26 Yr Old No Kids Ready for my BBL

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Hi dolls! I've been reading so many of your...

Hi dolls! I've been reading so many of your stories and I am now ready to share my own.

Had a consult with Dr. Hsu 8/12 his staff is very unorganized but I loved him!

My SX is 10/20 and I'm beyond anxious and nervous but so ready to get it over with. I've started buying my post op supplies :) my experience with Dr. Hsu was great, his work speaks for itself, he is very professional and honest.

He told me to lose about 15 pounds before SX, so far I'm 8 down and 7 more to go!

I'm 5 feet tall and 165, I've always had boobs but no hips or booty! So now it's time to treat myself to the booth i want and time to get rid of this stubborn fat!

Before pics UGH!!

It took a lot for me to post these pics- ugh but whatever we all have a before lol!

All I know is Dr. Hsu better snatch my waste and add a booty and fat to my thighs and give me a curvey shape pretty please!!!! geesh!!! lol!!!

Some supplies ready!

I have been so lucky to chat with other chicks who have gotten their BBL done with Dr. HSU- I appreciate them so much!

I started shopping for some supplies, still missing the booty pillow- what else do I need??

I have:

- neosporin
-compression socks
-anti-bacterial dial
- loose pj's
- band aids
-anti itch moisturizing cream
- filled my prescription ($15 total, insurance covered the rest :)

Wish pics!

Let's see what Dr. Hsu can do for me! Haha!

Dr. Hsu is not requiring blood work hmm

I had my pre-op last Thursday and the nurse insisted that because of my age and my health history Dr. Hsu does not require blood work for me!

I had my phone assessment with westside surgery and once again the lady insisted that no blood work is required for me (hmm)

Well anyways- I went and got a physical with my doctor- he did blood work but didn't check my hemo hmm has anyone else had cosmetic surgery and no blood
Work done?

I'm so paranoid!

I'm 26, 5 feet 161 (according to the scale today )

Lymphatic massages

Hey ladies!

I asked Dr. Hsu if massages were necessary and he said NO. But I will still get them done at 1-2 days post. Was lucky to find a lady recommended by my hair stylist. Lady lives 5m away from my house! Just 11 days away!!

Booty buddy!!

I ordered my booty buddy! I am sure it will be very helpful!
I also have a boppy pillow!

I will be taking 18 days off work to recover! Luckily My job is very flexible and I am able to work from home unless I have a meeting etc.

Booked moms flight!

I moved to Houston from NYC about 2 years ago for work and am so excited my mother will be coming to take care of me! Thank god for our mothers :)

Booty buddy arrived!

I think this pillow will be my best friend!!! 10/20 where u at?! Lol!

2 more days!

The time is almost here! Mom arrives tomorrow and last day of work is tomorrow as well!

I am really ready for this!! Can't wait!!

I made it!!

Hi ladies! Thank you so much for your kind words. Surgery went well I am in pain as expected but I wanted this so now I must deal with it lol!!

So thankful my mom is here taking care of me and she said "this seems worst than having a baby" who knows I bet it probably is.

Ladies there is NO WAY you can do this alone, recover alone omg you definitely need someone to help!

Dr. HSU did 1000 CC to each butt cheek :)

Talk to u soon!

Walking around

Had not taken pain meds- just did so now because I feel like my body is on fire!! Literally! But it's okay, it will get better (I HOPE)

Walking around slowly. The pain is not the worst part- the worst is laying down and getting out of bed to go to the bathroom.

Luckily the garmet has a hole and I do not need to take it off. I pee standing up. No way I'm sitting on this booty- I will wear a diaper if I have to lol but not sitting down.

I will start taking laxatives tomorrow.. Dolls be ready for this pain it is no joke I guess I have a high tolerance to pain so if you don't god luck and u got this!!

Quick pics

Hey dolls! Was able to take some quick pics. Still have not changed garment until tomorrow per Dr. Hsu.

I am also wearing a faja over it. It's all about compression!!



Today has been okay, the hardest part is getting on and off the bed. I made the mistake of not getting a bed stool as my bed is a little high (I'm short) once I lay down all the pressure goes to my tummy and it burns!!

Getting off the bed is very painful! I slowly slide off the bed with the help of my mother. Staying hydrated and taking my meds.

Using the bathroom is fine, you have to use it standing up like a man lol, but it works out.

I just took a laxative as expected you will be constipated so hopefully they work by tomorrow.

Earlier when I woke up I felt like I had a fever but thank god I didn't, checked my temperature and it was fine- it was probably since I was laying down for so long my body was very warm.

Today I ate grilled chicken, carrots, broccoli, in between snacks like jello, crackers, and lots of fluids!

