I plan to go with Dr. Cabral !!!!!!!!!

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Hi, my name is Marquiesha and I am 21 years old. I...

Hi, my name is Marquiesha and I am 21 years old. I have an almost 5 year old son who I adore and love more than anything or anyone. I was in an off and on relationship for almost 2 years now, not with my son's dad. He was a jerk lol, well they both were really. I am newly single and ready for a change... My height is 5'9 and my weight has been from 180 lbs to 182 lbs since 2011. It's somewhat consistent. I have small hips but the muffin top has to go. I'm tired of wearing girdles that does nothing. I never wore a bikini or body con anything. I'm ready to feel like a 21 year old and look like one. Ass and all. I have big breasts, too much actually. I'm ready to gain more self confidence and heighten my self esteem to a whole new level. I have been stalking this website for 2 years literally and now it's time for me to make a change. I love Dr. Cortes' work and is strongly considering him. My other options are Dr. Fisher and/or becoming a Duran Doll. It's time for a new me. I'm so excited. I have started emailing all 3. You girls look amazing. I am so in love with your body types. I can't wait to show my official post op pics. I'm gonna be so obsessed with myself lol... I will take more pics when my Sister comes home from work. She will do them for me. Bye for now


What exactly is Care Credit and what does that mean...?

The Waiting Game ...

Okay, I have a phone consultation with Dr. Salzhauer this coming Monday, I have just Facebooked message, emailed and sent in a quote to Dr. Duran, and I have emailed Anna, with Dr. Fisher. I am waiting to hear back from all 3. I am so obsessed with RealSelf, it don't make no sense. My sister is tired of me talking about it but she is currently pregnant and she wish she was able to have it but she will have to wait now lol... My cousin is excited for me. She is talking about getting implants but doesn't want to save Well I have because I am tired of not looking my absolute best and feeling my absolute best. I am single and 21 so... I'm young, why not make adjustments to my body so I can date lbs... I am patiently (not really) waiting to hear back from the doctors I have chosen. I am so excited. I will be posting wish pics as well. I'm 5'9 so I'm pretty tall but I wanna be curvacious and have a small waist. I have a muffin top (yuck!)... Wish pics coming soon

Pics of My Body Now... Warning: I have nothing lol

I have nice round breast but everything else is saggy and droopy and excess fat all over the place or no fat in the place it should be. my Ass lbs...

Almost ready to Secure A Date with Duran!

I am getting closer and closer to securing a date with Duran. I am close to having the money for Jazmine with Bellavita Consultants so she can help me with this whole process. It is going to be so much quicker and smoother with her help. BTW you guys look great with the recent post op with Duran that I have seen. All the more reason Im so excited about this and confident with my doctor chosen.

Got my Quote from Duran

I emailed her Sunday night and like 4 or 5 times, from English emails to Spanish emails, She gave me my quote and also suggested I get a TT which I am skeptical about because I see alot of women always have that scar across their stomach. The upside to that if I do go through with it, is that underwear can easily cover it up. Plus if the dr recommends it, I mus need it lbs... I havent figured out what date yet because I am still trying to save my money for it. Before this year, I'm trying to have my deposit sent it to secure my date. How are the Post Op Ladies..? I hope you all are doing great and feeling greater. TTYL

Question about the Booty after Sx

Does it feel natural...? Does it soften up...? Will it jiggle and shake...? How long after does it shake and joggle and you can dance and shake it...? Really curious!!!!

I am also adding a BL....

These are more wish pics. I love these bodies. SO nice to me. I'm also adding a BL and Duran hasnt emailed me back and told me anything about whats the additional cost for that but I may as well go all out. My boobs dont need to be sagging while the rest of my body is banging nawwww...

Ugh the wait!!!!!

I am currently not working right now and honestly I am so thirsty for a job so I can start saving my money and geting all the things I need before and after surgery. I'm like super anemic so I need to invest in those mega blood builder pills so my hemoglobin level won't be an issue... I'm really excited. I'm combining money that I already have saved. SO I gotta get on it. I want to have surgery sometime in March, like middle March. Cuz come April and May shit is getting real. I aint never been to a club or anything anf I am 21 years old. Just didnt like my body and I'm a leo so I love attention but dont get me wrong, I want the good attention like "Who is she and who she think she is" Yall know how women hate. I aint got an ass at all and they still hate. It's sad. I uplift. SOmebody ask Im gone tell they ass to go right to the DR lbs.... Anyway, Actively looking for a job so I can get on it... Super thirsty it dont make no sense...

Frantic :)

I need projection out of this world. I want you to be able to see my ass from the front. I want my hips wider... I just can't wait til Duran makes me bombbbbb

Duran Doll and this is FINAL

I have chosen to go with Dra. Duran because I feel the most comfortable with her. She has answered most of my emails and seems to care a whole lot more. From reading the other girls reviews, she seems to be passionate and actually listens talk you and tried her best to give you what you want as well as doing what's best for you as well. She gave me my quote. Now it's all about saving. I'm currently a full-time student and my boyfriend is going away to serve the National Guard and that won't take long but my school refund and taxes will be saved for me to proceed with this surgery. I strayed away from it for a little while because I needed to focus on getting in school and my son started Kindergarten as well so it's been pretty busy. But I am back me for good and trying to decide what's the best time for me to go. Definitely I'm hoping before the next summer. I can do it financially I'm sure with my boyfriend help and all. I'm here to chat with or whatever. Ask me questions. Feel free. I will create an instagram as well and give out my name so we can all follow eachother on our sx journey.

I'm Back! And Still Pregnant!

So excited to be having my baby girl at the end of September. But I'm even more excited to be done having kids for now! I definitely am getting my body back together. I haven't gained much weight this pregnancy, but I still know im gonna look jacked up lbs. Seriously can not wait. I have to do everything over again. Just the physical, mental and financial preparation!!! Good luck ladies!!

Date confirmed

Got my date confirmed with Cabral for March 13th. I'm gonna start getting stuff as soon as I have my baby girl at the end of September. You could never be too prepared which is exactly what I'm planning to be lol. Any other dolls going around that time? I'm gonna stay at Tropical Deluxe with Ruth. Haven't heard anything but fabulous reviews. Gonna send my deposit within a week or 2 for her. Once I do that, I know it's gonna feel surreal. One step closer to a better version of myself for me and my family. A happy mom equals a happy family, right? Until next time Ladies, xoxo ????????????
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