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I decided to document my journey to help other...

I decided to document my journey to help other woman . I never thought I would be doing this , However , I have gained a lot of weight over the last two year , a sedentary life style and poor eating habits have let me to a 30 pound gain over the last two years . I'm 5'6 and look my best at 140 . Right now I'm 170 The problems is I have these rolls on my back , a belly and my behind is super flat , so why not redistribute the wealth ....

I'm also including arm lipo with my procedure .

This was a tough decision as I considered going to DR. Salama, DR Salhauzer, In Miami and and Dr Hughes and Dr hazani in Beverly Hills, I figured why not go to the best .
After evaluating everything it would take to travel , hospitality , cost , risk ,if revision is need it after the surgery, I opted for a local surgeon. It would be Insane to travel again if I need it to go back , there are a lot of moving parts for me to go away for 10 days without my family - I have an 8 yr old a Husband , and a full time career .

The challenge with a local Surgeon is Taht athere isn't much talent in Houston - my personal opinion - the before And after pictures aren't that impressive , there is a couple dr Cortes , Dr newall .
Cortes knows what he is doing - however , I passed him up , I read a few reviews and got turn off , also he is only been a surgeon for 8 years , and I just didn't have a good vibe for what I was looking for .

The I came across Patrick Hsu , he only has a few Pictures but they look great , I met with him and felt like he can safely give me what I'm looking for - his works speaks for itself .
I also chatted with one of his patient they are very happy .

I'm so excited for my 10 yr tune up ..

Before pictures


Wish pictures

Wish pictures

Close up

These rolls need to go .
So uncomfortable

Ready for smaller waist

Smaller waist can't wait .

Wait and shape -

I would love it if I can have this shape , and the waits this tiny ..

Waist and overall shape

I would love it if I can end up with my waist this small and this shape , doesn't have to be as big , but I love her round hips ....

Supplies to prepare for BBL

Supper booty buddy
Bed and car chux pads
Iron pills - slow fe
Benadryl itching gel extra strength
Mupirocin-prescription antibacterial for infection site
Antibacterial hand wipes
Vita medica pre- after vitamins
Extra compression stocking
Silicone Eli foam from biodermis
Salome faja lipo board
Silicone gel Insiction circles -6

Great idea

Totally doing this

Last wish pic

Realistic expectations ???

Met with Dr . Hsu Today

Had a few questions for the doctor before my upcoming surgery , he explained everything in detail made me feel very comfortable and addressed all my concerns , I love his personality . He took his time to look at my wish pictures and I feel he has a very good understanding of what I want .
I consulted with 3 other doctors before choosing Dr Hsu , I feel he is the best here .

Feeling Guilty - night before my surgery

I'm feeling so guilty today , I told my child I was having surgery ,I didn't tell her what and she started crying saying what if something happened to me and my husband is all nervous . I feeling guilty that for vanity purpose I'm putting myself at risk - surgery is surgery .. I'm sure somebody who have been through this .
I am looking forward to the lipo and contiring -I'm very ready - is night before my surgery and I'm ready to be sculpted .... I know is Normal to be nervous , I haven't been until tonight , I have a great doctor I feel confident with .
I'm ready to get this over with but still feel the butterflies in my stomach .
Ladies please send good vibes for me that it all goes well .

I Made it

Thank you for all your support . This surgery

I made it

What I wanted to say the in surgery is out of control in terms of discomfort . I've had four surgeries in the past and this one by far has kicked my tail.( no pun intended lol)
Everything is been great with my doctor the hospital and the help at home .
I do have a questions the bleeding is out of control I don't have a drain has anybody done it without a drain and what did the bleeding look like ?
Will post pictures tomorrow

Quick photo .loving my results !!!

I will give you guys some details later of my surgery for now some quick pictures , I don't like this faja it,
cut me on top ,I'm paranoid it may leave me deformed ..the pain is real ... It does get better ,
I had Arm lipo & bbl don't do this combination - my arms hurt the most and I need to use to get in and out of bed .
You get up often to use the rest room.
Is not fun .. Thank goodness I don't get a breast lift ..

Dr hsu is an artist !

