weight I set for myself but oh well this too shall pass. I'm feeling confident that Dr Schulman will mold my body into a masterpiece. I pray for a sucessful surgery, speedy recovery and the ability to recognize improvement not necessarily perfection. Here are the updated measurements (some improvement).

Weight - 179.4lbs
Bust - 41
Waist - 32
Center of Butt - 40
Upper Thigh Width - 25
Arm Width - 13

Wish Pics.....

I plan to share these wish pics with Dr Schulman tmrw borrowed from another bbl sista. Pics shows the desired projection and waist to hip ratio.

New York Bound.....

Ok, so today is the day for my big transformation. I'm feeling good this morning well rested and mind at ease awaiting the new me. My hubby is in amazement at how calm I am because he knows I'm a big stresser. All I can say is "God is Good"! With each year I've learned to pray about it and let it go, not pray about it and worry. I realize what's meant for me I will have with abundance. I would like to say thank you to all the ladies that helped me get to this point. We may take it for granted when we're providing support to each other whether it be a kind word or knowledge but know there is someone out there in the RS-Land gaining courage from everything we share. I would like to send a special thank you to: Booty4real, Cocacola1, Increaseme, Elli890, MGBWM27 and Lemi720 for never hesitating to share knowledge. I have always believe in maintaining a open pure heart because you never know in what form a blessing will come. We started out as strangers but day by day relationships were formed....Women supporting Women truly a blessing. Let me stop here because the tears are forming. I will share update just as soon as I'm able.

My weight day of surgery: 178.6lbs

I made it to the other side.....

Hello Ladies..I have been having a rough time. I'm good but for some reason I am super swollen in all lipo areas. Is this normal? I'm stiff and some pain as you would expect. As soon as I can I will update you guys and post pics..

Post Op Pics.....

Sorry for the delay in posting pics. Still in a lot of pain but better than the day before. My hands and upper thighs are swollen twice my normal size. I heard back from a few of the ladies saying it's normal. I've been eating, drinking, taking meds and sleeping. I'm up every 2 hours walking. I pray for longer sleep span. Getting in and out the bed has proven to be the most difficult task. My how you depend on your arm strength. I had abdomen, upper/lower back, flanks, inner/outer thighs and arms (basically almost the entire top half). A big cup has been my best friend. This surgery is not meant to recover alone. My hubby has been absolutely amazing. Ladies you have truly prepared me for this journey. Until later ladies....

Before & After Pics......

I will take more pics as soon as I'm able to take garment off to shower...

Swollen lower half of body......

Ok ladies to ease my mind, I reached out to Dr Schulman this evening to inquire about the lower half of my body being sooooo swollen. He immediately responded via phone call and informed me that my concern is normal. Without having my paperwork in front of him, he stated from memory that he removed about 7 liters of fat and re-injected 1650 to each side (includes hips). Swelling is very normal because of the amount lipoed, he said he would be concern if only one side was swelling. He also mentioned that it's very important to watch my sodium intake. While I had Dr on the phone, I mentioned not being able to sleep for more than 2 hours. He advised to make pillows my best friend, adjust them accordingly to allow me yo lay on my stomach with my feet elevated. If still having difficulty sleeping benadryl will help.


Hello Ladies, I was just laying here wondering how different my recovery would be without "Arms" and "Thighs" lipoed. Just a thought! In the end, I know I will be happy that I made the choice to do both.

keep it moving!

Walking is the key to a speedy recovery. Starting to feel a difference from walking each and every time I'm up in the middle of the night for bathroom break. It does make a difference. Sitting idle too long will cause stiffness with the QUICKNESS.

1 WEEK PO Today.......Shower @ 6 Days PO

First Shower @ 6 Days Post Op - The process started @ 7:00am - ended 9:15am:

Ok RS Dolls, I'd been dreading taking off the garment to shower in fear of fainting, swelling and not being a able to get the garment back on. Well my hubby removed the garment and proceeded with the task of removing all the foam attached to my skin with adhesive. Thanks to "Elli890" for recommending a must have adhesive remover the task was not difficult . I took a peek at the bruises and swelling for the first time. I had already prepared my mind for the bruising but somehow I still got emotional. My hubby proceeded to assist me to step into the shower with warm water waiting. Ladies my fear was put to rest after feeling the warm water run down my skin. I washed my front area as best I could and hubby took care of back. I step out shower feeling like a new woman. My hubby immediately ask me to step on scale to see how much water weigh I'd gained, well my eyes liked to jumped out of head when I saw 196.6Ibs on the scale. A whooping 18lbs gained from my pre op weight. Well, I got depressed immediately thinking about all the hard work I put into losing weight before surgery only to have it return in one day. My hubby assured me that I will lose the water weight. I was still in a slump for the remainder of the day.

