Mom in late Twenty's Wanting a More Youthful Figure - Houston, TX

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I've always been lacking in the rear end...

I've always been lacking in the rear end department and having kids at a young age didn't make it any better.. So now I'm finally doing something about it. It's always been a plan of mine so better now than later! I'm 5'4 and about 130 lbs- my weight fluctuates anywhere from 125-135 lbs. I'm Asian, but more on the thick/medium built side. I'm hoping to have a dramatic transformation after without it being obvious that it's unnatural.
Current stats:
34- bust
29- waist
38- hips/butt

Hoping to get at least 700cc's in per side afterwards to get a nice hourglass figure.

2 week PO

Yesterday hit my 2 week PO mark! There has been a lot of ups and downs (physically, mentally, emotionally) to get to this point, but it has still been worth it so far! I love my new shape and just hope my butt doesn't shrink too much!! Dr. Hsu said he injected about 760cc per cheek. I was hoping for more honestly, more like 1,000 cc per cheek haha!! But he already told me that he was estimating about 700 cc per cheek so I wasn't surprised or disappointed. He has a good eye and I do think this size looks great on my frame, as long as not too much gets absorbed! Lol!! I will update in more detail later but I am thrilled with what I have so far! Dr. Hsu gave me a sexy hour glass figure and an ass I've always wanted but never had!

Some quick before/after pics

Immediately after surgery I noticed a big improvement in my silhouette even with my garment on! But now comparing some pics of me wearing the same dress, all I can say is WOW! Dr. Hsu is a miracle worker.. Lolll

Supply List

I bought so many random things from all the supply lists I saw floating around on here, but I'll post the ones I'm actually using/personally found helpful!

- Arnica gel
- Neosporin
- Benadryl itch relief gel
- Iron supplements (if needed/recommended)
- Daily Vitamins (if needed/recommended)
* Also make sure you fill all your prescriptions/pain Meds/nausea Meds before your Sx!

- boppy pillow
- leahco full body pillow
- booty buddy pillow
- sling chair (use sideways and let your bum hang off)
- female urinal (I'm using the freshette brand)
- high density half cylinder foam (for sitting on toilet)
- Lipofoam/epifoam for underneath garment
- Silicone scar sheets (after your sutures close)
- Chux pads
- Bottled water, Powerade/Gatorade, protein drinks & straws
- Step stool (if your bed is high)
- Lawn chair (cut out hole for your bum and lay down)
- A marble or anything that fits inside your belly button so it doesn't distort the shape from all the compression lol

Clothing material:
- tank tops (to wear underneath garment)
- loose clothing/dresses
- compression stockings
- back triangle compression board
- stage II garment (I bought the Leonisa seamless shapewear & started wearing it at 2 weeks PO)
- Slippers/easy to put on shoes
* Remember to bring a loose outfit day of Sx that you can slip on or has buttons! Don't bring something you love or light colored though Bc it might stain since you will probably drain a lot of fluid!

I'll add on the list if there's anything else I can think of! Hope this list helped someone :)

Updated pics

Hit my 5 week post-op yesterday! :) There's some little spots that I hope will settle in more bc I have a little "ass-symmetry" (lol), but I'm really happy with my results & overall shape so far! I also still have some bumpiness on my lower abdomen from the lipo but I'm VERY happy with how much flatter my stomach is. I had alot of lower fat and loose looking fatty tissue hanging out on top of my C-section scar so I was really surprised when Dr. Hsu said he doesn't think I need a tummy tuck. I was always thinking I needed one, even though that was the last thing I would want or budget for.. Lol. He lipo'ed out a perfect amount on my stomach for my skin to retract back! I didn't even know that was possible bc my skin looked more loose before the lipo than now, just wish I didn't have stretch marks from my pregnancy loll.. Anyways, I'll post some pics I took last week at around my 4 week post-op. If you saw how my body looked before (and you can see some in my previous photos), Dr. Hsu did wonders on reshaping my mom bod.. ???? The biggest difference is how he shaped an S curve in my lower back bc I needed that badly!

