Did R1 with Duran 2013 and R2 Contreras in April 2015

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I'm so grateful for RS it had helped me make my...

I'm so grateful for RS it had helped me make my decision and obtain details about the process. I originally wanted to go through Dr. Jimerson but while investigating I stumbled upon Dra. Yily and Dra. Duran. I've decided Dra. Duran is my first choice!

I've started by emailing Dra. Duran. My first official email was sent to her today in Spanish (used Google translate, GENIUS tool!). My email was very detailed. I discussed my full healthy history (I've always been 100% healthy). I disclosed my previous ps two yrs ago (tummy tuck, lipo and implants). I explained I want a sx date for October 1st 2013 (yes that's right around the corner but I'm soooooo ready for my Duran Donk! I received an automatic reply from her email (in Spanish) that said she will reply when she can. I hope it'll be soon.

I REEAALLLLY want to connect with a SX Buddy who is going to CIPLA the same week as I am. I am naturally nervous about going all the way from Houston to DR alone. I remember my recovery from my previous sx and let me tell you Sh*t got really REAL so the last thing I want to do is be alone in a foreign county without a friend by my side.

I only want a BBL this time. My breast implants are perky, soft and what I consider to be perfect. My tummy tuck was nice and flat with a well hidden minor scar. So at this point all I need to complete my desired body is to get this BLL. I don't have much fat on my stomach so I am hoping she can get a substantial amount of fat from my back (I gotta few rolls on there...yuck), and my arms and thighs. I want a big fat donk with mega HIPS. I haven't seen a ton of picture where Duran did big hips but I trust that she can give me a nice bottom so I'm not gonna stress it.

Is it me or do most Duran dolls pass on posting good post op pics? I have seen a few but not nearly as many as I expected considering how popular she is. If any past Duran dolls would be so sweet as to inbox me a pic I'd be forever grateful! Also, I post to post pic of my Big ol dunk when I am post op.

I'm 5:5 and 170lbs which is about 10lbs heavier than my usual weight but I literally just got home this week from a 7 day cruise so I ate like a pig all week and drank like a fish. I plant to keep on the extra 10lbs unless Dra. Duran suggest I loose weight because I want her to have all the fat she an take for my Duran Donk lol.

Per the reviews I've read it sounds like Yasmin has a nice RH. I've read she and her family take great care of the cares pre and post op. I am leaning towards staying at her house for the first 5-7 days post op. I am going to pay for a private nurse for the first two days and maybe 3 post op. I won't underestimate the discomfort of the post op recovery.

I sent Dra.Duran my body pictures. I will post my before pics as it gets closer to my sx date.

I wanted past Duran dolls to let me know how long did they really NEED to stay in DR? Please let me know. I know she suggests you stay at least 10 days I have two school age kids and I don't look forward to being away for whole days during the school year. I know my husband can hold it down but I regret not doing this during the summer when there was less going on in their lives.

I would love to hear from previous Duran Dolls how many days po does Duran typically remove the drains when you have a BBL? I think I've read that she removes the drains day 6 or 7 post op. If this is true I may plan to leave on day 8.

So for now I'm just patiently waiting to hear my reply from Dra. Duran.

Other ladies going to DR in October please hmu because my sx date hasn't been confirmed so even if you aren't having sx until mid or late October I can still change my sx date accordingly so we can buddy up.

Hope to hear from you ladies soon.

******************* I'm no Longer going to be a Duran Doll, I'm rocking with Wilberto Cortes!!!!!!! I can't put a price on my pi

I am annoyed that RS won't let you change the Dr. on your review after your 1st post. That's absurd considering when most ppl come on her their still researching and deciding which Doc to go with.

I originally wanted to be a Duran Doll. Out of all the Dr's I like (Jimerson, Salama, Cortes, Castro, Yily) Duran seems to give the biggest booties with the smallest waist....however their are a few things a business professional like myself cannot tolerate and that's inefficient business operations.

I respect that Duran (and Yily) are overwhelmed and in very high demand. I appreciate that they don't speak English. And I understand that they keep costs lost by cutting back on overhead prices.....but what I do not and will not understand is how they refuse to create a smooth and functional communications system!

I can't play these waiting games.....wondering when or even if they'll ever reply to my emails. I emailed both Duran and Yily last week and I just received a follow up from Yily yesterday (which I could tell was an copy/paste auto reply but that's fine). Now I replied and I'm back to playing the waiting game again. And I haven't heard anything from Duran! Ain't no'body got time for that lol!

I called Dr. Cortes' office and received an appointment for next week Wed. Sept 11th. It was as simple as one single phone call.

I'm taking it as a huge red flag that two highly educated women (Duran and Yily) have yet to care enough about their businesses to design an efficient system. It's not brain surgery...it's basic common sense. All they need to do is pick specific days of the week for surgeries and specific days for consults. For example, Why not do surgeries Mon-Wed-Fri and do patient follow ups and new patient consults on Tues-Thurs. They could hire one person (pay them a nominal amount) who's only job is to respond to emails. The email person could send out the auto replies informing perspective clients what they need to send in (i.e. pictures, healthy info, personal stats, etc) and on Tues and Thurs the Docs could respond to the prospects who have sent in the requested information that week. It's just that simple!!!!!! It's not rocket science. It's called running an efficient business.

Anyway, forgive my rant. I'm just highly annoyed at the waiting game these two gifted surgeons have us play. I wanted to go to DR. I wanted to wait patiently and I wanted the results they so frequently give their clients but I cannot justify how a DOCTORS office has such an unruly system.

