28yr Old Mommy Makeover - Houston, TX

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Dr. Steely and his staff have been incredible...

Dr. Steely and his staff have been incredible throughout this entire process! I first saw Dr Steely for a mommy makeover consultation and my husband and I were pretty much immediately set on him. He took his time with us answering questions and really made me feel like he was extremely confident in the results he could give me. Just for the sake of doing our due diligence, I saw another doctor before making my decision. The second doctor recommended grafting some fat to my butt, but when I went back to Dr Steely he very honestly was like "I don't think you would like the shape that would give your body". Right then he had the opportunity to sell me on a procedure AND DIDNT! That was confirmation that Dr Steely was going to be the one for me!

He called me the day before surgery to make sure I was ready and let me know any last minute details. His nurse during surgery also kept my husband informed by calling him every few hours with updates.

I am so incredibly pleased with the entire experience if I ever need to go back for something it will definitely be with Dr. Steely!

Post op Day 13

Got both my drains removed as well as the sutures from my Lipo sites. Honestly, having my drains taken out was absolutely nothing. I didn't feel a thing!! It has also made me feel completely different! My back is still extremely swollen and so are the sides of my boobs/under armpits. Dr Steely said to wear my compression garment a few more days before changing to spanx. Here's today's photo for y'all, I'm in LOVE! My incision is super low and my boobs are perfect, the nurse even asked if I had implants! (Which I don't)

Post Op Day 16

I showered on my own including washing my hair (the Lipo on the backs of my arms makes it extremely difficult). I got myself dressed completely too! Overall I'm feeling great just gotta be sure to listen to my body and test when needed.

Post Op Day 23

One side of my abdomen is more swollen than the other and my hips are still so swollen I can't wear anything but gym shorts but other than that I'm happy! My nipples have ZERO feeling so I'm guessing that'll take a while to come back. Also, from the Lipo in my arms I am barely able to do anything with my hair. My arms have such small range of motion. Also can't wait til I can shave "down there"! ????

Skin Removed From TT

This is kinda gross.... Ok REALLY gross. But that's a 6" ruler underneath the left side. As you can see they removed a tattoo that was on my hip as well as a mole that was just above it. Sayonara suckas!

Never in a million years!

Never in a million years did I ever think I would wear a 2 piece swimsuit again! Even when I started seriously considering a tummy tuck I was ok knowing I'd still wear a one piece because of my scar. Well, Dr. Steely is a frikkin genius and here I am in a BIKINI! I am 19 days post op so obviously still swollen but I am on cloud 9 today!

First Endermologie Appointment

Had my first endermologie appointment yesterday and it was AMAZING! First of all, Dr. Steely's assistant, Cindy, is the best! She is so sweet and really does a great job and is there for every appointment. She focused a lot on my back which is still incredibly swollen and I also explained to her that I had very limited motion in my arms still (3 weeks post op) because of the Lipo. The endermologie helped tremendously with this and I'm now able to put my hair in a ponytail and can reach the back of my neck when it has an itch! (Oh, the small things in life!)
I go back on Monday, 26 days post op, to get all of my tapes removed from my tummy tuck as well as my boobs!

Almost 4 weeks post op

So I'm almost 4 weeks post op and I get my tape off my incisions today! The tape under my boobs have just REALLY started irritating me. I'm sure the fact that it's 100+ degrees here in Houston doesn't help.

I still prefer wearing my binder when I'm home and when I sleep but when so go places like church or a gathering I just wear my spanx. I just feel so much "safer" and supported in my binder though - it's like a love hate relationship.

I'm off almost all my meds except I still need to take laxatives every day (the gentle slow-acting kind). I also take one Tylenol 4 every morning because my back is always KILLING me when so wake up. Has this has this happened to anyone else?

My arms are gaining more mobility every day but are extremely swollen and puffy feeling by the end of the day. I wore a sleeveless dress to church yesterday though and didn't feel the need to wear a cardigan to cover my arms... WIN!

Now I am dying to get in the gym shaping my new body!

I'll try to post again after my appointment today and fill everyone in on what Dr. Steely says about all of my swelling (I have a ton in my back still) and me getting back to the gym.

Before and After

This isn't the official before and after but this before pic was taken maybe a week or 2 before surgery, the after is 4 weeks post op.
Honestly, I'm disgusted by the first pic but I'm sharing ONLY because Dr Steely has clearly performed a miracle and I no longer have to see that in the mirror.

Before weight: 183 lbs
After weight: 170 lbs and dropping!

Tape removed- now I'm in more pain!

So now that my surgical tape has been removed everything is a major pain the in the you-know-what! There was a small area of my TT incision that bled which means anytime I put something over it- it sticks to it and pulls off any scan that forms. I'm out of my pain meds and feel guilty but seriously..... A hydrocodone makes a WORLD of a difference for me STILL!

It's just that any and everything rubs against and irritates my incision especially my binder even when I have a long tank top under it.


4 1/2 weeks!

So I'm still super swollen but here's a pic! My left side is very swollen so my boobs look uneven so far and for some reason my waist doesn't go in to create the hourglass shape on that side either. I'm not sure if that will go away because I do know that my hips are not even because 1. I've never been to a chiropractor and 2. They say that's normal from having kids.
I've been using my mederma and on those old stretch marks as well as my incisions. :) Enjoy!

I could get used to this

So when I had my first consultation I asked my PS if he thought I need to transfer some fat to my butt and he advised me that he would be able to remove enough from my lower back that it would greatly enhance my natural butt. He was so right! As my swelling is going away so actually have some butt! Before my back literally went straight down... There was no separation between my back and my butt.

7 week update

I have made it to 7 weeks! 5 weeks was the real turning point for me though. My PS cleared me of restrictions yesterday except for heavy weight for another 2 weeks. My stomach is flat and my boobs are more than I could have ever asked for. Little things like pushing a grocery cart tires me and makes me feel kinda weak in my stomach but it's getting better. I slept on my stomach for a few hours the other night but I had to bend a knee to the side because I couldn't stretch out that flat. Hope to be comfortable on my stomach soon!!
I wanted to point out the pic of my butt.... Before surgery I literally had zero slope between my back and butt and I asked my PS if he thought I needed to transfer fat that he lipo'ed to my butt. To my surprise, he said no. He said the lipo he was going to be able to do to my lower back would give me a lot of shape. I had no idea there was that much fat to remove but here I am...with a butt!

Been a while!! 3 month pic

3 months post-op! I'm lifting heavy in the gym, running, sleeping on my stomach, and slowwwwly strengthening me abs. Basically I'm back to normal- actually, I'm better than normal now that I have a flat stomach!

5 months post op!

Loving everything!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr Steely is the best around! From the first consultation, to the second, to pre-op, surgery day, and post-ops he and his staff have been 100% professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and amazing communicators. All of the nurses at the hospital even told me "I'm not just saying this but you have the best doctor. He is such a perfectionist that you will definitely love your results."

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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