38 Year Old, 5’2, 128 Lbs, Two C-sections, 330 Saline Implants, Getting a Full Mommy Makeover - Houston, TX

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When I was pregnant, my husband and I agreed that...

When I was pregnant, my husband and I agreed that I’d get a mommy makeover if I needed one, so it’s been on the back of my mind for eight years. We decided to do it before my fortieth birthday. Since it takes time to recover and for the swelling to go down, we’re doing it now.

I researched surgeons on Real Self and picked several that I wanted to meet. My first consultation was with Dr. Lyos. The office called and pushed my appointment earlier because they scheduled a surgery after my appointment. We ended up waiting 40 minutes to see him and could’ve almost kept my original appointment time. He barely examined me (told me I had a hernia which the other two PSs later rejected), rushed me through my appointment and was irritated that I had questions. He suggested that I get a full tummy tuck, implant exchange (saline for silicone), breast lift and liposuction in my lower abdominal area. I asked him if he could work on my flanks. He said that he wouldn’t turn me over during surgery so he could only work on the front. Overall, I was very disappointed since he’s very experienced and has a great reputation. Our appointment made me question if I really wanted to go through with the surgery.

My second consult was with Dr. Steely. He wasn’t on my original list but I read a RS review about a mommy makeover he had just completed and knew I should meet him. It was night and day between the two consults. Dr. Steely took time to thoroughly examine me, listened to me and answered all of my questions. He understood that I wanted to go smaller with my implants. He was the only PS who said I’d get a very similar result (since I have a lot of breast tissue) with saline (which is $1K cheaper) or silicone. Also, he was willing to do lipo on my flanks and inner thighs. His pricing was very similar to Dr. Lyos’ but I would get more procedures (inner thigh and flank lipo). The icing on the cake was that if I decided to have my mommy makeover with him that I’d have a pre-op appointment with him to go over final details, last-minute questions, etc.

I knew it was going to be hard to live up to Dr. Steely and his nurse Cindy but I was the most excited for my third consult which was with Dr. Basu. His academic background, web site and reviews were stellar. Unfortunately, his office staff (although extremely nice) was not as professional. I had to ask several times for them to send me forms to fill out before I actually received them. Then, the password the patient care coordinator sent me was incorrect. Without actually asking me if I could change my appointment time, they called and confirmed a new time. I made it work but it was annoying. Dr. Basu was very knowledgeable and patient with all of my questions. He encouraged me to go bigger with my implants and said that I only needed a lollipop lift. In the end, I think I realized his thoughts of beauty weren’t the same as mine. His patient care coordinator presented us with a total overall cost (instead of breaking out the costs of the procedures, anesthesiologist, hospital, etc.) and said that if we booked that day we’d get a small discount. My husband and I didn’t appreciate the hard sell nor the estimate… it was $7,000 more than the other two estimates!

On the way home from that appointment, I called Cindy at Dr. Steely’s office and booked my mommy makeover for 1.5 weeks later – Wednesday, May 18. They are all board certified PSs but my husband and I felt most comfortable with Dr. Steely and his staff. Plus, his office is easier to get to and has free parking (for all of those follow up visits).

The pre-op visit was so helpful. I knew I was going to get a full tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift (three incisions) but I was still undecided about whether to get saline or silicone implants and which size to get them. Cindy steered us toward the silicone since they feel more natural. Based on my husband and my feedback, Dr. Steely is going to decide on the size during surgery. We’re going to stay the same size or go smaller but stay in the 300s. Most importantly, I was nervous about going under for seven hours. Now that I have a husband and two young children to think about, having this elective surgery has been causing me major anxiety. Dr. Steely assured me that I would be okay and made me feel better. I'll be staying overnight in the surgery center (more expensive) but we think it’s worth it.

I'll post more (including photos) after surgery... one week to go!

MM - Surgery Day and Post Op Journal

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 – Surgery Day
I’m terrified. I’ve been questioning whether or not I should go through with my MM. What if I die? Who will take care of my two young children and husband? What will people think of me once they find out how I died? Will my daughter think it’s okay to put her life in danger for vanity?