So with this in mind and because I'm oh so ready to do this I began investigating the other Booty Greats (Salama, Dr.J, Cortes, and Castro). I had great communications with each dr's office. Salama had an opening for Sept. 24th. Dr. J had an opening for Sept.30, Cortes' office preferred I came in for a consult considering I am local, and Castro's office requested I emailed him some specific info and wait 5 days for him to reply.

What's the one thing all these offices have in common? They have a person assigned to COMMUNICATE with new patients/prospects.

After future consideration I have my heart set on Dr. Cortes. His price is almost the exact same as the other u.s. Dr's and I would have the advantage of recoveries in the comforts of my own home. So for now he's my #1 pic.

Now I'm just hoping he has an opening for the first week of October because I'm so ready!!!!!

I'll post next week how my consultation goes with Dr. Cortes on Wednesday!

*Please excuse any typos, I did not care to proof read :)

I forgot to ad I paid Jazmine Navarro from Bella Vita Consultants $150 to try and communicate with Duran and Yily on my behalf!!

So I forgot that I found the information about Jazmine Navarro through one of the RS girls who posted Jazmine helped her get an appt. with Duran. I emailed Jazmine and she said she is a Plastic Surgery Consultant. For $150 she will set up everything from arranging the surgeries with the Dr. directly to arranging my stay at a RH or hotel, to hiring a driver and a private nurse if I prefer.

This all sounded good but I wanted to know exactly what confirmation I had that she was going to be able to reach the Dr's when I had been trying to no avail. She said she has relationships with both Dr's and meets with each on a specified day of the week each and every week to discuss her clients surgeries. She sent me a long questionnaire to complete and had me send her my before pics. That was a few days ago.....I am waiting to see if/when I hear something solid back. I'll keep you guys posted.

I'm not too concerned about her running off with my money because I paid her through Paypal (Thankfully). So at any point if I smell bs I'm hitting the refund button!

Tomorrow's my Consultation with Cortes!!!

I must admit I am excited. I have a lot of specific questions for him on how my results will turn out. I don't want to drop $10k unless I believe theres a clear understanding of my exact goals and expectations. I'll update tomorrow with details on how it went.

Jazmine Navarro - Hey ladies, I want your advice. What would you do?????????

O yea.....I mentioned before that I was working with Jazmin Navarro in order to get in touch with either Yily or Duran. Well yesterday I received an email from Jazmin stating that Yily's quote was $3500 and Durans is $4000 (which anyone knows that's their usual quote so I'm not sure I'm impressed). I have emailed her for the next step. She says Dra. Duran has an opening for Oct. 11th which I'm very very tempted to want but I keep telling myself that more than just the phenominal results I need to consider the recovery.

I'm no stranger to ps. And my last recovery was rought!!!!!! And that's considering that I was in the comforts of my own home after 1 night in the hospital, I had private nurses and my mom for at least the first week and I was in an HUGE amount of pain. I was at the mercy of those around me for the entire week at least (couldnt even walk for at least 5 days!!!!! Probably more)

I can't help but ask myself if I want to be alone in DR with these same issues and have to go through this. In a way I figure I can get a luxury suite on the beach, hire a private 24hr nurse for care and company....and tough it out. The price is lower. The results are undeniable? I know Dra. Duran will undoubtedly give me the Booty of my Dreams lol!!!!!! But Cortes is skilled too. Plus I'd feel comfortable lying on his operating table knowing that I'm going to recieve top grade modern service from professionals who operate on a much higher standard. Also, I'll be home in my own bed. I won't have the worries of being away from my two school-age kids for 10 long days while I'm 9hrs away by plane.

I really am at a crossroads on what to do. Please chime in with suggestions ladies? What would you do? I really could use your advice.

Cortes was a slight disappointment.....:) Back on TEAM DURAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October #DuranDolls where you at

Ok, so I went to my consult with Cortes yesterday and I wasn't thrilled. He was basically polite but I didn't feel he was motivated to be my ps. I had one previous sx two years ago that included lipo, ba, and tt. He kept referencing it like "well since you had all this work already done I wont have much to work with as far a fat". It made me feel slightly judged like wtf, why do you keep referencing my previous surgery????? I didn't feel compelled to pay my deposit (which I fully intended to do before my consult).

Basically I told him what I wanted: 200-300 ccs in my hips, and 1100-1200 ccs in my booty......he said I didn't have enough fat for that. Granted if the fat isn't there the fat isn't there. But I just didn't appreciate his tone- it wasn't rude but it was dry. He said he couldn't find any fat for my hips and I should focus on projection only. He said we may be able to get 800ccs. 800ccs????!!!!!???? 800ccss???!!!! I weight 175lbs, I'm only 5"4 and he thinks I'm dropping $9500 on 800ccs when I know good and well I'm going to loose 20% of that after the swelling subsides?! That'll leave me with only 640ccs when all is said and done.

No do not get me wrong. Whats there is there. What he can do is what he can do. I am in know way knocking him because I don't have the fat. I respect his obligation to tell me so I can decide if the results are what I want. However, when I consider the price ($9500) vs. the price in DR if I take my chances on Dra. Duran giving me a donk for $4000 I think it make way more since to jump on this flight.

If the result will be the same because Duran can't find much fat either I think I'll feel better knowing I paid $4k for 640ccs than having spent $9500 for the same 640ccs. Does that make sense?