Must stay hydrated!! And walking around slowly as much as I can.

I hope tomorrow is a better day!!

Few more pics

Tomorrow I'll change garment and see the bruising and swelling- today I am definitely more swollen than yesterday- my weight is still the same as it was before surgery so it should definitely go down once swelling is gone :) I'm also wearing a faja over garment.

Itching has begun!!

My back itches like crazy!!! Guess all this is part of the healing process!

Pics from Dr. Hsu

Right after surgery.

Question dolls

So when I get up out the bed I literally feel my stomach on fire!!! And as if fluid is coming out of my stomach - I can't see anything since I'm in my garment. Anyone else experience the same?

Like I can feel my stomach burning and opening and releasing fluid!

I hope I don't have any burns. And I'm really cold right now hopefully I don't get a fever!!

Day 2

It does not feel like day 2- feels like I been in this garment for longer. This morning I took my pain med at around 5:30am then laid down and went back to sleep, just woke up around 8am- feeling better the med definitely kicked in, I was even able to get up out the bed alone without help. Legs don't feel so stiff.

I will take a shower today and switch into the other garment (same kind) just need to wash this one.

Thank god for my mother- don't know what I would do without her.

My lower abdomen is definitely super swollen looks like a balloon!

I will try not to cry when I take garment off as I know this is no where near my final result!

Changed garment

Took a shower and changed into another garment, I am not extremely bruised just really really swollen!!

It took like 20 minutes to put on garment it is super tight!!!

Garment too tight!!!

I literally feel like ripping this garment off my body! Laying down is soooo uncomfortable! I wake up every 2 hours from the pressure and pain.

Then as I lay down I think to myself "all this better be worth it!!!" And this is by far the hardest thing I've had to do!!!

Look at this pic, I look 8 months pregnant! Ugh!!!


Ladies- ginger is anti-inflammatory, mom is saying a ginger tea will help reduce swelling has anyone taken ginger after surgery? If so, how well did it work?

Day 4 booty feels like a brick

Well here we are ...day 4 post! Feeling like shit, swelling has not gone down a bit, my booty and hips don't really hurt they are just hard as a brick! And stiff!! Can't wait for them to start getting soft- takes time tho. Dr. Hsu called me this morning, he asked how I was feeling and to hang tight as he will see me tomorrow- I told him I feel fluid Coming out of the drains especially when I sneezed he said he is glad and that's why he started to leave in drains now.

I will see him tomorrow and hopefully he can drain some
More fluid to help with swelling!

Just got lymphatic massage

Hi dolls! Ok so I know American doctors don't emphasize on lymphatic massages at all but they are CRUCIAL!!!!! I feel SOOO much better now! Had I known I would have gotten it done on day 2!!!

I am so lucky to have found a very knowledgeable certified lady who knows it all! She has special equipment to massage with and really made me feel so much better! My faja is obviously still tight as it should be but it's much more bearable now.

Future BBL dolls- start asking around for massage ladies and find you one, you will thank me later! I also purchased a foam lipo board from her and am wearing it under my garment on my lower belly area! I also feel she was very affordable in comparison to other ladies- massage was like 1 hour and 15 minutes for $65 and the abdomen foam board was $50 she is in Pearland- it was meant to be because we live so close!! Mom drove me while I laid on my tummy in the back seat! :)

Ok well right after the massage I went to pee and I turned really pale! I felt like I was going to pass out! I laid my arms on the bed and she gave me a juice (kale, pinneaple, ginger, cucumber) it actually taste decent as it was cold! I felt much better after and she and mom helped me get in my garment!

Day 5!

Hi dolls! Today I had my 1st post-op appt with Dr. Hsu. My drains were removed and he said no sign of infection and no seroma. I expressed my concern of the swelling and maybe not draining properly as my gauze was dry where the drain was at- he said it's ok that I am done draining and the swelling will start to go away slowly.

This SX is an emotional roller coaster, I have not cried since having it but today I could not help it. My stomach (lower belly) does not look good at all and I am scared it work retract- Hsu said I may need a TT but I REFUSE as I am 26 and haven't even had kids!! He said be patient as it is only day 5 and the swelling goes from top to bottom meaning most of the fluid is carried by my lower belly.

I am not ready to post a pic yet- I want to wait and see what happens but obviously because of the swelling and fluid belly looks way bigger than my pre-op pic! I am staying positive, I dont give up easily I will use this an board with combination of massages and a strict healthy diet.

On the bright side my booty is looking good! Turns out Hsu put 1200 CC on each cheek and 350 CC on my hips. He said they took out a lot of fat from my belly area total all around was about 4 liters which is idk how many CC's maybe close to 4000? Anyways he said they through away the rest as it was tooooo much to stuff my booty with! Can't be looking ridiculous either lol!!

