My Mind is Set I No Longer Want to Be Average!

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So I'm 23 years old and for the past year I have...

So I'm 23 years old and for the past year I have been debating if I will get the surgery or not. An every time I come to the conclusion that it's defiantly for me. Last November I had my breast done be Dr Cortez in Houston and I love my results besides the fact that he does the incision under the breast So if u hold up your breast you see the scar. But besides that no complaints.

My height is 5'7/5'8
I weigh 195 currently
And measurements of 36DDD-34-42

I'm currently trying to lose weight cause I would prefer to be under 170 for the procedure. So I work out with a trainer 3x a week and try to do cardio and eat right, but it's a struggle lol

I would love to have measurements more around 34DD-28-44

I don't know who I want to do my procedure. Right now it's between Salma and Jamison If you have and advice please share

I can't choose a doctor Help!!!

Still have no clue who I will have my procedure done by If I choose by price I would pick Salma in Miami but to me he doesn't take enough fat out of girls I want to feel like the complete max was taken out But he already includes hips and everything else for that matter

Jamison in Atlanta does a great job for thick girls But his pricing and he is super booked is a turn off

Help Help Help

Any other great doctors in the US

Thinking about going to the DR

So I have 8k saved up so far after my birthday and Christmas I'm hoping to have the doubled Hopefully my male friend will get his attitude together and still pay for it so I can keep my money lol But I'm thinking about going to DR for the BBL the prices are so my h better and who could pass up a beautiful vacation Only problem if I go their I would want to stay like 3 weeks and that's along time to be away from my son. Still trying to figure out what I'm going to do

On the bright side I started Insantiy today my goal is to get under 170 by time I get it done Which I excited about I've already lost 15lbs from my heaviest since having my son

Hot mommy here I come!

Finally picked a Doctor

So I sent in my pictures and got a email back from Dr Salama He wants me to lose 10-15 lbs in order to receive the look I'm going for. Which is fine because that was my plan. I'm so excited.

I'm trying to decide if I'm going to tell my male friend I'm going through with it or not yet. I plan to tKe my son to my aunts house for the 2 weeks since he has work and other obligations and I really don't know if he could handle are son by his self

My quote is 8,999 plus 500 for lipo of the arms.

My only concern is they are super booked so it is going to be had to get a day that works with are schedules I can only get survey in the months of Jan-April I hope all goes as planned

It's official

So today I called and put my deposit down I'm so excited. Nancy was so sweet. She told me how good Dr Salama is with his lipo and that if I want I can go down to 170ish if I want and will still have amazing results plus an even more amazing waist size. This is my treat to myself for being such a great mom and giving up so much in my life to be just that.

I'm starting a semi count down by weeks since survey is so far away. I'm deciding not to tell anyone about it since I really don't want to here anyone's opinions about plastic sx. So now it's just me and my real self bbl sisters lol.

I can't wait to look and feel amazing again ??

Wish Pictures

I want some nice hips, a slim waist and a heart shaped ass! I don't want a big old ghetto bootay. I want it to look very natural.


So I need to lose 25-30 lbs Everyone says you need to maintain your weight for a few months prior to surgery. Im a try to keep up wit insanity as well as hitting the gym 5x's a week. Im so not ready to give up food completely but reading my other BBL Sisters post it seems the best way to lost weight is doing a 5-2 diet 5 days eat a regular low calorie diet (1250 calories) and two days do a under 500 calorie diet.

Any other tips ladies???

Im becoming so obsessed like other girls. Im nervous, anxious and excited. Especially because i know that months go by so fast.

Ive been looking at some more reviews of Dr. Salama and his Worth it ratings are amazing How ever their are a few ladies who rated his services not worth it and their results are very far from amazing. I understand every body is different and absorbs fate different I just pray I am a worth it rating at the end and don't feel like I'm wasting 9k

My time is coming.