I know I ranted about Duran's unproffesional business operations last week but I was able to get my sx set up for Oct.11th with Duran through Jazmine Navarro (who I paid $150 to expedite the process and arrange everything.) The deposit to secure the date is $250. I plan to wire it tomorrow. My only hesitation is my period is set to start on October 10th and I do NOT want to be dealing with that during my recovery. I don't want to push my sx back another week if I can avoid it either. Any suggestion?

Also, can ANYBODY get me the list of things I need to be pre-tested for here in Houston in order to have SX in DR? Please and Thank you!


Ok yall I literally just paid my deposit for my bbl and I'm a ball of excitement and emotions!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel crazy right now....but in a good way! DR here I come!

Hemoglobin Levels 11.1 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I went to get my lab work done at a local Any Lab Test Now and imagine my shock and surprise when I get my results this morning and my Hemo is only 11.1.....I have always been extremely healthy and never anemic so I'm very suspicious of the results. My sx is October 11 which gives me just 11 days to get my levels up to 12! I just ordered some slow release Iron on Amazon that should be here tomorrow....I'm planning to double up on the recommended dose (after I google and confirm that's ok). I can't believe my level wasn't 14 or 15 I just knew my hemo would be good. Any of you dolls had similar experiences before sx? I'm wondering what Duran's gonna say if I'm just a few points away on sx day.


OMG I just had a sudden wave of fear hit me and I'm in a mild panic to say the least. I want this soooooooo bad but I'm also soooooooo scared. I really wish I weren't going alone. I know I'd feel so much better if I had a buddy to keep me encouraged or even just a companion.

This whole process is one of mixed emotions. Truth be told I want this sx so bad. I know it'll be everything I dreamed of but there's that part of me that's freaking out too. I know that 99% of my fear is because I'm going to DR, alone and for the first time, and if I were staying here in Houston I wouldn't have almost any anxiety whatsoever. But the issue is the Dr's here in the states aren't really producing the results I want (with the except of Salama who is booked until next June).

I remember when I had my tummy tuck I was so damn scared I had to take an anxiety pill the night before (I'd never had anxiety before). I feared the absolute worse. When I arrived for my sx I was shaking and scared. I was burst into tears when they woke me up!!!!!! I was so happy to be alive. I just cried like a baby. All the nurses thought it was so sweet. I hate any kind of needles, always have, but after sx the nurse came in every couple of hours to give me a shot in my tight and I didn't even care. I was so happy to be alive I spread my legs and said thank you when she finished. I can't explain the relief I felt. And I'm praying hard for the same relief after Duran does my BBL in 10 days.

It's funny because sometimes I'm excited and eager (like this morning) and then all of a sudden fear hits me. It's a damn emotional rollercoaster indeed. I imagine it'll continue until after I wake up from sx.

Any post op ladies had this same experience?

Just Booked My Flight to DR!!!!!!!

Yay! I just booked my flight! Now it really feels real! I'm excited, nervous, anxious, and scared all at the same time! Here we go! No turning back now! I'm flying out of Houston October 10th! Only 8 days from today!

Confirmed My Stay at the Recovery House....now Im really excited!!!!!!

I went back and forth between staying at Healing HavenDR or Real Recovery Armonia. Healing HavenDr quoted me a total price of $705 for my 9 day trip. That included, all transportation, laundry, 3 meals a day, and a twin bed room without a private bathroom. That wasn't a bad deal however they're advertising 15% on their website and I asked for that to be applied and she indicated that is already included? This math made absolutely no sense whatsoever to me. I asked what the daily rate is for this all inclusive package and she gave me nothing but a bunch of run around - never game me a dollar amount. She went on about how the rate changes depending on this and that.... all in all I just let it be.

Turns out Real Recovery Armonia charges $85 for a more upscale/modern twin room with a private attached bathroom. That's $765 and that price is all inclusive. So I'm going to go with it. It's worth the extra $65 to me to be comfortable like at home.

I'm extrememly picky when it comes to hotels. I don't like staying in hotels unless they're as nice as my house is and most of the ones I seen in DR just weren't up to my standards. I'm hoping that Real Recovery Armonia looks as good in person as it does in pictures because they have some real glamour shots posted on their website.

If I'm not in a clean enviroment, on clean linen, and feed good quality food I'm not a happy camper at all. Another thing that really motivated me is I don't eat meat and Real Recovery Armonia appears to serve lots of green salads and fresh fruit (not that I know that the other RH's don't do the same....I'm just going off what I do not as opposed to hoping I am not starving for 9 days.)

But all in all it's a VERY exciting time for me and I am looking forward to meeting Duran in a handful of days!

Pre Op pics and measurements

Ok so I'm posting these pics and measurements with this disclaimer I am normally 12lbs smaller and 2-3 inches smaller than these pics are I took today but I gained 12lbs in 4 weeks in order to have enough fat for this sx so keep this in mind. Local surgeon Dr. Cortes here in Houston meet with me early Sept for a bbl consult and advised me I had very little fat to transfer for bbl so I gained all this weight asap because I'm not playing about getting this fatty from Duran this week lol.


I forgot to add my current measurements to the previous post as I orginal intended. So here goes it.....

Current Measurements:

Breast - 38 (keep in mind I had ba with tt 2 years ago so this is high because of combo of recent weight gain/back fat and this D cups I'm totting lol- excited for matching ass)
Waist- 35 (normally this was 32 before I gained sx weight)
HIps - 43 (normally this was 41 before I gained sx weight)

My Post Op Wish measurements are-

Breast 36
Waist 27-28
Hips 39-40

I'm extremely confident I'll reach my post op wish measurements in 3-4 months after sx because I loose weight as quickly as I gain it (guess I'm lucky that way).