I had some one see me today that does the massages for lipo / bbl she was in awe when she saw my new shape. She said he does better hips than Cortes .
I only saw a few pics by doctor hsu but that was enough to convince me .
Keep in my minds it's only been 24 hr
My true shape will come in once all the swelling goes down .

Happy with my results

The projection is unbelievable , I feel like a got a Miami type booty and I didnt have to travel not to mention all my safety concerns that were very important to me were all address , the doctor call me this morning wanted to see how I was doing post op. I love the details ...
On another topic not sure how I'm hiding this booty from my husband .

Best doctor in Houston for Bbl Dr Patrick Hsu

Wow , you can only appreciate it side by side ..

4 days post ops.

Feeling better , the first 3 days you are in a haze . It's tough I won't lie but is worth it . No amount of gym , Pilates , running or squats will ever shape me like this .
Life is too short , I'm glad I made the decision . I have to admit taht I never wanted a big behind and never really cared until I gains eight and saw what was happening to my shape . Brazilian lift isn't about a huge behind is about a balance .
the eye Ionger is a before picture because you seldom look at yourself that way .
I had a decent shape but was square on top , lacked volume and my stomach was wining the show . Now I can see how every feature has a part on stage . The eyes follow the waist , the the hips etc .
I am looking forward for the swelling to
Go down is insane right now , I'm 10 pounds more than my ore weight - that's a annoying and I been eating homemade stews last 3 days . Done with that ..

So much to post

So much to post but first a quick picture.
. I am extremely swollen still carrying extra weight From fluid retention .
Time flies it hardly seems
Like a 10 days . Having to wear compression socks for swelling .
Getting my first massage tomorow . Will give update and post more pics .

2 week post op

I can't believe it's been 15 days , here is update , I was retaining 14 pounds of Liquid , finally that is resolve . I do have a seroma on the lower abdomen and had to get aspirated , today the doctor out on drain to resolved it - I'm hoping that does the trick , not sure how I would conceal these drains , but hoping not to have to wear for long .,
I still super swollen , especially the hips .
But the swelling is coming down everyday .
My belly button measure 38 pre op now it's 32 and I'm still swollen- wow
I'm very happy with my results he really lipo my waist, I expect my bootu to come down more , that's fine .
I will post more later on things that were helpful ..

Better Pictures

Courtsey of my doctor

Better pictures 13 days post op

Very Swollen on the hips and lower abdomen

3 weeks post op

I'm starting to feel normal which is great…
This recovery is definitely lengthy and it's a process him that I think it's worth it.
I'm still swollen but I'm starting to feel my skin softening ,in the beginning right after surgery my booty was very hard and now it's feeling very natural .

I'm getting massages done ,I don't want to end up with lumpiness I know that a lot of people that do lipo Complain I see that the massages can really help with that ..

I have a message tomorrow ugh it hurts a little but it helps so much with the fluid retention and it helps to slim down quickly .

I will take better photos next time .
I really nice side projection I'm hoping to keep it , the hips will come down a little be more which will be nice mj Doctor gave me a tiny waist so I don't want a huge constrast , but wow I'm loving my hour glass figure , now I want to go to the gym and work out to maintain , as soon as I get clearance I'm so working out ...

4 weeks post op

I'm staring to
Feel more normal - still using pillows to sit - I'm a tummy sleeper so I'm not struggling with that - I do sit all day at work , I try to get up and walk but hard to do that when you are in a meeting .
My initial measurements were 32 for my waist and 42 for my hips . Belly button waist was 38 .

Now - waist 29 hips 43.5 And the most amazing change is my belly button waist it was 38 now 30 ( that's 8 inches ) that's insane . My hips were 45 right after surgery but I was not too happy about that - I know some girls like that but I'm not a big fan . I do love how round my hips are .and natural liking now .
My side projection is really nice and finally my lower abdomen is getting smaller - I had a seroma so it was very swollen , the trick to controlling seroma is really giving it logs compression and an abdominal board .
I'm getting massages twice a week to make sure I do get lumpy in my stomach ...
I still have swelling -which will continue to subside . I need to drink more water . Overall happy with results . Really waiting to see where i in 3 months ...

