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I have dreamed of a BBL for years, but I never...

I have dreamed of a BBL for years, but I never really looked into it because:
1.) Financially
2.) Intense surgery

So finally I recently had a consult for a Botox at Timeless Plastic Surgery and ended up consulting for a BBL at the same visit. I ended up booking an appointment for a Buccal Fat Removal and Botox and put my deposit for that. There weren't many pictures posted on Real Self on Buccal Removals or BBL, but we'll just see how that goes. The day I had a consultation was with the coordinator, I never got to actually meet Dr. Chang himself which would have been more satisfying to meet and more assured. I did more research about the BBL and Im going to decide to not do a BBL with them.
I booked a few consultations with:
Dr. Cortes, a lot of bad reviews, but I actually had a friend that goes hers there and she loves her BBL.
Dr. Newell, $100.00 consult, like one comment said.."inconsistent"
Dr. Morales, good BBL pictures, but only 4 years of experience kind of scares me.
Dr. Hsu, many great reviews on a BBL and great consistent pictures.

From all that I'm reading I am super nervous because I have never been in any type of surgery or under anesthesia besides my wisdom teeth. I'm afraid of the outcome of the procedure and of course the healing process seems like a pain. I feel like I am kind of rushing the procedure due to my work schedule, but definitely will have it done by December.
All my consultations are set up for next week and I am anxious to get this over with!
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