15 Days Post Op.....Here's my journey to DR for my BBl with Duran (what really happens when your hemo is low)

I apologize for not having updated this before now. To be very honest I intended to completely delete my review altogether. But for some reason when I logged in today (to delete my profile) I felt compelled to blog.

I had surgery with Dra. Duran on Oct. 14th. I arrived in DR on Thursday Oct. 10th. My sx was originally set for Oct.11th however I found out the day I arrived that my hemo was only 11.5 so I had to start a long 4 day journey to get it up. Duran said she wanted it up to 11.9 before she'd preform sx.

I stayed at Real Armonia RH. I couldn't say enough positive things about the owner Mayra and her staff of all women. There was ALWAYS someone who was there eager and happy to help you no matter what your needs are. I'd recommend anyone stay there, especially if you're traveling alone like I was. I could go on and on about why I loved Real Recovery Armonia but I won't. If you have any specific questions please leave a comment and I'd be glad to answer.

Friday Oct 11th I had Mayra from RH take me back to CIPLA to meet with Duran about my hemo. Duran told Myra to take me to a Hemotologist in the next town. After a long and crazy drive (driving in DR is scary as heck!!!) we arrived at this small, homely, shack-like Dr's office in a quaint strip-mall looking building. Words can't really describe how this place looked but just believe me when I say it felt very 3rd World Country-like. Anyhoo, the Dr. was great. She didn't speak any English so Mayra translated for me. (sidenote: Mayra became my Mother through all this. She didn't know me from Adam when I arrived but she took me under her wing and if it had not been for her I don't know how I would have gotten through all this hemo stuff). After about an hour of talking with the Dr. about my diet (I don't eat meat), my period (it was due to arrive that day- probably causing my hemo to drop more), and my medical history we walked away with 4 pages of prescriptions. And I walked away $80 poorer :)

My scripts were in Spanish so of course I had know idea what I was in for. The Hemo Doc instructed Mayra to take me to a clinic in Santo Domingo for blood tests. I believe the clinic was named Amadita, this place was state of the art, it was extremely modern, more so than any clinic in the U.S I've been too. It was also extremely busy. It reminded me of a DMV. You walked in grabbed a number and waited for your number to pop up on the screen with directions on which counter to go to. After a long wait my number came up, Mayra told them whatever the Hemo doc told her to say, I paid $65 U.S. and then I waited again for my name to be called back. Once I was back in the patient room a lady (who also didn't speak English) came in and took my blood and I was done. Never really figured out what I paid $65 for there. I still can't figure out what the purpose of that visit was for but that's what happens when there's a language barrier. There's no way I would have paid for another blood test if I were in an English speaking country but whatever.

After Amadita we went back to RH. I was exhausted. It had already been a long day. I took a nap while Mayra had one of the runners go get my prescriptions (I think everything was another $100 u.s.)

My scripts included iron pills I took like 4x a day. Iron like drinks (looked like alcohol shots- tasted like pure sugar). I had two IV bags full of some dark brown liquid (probably iron) and I had 3-4 shots I had to take in the booty once daily.

That afternoon I had to go to CIPLA on the 4th floor (which is were they put you after your sx) I paid $20 u.s. for the use of the room, one of the nurses (very sweet girl who spoke no English of course) put me in the bed and set up my iv. She also gave me the shot. I sat there with Mayra for about 2 hours until the i.v. bag was empty. Then it was back to the RH. The next day, Saturday I went back to CIPLA for the exact same thing- same nurse set me up in a room with I.v and gave me my shot. After 2 hours it was back to RH.

I spent the whole weekend stressed. I was surrounded by girls who were already recovering and I was just there watching tv (tip: there are very few English programs on DR tv....bring movies, an Ipad or laptop, bring yourself some entertainment or you'll be bored out of your mind. I was getting headaches from being bored. And don't think you'll be out sightseeing because you will not be up to it for the first 7 days post op- I guarantee it!)

All the ladies in the recovery house were nice. Everyone was healing at different rates. Most girls just stayed in there rooms all day. But occasionally a few girls would come into the dining room for breakfast or dinner and we'd all eat together.

I was lucky to have a roommate I liked. She was great. When I arrived she was already 7 days post op. She was a Yily patient ( I can't stress enough how popular Yily is!!!!!!!!!!! Yily has patients waiting in the hallway- her office is extremely small but even considering that she had a ton of patients. Before going to DR I was skeptical of Yily after reading what ppl say about her here on RS but after I went and seen her patients, there's results, and her popularity I knew she was a good Dr. She had 4 clients waiting for sx on Saturday when I went to CIPLA to get my 2nd I.v. Yily works hard. And I'd say anyone who's considering her because they like her work should not be afraid to go to her based on this foolish rs reviews. I seen her on the 4th floor, on a Saturday, in scrubs so my guess is she's in sx taking care of business! Every Yily doll I seen had a super tiny waist. And Dr. Anna Yily's assistant Dr. is sooooooo sweet and sooooo nice. She's an Angel. She works some evenings at Real Armonia so I got a chance to get to know her. She's a doll)

Anyhow, I went back to CIPLA early Monday morning praying my hemo went up but it didn't. I was in Duran's office with her when my results came in 20 minutes after I had my blood re-done. It was 11.7. I almost cried. Here I came all the way to this country, spent all this money on travel, rh, hemo scripts and my hemo had only went up by 2? WTF!!!!! And not to mention I was only planning to say 9 days and I was already 4 days into that!!!!! I was a wreck. But Duran spoke with her Cardiologist and Anatesthiologist (spelling) and she said since I am exceptionally healthy and because I am only getting a bbl she will preform the sx but if I had wanted anything else (i.e. tt or ba) she would have said no. Thank God.