5 weeks today

the recovery is a roller coaster ride emotionally and physically . Still swollen but getting better ... I'm still wearing my Garmet couldn't imagine being with out it . I'm looking into stage 2 Garmets if anyone has a suggestion ...

Before and after

After weight gain and 5 weeks post ops

Before and after pics

5 week before and after - my stomach is very swollen still - I had a seroma on my lower abdomen and just resolved in the last two weeks .

I love wearing jeans now

I love wearing jeans now .
I can't wait to go to the gym a squat to keep it firm - now I have an incentive
And investment to protect ...

Back looks greats but stomach is super swollen 6 post Post OP

Can anyone tell me if they experience This and when did it resolved . I have had stomach lipo I don't recall ever it being this swollen . I'm six weeks post op .
I see other on here so flat 2 weeks post op. I did have a drained Initillay and developed a seroma , even though I'm getting massages I just can't get over the swelling and if hurts still . I have pain in my Lower abdomen . My original lipo was 8 years ago maybe I can't recall all the details . My stomach looks very flat in clothes which is great but if so t wear a Garmet with an abdominal board the lower abdomen swells . I'm going to see my doctor Wednesday to see if he would manually drained me.

Close up of my stomach

I'm wearing my Garmet everyday I even bought a new one tighter and I'm getting massages I just don't get why I would be so swollen .

Lumpiness around stomach

I'm not sure how this will turn out . I'm getting massages , I did have a few doctors tell me a tummy tuck would be the best option for smooth finish . I may have to consider a mini tummy tuck .
Let's see what happens after 6 months.

7 week post op

Back looks great I had some really serious back roll . Front still a work in progress , will let the Healing do its job .
I sat on my booty last week without a pillow a couple of time - it pains me - but walking around with a pillow is ridiculousness for a career woman .. I have meetings and client lunches . At work I use a pillow under my thighs .. We shall see at 7 weeks post ops most doctors will say is ok .
I have lost weight I'm at 164 , pre op I was 175 . I will get down to 160 and see I don't want to compromise my booty.. It was Too much trouble to ever go thru this again . This recovery is hard , combersome and and lengthy but worth it ....


2 month update

More Prep Op Pics - first read below

For some great pre op pictures of what looked like check out the video posted by my doctor on Instagram copy and paste into the Google bar - my undear choice ugh and my stomach but oh well

2 .5 months post op - I'm bloated keeping it real

Just finish a huge turkey dinner and I'm bloated but I never have time to post - but these is about the booty. right ? So many you have asked me to show my booty in a dress since I post most in underwear mostly .
I'm happy with my current situation waist 42 - which by the way is considered an with designers boo , any bigger I won't properly fit into my clothes so I'm happy my hips came down I was 45 post op yikes ... 36 29 42 ... I'm looking to tone up especially the legs so That my ass goes with my legs and it's believable .

6 months post op

6 months booty update

Explicit - Click to view

No volume lost - heart shape .
Love the size, I need my stomach tighter
Not really working out right now , but will get back into it . Weight 160 right now
Kind of heavy for me but If I get down to 145 I will compromise my results.
I don't suggest gaining weight you should be at your ideal weight - other wise you risk loosing your investment ... I don't want a fat face and a juicy booty - so dolls don't do it - if you need to gain weight because you don't have enough fat that's fine , but remember you gain weight proportionally so when they take it from your stomach your arms , chin and face will look plumped. Just saying .
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I looked into many different doctors before making my decision to stay in Houston . I consulted with 4 doctors locally as well as several doctors in Beverly Hills and Miami. I am very particular and had high expectations on the results I wanted . My last stop was the office of Dr Hsu , he addressed my concerns , took my questions very seriously . I felt that he did the best job at conveying what I need it and how he was going to do it , he address Areas where he would add fat to contoura and told me how many cc's would be ideal for me .. And he was dead on his assumptions and projections.. He was also very patient and caring , overall I felt he had the best understanding of what I wanted and need it . The follow up care from him and his staff was has Been phenomenal . He is committed to make sure I am satisfy in my results and my care . I have a new lease on life with my new shape - I got my wish pic and couldn't have asked for a more beautiful shape - an hourglass shape ...Dr Hsu is an artist , who pays attention to details .. You owe to yourself to meet him before you choose a other doctor ...

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