Excited the day couldn't come sooner. Think I'm going to stay at a recovery house. But I'm also going to look into what are the savings if I stay some where else if any. At first I was going to have my ex boyfriend join me but after reading so many other ladies stories it seems like it's best not to.

Also I decided to get my chin done as well.

2014 an every year after shall be my year lol

50 Days and counting

So I have surgery in 50 days I'm so excited.

I haven't did any of my preparations yet But I plan on waiting till the the day mark except for plan tickets I plan to get then soon cause right now the are really cheap.

I did to make an appointment for my lab work in Houston but I don't even know where to start at. I haven't lived here kind an I still don't have a regular doctor.

Any ways I'm so invested in having a better shaped body. I spent my Christmas money I received on turning one of our guest rooms into a mini gym. Hopefully for the next 6 months I can practically live in it besides the 6 weeks I take off from working out for recovery.

Sad thing I'm such a procrastinator for now I have yet to lose any weight I really hope I can get in together by March.

My worries right now are what if it goes terribly wrong an I never see my babies again. Or what if my add is so big I look like Blaq Chyna Omg I would die lol. I just want some hips ass add to the bottom an some good lipopn my fat arms and stomach lol

An I asking to much

Thank God

Finally got this man on board. Which was very important not to get the surgery but for after the surgery. Regardless is he agreed or not I planned to continue this journey but with him on board after I spend this money he will not be mad that I spent it lol

So now I'm super excited. I get the body I want and still have him in my corner supporting me.

Today was a good day lol

5 weeks and counting

5 weeks and the excitement just keeps growing. I'm starting to become even more obsessed which seems unreal. My mind is always thinking about what more can I do now to get beautiful results, how much is it really going to hurt, how long will it take to bounce back and the list goes on and on.

I've finally have mode my accommodations for where I will stay. I'm staying at a recovery home because I know I will need physical and emotional support and I don't want to depend on one of my loved ones because of the chance that they let me down.

To do list:
Buy supply
Book flights
Lab clearing


Got one more thing off my things to do list. Went and did labs, and my results will be sent by Wednesday.

Now I need to book these flights found one on United for 360 But it's not first class :( but I will take that I don't need everyone looking at me as the get on the plane anyways lol

An finally pack my bags. And buy all supplies I will need.

So so excited!

So anyways I been trying to eat clean to lose a few inches before the big day and it's going pretty good. But I can't wait for Super Bowl cheat day and valentines day cheat day lol. I'm a foodie


Just received a call saying I was cleared for surgery.

Flights will be booked tonight.

Then working on packing and buying all my Items.

Have to start my vitamin c and iron ASAP

Check Check lol

So flights are done. Also supply list is coming along I got a lot of the things I could find at target and cvs. But something's I need to order online. Which I will do this weekend.

Less then 25 days till pre-op appointment.

Very disappointed in myself for gaining back all weight that I ended up losing for this But it's ok I will get back with my trainer when I get cleared to start back working out

Measurements as of last night 37-35-43. This chin needs to be done And these arms most importantly

21 days till the big day!

The count down is real.

21 days I'm so excited I find myself on here even more now. Just looking at all recent results and making sure I'm not forgetting anything.

Well I've booked my flights
Cleared for surgery
Have a place to same
And have 95% of my supply

All that is left is to pay my balance to the recovery house
Tell Justin my flight times
Fill my prescriptions
And pay my surgery
And lastly pack my bags

I just pray I have a good outcome and that after surgery I can continue to get my body where I want it to be. I'm pretty sure this is my last sx unless one day in the future I decide to get a tummy tuck after more kids or a little more lipo. Lol.

As far as lipo I've decide to just get my full stomach back and sides, and adding my arms. I want my chin but I feel he is going to say it's to much fat I'm asking to be taken out overall and I don't want to compromise my waist results because of my arms and chin. I might have to work them out the hard way lol.

1 week away OMG

This time has passed by so fast it seems.