1 WEEK PO Today - The Infamous "First BM" @ 6 Days PO"

Ladies "TMI" So it happened that feeling you get in your stomach when you know it's about to go down. The Big BM was here and wasn't taking no for an answer. So I had already prepared my husband that the day would come but we just don't know when so we needed to have a disaster recovery plan in place. Well it was time and we needed to act on everything learned in training. We attempted to execute the original plan with NO success. We were running out of time, desperation set in, there was no more time to waste. My hubby immediately laid out plastic on the floor lined with newspaper on top and told me to squat over paper and go for it. The expression on my face was one that was "classic" but I followed instructions. With a few deep breathes and a couple of pushes it was over. A heavy load had been lifted "literally". Because of this big 48" booty I wasn't able to wipe myself so hubby had to setup to the plate to take care of me. Ladies don't take for granted that you will be limited in your mobility for sometime. So be sure to have a plan A, B and C in place. My hubby asked me later if there were anymore surprises he should be aware

1 WEEK PO Today - Swelling/Sleeping

Day 7---- I just wanted to to take minute to share my recovery 7 days in. I can honestly say I'm not in a lot of pain it's the stiffness that's overbearing and not being able to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. I have excessive swelling in my legs, feet and arms that starting around day 3. The arms are better but the legs and feet has gotten worse. I contacted Dr Schulman to seek advice. He stated because of the amount of lipoed swelling is normal and because of gravity it goes to legs and feet. His recommendation was to continue to watch my sodium intake and drink plenty of fluids and over time the swelling will gradually subside. It just freaks me out to see my skin stretched to capacity as if it's going to pop. My prayers are simple these days. I ask God to reduce the swelling, minimize stiffness and make it so I can sleep more than 2 hours. AMEN! This is not a easy recovery, you have to mentally prepare yourself for each phase in order to survive. I wouldn't be sharing the full truth if I didn't mention that I have questioned my decision to trade in a perfectly pain free body for one that causes me pain daily but I continue to glace at the PO pics for reassurance. I also remind myself that the discomfort will pass. Until next time ladies.....

1 WEEK PO - Stomach after lipo

Quick pic of my stomach after lipo. I knew from day 1 that I would have loose skin after lipo. A TT will definitely be needed to perfect everything but if you ask me today if a TT is in my future, my answer would be "HELL NO". I will continue to wear my garment padded with foam in hopes for some more shrinkage. My stomach is already flat just has the extra skin. We'll see!

Medi-Sol Skin Adhesive Remover (Hospital Strength)

A few ladies have asked about the "Adhesive Remover" I used the Medi-Sol Skin Adhesive Liquid Remover (Hospital Strength) ordered from amazon. This product was recommended by Elli890 best thing going.

1 WEEK SIDE VIEW after Stomach Lipo

At the request of "ebonymichele" here is a few side view pics of my stomach. Excuse all the bruising. Hope this helps...


BUTT - A whopping "48 to "47"
Dr Schulman gave me exactly what I asked for. I may have asked for a little too Remember I started at "41". Trying to embrace the new me.....

As you can see I'm still struggling with the extra fluid weight. I'm trying to get back down to my day of surgery weight of "178.6".

So ladies as for the swelling in my legs and feet. I can honestly say there's some improvement. I'm moving around the house a little swifter. I have not clothed and left the house yet. The more the swelling goes down I'm starting to see the shape of my thighs and Knees again. As for my stomach, back and arms there is still some swelling but very mild compared to legs and feet. My arms just feel like a good workout, if I could do it again I would still do my arms I see great improvement. My stomach and back are both still tender to the touch, I think Dr S sucked out every ounce of fat available on my back I can feel My opinion, thighs are very delicate and special which make recovery touch. My legs has dominated my recovery totally. I would not touch my legs if I had the chance to do it over again..

I'm happy to report that I am now sleeping a whopping 4 hrs instead of 2 hrs at a time. I prayed and prayed for God to give me more sleeping time. Still if I lay to long my thighs feel like they're cemented to the bed (no exaggeration). I literally have to lay there for at least 10-15 mins wiggling my toes and trying to move my legs before I can gain some mobility in my legs (very heavy). This concerns me greatly but I'm trying to be patient and wait it out. To go from legs that walked 50 miles a week to barely being able to lift them is concerning but I know I'm in recovery. Im still not able to bend down to pick anything up from the floor just yet. I will continue to walk as much as I can to build strength to my legs daily.