8 week PO

Had my 8 week PO appt today! Can't believe it's been 2 months of not sitting or sleeping on my back!! Yes, I have literally not sat on my ass unless I use my boody buddy.. That has got to be my favorite must have product during this journey. My doc said it's ok to sit and sleep normally now but I can't help but feel paranoid about it loll.. Anyways, most of my body is healed but I still have some swelling on certain parts of my lower back and lower abdomen when I don't wear any compression. Up until last week, I wore my garment pretty much 24/7 except while showering. Now I still wear it most of the day but sometimes I take a break for a couple of hours. I wear my Leonisa garment most of the time and occasionally switch to my Veronique garment that I got after Sx and put an ab board inside for more compression!! Overall, I am very happy with my new figure but just need to do some minor tweeking. Most of the concerns I addressed in my previous entry are still there so Dr. Hsu has agreed to do a revision in a couple months. Mainly it's to fix the minor assymetry, and I'm also hoping it will make my butt more shapelier too loll (my ultimate wish is more of a heart shaped booty lol).. He's going to lipo some other parts of my body to get the fat- mostly my upper body. I told him to not waste any fat he finds bc I honestly would love my behind to have as much projection as possible! I'll post some random photos of the back view for those who asked! Lmk if you have any questions

Updated pics & measurements

Time is flying by now that life gets more normal with every passing day! :) I still feel kinda weird and paranoid when sitting or laying down on my butt so I don't fully put all my pressure down unless I sit for short periods of time (less than 30 min). When I know I need to sit for a long time or drive somewhere far, I still use my booty buddy lol. Not sure if my crazy over the top paranoia is helping my butt maintain its size or if Dr. Hsu just did a bomb job on my rear- it's probably both lol! For those who were wondering:

My before Sx measurements were:
Current measurements (on a normal day):

And on a good day, aka skinny day, my waist can be 26 in! My weight has been pretty steady- I weighed 135 pounds day of Sx and still weigh about the same, give or take 2-3 pounds difference. I'll attach some recent random pictures on here. I would post some more before pics, but honestly feel so embarrassed looking at them.. Loll. Sorry in advance for the messy background in my pics. I'm also holding my skirt tight so u can see the shape! Lmk if you have any questions!

15 weeks PO Today!

So it's been a little over 3 months since my procedure. Happy to say that my booty is still there and hasn't really changed since my last update! Still measuring at about 41 inches and still making ppl's heads turn according to my husband.. Lmao. Bc lets be honest, it's not an everyday thing that you see an Asian girl have some curves & booty on her.. Haha
Everything fits so differently now, it's like night and day!! Sometimes I can't believe the transformation myself and feel like I have someone else's body.. It's weird though, bc at the same time, it almost feels like this is the only body I know of now.. It's like my mind forgot how I looked pre-BBL!! Bc every time I look back at my old photos, I'm almost shocked at the difference and I "re-appreciate" what Dr. Hsu has done for me.. I'm sure that's not a real word but I hope you guys know what I mean, lol. One day I will go back in my camera roll and post it on here so you can appreciate it with me loll. Anyways, I went shopping yesterday and took some quick photos. I ended up not even buying that dress, but took some pics just to update you guys lmao!!

4 months PO update!

Hey dolls, haven't posted here in awhile! Sometimes my outfit and booty are both on point but it's hard to take a pic of it! Lol! It's been a little over 4 months since my BBL and everything is still going great, AKA.. my ass is still there, lmao.. Still measuring at 41 inches. (Besides finding a great surgeon), I think one of the main keys to retaining your booty is to avoid pressure on it for as long as you can. Honestly, even longer than what some/most doctors say. Some say 2-3 weeks- I say that's the bare minimum if you want to maximize your results. I avoided sitting down for 2 months and still til this day, I sit on my booty buddy if I know it's a long car ride!! Call it paranoia (it is) or whatever but I just want to booty to stay!! I'm so use to my new figure now that I seriously don't remember life before my new found ass loll..
I went out last weekend for a friend's birthday and took some fast pics before I headed out for you guys! (Idc about my tattoos showing in some of my pics anymore btw haha)

Nearing 5 months!

