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Well after agonizing months over the totally...

Well after agonizing months over the totally selfish act of spending thousands on a procedure purely for my own benefit, I have undergone my mommy makeover complete with a tummy tuck, lipo of the flanks, breast lift, and augmentation with silicone implants.

Updated on 19 Dec 2011:

As it has been a few days now I will try and detail my experience to the best of my recollection.

A bit more about me incase anyone cares - 5'2" 34 years, 2 kids (biggest of which came out 9lbs 11oz!) Weight 130ish

My surgery was scheduled at 9 the 14th. They estimated 5 hours under and then a little recovery time to check vitals. I believe I was home by 6. Walking at a 90% angle (probably overcompensating out of fear).The remainder of the day I just remember nodding off and my daughter (7) just sitting in the room staring at me. I know she was worried but was a trooper.

1 DAY Post-op

Seems like a bit of a blur now. I know that despite the nausea medicine and trying to eat something the pain killers did make me vomit twice. I spent the majority of the day in the recliner just trying to drink water to try and flush out the anesthesia. Took the pain meds pretty much every 4 hours. Lots of napping! I could feel a little twinge under all of the binding when I moved a certain way and was afraid that I was pulling in the insicion. Went pee a couple of times. The drains are a huge pain!! Needed help tipping in and out of the recliner.

Day 2 Post-op

Still a lot of napping and 99% of my time in the recliner. Cleared for a shower. My husband helped. It was great to get the binding off for a bit but it was a little scary. I sat on a stool in the shower. I don't know if it's due to the lidocaine and a lot of internal numbing meds but touching my stomach felt wierd. It felt almost like it wasn't mine. I wasn't totally freaked by the appearance. I was nerous washing to everthing just just a light go over with the soap then back out. I was pleased with the apperance of the incisions. I think I was taped and glued and nothing seemed to be open or "weepy." Having my husband rebind me was stressful. He's not the most delicate guy and it was hard to get in a position for him to line everything up. We got it done. I used pantyliners across the front of the insicion in between the binding becuase I was afraid of things sticking. Unfortunately after having it off and back on everything instantly started being itchy :(

Day 3 Post-op

My mom had been staying and taking care of my kids but after school Friday she was taking them to her house. My husband was still at work so I got to practice being independent. After the first day I had been pretty good about eating and not having problems, a grilled cheese one time, a breakfast taco, some noodles. My day 3 goal was to poop! I had been taking stool softeners daily in preparation. I remember how traumatic the 1st poop after I had my son was! Well, the time came and it was no problem! I was glad it went well. Wiping was a bit tricky from the front pushing back but luckily it was a pretty clean getaway ;-) Still in the recliner most of the time and it's getting pretty uncomfortable; tried my side on the couch but my arms put pressure on my breasts which didn't feel too great. The breast pain is OK. Really does feel like being very engourged for all you breastfeeders. Still walking very hunched over but moving much better overall. Abdomen seemed really swollen but I read on another site here that somebody's PS had said day 3 out was the worst for swelling so that made me feel better. The drainage has seemed to drop off alot. Only about 25cc in almost a day. The drains continue to be a pain in the ass and just uncomfortabe in general. Unfortunately my postop is not till Friday so I'll be stuck with them a min of 6 more days!

Day 4 Post-op

Woke up feeling much better compared to the days before and was excited. Got into the shower again in the morning with hubby's help. Started out great (still seated mostly)but got a little woozy. I think the minimal food caught up with me and I was just wore out. And I got to feel the internal stiches really for the first time today. Hubby made me laugh. OUCH!!! Finished up, rebound and went back to my den perch. Trying to make a concerted effort to do more to get the swelling down and get back into "more normal" shape. I really have a hard time with it though. I'm still considerably hunched over and after too long my back screams in pain and I have to stop and lean on something. I don't understand the other posters who are saying they are upright at this point or walking any amount of distance. Perhaps they didn't have internal stitches? That's all I can think of. I'm officially out of the "pain med" zone! I am taking a valium that's supposed to help with the back spasms but seems totally ineffective. I did take the pain meds at bedtime to hopefully get a more healing sleep but I don't need them and that feels great. On the other hand I'm really starting to feel the soreness in my sides from the lipo.