Reminder of where I started - with clothes on

These are a few pics where you can kind of see my lower belly area which I have always wore clothes appropriate to cover it as much as possible- but u get what I'm saying... It can only get better not worst I would hope!!!

Day 6

Hi sisters!! Today has been a little tad better! I had another massage today, difference today was that fluid came out one of my lower belly incisions - there is still excessive fluid contributing to the swelling. Yesterday was a bad day- I had an emotional breakdown but I am so thankful for my mom and every single one of you who lifted me with kind words. My mother has extended her trip - the love of a mother does not compare to any other I am very blessed.

After the massage we even went to the store to buy some quick things we needed. The car rides are horrible I hate every second of them- I can't really lay down because I have to guide my mother everywhere lol! (No I do not sit on my brick booty haha) after the massage I was able to take a nap and it felt really good. The garment is still very uncomfortable and super tight but I am dealing with it and trying to stay busy to keep my mind off of that.

Here are some pics with my extra tight Garment!
Talk to you ladies soon :)

Day 7 and this AM so far

Hi ladies!! Yesterday was a better day, each day gets better. As you know for the 1st 5 days straight I was stuck feeling the same!!! (Like shit) It's true, everyone's recovery goes totally different!! The fact is this surgery is not easy at all! But the good news is we all make it out! We are woman!! It's amazing what the woman body can do! I am naturally an impatient person but I've learned patience is they key to this SX.

I am obviously still swollen but I think it's begun to go down a little tiny bit... Even tho these are not my final results I am happy with what I see so far. My shape is completely different- dr.hsu really did shape me! So far everything looks very natural and my booty isn't extremely huge which is good because I'm short and my main concern was my boxy no shape self, square looking figure. All that's in the past now :)

I've started taking ginger tea at night to help with swelling and also taking turmeric pills! Hopefully with that, my garment and massages it will all slowly but surely come together.

Thanks for listening :)

Day 9- swelling going down

Hi!!! So day 9 it is!! Yay!! Today I'm feeling better, I wore my ab board for the last 30 hours straight and took it off and noticed the swelling has gone down quite a bit!

Excited about that! Still wearing my garment (we are BFF's for the next couple of weeks, months) I've been taking turmeric pills for the swelling and drinking ginger tea at night, that seems to be adding value. But the truth is "time" is the key.

Today I even went to the store with my mom and did some shopping (retail therapy) not too long maybe for 1 1/2 hr- excited to slowly be coming together because it's been a rough journey but definitely worth it!

Bruising going away

Hi! So good news, my stomach is retracting very well, I've been using my ab board and it's definitely helping. Still not where it needs to be but I am obviously still swollen so patience :)

Twice a day I massage my belly with arnica and coconut oil.

Lower belly day 7 VS day 10

As you know I was super depressed about my belly hanging and looking horrible! Well time is the key!

I've been using the ab board, coconut oil, arnica, getting massages, drinking ginger tea and taking turmeric pills and eating super healthy!

Check out the progress:)))

2nd post op visit with Dr. Hsu today!

Hi BBL sisters! I'm feeling great! Still swollen, still sleeping on my tummy, still not sitting on my booty!

But if we want the best results we have to follow our surgeons instructions :)

Today's visit was good, Hsu was happy to see my stomach retracting and said my results were getting better and better - he said keep getting massages and swelling will continue to go down and waist continue to get smaller.

I asked if I can wear heels already and he said Ofcourse!!

In 2 weeks I will see him again and we will discuss if it's appropriate to start working out- for now just sit tight and heal.

He also suggested no sitting for 2 more weeks but he understands it's hard- he said "try not to, or atleast not long periods of time"

As far as the fat survival- 70-80% of the fat survives in the booty- I told him "I hope I don't lose anymore and stays this way" :)) he smiled lol!

I am still taking turmeric pills and drinking ginger tea at night...

Talk to you soon!!

17 days!!

Hi BBL dolls!! It's been 17 days WOW!!! feeling almost normal, yesterday I went shopping and its
Much more fun now that everything fits good!!! :)

Still not sitting on the booty, I drove with booty pillow, it was okay!

Tomorrow I will return to work, all my work clothes fit waaaay different, blazers & suits fit big from my waist, my pencil skirts fit waaaay better...

Here are some pics for you guys!

Tip for future BBL dolls

Don't we all wish we had someone telling us what we should expect, tips etc before doing something!

Well here's my tip to all future BBL dolls! Right after your surgery your booty looks huge and you're like "ohh yeaaaa this is perfect I love it, hope it doesn't shrink"

Well... Surprise! It starts to shrink as expected, it's been swollen and swelling starts to go down from everywhere! Back, abdomen, booty, hips every area that lipo was performed.