Hey guys, I feel like I've been MIA! Seeing so many new beautiful bootys out there and ones in the making! After this weekend I will be 5 months PO. Time flies by fast after the first month. In the beginning it feels like torture, but when things settle down and you see your results, you will wonder why you didn't get a BBL earlier! I know I would've loved to have this booty years ago.. it was always lost, but then found by my doc (Dr. Hsu) lmao. Anyways, here are some pics- I'll attach some without clothes too. Please ignore my discoloration, I scar easily so it'll be there for awhile. As you can see my booty is still there. On some days it looks smaller and some days it looks like it's stuffed, but I am still 41 inches so I'm gonna assume and hope that it stays that way!!

6 month PO/Revision

Hello guys!! Had my revision Nov. 1! If you guys recall my earlier posts, I was wanting to get a minor revision to fix some asymmetries. These few areas weren't very visible.. but at the end of the day, we are our toughest critics. I'm just happy that Dr. Hsu saw my vision and allowed me to feel 110%. I was already VERY happy with my initial results but having this done made me feel complete. He lipo'ed my upper back, arms, armpits, and re-lipo'ed some small areas to get about 300cc's added per side. So total of what I have now is about 1060cc per cheek! (Which is what I've always wanted lol)
The 300cc's doesn't sound that much but it was the perfect amount to fill in some spots and also gave me a little more roundness & projection.
I honestly thought doing this the second time would be a breeze but I gotta say that it is still very painful!! This is no walk in the park.. but it does feel more manageable than the first time!
I'll attach some photos he took from the OR and also one of my Before pics he sent me. You can tell by my before that Dr. Hsu worked miracles ??????

5 days PO Revision

5 days PO Revision
It's not the most pleasant thing to see- my bruises, stains on my vest, and how ungraceful I am at twirling loll.. but here's a short clip of how my body looks like now at 5 days PO. It looks much bigger in person... and for once in my life, I am shocked to say that I think my ass is too big if it stays this way!! lmao.. I'm sure Dr. Hsu could never imagine those words coming out of my mouth!! Loll.. I'm measuring at 44 inches right now. Before revision it was 41 inches. Hopefully after swelling and things settle down, it will be just a little fuller than what I originally had before my revision, like at 42 in? Anyways, I hope recovery will be going good from here bc today has been a moderately good day! <3

Little black dress

In a bodycon dress w/o garment
Ok guys, I wanted to try on a dress before my shower. I am so annoying bc I have a lot of these type of dresses but in different colors loll... I don't know why I do that, but when I really like something I want to buy them in multiples or variety of colors. My husband is always like -______- Lmao.. but good thing this dress is really stretchy bc it was kind of hard to pull up. U can see more of the shape when I wear black clothing in videos vs photos so just wanted to show u guys another vid of my new behind! =p



Hello RS fam! I just realized my information is kinda scattered everywhere bc I usually just write as I go, lol. So I thought it would be easier to make this so it's all on one post. More so for the new bbl dolls who haven't been following my journey! <3

My Stats:
Ethnicity: Asian
Height: 5'4
Measurements: 34-29-38
Weight: 125-135
*my weight fluctuates a bit, but no, my doctor did NOT suggest I gain any weight prior to surgery. I did weigh on my heavier side of about 135 on my surgery though

BBL stats:
Lipo'ed areas: abdomen, back, flanks, inner thighs, knees
Total transferred: ~760cc per cheek
Measurements: 34-27-41

BBL revision stats: (done at 6 month PO)
Lipo'ed areas: upper back, arms, arm pits/tail of breast
Total transferred: ~300cc per cheek
Measurements: 34-27-43 currently, but will probably change once swelling is gone
(Hoping to be 34-26-42 =D!! )
*Revision costs: by now most of you know or should know that it varies per Surgeon/per their policy, and goes as a case by case basis. Also please be aware that there's a difference between a revision and a BBL round 2- again depending on what you need and what your doctor views it as. So if you would like to know how much YOUR revision would cost (if needed), then you should ask YOUR doctor <3
(I feel no need or want to disclose how much mine was bc it honestly shouldn't matter how much I paid due to what I stated above. Just do expect to put out some serious money $$ again bc whatever your revision cost may be, you also have to calculate in the Facility/OR & Anesthesia Fee- which is usually always the patient's responsibility)