Day 5 Post-op

Almost human! I actually left the house today on my own. Sweats and hat of course! Went by Walgreens bought stamps, mailed Christmas cards, got a Whataburger taquito (yum!) and headed back home. I am still struggling with the hunched over walking and lack of distance I can go. I may call the nurse and see if the valium can be upped or aything. It's only Monday and postop is not till Friday. I really want to try and get in earlier to get these drains out. Sooo annoying! As far as the breasts, I think I'm allowed full range of motion after a week and I can definitely reach higher without feeling any pulling or pain. I'm still babying everything a bit though because I don't want to compromise results! I know my accounts are pretty general so if anyone has more specific questions, please ask!Updated on 20 Dec 2011:6 Days Post-op

I actually slept a bit on my back on the couch last night. It worked for a while but I got up feeling not so hot. I returned to the recliner for a bit. After breakfast I was feeling a bit better. I had an overwhelming need to take a shower but being alone I knew it wasn't the best idea. I couldn't resist though; I knew I needed to break the funk. I was able to wash my hair to some degree being careful not to press my luck with the chest. I definitely felt better but re-binding was a chore. I hope I didn't push my luck on the chest then as there was a great deal of pulling involved.

The drainage is down to about 15ccs per 24hr on one side and maybe 25 on the other. Still have until Friday until my appt. The tape is still all around my breasts. I'm very curious as to how things look under there. The tummy incision looks the same although it's hard to tell how precise it is with the residual marks and glue/tape.

I know the risk in pushing myself to soon but I actually picked up some laundry bit by bit and am doing a load. I need to do something to make myself feel like I'm on the mend so I don't get too bummed. A week from today is supposed to be my 1st day back at work.Updated on 21 Dec 2011:I can't believe it's been a week already. Pain-wise I did not take a single thing today! I don't think the valium was very effective to help with the back spasming from walking too long anyway. I was walking more today and could tell improvement but still had to take sit down pauses at times. Still hunched over and thr degree seems to vary during the day. Sometimes I get up feeling really tight, others it feels good to stretch. I really feel like when the drains come out I'll be able to get on with the healing. I'll be able to wear a different style binder too that I think will help. I'll be sure to post more pics after my appt Friday :-)Updated on 22 Dec 2011:8Showered again today and found a sportsbra in my drawer with clasps so I feel fresh with new material! I also had a moment looking in the mirror when I thought, "Holy crap, I have big boobs!!" Granted they aren't big by societal standards but I was an A before kids and a "nearly A" deflated sack after. I know they are still swollen but I think I'll be very happy with them!

And I don't remember who it was but thanks so much for the tip about crotchless granny panties under the binder for comfort.

9 days Post-op Well I had my follow up...

9 days Post-op

Well I had my follow up today and it was quite an event for me and my PS. I had gotten so worked up about getting the drains removed when she walked in and asked how I was doing I got out "freaked out" just before I started crying. When it came time to remove the drain the asst tried to distract me by asking about my Christmas plans while the doctor pulled. It was the wierdest sensation I can't even describe it. There was just a slight pain at the exit location. It's hard to imagine a tube that apparently started internally very close to my armpit sliding all the way out. When she said it was done I could still feel it like a phantom pull. Well, a few minutes after the pull I began to pass out!! My vision field went completely white and my head started swirling and ears ringing. My husband was there so he came over to me and the asst brought me some water. I never went completely out but was basically non-functional for a few minutes. It was crazy - I had gotten myself worked up that much! Unfortunately their policy is to only take one out in case the pulling causes the other to kick up again. Which means I have to go back in 3 days to get the other out! But hopefully now that I know what to expect it won't be quite as traumatic :) I got the go ahead to start massaging my breasts to help bring them down to their final resting place but they are still pretty tender. Turns out I got 350 in one and 375 in the other! Didn't realize I was that uneven. I'm glad they didn't tell me which was which because I'd probably start obsessing about it.

11 days post-op Merry Christmas! After...

11 days post-op

Merry Christmas! After initially planning to have everyone at my aunt's yesterday there was a last minute change and Christmas came to our house. As wierd as it felt initially, all of the women were aware of my little "procedure" so they all helped out a ton! My mom kept insisting I sit down but I actually felt really good for the most part. It was the first day that I felt like I was actually walking upright and every seemed impressed that I was able to. Well about 4 hours in my aunt pointed out that I had begun to slump and indeed I had. It snuck up on me. I ended up taking a valium and some extra strength tylenol throughout the day but that was enough to get me through.

Slept in the recliner again last night. Either I'm getting used to it or just feeling better in general becuase I had a pretty restful sleep. I might try the bed again tonight.

Trying to move the boobs as much as possible but they hurt a bit when I try. You gotta do what you gotta do though! Hope everyone had a great holiday too!

13 Days Post-op My appt to get my second drain...

13 Days Post-op
My appt to get my second drain removed is tomorrow! Hallelujah! There is one more reason why I desparately want it out. All the hair that was removed to facilitate the procedure is now growing back and damnit it itches! I need to scratch!

First day back at work went well other than trying to find an outfit to hide the drain. I realized something else too. If I eat a big meal I can't walk. I guess there is pressure from my stuffed stomach pushing on my abs because I whenever I get up after a big meal everything feels tight.

2 weeks Postop Proud to be drain free! I went...