After that I was marked up and on my way.

I waited in my room on the 4th floor from 9am til 1pm. I took my blue bill at 12:45pm. I was extremely paranoid about waking up during sx. I did not want to wake up during sx. Once I got into the sx room I remember them putting the iv in and then sitting me in the upright position (to give me the spinal) and then I remember waking up to Duran saying I was all done.

Immediately after sx a group of staff wheeled me into a room directly across the hall from surgical room and they started wrapping my torso in what seemed like suran wrap. I was very heavily drugged but I remember it hurt like hell! I remember screaming at the top of my lungs "You're hurting me!!! Stop!!!! It hurts" Next thing I knew I was in my room. I suspect they knocked me out to stop me from screaming.

Duran woke me up in my room and told me not to get out of the bed until the morning when she comes back. I was soooooo happy to be out of surgery I would have agreed to anything. Shortly after Elizabeth brought me my personal items from Duran's office (purse, ipad, etc). I texted my family (through Whatsapp because there was absolutely no phone service in DR -thanks TMobile).

I spent most of the night trying to slowing turn my body over because they had me sleeping on my back and I didn't want to ruin my new booty lol. I managed to get turned over after my 100th try. My pain level was very null. On a scale of 10-1, 10 being the worse pain I'd ever felt and 1 being no pain I'd say I was at 2.5 - and I have what I consider to be a very low pain tolerance.

The nurse came in about ever 2 hours. I didn't sleep for even 5 minutes the whole night. I just couldn't sleep no matter how hard I tried. I was so bored. The nurse would always ask if I needed pain med but I always refused.

I remember being mad that I couldn't see my new body. I tried to use my phone to take some pics of myself so I could see but none of the pics came out that good. I remember my body (hips and booty) filling rock hard.

The next morning Duran came in. Said I could leave after she checks my hemo level (which thankfully hadn't dropped at all). She told me that my butt would only take 1000ccs on each side. I thanked her for the hips lol. And then Mayra came and picked me up.

I walked back in the RH with pride. Thank God I had had my sx. I couldn't wait to see my body in the mirror. (There are absolutely no mirrors in the recovery rooms at CIPLA- not even a mirror over the sink).

My new lady lumps where nice. But what was nicer was my new fat free back!!!!!!!

I was very surprised that Duran ONLY lipo'd my torso (stomach, sides, and back). I got no arm lipo, no thigh lipo. I had already had a tt 2 yrs ago so my stomach was nice and flat but when I tell you Duran had my waist line snatched and my stomach even smaller than before please believe me lol. I am still in awe of my stomach!

OK so now let's talk post op and results.....Fluffying Gods please rain down on me!!!!

My aftercare at Real Recovery Armonia was superb. My pain didn't hit until day 2. Day 2 and 3 were very painful. And even more discomforting was the fact that I could not get comfortable not matter what I tried. There was no position I could find that allowed me to just be comfortable. I had a hard time sleeping, I had a horrible time getting up, and I peed on myself twice because I couldn't get up fast enough and once I got to the bathroom I couldn't figure out how to pee with the faja on. It was a mess. But the staff doesn't judge you. They treat you really lovingly. And I can't lie....that hour it took to wash my faja was the most comfortable hour of the day.

By day 3 I had stopped drinking altogether because I didn't want to need to pee (sad but true- don't judge me lol).

I laid in my bed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurdsay- I barely ate, and I didn't have the energy to do anything more than try to fall asleep. The RH has an in-house masseuse that gives massages every night- I'm the only person who never even had one. I couldn't do it. I was not up for the pain of trying to deal with a massage. So every night when they came to me I just kept saying "tomorrow". I never did one. Thankfully the staff at the RH stays on top of all you meds. They come in and give you your shots, vitamins, and meds like clockwork. It was exactly the care I needed.

Friday morning I woke up with a zest of energy. I had a 1pm flight home and I could not wait to get home!!!!!! I wanted to heal in my own bed! I wanted to see my kids and hubby. I wanted to watch English speaking tv. I was so home sick.

Friday was post op Day 5 so I went to my Post Op visit with Duran. She removed my drain and I did not feel a single thing!!!!!! I was terrified it'd be painful because it was very unpleasant when they removed my tt drains two years ago. But Duran joked that she was good! And she is, because I didn't feel a single thing.

********** DURAN SPEAKS PERFECT AND FLUENT ENGLISH*********************

I repeat.......

********** DURAN SPEAKS ENGLISH***************************************************

I don't know if she just learned English or if I was mistaken when I thought she only spoke Spanish but she does speak English and she speaks it well. I had no issues whatsoever communicating with her. Af first I didn't even notice because I speak English too but at some point it dawned on me she's been speaking English to me this whole time.

Anyhoo, Duran gave me the ok to leave. But she said she can no longer write the letter to get a wheelchair at the airport. She explained that recently the airlines started giving patients grief out of concern that something would happen to them in flight and it'd be a liability thing. So Duran told us (me and another patient who was also going home that day) to try to be as normal as possible in the airport and do not mention we had had sx.

That made for a a delightful travel experience home, NOT!!!!!!!! I won't make an already extremely long story longer by going into details about my trip home but it was a headache and a half.