I'm eating very healthy and drinking plenty of fluids. I'm actually still have a daily BM which was not normal for me before surgery. My diet consists of plenty of protein and vegetables and water.

My recovery continues.....


Hey guys I forgot to share my stomach progress in my previous post. My skin is retracting slowly. The skin is not hanging as low as before. I welcome any improvement. See pics day of surgery and now from compression. I will continue to compress to see where it takes me.

2 WEEKS PO - Bruising......

I have very little remaining bruising. My arms and upper thights are still bruised and sore to touch. I still apply Arnica gel to bruises after shower.

Look @ That Phatty. ...

Look at that Phatty! Dr Schulman did that! What a difference from where I started.

2 WEEKS PO. .....Stage 1 Garment

I've been wearing my stage 1 garment religiously, I only remove it to shower and wash the garment (no more than two hours a day). Actually, I feel protected when I'm wearing it if that makes since. I wear extra padding on my back and stomach to further compress and it really works. The pics does nothing for how my stomach is really retracting. The rolls on my back have flatten also. Consistency is the key. I'm amazed at my stomach. I still have swelling on stomach and back but I can definitely see the light. I will be looking to purchase a butt in garment at the 30 day mark....

Lipo Foam

OMG....Lipo Foam is the business! I had to take a minite to share. I've been wearing lipo foam under my garment since surgery and let me tell you my back rolls have totally flatten and the extra stomach skin is shrinking before my eyes.....Wow! I was mainly wearing the foam to give me that extra cushion security because my skin didn't feel like my own. Ladies I am proof that lipo foam is worth purchasing.... I purchased 2 sheets from Amazon.

3 WEEKS PO.....1st Post Op Visit

Ok, so I made it through the New York snow storm for my 1st post op visit today with Dr Schulman and I am happy to report that I'm healing as major concerns to report just still signs of swelling in lipoed areas which to be expected. Dr Schulman is truly the best at what he does. He confirmed that he removed 8.1 liters and injected 1650cc's in each side. I'm a happy Sista!

My weight today is 188lbs. I'm still 10lbs over my weight reported day of surgery. My booty is "46" today down from "48" day of surgery and I am still totally pleased because sometimes it's not about the size of the booty it's the overall sculpting that gives you that POW shape. When I look at my before and after pics truly Dr Schulman gave me curves. You can clearly see how my abdomen skin has retracted thus far from lipo only......NO TT and I'm still very swollen so it only gets better. Even with all the remaining swelling you can still see my new shape. "Smiling like the joker"

At 3 weeks, my only discomfort is stiffness if I lay or sit too long and tenderness in my abdomen and back. I continue to create new ways to sit without putting pressure on the gold. I tried on a pair of sweatpants for the first time today and I stood in front of the mirror in amazement.'s me! My husband rubs me down twice a day to keep my skin moisturized and I swear when he gets to my "Phatty" he rubs that beauty oh so gently while staring at it like it's a crystal ball.....just say Daddy is loving the new me. ......Sorry TMI.

To all ladies going through recovery stay encouraged it gets better. Daily I move closer to regaining the full me. Use your pre-op/post-op pics to remind you that the temporary discomfort endured during recovery will be a thing of the past and you will soon be enjoying the new you. The key is definitely patience. ...
Until next time........

1 Month Post-Op

Recovery is moving along smoothly. Still have a little swelling in legs, abdomen and back. From time to time I get tingling pain in abdomen and back. I am focusing on trying to get my tummy to retract a little more. I have two huge fibroids in the lower abdomen so my tummy will only flatten so much. My results are very natural. I have loss volume since surgery, I started 48 butt and now 45 1/2. I welcome fluffing! My butt is still sore. I sit using my boppy. I have not gone without compression yet so I don't know what that feels like. I feel more protected with garment on. I will see family today so, I await to see if anyone notice my new phatty. I've gotten totally use to carrying this phatty around. Yippee.....I'm sleeping 6 Hours now! Still experience stiffness if I sit too long. I try not to sit for more than 20 mins at a time. I plan to stay away from jeans until 3 months. I have not been shopping for new clothes yet, I plan to wait until the 3 month mark to see what I'm left with. Can't wait to exercise. I see Dr again in six weeks.

Another 1 Month Post-Op Snapshot....