You will become obsessed with it lol and begin to think "shit I should have requested more CC's lol!!! Yes girl go ahead and add more! If you're thinking 1000 CC tell your doctor 1300! Lol

I got 1200 and I sometimes think I should have gotten 1500 lol!!!

I'm still in the healing
Process and won't see my final result until months from now, but I plan on working out- focusing on my upper body and squats for sure!!!

I'm very pleased with my results so far but we always want more lol!!!

:) XO

Back to work!

Hi dolls! So Monday I went back to work! Ofcourse the starring and confused looks of my coworkers lol only one of them was brave enough to ask!! Haha!

He said "omg girl wow what did u do, what's the secret"

My response: "I took a vacation!! That's the secret!!!

Nosey peeps lol!!!

So throughout the day I'm fine but I do swell up more on my lower belly my waist looks tiny compared to my lower belly lol anyways I'm at the nail place and ofcourse I'm standing I refuse to sit haha

Here's a pic of the booty pillow!!!

Booty pillow at work

Booty this morning

Some of you wanted to see the booty well here we are! At day what? Day 22 wow where did time go?

Garment off! Lol!

Ok here we go!


Here we go- my belly is still swollen as well as my back- the hardest part has been being patient and understanding that the swelling will go down and thankfully my stomach has retracted well- I wear the garment 24/7 and ab board to sleep!

Social outing lol

So last Saturday I went on a date lmao!! Ofcourse when the host tried to sit us at a booth I requested a table lmao!! Had to make sure my booty sat in a chair where I could sit on the edge and not put pressure on my booty lol!!!

4 week post of visit with Dr. Hsu

Today I saw Dr. Hsu for my 4 week follow- up, everything is fine he showed me the before pics they took during my pre-op visit all I could do is laugh!! He said "Girl what were you doing here" lmao!!!

All I could think is "why the heck didn't I do this when I was 18" umm that's right, I was a broke college chick busy partying!!

Dr. Hsu really is amazing!!

Booty pillow at work

So 2 of my team members asked what's this block I keep carrying everywhere lmao!!

I said I have back problems and my back can't touch the back of my chair hahaha!!! Who am I kidding? Hahaha oh well!!!

Chicks will keep asking....

So a chick at work that had not seen me in like 2 months saw me and said "OMGGG you look like a different person what have you done to look so good"

My response: "I've been getting massages to reduce belly fat"

LMAO!!! ???? They keep asking questions and you already know I think of it all! I always have an answer hahaha

Just keep them wondering...

Hi dolls

It's been over a month!!! I feel pretty normal and this garment is my BFF- I am used to wearing it 24/7 I believe it's time for a stage 2, I ordered a Salome but I didn't like it so I returned.

Still swollen, overall I love my new shape it's a huge difference and no trainer could have ever shaped me this way :)


I still wear my garment faithfully and my ab board to sleep- my sweet friend gave me a waist trainer and I wear it to sleep and while I'm at home- I wear it over garment and ab board :)


Here we go.. Took forever to load a video as it would never load completely...


Hi dolls! Wow it's been a fun journey! I've met with some RS dolls for lunch and tonight meeting another one for dinner! It's fun dressing up and feeling good!! Being single in Houston is fun too!! Lol


Hi dolls- I've been gone enjoying my new body and just busy lol!! Here I am- my waist is smaller and I'm feeling fabulous!!!

Hi!!!! Quick update!

Hi dolls!! I've been MIA! Just enjoying life and the booty lol!!! As you can see the booty is still there and doing well lol! I've lost more weight, waist at 28 - I don't measure the booty anymore just my waist. Anywho, here are some recent pics! XO!


Hey dolls- my abdomen is still a working progress but it's came a looong way! I go to the gym 4X a week and still wear my garment 24/7 I purchased another Veronique in size Med- I love them! Oh and here's a pic of the booty...

Abdomen before, 5 days post and 6 months post

Wow I have came a looooong way! Dr Hsu is amazing!

Recent pics

Hi dolls! Here are some pics! Omg it's been 8 months wow !
Houston Plastic Surgeon

BBL- excellent results I am so happy! I visited with a lot of doctors, went on multiple consultations- Dr. Hsu was the only doctor who showed a genuine interest in my concerns and what I wanted to accomplish. His team is amazing, I wouldn't go anywhere else. Throughout every step of my journey I felt the support of his team like Rocio who constantly answered my questions after my surgery. A superb level of service starts from the moment you walk in with Aliza and the rest of the team. I would not go anywhere else for my cosmetic procedures! Dr. Hsu has earned my loyalty! He is an artist, he gave me the body I wished for!

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