Once I walked into my bedroom I raced to the bathroom to pull of the faja and get a good look at this new fatty!!! My hips were huge, and I mean massive, but I absolutely loved them! My booty was fat but not a Duran super donk. I decided I was perfectly satisfied with my results. I definely had a nice big booty and my hips were like Keyshia Ka'oir.....I'm talking bit. But even more impressive was my waist it looked crazy small- Idk if it looked small because my hips were so big but all in all I had it going on!

Right out the gate I was laying on my back to sleep or my side. It sucked because Duran asked me to stay off my new butt for the first 3 months. But I am naturally a back sleeper and even though I can generally sleep on my stomach just fine nothing on my body hurt more than my stomach after that lipo job Duran did on it. I mean my stomach has been way more uncomfortable during this healing process than my hips and ass. So sleeping on my stomach was out of the question. I did try stuffing pillows under myself etc. Bottom line...nothing worked.

So I was constantly laying on my sides/hips or waking up on my back from an 8 hour sleep. I can honestly say it only took a few days before I noticed my volume seems to be leaving. I cried. And cried. And cried a whole lot more. Had I sat away my donk?

Like a true paranoid person I measure daily. My measurements had maintained the same waist 35 hips 46. So where'd my donk go? My weight had stayed the same too. My hubby said he could still see the hips clear as day but I don't know.

I've toyed with the idea that maybe I've become used to my results and therefore they don't seem as impressive but I'm not sure about that either. I spoke with Jazmine Navarro with Bella Vita Consultants- she scheduled my sx and rh stay- she said she woke up 3 wks after her bbl and everything was gone too. But around month 3 fluffling started and everything came back bigger than before. She told me what I'm experiencing is normal and it's a process. I pray that she's right. I'm waiting for Fluffying soooooo bad. I need this booty to come back- bigger and better than before.

Any other vets out there had a similar experience? If so please let me know. This has been such an emotional roller coaster.

Surgery out of the Country? Going the DR? Should you go to the Dominican Republic for surgery? Is it safe? Is it foolish?

I am a very successful, sophisticated, and extremely sharp woman (less the typo's in my blog lol). I exceptional with regards to my wit. I'm not the type of woman who'd be type-cast for this or any other procedure. I am exceptionally well dressed, living in a very nice private community. I've had a good education and I work for myself. I say all of this not to brag but to build a platform on my credibility. Please understand that I have a great sense of what it's like to debate going out of the country for sx.

In 2011 I had a tt and ba with Dr. German Newall (look him up he's on here- best tt in the world! This man had created a new tt technique that he's reknown for). I paid $17,000 cash for my tt and ba. Now I know most of you will say that's insane but it's the truth. I paid if because I wanted the best for my body. I paid it because I don't ever want to save money when it comes to my body! This body is my portal in this world and I do not want to cut any corners whatsoever as far as this vessel is concerned!

I have the same policy on food. I don't eat meat. Why? Not because I want to save the animals because I could really give a rats ass about that. I don't eat me because meat today is full of bi-products, fillers, and antibiotics. I am not willing to put that stuff in my body. Meat alone is a HUGE reason for the outrageous cancer rates we see today. But most people don't see that.

In my area there putting up this new chain of grocery stores called Aldi. Aldi is a discount grocery store. They sell cheap food. Many people like this idea because they like saving money. I'll be damned if I by cheap food to put into my body! Ain't gonna happen. Why would I want to save money and buy low quality food to nourish my system? The thought alone is outlandish if you ask me.

But I am fugal when it comes to b.s that doesn't serve a purpose in life. I like designer hangbags but I do NOT like designed handbag prices so I buy my luxury gently used from Ebay. I like luxury cars but I do NOT like luxury car sticker prices so I buy my cars 3 or 4 years old so I can save thousands.

I say all this to say I don't believe in excessive money spending on bullshit that doesn't really matter but I do believe in giving my body the best of the best!!!!!!!!!

When I began my research on the bbl procedure in August of this year I fell in love with Dra. Duran's results. I fell in love with Dr. Salama's results. And even though it was the results of Dr. J who sparked my interest in the bbl procedure I didn't fall in love with all his results because they were to inconsistent. Sometimes he gave a donk and other times.....not so much.

So I settled on Duran because Salama had no availability until next year and I'm the type who doesn't care to wait lol.

Naturally when I got the DR was nervous. This a poor country. A country where they do not speak any English. And I was all alone.

But once I got the RH and then to CIPLA I knew I had made a high quality decision. The care I received at CIPLA and at the RH was much more personal and professional than anything I've ever experienced in my homeland of America. The nurses- all of them- form CIPLA to the recovery house treated me with genuine love. These people didn't even speak my language but they treated me with love.

Is it crazy to go to DR to have sx? It's crazy to think you shouldn't go to DR for sx because it's DR. The Dr's are all professionally trained. They're educated. Though some are certainly better than others. I can firmly say I'd send my loves ones to DR to have sx with Dra. Duran before I sent them to any of the basic Dr's in the U.S. (excluding Salama whom I have yet to hear a bad review on).

The bottom line is don't let the reviews of others fool you about DR. CIPLA is a nice clean clinic. It's not dark, outdated, or scary. The nurse were all nice and I interacted with several of them. None of the nurses or CIPLA staff I met were rude, cold, unprofessional or indifferent and I do mean NONE.

I had sx in a high-end surgical office in the Galleria area of Houston 2 years ago and I don't remember nothing about having pre-op tests. Noone cared about my hemo levels, I didn't have to see a cardiologist, I didn't have an Xray or any of the precautions I experienced in DR.

I guess what I'm trying to say is DR may be a third world country but don't let the low costs of sx fool you- they are not giving cut-rate service. At least not in Dra. Duran's office.