So, I visited family today for the first time since surgery. Just say all eyes were on me trying to figure out what changed. Is it the butt? Is it a tt, etc? I dare not to volunteer any information. So finally after all the stares, one relative just came out and asked "Did you do something to your body"? Well for a second I thought to spill the beans but instead I decided to declare that the squat challenge and crunches is what contributed to my new look. She looked at me and said you look great. She then proceeded to ask do I think it would help her.....If I ever felt guilty in my life it was at that moment. Somebody, Anybody pull me away from this conversation. I really didn't think my change would stand out as much as it did. My booty is not huge. Ladies just know ain't no hiding the new you. Folks will notice.......Some will be happy for you and some will envy you. Everybody wants a nice body! Embrace the new you and keep it moving....

6 Week Post Op Update

Hello Ladies.....Ok it's been 6 Weeks and "Juicy" is recovering well. At this point, I am loving my results. I've decided not to measure again but instead just enjoy my daily improvement. I do have a few flat spots but still better than pre-op. I still have some swelling in my abdomen and back that improves daily. I'm still wearing my garment and squeem religiously. I've been wearing a lot of sweats, leggings and t-shirt for comfort. Looking forward to the 3 month mark to wear a pair of jeans. I tell you this thing stops my husband in his tracks. He absolutely loves "Juicy". I went to the mall the other day and tried on some dresses and just let me tell you, I felt like it would be a crime to expose "Juicy" like that. Spring and Summer is coming and I have to build enough nerve to expose this thing. Never thought I would have concern about showing the new me off.....Crazy Right!

6 WEEKS PO - Clothes On

I wanted to show you guys what I look like with clothes on at 6 weeks.....The 6 week pic is not very clear but you can see the difference from pre-op... The pic really doesn't do justice for this phatty.

2 Month PO Update

Ok, so it's been 2 months and I am feeling 80% back to normal. I still have a little swelling in my thighs and abdomen. Also experiencing the sharp pains and sensation in my lower back that comes and goes. Ladies it's true the tape measure is the devil. My butt measured 48 a few days after surgery and today I am 44 inches......sad face! We get so use to the swollen booty that we become disappointed when the swelling subsides. I noticed most of my loss on my lateral sides, the fat didn't hang around. This is such an emotional ride. I can't help but think about revision/round 2 but I know the moment I tell my husband what I'm thinking he's going to lose his mind and question why I would want to go through that recovery again. It's just a thought right now! I know it's still early and I hopefully have the fluffing stage to experience. I just wanted to let you ladies know that the thought has crossed my mind. I was one of the folks that said no way would I elect to go through recovery a second time........That's why you never say never. I'm praying that I don't lose anymore volume. I will assess where I am at the 3 month mark. Other than volume loss to my prize possession, I am really happy with the overall sculpting. I still have not worn jeans yet. I want a rounder booty with a little more hip appearance. I'm wondering if I would even have enough fat left to enhance the areas I want improved. I aways refer back to where I started to help me appreciate how far I've come but I still can't help but wonder how just a little more fat added to my Phatty would be great. Has anyone else felt like this do? How do you shake it?

2 Month PO - Another Pic

Another 2 month snapshot.....

2 Month PO - Wearing butt/out Garment

I just wanted to share a pic wearing my stage 1 garment at 2 months.

Lateral Butt/Hip Volume Loss......

Hello Ladies I just wanted to share a pic that shows the fat loss in the lateral butt/hip area that I spoke about in my 2 months PO update. This is why I was considering a revision to improve my lateral butt/ hip area. Dr S did magic on my waist it continues to shrink. I wish I had more hips to give a better ratio.

10 Weeks PO Appointment w/ Dr Schulman -- I received my Schulman panties!

Dr Schulman is truly the best! From the time I first met him all my worries were put to rest. His bedside manner is excellent, I never felt rushed from consultation to surgery to post op appts. He always answered all my questions and concerns in a manner in which I could understand. My 10 Week PO appt went very well, no issues to report everything is healing as expected. He informed me that I could resume life as usual (exercising, sitting, etc). He mentioned that I would still experience tightness in lipo areas and swelling from time to time for up to a year. I mentioned to him about my hips losing fat, he showed me the before and after pics taken in his office side by side to show the drastic improvement in my hips.......Wow! He said what was lose was swelling not fat. I received my Schulman panties......