How long did you wait to sit: 3 months (lol)
*I feel like this is the most important part! Some docs say 2-3 weeks, some 6 weeks, some 2 months. I did 3 months to be safe and still never fully sat on my ass for long periods til I hit close to 5 months.. which was right before my revision.. now I'm starting all over again.. wahh, loll
Must haves: booty buddy or butt pillow of some sort. I also made a previous post of things I bought
Garments: I love the Design Veronique brand which I got from my Doctor's office and then got the Leonisa garment off Amazon and started using it at about 2 week PO.
Was the surgery/revision worth it? Yes :)
Am I happy with my results? Yes! :)
Has my booty maintained volume? Yes, I believe I was able to maintain close to 90% of my original BBL size, and hopefully will be the same for my revision
Would I still go to the same doctor if I had to do it all over again? - Yes! Love, love, lovee my PS, Dr. Hsu! Look at his work.. and my before & after.. it speaks for itself! Not only that, but he genuinely cares about his patients, which is something that you always hope for, but is actually hard to come across nowadays. Anyways, hope this long post that was suppose to be a quick FAQ helped out someone.. lol.

15 days after Revision

Short vid
Hey dolls! Yesterday was my 2 week PO Revision. I feel 100% again, minus the fact that I can't sit or sleep on my back still.. lol. Also had my first lymphatic massage today. I never did this during my first bbl so I didn't know what to expect. It was very relaxing, although a bit uncomfortable at some points where there was tenderness. Currently measuring at 34-27-42.5. I haven't weighed myself since Pre-op and kinda scared to.. I've been slacking on my diet and eating too many hamburgers the past days, so I've been feeling AND looking kind of thicker.. :/ lol. Planning on changing this bad eating habit after this weekend and starting fresh next week! Other than that, I don't have any more new news, so I'll just post a quick vid and photos that I just took literally 1 minute ago!

2017/10 week PO revision update

Hello dolls! The holidays were busy so I haven't had a chance to update! But since my last post, not too much has changed, things have just settled in more. Im very happy about my stomach, it looks pretty much as good as it can get with what I have to work with- skin laxity and stretch marks, without me getting a tummy tuck. Before the revision, I had a small pocket of fat on my lower right abdomen, but it is even now, and it makes such a big difference when I wear fitted clothes. My booty also looks more even now, before I felt like my left cheek was higher and rounder than my right, even though it wasn't that noticeable. Now the level is even, but my right cheek is still a little flatter projection wise and hip wise. My body is a total transformation from where I started from though, so I am VERY happy with what Dr. Hsu has done. Btw, have you guys seen his BBL's recently? It looks sooo good, it makes me have booty jealousy loll.
Anyways, I'm currently 34-27-42 but wanting to drop a little weight for an upcoming wedding. I plan on just eating better and doing some very light cardio- as in just walking around the neighborhood and doing light weights to tone up my arms lmao. I'm not very active so really anything extra I do should make a difference on me haha. Hopefully I don't lose too much ass.. Here are some pics I took over the weekend and stomach pics since I realized I've never really posted any lol. The vertical scar you see close to my belly button is actually from the Faja zipper I got after my revision. It's annoying that I scar so easily
Houston Plastic Surgeon

After researching for quite a bit in the Houston area, I was drawn to Dr. Hsu. I was impressed by his background and his work. Had my BBL Sx on 5/10, and my whole experience has exceeded my expectations. I love my results & Dr. Hsu. Look at his work and my before & after.. it speaks for itself! Not only that, but he genuinely cares about his patients, which is something that you always hope for, but is actually hard to come across. I am forever thankful for how he has transformed my body!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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