She's a sharp and professional Dr. who isn't operating with a cracker jack license. Check her track record and then decide. Don't just rule out DR because it's out of the country. The results are not subpar. The work DR is doing is most often much more impressive then American Dr's.

Now I personally wouldn't recommend anyone go to Cabral and maybe there are other Dr's in DR who have a questionable track record. But knowing everything I know ow I'd go back to DR again and again. The care, service, and results are great!

And to those of you who are going please be aware that the people of DR are not fools. They may not speak English but they're quite smart. Don't go there being rude or stuck up. If you're nice to them they will be nice to you. When I read reviews where people have negative experiences in DR I know they went over there acting a damn fool! Be nice. Be polite. Smile. Come in peace and you'll have a peaceful trip.

Remember NOONE asked you to go to DR. You don't need to go over there and get an attitude when you realize things are different than the U.S.

Stay calm and have SX in DR :)

Duran Duran Duran

Duran is the type of chick I'd hang out with in the real world. She stays dressed to the nines. She keeps her shirt unbuttoned to reveal those implants. She's sassy and classy lol.

Here are a few pics I snapped in her office. There aren't that good. I tried to secretly take a few without looking to obvious while waiting in the waiting room. Here office isn't as small as folks make it seem. She has a relatively small size waiting room that's modern and well furnished. She has a nice size office. And two patient rooms (one is really small) but everything is nice and modern.

Now Yily's office is extra small and super tiny lol. She has chairs in the hallway because it's so small.

Immediately after SX

Here are a few pics of me right after sx. I never did get many good ones. I wasn't up to a photo shoot yet.

Home sweet home

I don't have any good booty pics yet but here's how I'm looking from the front!

Waist finally dropping....

So my swelling is going down dramatically. I had a lot of fluid building in my back but then I started getting 90 minute lymphatic massages from a specialist who does home visits. I've had three thus far and my back looks so good. My waist is measuring 32 and my hips are still 45. I haven't lost a pound (I haven't been trying either) so my hourglass shape is starting to reveal itself. Pics coming soon!

22 Days Post op ! No more pain!!!!!!!

I'm finally pain free! I'm actually surprised that my lipo spots healed so quickly. I'm starting to love my bum. I realized that my body got all around better when I commited to wearing my faja every day all day. When I first came home I took my faja off a lot due to the discomfort and natural pain of sx. But I realized that had a lot to do with why I didn't like my butt anymore. Now I wear my faja all day every day and my bum is looking nice and fat. I'm looking forward to FLUFFING!!!!!!!!!!!! When this booty fluffs it's gonna be perfect.

Here are a few pics I snapped today and yesterday.

Going to N.O. this weekend to party for my besties BDay so I'll be sure to post a ton of pics as this will be my new Ass Debut on Burbourn St. lol Looking forward to putting on my club clothes and feeling cute again.

More pics

I've been trying to upload a few pics for days now but this site is so sometimey lol. Here it goes again...

New Faja

I recieved my new Faja this week. Up until then I'd only used the medium Marena Faja Duran put me in after sx. Because I liked the affects of the Marena stage 1 Faja I decided not to switch to the Stage 2 garment just yet. Therefore I ordered a stage 1 Marena size S. It wasn't quite as tight as I expected. Its funny because after all the sx pain is gone you realize a tight faja really isnt that uncomfortable. No pain no gain right? So I'm wearing the small but going to order an XS next week. I purchased the new Faja on Ebay and I'll probably sell it on Ebay when I switch to the XS.

How to get in touch with Duran! (Or any other DR doctor!)

Duran is haaaarrrd to reach! We all know that. We can complain about it all day long (I know I did) but it is what it is! The solution is hiring Jazmin Navarro with Bella Vita Consultants. She charges $150 and she'll schedule your sx with any Dr. In DR, she'll schedule your recovery house stay at any RH you want, she'll set you up with a driver if you prefer to stay at a hotel-she will also hire you nurse too. She handles everything from start to finish! She speaks both English and Spanish. She lives in the states but has had sx in DR (I'm pretty sure she's from DR). She has relationships with the Dr's in DR where she speaks with them on the phone once a week and arranges sx dates. She has excellent communication. She checked on me from the day I landed in Dr til a few weeks after I came home. She's worth the price and she's the only way I know that you can get your sx scheduled with Duran within the next week!!!!!!!!!!


If you're so tight you won't pay $150 to secure your sx date now then go ahead a try to do it yourself but don't keep whining about how hard it is to reach Duran!!! It's nonsense. You know how you can reach Duran now. No more excuses.

6weeks post op

Quick update. I'm now six weeks op and I'd like the record to show I'm back 100%. I experience zero pain. I sit directly on my butt 50% of the time and the hoppy 50%. I know I shouldn't be sitting but carrying the bobby everywhere isn't a real option.

My results are good but Lawd knows I'm anxiously waiting for the fluffing Gods to show up and show out on me!

New pics coming soon loves!

Slowly but surely my fluffing has begun!!!!

Sorry I haven't been on in a while Dolls but there hasn't been much to report. Until about two weeks ago when I literally woke up one day and realized I was getting a little fatty! Seriously at one point (maybe around 7-8weeks post op) my booty was back to its original, sad, size. But it's slowly crept back to my delight! But the biggest sign that my fluffing has officially begun is the fact that all my life my but has been a firm (flat) texture and now the bottoms have become very soft and squishy! It's a huge noticeable difference. I'm so happy. My butt looks extremely natural and nice and fat! Pictures coming very soon (probably tomorrow). Fluffing has officially begun! Yay!