Last night, I kissed my kids (thinking it could’ve been for the last time). I got up at 4 a.m. to shave and shower with my antibacterial soap. I packed my kids school bags. My mom arrived to take care of them until school and I kissed her goodbye. Once my husband and I got into the car, I started to cry. My husband was so sweet and as usual trying to be silly so I wouldn’t worry. Even though my doctor assured me that since I was 100% healthy, went under before and had no issues, that I would be fine, I was still scared out of my mind. In fact, as I’m typing this the memories are causing me to cry. Needless to say, everything did turn out fine.

I checked into the First Surgical Hospital at 5:30 a.m. in Bellaire, TX. I forgot to bring my ID but they were able to work it out. The staff was timely and kind. In particular, I would like to thank the people who did my lab work, Cindy (my pre-op nurse), Rudy (my post op nurse), Eva, Peggy and Amaryllis (my nurses throughout my stay) and Anzara (who wheeled me downstairs). They were awesome and made me feel like I was their first priority. The facility was nice too.

After I was weighed, had my vitals checked and changed into my gown, Dr. Steely came in to confirm my surgery details and gave me a Valium. It calmed my nerves. At 7:30 a.m., my husband gave me a kiss goodbye and the next thing I remember I was in the post op room. It was 4:00 p.m.

Dr. Steely came into see me and told me he was surprised how much fat he was able to remove from my flanks. He said it would enhance my butt (I have a very flat one). He shocked me and told me that I had 350 CCs saline implants that were filled to 400 CCs. He replaced them with 325 silicone ones. Another thing that surprised me was that they had to put a breathing tube down my throat; I guess they do that when the surgeries are longer.

I’m so glad that I stayed overnight and highly recommend it if you can afford it. They were able to give me a pain pump and I was able to urinate through a catheter so I didn’t have to get out of bed. I was extremely nauseous from the anesthesia and they gave me anti-nausea medication through my IV (which also flushed out the anesthesia). And, Dr. Steely came to examine me in the morning and I was able to ask any remaining questions that I had and he was able to remind me of the important post-op things to do at home.

Thursday, May 19, 2016 – Day One Post-Op
I saw my flat tummy, hour glass shape and breasts today. Everything looks great! My husband took me home and has been taking good care of me. I’ve been in my recliner (lined with towels in case my drain leaks) all day and have taken my pain meds as prescribed, drinking carbonated water and eating chicken noodle soup. I was so elated to see my kids when they got home from school! I told them that I had a stomach virus so they wouldn’t jump all over me. I’ll be watching all of the Downton Abby seasons while I recover and I slept all night.

Friday, May 20, 2016 – Second Day Post-Op
I took two ex laxes this morning, my antibiotics and pain meds as prescribed. I had a protein shake for breakfast and chicken soup for the rest of my meals. I’ve also been eating crackers and drinking La Croix before I take my pain meds so that I don’t get sick. I went number two in the evening and it hurt badly. About an hour later, I had diarrhea and that hurt too. Dr. Steely said I could shower (with antibacterial soap) today. It felt good to take off all of the bandages, gauze, binders, stickers and to have my bra and compression garment washed. My husband washed my hair and gave me a shower. I have two drains in my vaginal area and it hurt when water got in the area. It was super painful when he put my binders back on; in fact, it made me want to vomit. He’s also been administering my medication, emptying my drains and recording the amount, applying my antibacterial ointment twice/day, helping me around the house and has taken 100% of the kids’ needs. I’ve been walking around the house with a stooped posture when I can and doing my respiratory exercises (to prevent pneumonia). My legs are swelling so badly. They’re in so much pain. I’m so grateful that the kids are in school so they don’t have to see me in this weak stage.

Saturday, May 21, 2016 – Third Day Post-Op
I’ve arranged play dates for my kids so they’ll be out of the house during the day and my mother-in-law is having them spend the night. I took one ex lax this morning, ate a yogurt and drank 64 ounces of water today. My pain is getting better so I’ve decided to wait longer in between my paid meds and have substituted Extra Strength Tylenol for one of the times. The swelling in my legs is insane. It’s what bothers me most during the day. I went number two again twice as I did the night before. It’s so uncomfortable. Also, I showered and again the replacement of the binding afterwards hurt to the point of wanting to vomit. At night, I’ve been getting these burning sensations on both my left and right sides. I moved into the bed and slept there for two hours and then went back to the recliner for the rest of the night.