2 weeks Postop

Proud to be drain free! I went in today to get the second drain out. I had gotten myself in such a tizzy for the first one I passed out but knowing I would be free after getting the one out today I went in thinking I'd be good. Turns out I was good; it was the drain that misbehaved. I guess from being in for a whole two weeks my insides got attached to it - literally! She had to really pull and there were two distinct areas up my side where I could feel it tearing away! I couldn't help but hollar! I was on fire for a bit after that. Luckily I didn't get all woozy this time. Because of the extra effort needed I wasn't 100% but I asked her for water and she laid me back a bit and I ended up being okay. I don't want to scare anyone because I know that most times - even with my first - there isn't really any pain involved just a really uncomfortable feeling. I just really couldn't believe this one sucked so bad. I was instructed to start massaging the incision about twice a day for 5 mintues at a time. That's going to be tough because it's still pretty tender and it just has that odd sensation about it. The tissue below the incision is pretty tight though so I really want to get on it. I'm due back in 2 weeks.

I'll try to post some more pics tomorrow. I'm sure I'll swell back up a bit from the drain ordeal but hopefully it won't be bad. I still haven't managed to get all of her markings off of my tummy either. I guess there is some residual glue that itn't really thick enough to pick off.

15 days postop (new pics) I'm still...

15 days postop (new pics)
I'm still struggling with the idea that I may have gone too big. I know I'm supposed to give it a few months for things to settle but I'm just not a fan of the upper mound. My husband assures me that despite what the pics look like there doesn't appear to be such an obvious outline in person and the flash it just accentuating the elevation change.

The doc said I can start doing light cardio so I'll probably start walking the treadmill or get on the stationary bike starting next week. One more week in the sports bra and binders then I can switch to a spanx.

Overall I'm doing great. I keep thinking I'm walking upright but I guess I have to admit that I'm not perfectly erect yet. I think I fool most people though except for after a big meal :)

Rre927 (13 posts) 3 Jan 2012 20 days...

rre927 (13 posts) 3 Jan 2012
20 days Post-op

Well I have been able to sleep in bed for the past few nights. It's still not the most comfortable thing in the world because my arms put pressure on my breasts when I am laying on my sides and I don't really feel "free" to roll over back and forth. It's doable though. I felt like I needed to make an effort to get back in my bed.

As I mentioned the breasts are still tender and SUPER itchy! Not just the incision but all over. Maybe it's a combo of the stretched skin and winter dryness but they are driving me bonkers!! I still had a few stitches around the areola but I picked at them a little yesterday because it really seems at this point all they are doing is irritating the area they are in and causing pain and redness. I've healed enough that I think these superficial stitches can come out. I tripped them back as far as possible and there are only a few left that are really stuck in there.

I walked on the treadmill today for 40 minutes on a mild incline. I broke just the teeniest sweat but it was great. I have to say that I am a bit sore in my core again this evening though. It's suprising that such a little bit had an effect. I'll probably try to at least walk everyday. I know that I'm not supposed to run till about 6 weeks but my appaetite is back in full force and I don't want to undo the work that has been done!

22 days post-op Well I tried the spanx today...

22 days post-op

Well I tried the spanx today and it made for a miserable day :( My stomach felt wierd and tense trying to support itself. I almost hunched back over the tiniest bit. Just came home from a really long day at work (even though I work at a desk) and I'm swollen. My belly juts out through the incision region like it's puddling or something. I had planned on today being a rest day and not walking on the treadmill so I thought that the spanx would be okay but maybe not yet. Going back to the girtle type thing tomorrow.

Did I mention I have an air bubble in my right breast? I can feel it move past my implant and you can hear it if you try. Everything I had seen seemed to think the air would be absorbed within the 1st couple of weeks. So I posed the question on here since I've past the 3 week point. Most Drs. say it's natural and give it time. None of the new answers really gave a time frame on how long it would take. My next post-op is the 13th. If it's still there I'm sure Dr. Kim will check it out.

One month post-op My doctor seemed pleased with...

One month post-op

My doctor seemed pleased with my healing at my appointment. I was instructed to continue to massage the incisions to discourage scar tissue from building up. It's really hard for me to do this on the tummy one, it's still too sensitive and odd of a sensation. I massage above and below but to put pressure on the line is wierd. I am putting scar cream on it but that's very gentle. I've just been wearing the spanx during the day and nothing at night. I still get a little swollen by the end of the day but nothing too bad. She said I was okay to start jogging but I have to wear support. I think I'll try next week and see how it goes. Definitely starting small.