3 Months PO

Wow......It's been 3 months already! I'm doing well. I can honestly say my recovery went as plan no major issues. This phatty has a mind of its own. Some days it seems smaller then all at once it pops. I continue to eat healthy and do light exercise 5 days a week. My legs are not as strong as before surgery but my endurance is increasing. My Phatty still sits rather high, I'm not sure if it will drop at this point. Ladies I wanted to share a pic of me wearing jeans at my 3 month mark but unfortunately I've not been able to find a pair of jeans that will get pass my thighs. I need the stretchy material. My husband said this Spring and Summer is going to be very interesting. I tried on a summer dress the other day and before I could get out of the dressing room to show my husband a woman stop me and said ""You have a nice body"........She said I would love to have your butt!!!!!! I said Thx but to myself I said it wasn't always this I don't know if anyone else went through the stage of covering up. I found myself trying to find clothing that would conceal my Phatty. Well I soon realized that concealing this thing is not an option. My husband said concealing is definitely not an For some odd reason when I approach woman who are experiencing "butt deficiency" I feel guilty. It's in those times that I don't want to flaunt my phatty because I feel the envy because what woman doesn't want a nice shapely butt. I'm continuing to get use to the new me trying to embrace all aspects. I continue to use Merderma on my lipo incision scars. I started sitting at 2 months. I still have fear of losing fat if I sit too long. Dr Schulman told me not to worry about sitting because the chances of losing fat now is very slim. It's funny how my husband is always touching phatty. He still rubs my back and phatty with coco butter to help get rid of the lipo incision marks. I still have no regrets. I say to the 40+ ladies it's never too late for improvement. At some point in life after taking care of everything and everybody else we have to make us first. Life is too short to live in regret always wishing. I say do your research and "Go for it" your won't be disappointed. Until next time dolls....

3 Months PO Pics....

For some reason the pics didn't load with my 3 month po update above. Trying again!

4 Months PO

I must say I'm doing well enjoying this amazing transformation. Every so often I still have a little swelling in my legs. This new body get extra looks from both men and women. A young lady just told me yesterday that I had a nice booty. My volume is holding steady. There are a few areas I would like to add a little more fat. I want more fat added to the bottom of booty and lateral sides for more roundness. My concern is where would the fat come from? I'll be Miami next month celebrating my birthday so, I've decided to stop in for a consultation with 3 Docs in Miami to see if I qualify for full round 2 or just revision. This booty has change my world, I love looking in the mirror now. For all the ladies thinking about doing it, do your research and "Just do it" and you won't regret it. As you can see in my pics, my stomach is not as flat as I would like it to be due to large fibroids but I am still overly grateful. I'm still contemplating whether to have the procedure to get rid of the fibroids or just leave them alone since I'm not have any problems from them other than the bulge. My ob/gyn doc says to leave them alone if they're not bothering me. I was able to find a pair of stretchy jeans that fit......yeah! Ladies I still wear my corset daily while lounging around the house and it does make a difference. I am so proud of my waist, I started from the bottom now I'm here. I never thought I would see a 28 waist. My waist was 44 inches before my weight loss journey.......So again even with the fibroid bulge I'm grateful. I am so grateful to Dr Schulman for giving me the wonderful platform.

5 Months PO

Progressing right along pretty much back to normal. Still have swelling in my thighs and knees if I don't monitor my sodium intake. I'm loving the new me. My husband has something on his hands. My leggings no longer has booty deficit. Wow.....This thing is a show stopper especially in bodycon dresses. My waist is 28 1/2 never thought I would see again in my lifetime. My waist was 44 inches before I started my weight loss journey so you see why I'm so excited. I will accept anything in the 20's. I desire more roundness at the bottom of my booty so I'm thinking about revision/R2. Not sure I have enough fat to do full R2. I don't want a bigger booty just a more shapely booty. Honestly, I don't think my husband can handle this thing getting any bigger. I will keep you guys posted on my decision.

1 Year PO

Hello sistas I just wanted to drop in to share that it's been 1 year since my surgery I am doing great loving the new me. As soon as I'm able to I will write a detail review and share more pics. Here's two pics for now. Also, I am scheduled for TT and more fat to booty in Feb 2015.

BBL 21 Months PO (Schulman) - TT 7 Months PO (Salama)

Hello Ladies just wanted to stop through to share a few pics. It's been 21 Months since my BBL with Dr Schulman and 7 Months since my Tummy Tuck with Dr Salama both experiences were absolutely the best no complaints. The key to maintaining your investment is healthy eating and some exercise. This has truly been a journey and I would do it all over again without a second thought My waist is currently 26 and Booty 46.5. Ttyl

Before Year 2013 and After Year 2015 Pics

Snapshots before and after surgery to show where I began.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr Schulman is truly the best! From the time I first met him all my worries were put to rest. His bedside manner is excellent, I never felt rushed from consultation to surgery to post op appts. He always answered all my questions and concerns in a manner in which I could understand. I will definitely consult Dr Schulman for future procedures. Other roles equally important are the anesthesiologist and nurse and their both exceptional. I couldn't ask for a better experience. Remember when chosing a PS it's not always about the price because "piece of mind" is priceless.

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