Sunday, May 22, 2016 – Fourth Day Post-Op
The swelling is awful. Besides the burning that happens at my left and right sides, it’s what bothers me the most. I’ve been continuing to read the posts of RS. It’s been so crucial for me to see what other MM patients have been going through so I’m trying to be at detailed as I can about what I’m going through. I wanted to post my notes today but am not up to it yet. I’ve been weaning myself off of my Rx pain meds. My appetite has increased. I’ve eaten yogurt, crackers, ground turkey with bell peppers and toast with butter and strawberry jelly and drank 64 ounces of water. No shower for me today. I’m walking around and am almost upright and feel good enough to sit at my vanity and pluck my eyebrows. It feels good to start doing some normal things. I tried to sleep in bed then I started getting the burning pain in my left side only. I walked around the house, took my Rx and went back to bed. The pain started again an hour later so I walked around the house and slept in the recliner for the rest of the night. I will wake up with the kids tomorrow and leave my bedroom… returning to normal.

Monday, May 23, 2016 – Fifth Day Post-Op
I’ve logged onto my laptop to check work e-mails (I’ve been checking them on my iPhone). I ate a yogurt at the kitchen table while my kids had breakfast. I even hung out with my daughter while she waited for her bus. It feels so good to start getting back to my routine. I remember feeling the same way when recovering from my two C-sections.

Reading the RS posts has been my lifeline. I’m so impressed with the honesty, trusting and sharing. Besides my husband, my sister (who has also been supportive over the phone since she lives out of the country) and my mom, no one else knows. I’m going to keep it that way for now so I’m glad I have a place where I feel comfortable to talk about how I feel. I’m here for any of you who have questions or who want to correspond.

I’m going to see Dr. Steely this afternoon and will shower beforehand. I have my list of questions prepped (i.e. should I start massaging my breasts?) and hope that he removes the drains today.

Milestones and Stats

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 – Two Weeks Post-Op
Drains were removed – Fifth Day Post-Op
Slept in bed instead of recliner – Sixth Day Post-Op
Walked upstairs and downstairs – Seventh Day Post-Op
Underwent endermologie to help with swelling – Eighth Day Post-Op
Went to lunch and the movies – Ninth Day Post-Op
Stopped taking pain meds during the day – Tenth Day Post-Op
Went to the grocery store and shopping – Eleventh Day Post-Op
Cooked dinner – Twelfth Day Post-Op
Back at work – Thirteenth Day Post-Op

Pre-Surgery (May 18) Stats:
129 lbs
Breast – 35”
Waist – 32”
Hips – 37”
Left leg – 20”
Right leg – 20.5”

Post-Surgery (May 30) Stats:
126 lbs
Breast – 36.5”
Waist – 29.75”
Hips – 35.25”
Left leg – 20.5”
Right leg – 21”

The swelling is still bad. I go for my second endermologie treatment (two were included in the price of the MM) tomorrow. I’ll post more measurements and photos once the swelling goes down.

In the meantime, I’d like to give a shout out to Dr. Steely and Cindy. They are amazing! They are as kind and understanding as the first day we met them. Even the staff at the surgery center said what a respectful person and great doctor Dr. Steely is. My husband and I made the best decision in selecting him as my PS.

MM - Post Op Journal

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 – Five Weeks Post-Op
Walking straight!

Friday, July 8, 2016 – Seven Weeks Post-Op
I’m no longer required to wear compression garments but because I want to get rid of my minimal swelling I’ll still wear them at night. My inner thighs are still badly bruised. Dr. Steely has encouraged me to use arnica gel. I also spoke with him about the asymmetry of my breasts. He asked me to wait until six months before we seriously discussing options and mentioned an in-office procedure. My cleavage and the width of the left breast are my biggest concerns. The healing of my TT scar also worries me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 – Twelve Weeks Post-Op
It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve been disappointed with my progress. My breasts are becoming more asymmetrical, my scars are still red and raised and I still have major bruising on my inner thighs (see the photos). I was elated with my initial results. Even though my breasts weren’t symmetrical; I thought that they just needed time. Now it seems like they’re getting worse.

When I look at everyone else’s posts, I see how happy people are with their new bodies and how well they're healing. I’m not there. Is anyone in the same boat as me?
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