I'm still happy with everything and despite the photos I think that my breasts are starting to settle a little bit. The one thing that is really starting to bother me is the difference in areola size. I doubt it'll be enough of a bother for me to have any kind of revision but it is a bit of a disappointment. I love the Victoria Secret sizing scheme. Now I know how they get people to spend $50 on a bra - tell them they are bigger than they actually are! Everywhere else I had been a nice C - go into VS and magically I'm a DD! Everyone I heard that got sized ended up bigger. I guess they run small there.

34 days Post-op Everything went pretty well for...

34 days Post-op

Everything went pretty well for my first postop exercise!! A little background – prior to surgery I would hit the treadmill 3-4 days a week and run 30 minutes at 6.5 on a 1 incline + 5 minutes warm-up and cool down. I also did one group fitness class a week. I consider myself in pretty good shape. I’m no long distance runner though. Aside from 5Ks I have only done one 5 miler and one 10K.

I was cleared to jog so I chose today to give it a whirl. I warmed up at 3.5 for 5 minutes, 5.5 for 5 minutes, 6.0 for 5 minutes, 6.5 for 10 minutes, 6.0 for 5 minutes, 5.5 for 5 minutes and 3.5 for 5 minutes for a total of 40 minutes! I wore my tightest compression garment that I could still move in. It’s the kind that goes pretty high to support the upper abs too. It’s girdle style with zippers on the sides. At first the impact did bother me a little, not really like it was a pain but more that the jostling might make me nauseous. Well, that passed soon enough and I was good to go! I didn’t want to push it. No telling how swollen or tight I will be later but I’m glad it feels pretty comfortable. There was no pain to speak of at all. And as for taking it easy I called the 5.5 practice for my “slow motion Baywatch” scenes to come – haha! So hang in there all you active ladies - we'll get back in the swing of things soon enough!

Well, now that I’ve gotten the first exercise out of the way, better let hubby have his first too ;-) Wish me luck!

Well I definitely had some swelling from running. ...

Well I definitely had some swelling from running. It was mainly at and below the tummy incision line into the pubic region. It was a bit stuff at first them softened up which, after reading responses from questions online, seems pretty normal. Still no pain so I know I'm ok - other than my legs being slightly sore - how pathetic! The swelling is just annoying. I opted to just walk on an incline today but I'll probably run again tomorrow. I'll go every other day for now atking it easy and listening to my body.

As for hubby - he's still being tortured. I still feel like I need to be careful and while I know it's possible to get things done without bothering the surgical regions, I just don't feel like participating until I think I can fully participate.

So I know alot of ladies have taken issue with...

So I know alot of ladies have taken issue with their belly buttons. At first I thought mine would be just perfect but now I am getting a bit concerned. It's mostly just a vertical slit. I am really hoping that the reason is residual swelling pressing on the back and not allowing the hole to go in so to speak. My upper abs are still tender to the touch. I say tender becuase they are not really sore when I use them put if i touch or press on it with my fingers it hurts a bit. Hopefully the tenderness indicates a bit of sweeling left and when this goes away my button will go back in. Other than that, everything is good! I'm getting on the treadmill about every other day and although I have a bit to go before I build my endurance back up at least I can counter some of the calories I've been eating! I better get myself in check so I don't undo all the good results!

Well it has been 2 months! I am pleased with my...

Well it has been 2 months! I am pleased with my results overall but of course after paying so much money we all want perfection. I'm disappointed at the asymmetry. I don't think it would be such an issue for me if I didn't know that she actually used 2 different sized implants. Apparently I had some slight asymmetry going in but the different sizes overcompaensated a bit in my opinion. If I still feel this way at 4 months I may start discussing a revision. I'm also not thrilled with the difference in the areolas or the belly button slit. I also still have the frankenstein scar but I know those will fade. I need to try and stay focused on the positive though!

Size-wise I am C/D. The pictures don't really look like it as I was always thought Ds were "huge" and I think mine are just about right :)

As far as activity goes I am back full-force! I took my first Body Combat class since the surgery and other than being out of condition in general there was no pain whatsoever. My legs were going to give out on me before anything else (lots of lunges and kicks). My abs were really weak for the ab track like I had never done any abwork before but no pain. A little swelling today but not extreme. My first pushups felt a little funny too! I think I have actually put on just a few pounds and I need to get them back off ASAP.

I added my 2 month pics from the docs. Still...

I added my 2 month pics from the docs. Still annoyed about the asymmetry of the areola but looking back right after surgery they were closer in size I think one just stretched more - not the docs fault. And after agonizing about it I realized that it's probably not worth whining about. I've never been one to flaunt anything and even if I chose to wear a bikini top now (if you notice the legs I will always have shorts on the bottom!!) it won't be noticable to anyone. For some strange reason I realized I was trying to impress you ladies on here but I don't need to do that :) As long as I am more comfortable in my skin and clothes that is really the result I wanted. I guess we can't have perfection no matter how much we pay! Thanks for sharing the journey with me!
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