35 Y/O Extreme Weightloss- Tummy Tuck/Breast Lift. Houston TX

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*Long review* If you want to skip details and go...

*Long review* If you want to skip details and go straight to the recovery part then scroll to the end.*

I had planned for several years to have a breast lift/excess skin removed-tummy tuck upon losing 100 pounds but wasn't sure I would be able to do so because of a blood clotting disorder called "Factor V". I visited a few P/S over the last two years but didn't really feel confident with any of them and a couple of them told me they wouldn't "risk it" because of the already existing clotting risk in such a major surgery. I consulted with my blood specialist and she was confident that with my situation that surgery would not be an issue with proper planning. I continued to research P/S and remembered a "friend of a friend" mentioning Dr. Cash about a year ago. She received a tummy tuck and was beyond happy with the results. I set up an appointment (actually she see's people on Wednesday's for consultations but she made an exception for me due to my work schedule- which was awesome!).

When I walked into the office I instantly felt at ease. Everyone was pleasant and very nice. I went in and spoke with Dr. Cash and she REALLY took her time with me. I discussed my situation, weight loss, etc... I NEVER felt rushed and actually was impressed at the amount of time and attention she gave me directly (on a Friday and it ran past their closing time). I was sold when I saw the before and after's of other patients and because of the time she spent with me explaining options. It doesn't hurt that she is DOUBLE board certified (only female in TX) and her list of credentials are beyond impressive. We started this discussion in September 2014 and I knew that I wanted the surgery in December of 2014 so everything was about timing. We originally discussed/decided on a tummy tuck and breast lift WITH implants (the tear drop shaped ones that look most natural). I visited a cardiologist for clearance that my heart was strong and he deemed me "low risk" for complications, and then worked with my hematologist to discuss my preparations since I am on a blood thinner called "Xarelto" for my Factor V. She put me on self injections of lovanox beginning 7 days before the surgery and to continue 5 days after the surgery. This plan was shared with Dr. Cash and her team so everyone was on the same page.

The closer the date approached the more nervous and excited I became about the surgery. Dr. Cash's team made themselves available via email all day everyday! I know because I spoke to the Office Manager Debbie several times a day leading up to the surgery- asking questions, expressing concerns etc..! Eventually, I spoke to Dr. Cash and together we decided to alter the procedure I was going to receive- I decided not to have the implants and just do the lift and tummy tuck. She was confident that I could still accomplish a nice fully breast with the existing breast mass/tissue (I use to be a 38 H bra at 255lbs and 5'5). Prior to the surgery I was at 162 lbs and wore bras that were 34 DD and kind of molded my breast into them. She told me the finish product would be about a large to medium "C- cup".

The surgery date arrived- I was scared out my mind but the team was great. I actually met them all the week prior to surgery. They made me feel at ease, and when Dr. Cash arrived I asked any last min questions and she did the drawings on me (and noticed I even lost a few pounds) and then it was off to the OR. All I remember in the OR is moving from one table to the other and without any notice I was given the anesthesia and next thing I know I was waking up because It was over. - Best experience ever- I am so glad I didn't have to count- I think I was so worked up that counting would have made me more freaked out because I would have known it (anesthesia) was coming.

Recovery was at the West Side Surgical Hospital- they were top of the line with my care. I spent one night there in a private room. I had to have assistance with getting up and going to the restroom because of my clotting risk it was decided that the more movement the better so I didn't get the luxury of having one of those things in you that allow you to just stay in bed and go.

Let me just add- DO NOT WATCH VIDEOS online from other people prior to surgery. It will mess your world up. Everyone has a different experience and everyone's body reacts differently! I worked myself up so badly before surgery that I almost cancelled a few times because of the awful stories I saw online. Just note- people are quick to report the negative over the positive (we do it all the time when we receive bad service at a restaurant or other services). It was pretty much the same thing with surgery- people upset because they didn't receive the results they expected because maybe they weren't realistic with their expectations.

In saying all of this- she did a WONDERFUL job with my breast lift. It was a very emotional moment for me to see my breasts sitting up and positioned in the correct place on my body. The nipple almost hit my belly button because they were so long saggy before the surgery. I believe they are about a C-cup maybe even a D-cup. I am three weeks post op and can't wear "real" bras yet but I did place an older bra over my breasts to try and gauge the size.

Tummy Tuck Results- everything is still swollen but I do see some flatness. Much of the fluids is settling in my lower ab. I do get frustrated and impatient because I didn't expect a lot of swelling afterwards. I thought I would just be flat and ready for swimsuits. I have to tell myself daily to be patient- so I give the same advice if you are considering a tummy tuck. The results don't really kick in until the 6-8 week mark and then over the course of a couple months its suppose to get better. I hope this is the case- because I am ready to run around half naked ASAP.

