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I have dreamed of a BBL for years, but I never...

I have dreamed of a BBL for years, but I never really looked into it because:
1.) Financially
2.) Intense surgery

So finally I recently had a consult for a Botox at Timeless Plastic Surgery and ended up consulting for a BBL at the same visit. I ended up booking an appointment for a Buccal Fat Removal and Botox and put my deposit for that. There weren't many pictures posted on Real Self on Buccal Removals or BBL, but we'll just see how that goes. The day I had a consultation was with the coordinator, I never got to actually meet Dr. Chang himself which would have been more satisfying to meet and more assured. I did more research about the BBL and Im going to decide to not do a BBL with them.
I booked a few consultations with:
Dr. Cortes, a lot of bad reviews, but I actually had a friend that goes hers there and she loves her BBL.
Dr. Newell, $100.00 consult, like one comment said.."inconsistent"
Dr. Morales, good BBL pictures, but only 4 years of experience kind of scares me.
Dr. Hsu, many great reviews on a BBL and great consistent pictures.

From all that I'm reading I am super nervous because I have never been in any type of surgery or under anesthesia besides my wisdom teeth. I'm afraid of the outcome of the procedure and of course the healing process seems like a pain. I feel like I am kind of rushing the procedure due to my work schedule, but definitely will have it done by December.
All my consultations are set up for next week and I am anxious to get this over with!

Wish Pictures!

I ended up canceling all consultations except Dr. Hsu. I showed him my wish pics and how I absolutely loved marshy Marsh results. Without me asking further questions during my consultation he definitely answered everything I was going to ask about. My gut told me he was definitely the one and I was confident in my decision.

Finally my dream of a BBL has came true!

Finally had my surgery on December 27th with Dr. Hsu. All the high antipating feeling is over and done with. Now I'm just dying with my two week results, hopefully it doesn't go down too much.
Everything went smoothly except the nurses at the hospital stuck me 4 times before the IV went in. Other than that dr. Hsu himself, the staff, were very nice and supportive even when I second guessed what I should do with certain areas we talked it over again and he definitely reassured me everything would look amazing. Here's one picture for Now of my before and after.

I have also called the office over 10 times and they were not annoyed at all lol, even Dr. Hsu has called me to see how everything was going. Which shows they really care about their patients!

As of right now, I'm still swollen, and bruised up, the procedure took about 4 hours plus an hour of recovering time. I was told originally he was going to put 700 cc but he ended up putting 900 cc in each side which is great too knowing it'll get smaller after two weeks. A total of 4000cc was taken out which he discard the rest. Hopefully that has taken some weight off of me!
I have also called the lumphatic massage therapist but she won't be back until January. Till then, I will keep you guys posted!

Updated pics!

1 Month Post-Op

Recovery has been a pain especially working in an office where I sit most of the time. I've just been sitting on my booty pillow, laying on my stomach, and standing.

I've had my 1 week, and 3 week post op previously and I haven't had the time to update my review. Sorry! :X

During my 1 week post op, I mentioned how my left hip was bigger than my right hip, his assistant/nurse noticed what I was saying but his response was "omg, everyone's body is asymmetrical, one side will be bigger than the other" I just basically left it as that since maybe it'll be more symmetrical in a month or so. As for everything else, my butt was huge at this appointment and it definitely needed some deflating. Also, I took out my drainage's and I had to sit on my butt directly which I did not want to, worried for my "grafts".

During my 3 week post op, I was definitely happy with the size, but I knew it would still come down more. I changed to a different faja this time and again I had to sit on my bare butt, worried about my graft. He still put me in a large sized faja, but it was tight in the stomach and loose in my thighs which I needed for my lipo'ed thighs to slim down. At this appointment I honestly wanted to talk about how much he took out of my inner thighs because even if there was lipo in that area, there had to be some sort of difference and I didn't see any. I just went ahead and just waited for my 1 month post op.

Today, I came in this morning for my one month post op and the wait is always ridiculous. I was not seen by the doctor till 40 minutes later bur my last post op appointment I waited even longer. When the assistant/nurse came in she asked how everything was, she looked at me and knew what I had issues with.
When the doctor came in I expressed how my back bra fat was still there when they told me that would be gone. He said every person that has an spandex laying against their skin is going to bulge, which is a lie. I've witnessed many people that it doesn't have it. I then mentioned my thighs and he said he didn't take too much out my inner because my front thigh would look too big, which he failed to tell me this during my consult. If i knew that, then I definitely would not have spent an extra $2,000.00 on just a little bit of lipo. Again, he said I was "PROBABLY still swollen" and the true results won't be til another 3-6 months. The consult literally lasted for 10-15 minutes, I tried to voice out my concern but I'm shot down that I'm not realistic or "I really look different where I came from before to what I look like now" and of course I spent over 10k so I definitely would like to look perfect from where I came from.

Right now, I am a little upset, but we will see. I guess I have to wait 2 more months and keep feeling this frustration.

Post Op Pictures

3 Month Post Op

It has been a very long journey, I can't even say I want to do this all over again. It has been about 3 month and 11 days and I still have not directly sat on my butt yet. I still feel a little bit of pain on my lower sides from the lipo, so I am still gentle with myself with certain things.

I had an appointment with Dr. Hsu for my 3 month post op, and everything went pretty well. I had some complaints here and there and he explained how surgeries are, which made me feel better. He can't make certain fats stay in certain areas or what fat lives and dies and thats completely understandable. I regret not measuring myself before, but right now my butt is about 41'. I kind of wish it was a little bigger, but as usual everyone I know says its big enough. -__- Hopefully no more fat dies! I'm now considering more lipo in certain areas, but that is to determine later because I have spent so much on the procedure itself.

Overall my results are great, I don't regret my decision with Dr. Hsu. He is very thorough and careful about his work. I've had a lot of compliments from other ladies and it feels great!
Will update some pictures soon and have another review in the next couple months.

6 Month Mark!

I have been able to work out now and for the past 2 months I have been dieting, and working out at least 3 times a week. I overall have lost about 14 pounds give or take and I feel I have only lost about 1.5 inches from where my butt sticks out the most. I want to lose another 10 lbs, but afraid to lose everything. I feel like I have lost some hips, which makes me want to do a little bit of revision from my thighs to my butt and hips.
Overall, I loved my result and how Dr. Hsu did such a great job. I get so many compliments and it feels amazing!

Here are a few recent photos from some of the weight loss. It doesn't look much of a difference! Haha, Im trying! Excuse the messy blurs and stretch marks!

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