Although I did lose away weight I'm still super excited. I feel my expectations are realistic. I'm just so nervous. Yet excited at the same time.

After surgery I just plan to tone up cause honestly I love my thick legs. My only problem areas are my upper body.

To do list.

Give Justin my flight information
Pick up a few comfy outfits

5 days

I'm so excited, nervous and scared at the same time.

I love reading all the reviews it helps a lot.

I'm just ready to get this jump start to a better body

New Me Here I Come

So I'm up early all packed and about to head to the airport to make the cross over. Lol. My nerves are so bad. I pray everyday and I just tell my baby I love him so much.

But I'm still down and ready to join the big booty club lol.

Here are my most recent photos. I haven't been on the scale but I'm pretty sure I've gained weight. I went to my hometown to drop my baby off an went to all my favorite restaurants here lol.

I will update again later after pre-op appointment

Touched Down

So I just made it in the flight was fine slept 85% of the trip an the weather is lovely may I add. My nerves are calming a lot now that I'm here.

But I know I'm ready for this!

Team big booty I'm almost here....

Headed in!!!!

I'm super excited Nervous and everything else under the sun. But looking at these lovely ladies from the recovery house I'm confident I will look better and feel better.

Happy camper

1 day after. And I'm in a good place. I love my body my stomach is flat my back has 0 rolls. I'm still super swollen and my back and big booty is soar.

Feeling better each day

So I believe I'm 5 days post op. An I'm feeling so much better each day.

Still super swollen.
Also super bloated started my period.
And super constipated haven't used it since a few days before coming down the MIA.

So I know when I take care of those I will feel so much better.

I look nice He did amazing lipo. About to get some rest. I will be back to update more as I feel better.

Ready to walk

So I'm feeling good ladies.

I'm loving my look. And feeling so much better.

I've had 2 messages and I recover 1 more tomorrow.

I cried so much the first time, the second one was so much better. The second one was rough don't get me wrong but the most painful part is my sides. Which I understand he changed everything about my sides.

Ladies keep a eye on your inner thighs. I got a rash which is uncomfortable. I put neospone on it and cut the opening on my legs large so that the garment isn't holding moisture and heat on my kitty lol

I'm so happy I did this.

Photo update


So recovery has bed coming along I will like my results.

I'm worried my butt has went down from sitting. But I couldn't help it I really had no other choice. I sit as much as possible on my thighs so hopefully it's not to much damage but the bottom. Seems a little flat where it should cup at.

Next I hate wearing the garment. It's given me the worst inner thigh rash ever.

:( going through the stages

Looking at other ladies pics I feel like my butt is not big lol I know crazy right lol.

Waist 32
Panty line 45
Hips 47

It's been so long

So I'm still in love with my body I seen one of my girls update they profile and read it An she said something so important everyone wants to see long term results. So here are mine

Current Weigh
I've lost about 35 lbs since surgery. Ladies it is so important to lose weight first. My butt has gone down but only because I have lost so much weigh.

Before Surgery
Weight 205
36DD/DDD- 36-43

2 Weeks After Surgery
36DD/DDD-32-Panty Line 45- Hips 47

Current Measurements.
34DD/DDD (they won't go anywhere I had implants about 2 years ago )

Waist ?
Because currently I'm pregnant Lol so for all the ladies who ask how will that effect your results As long as you are a healthy eater you will be fine. I eat health and try and walk a mile a day everyday. I'm 7 months right now an I look great.

Panty Line
35 Back fat/love handles completely gone Thank god and Salama

Holding up nice ladies losing a few inches from swelling in normal The fact I've held so much after losing so much weight is amazing

Yes my numbers have went down but taking inconsideration my major weight lose as well as swelling my numbers are great. Continue to message your but till it's so It's no true time limit on this I still had hard spots but every week I have less and less and I'm very inconsistent with messaging mine. Also every body is different I still have discoloration but I'm but is still healing I can tell It's less and less each month
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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