Lastly- (sorry for the long review)- I suggest you already be someone that is physically active if you are considering this (or any surgery). I have been working out for 12 years and it took about 2-3 to lose the 100 pounds with diet and exercise and then I kept it off for 10 years and this was my reward. I am still not at a "perfect weight" however, I do think that my recover has been easier than most because I was already physically active and hit the gym 4-5 days a week. I only had pain the first week but it wasn't bad pain- the meds worked great. I didn't have lipo or muscle tightening because I was already in pretty good shape- no kids so muscle repair wasn't necessary for me. She only had to remove the excess skin and sow me up (in a nut shell).

I highly recommend Dr. Cash- I will suggest her to anyone considering surgery and even though I have NO intentions of under going any other cosmetic surgeries such as this- I would still go to her and her staff for simpler procedures like for the skin or the tri-pollar to tighten my thighs (with no down time).

Good Luck to you if you choose to do the surgery! I had a great experience and you will too if you choose Dr. Cash.

Pictures added Pre and Post Op: 5 or 6 days

I added a few before pics and there is a six day post Op picture. I haven't taken any recent because there is still swelling and I'm trying to remind myself that this is a slow process and dig deep for patience. Anyways, I was 162lbs post op and 170lbs after because of the swelling. Currently, I am 160.8 and it will be four weeks on Jan 8, 2015. I am 5'5 and was a size 6 prior with a waist of 33 inches. I may take an updated pic at the one month mark Jan 8, 2015 but may not due to my frustration and growing impatience. :-)

Four Weeks Post OP

I decided to take a few post op pictures since its been exactly 4weeks since surgery. I had to remove the embrace strips from my tummy scar a week early because I had skin irritation- my skin is sensitive. It was evaluated today and we are going to wait another week before trying again. I had the surgical tape removed from my breasts and the results are good. I'll be receiving a prescription for a cream to use on those scars....but they are very well done so I expect the results over time to be better than I expected. Other than that just pushing water, limiting sodium best I can and sweets. My weight has been maintaining despite the holidays and lack of working out (which is making my lack of patients and frustration worse- two more weeks before I can ease back in). There's still swelling but I have days that are flatter than others (my cycle is ending tomorrow) and talk about bloating.....it made for an even worse week and pity party of one. I hope I can get past this and appreciate the results sooner rather than later. I can't wait to fit clothes that don't require being stretchable!!! :(


Here are this pictures- I had trouble adding to the previous post.

Six week mark

I have arrived at the six week mark. My weight is 160lbs but it goes up two-three pounds depending on swelling. I worked out for an hour, I did some cardio- walking mostly. I did experience swelling so I will ease back into the gym with every other day workouts. I've add recent pics!

6 Month Review

Well, it has been 6 months as of June 8th. In the last three months I went on a hardcore workout/improved eating quest. It has paid off and I am down to 149lbs (I started at 168 lbs....then, 162 lbs the morning of surgery...then back up to 168 aftewards). I'm very happy with the results of my stomach with the skin removal at this stage- but I am nervous about the breasts drooping and not being as full after the lift. It's not a big difference but I can tell they have dropped a little due to the weightloss. So- I am working to stabalize around this weight for awhile. I may re-consider and get implants later even though I decided against it three weeks before the procedure- but we shall see.

6 Month Update/Pics

Here are the pictures....

One Year Mark!

It's been a year! I haven't been good with updating my progress! I will post recent pics this week! I am happy with my results with the tummy tuck! However, I may go back and get breast implants. My lift looked GREAT after surgery but then I lost about 20 lbs (I was super motivated by tummy tuck)- so now the boobs fall some and the fullnest is not there.....still deciding but can't complain about the tummy!

1 year and 4 months later....

Hey....thought I would give a quick update! My body/stomach is on point! I have maintained the Weightloss and my tummy is so flat I seriously LIVE in two piece outfits whenever possible. I have maintained a weight of around 142-145 lbs which......is my lowest weight EVER!!! So I have a couple pictures to share and I stand by this being the BEST BEST BEST decision ever! I think one thing to keep in mind with a procedure like this- you GET what you put INTO it! So for me- the surgery gave me extra motivation to get it tight and get it right! The excess skin removal showed me that the hard work HAD paid off and to KEEP GOING!!!! Don't get lazy and think "okay- now that I got tucked I can eat what I want and my stomach will remain flat"...WRONG! You're just wasting money- you might as well take a stack of cash and set it on fire because that's the same thing as not taking care of your new YOU! Stay focused on bettering yourself and remember you DESERVE to feel good- but make sure you are ready to work because maintaining is a journey!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I mentioned it in the review above- Dr. Cash was/is THE best. I am very happy to have found her and that she was able to preform my procedures. Her entire team was helpful and the hospital (West side Surgical) was great during my procedure and recovery night there.

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