So Fluffying didn't really happen.....NOW ITS R2 WITH CABRAL

Guess who's bizz-ack lol. Yea. I think I should have left all the Facebook groups post op because seeing so many dolls go back for seconds made me hungry lol. I am going with Cabral this round. Cabral (or Yily, but I'm 90% leaning towards Cabral). Reason being is I haven't seen a Cabral disappointment yet!!!!!!! Everyone Cabral touches turns to Gold. This round I really want to focus on leaning out my torso and arms with lipo. The smaller my waist gets the bigger my Duran bottom will appear anyway (tho of course I'll have him stuff my fat into these hips and bottom- no need to waste it right?). I am debating Yily only because Yily gives great shape!!!! Yily is the best at contour and lip in my opinion. Even tho she doesn't always give huge butts but considering this r2 I can't help but think I don't need a doc who specializes in huge donks. So I am on the fence a tab bit but I don't want to need a r3 so for that reason I am leaning towards Cabral all the way.

Either way. I want to go the last two weeks of May 2015. Looking for a sx buddy!!!!!! Please let me know if you'll be in DR that same time. I am going to stay at the same recovery house as last time. Mayra bought a new RH (I know because she took me with her to look at it when I was there last time lol). It's nice. I Plus as long as she didn't change her staff I know I'll be taken care of well.

Here we go..... Round 2

#BootyGreed lol

R2 in 2 days!!!!!!! I'm so excited!

So I'm booked with Contreras for Round 2 Bbl. I am debating if I should start a totally separate RS page since I'm going to a diff doc this round.....what do y'all think?

After a lot of digging (even more than I did in r1) I narrowed the pics down to Cabral or Contreras. I want r2 to give me the big bbl results I desired from r1. Turns out, and this was news to me, many girls go back for r2 because many can't get the donk they desire in just one round. Well, I said never, but I am headed back after all.

It's Sunday and I leave for DR early Wednesday morning. I can't wait. I'm all packed.

I selected Contreras over Cabral because a friend of mine is coming with me this time (Yay!) and she wanted a tt and ba as well as her bbl. I felt that Contreras does waaaaay better ba than Cabral so we are going with Contreras!

I already had both tt and ba but after all the research we did now I'm seriously considering changing my implants while I'm out there too. I think i want to go slightly bigger. The only thing is I can't find one single Contreras vet who swapped her implants while out there. All the girls I find have implants installed for the first time. I guess it's no biggie but it helps to get an idea of what to expect.

We're staying at Real Recovery Armonia of course. I had a good experience with Mayra last time so I'm hoping for the same this round. I seriously considered staying a hotel with a nurse instead since I had a buddy but it was just so much more expensive that i didn't see the point.

I used Karleigh Harris to get my quotes this round. I tried to reach out to Jazmine with Bella Consultants first considering she handled everything so well for my r1 but she didn't reply to my email for several days and by then I had found Karleigh.

I will continue to review and post pics ...so stay tuned!

4 days post op with Dr CONTRERAS!

Hey Dolls, I'm here now in DR at Contreras' clinic. It's Sunday night, I had sx Thursday, flying home at 8am tomorrow. Sx went well but I have a TON of tea to spill. I will ipdate tomorrow night or Tuesday!

A few pics of most boring place on Earth yet most modern place in Santo Domingo


WOW! It's been 1 year since R2 with Contreras`

So I'm on RS today looking into a few other procedures when I come across my profile and realized it's been just over a year since i had r2 with Contreras. I love my results! I didn't care too much for contreras personally and staying in his clinic for my recovery was much more boring than watching paint dry but my results look leaps and bounds better than my round 1 with Dra. Duran! My butt looks natural but people I know are always telling me how huge it is (it's nice and big but certainly not huge lol). I love it. It took a while to really come in but one day I just woke up with a bubble. Depending on what I wear it looks bigger than other things....like it always looks super big in dresses because my waist is so small but in jeans it just looks medium. All in all Contreras really did his thing back there. I am so happy. Now, I'm thinking about one more round.... I know, I know, why get R3 if I like the booty I have? But, the real issue is my back rolls and arm fat (began gaining fat in my arms only after r2. I suspect that all the lipo has caused my fat to shift to other places and the only places that I haven't had lipo in are my arms). I want lipo on my back and arms and I just can't justify simply throwing away the fat that they pull out so hence why I'm considering R3. Now my dilemma is choosing a doctor. I'm so tired of all the hoopla going to DR involves yet I have yet to see a single Doc in the U.S. worth my time AND money. My first choice is Cabral--- Cabral is KING! But I don't feel like once again laying around in DR recovering for 10 days -- both rounds I was crazy, crazy bored in DR and it made the days so long and I was so miserable. I had my tt here and got to go home the next day.... recovering at home was so nice. But the doctors here are not as aggressive as in DR so a part of me is thinking about just going to DR this June while my kids are away at camp for two weeks. Decisions, Decisions. Im also looking into a few popular doctors in Miami. I figure Miami is way less boring than recovering in DR. Plus its only a 3 hour flight home for me and I could probably leave Miami and come home 3 or 4 days post op. So right now they're at the top of my list. I'll keep everyone posted as I gear up for another round!

Thinking about R3.......

I guess it's true what they say....Never say Never! Here I am, back again. I'm seriously considering r3....either Cabral or Colombia??? Decisions, decisions..... I'll keep y'all posted
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

October 14th 2013 Duran Doll! To meet her is to love her. Lovely, smart, young Doctor who is very professional.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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