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I have struggled with my body perception for years...

I have struggled with my body perception for years. I'm now scheduled for a BBL procedure will Dr. Newall this year.It took me years to go forth with this procedure. If you are considering it, please make sure you have support along the way. Had it not been for my girlfriend, I'm not sure if I'd be ready.
If you have any experience with Dr. Newall please don't hesitate to contact me. My date of surgery is Dec. 14 and I am so excited!

Peace & blessings.

I will keep you guys updated.


I am scheduled for my BBL Jan 12, and I'm wondering how long should I be off of work? Will 3 weeks be enough for me to be back at my normal activities


I have decided to go with Dr. Hsu. I am scheduled for my BBL Jan 12. If you are in the Houston area and have had BBL surgery with Dr. Hsu please reach out to me! I could use your help.

Terrified about my BBL

I don't have any experience or any clue of what to expect during my healing process. My surgery is scheduled for Jan. 12 , and I do not feel prepared.

Help :(


how did you guys travel after your surgery? I'm planning to avoid sitting on my booty for AWHILE!

Did you lay in the backseat ? Lol

2 More Weeks Until BBL

I can't believe after all of these years, I am finally getting the surgery of my dreams.
This has been an emotional ride for me, but I am grateful for the support I've had along the way.

I'm currently shopping for supplies. Which specific compression board should I purchase for after surgery? I'm also not sure if I need an additional garments. I believe my doctor provides two, but do you ladies recommend any ?

Here's the list that I have so far:

1. Arnica gel
2. Neosporin
3. Benadryl itch relief gel – Walmart
4. Daily Multi Vitamins (if needed/recommended) – Walmart
5. Arnica Gel - Walmart
6. Coconut oil –use after surgery on belly.
7. Wet Wipes (A LOT) – Walmart
8. Chux Pads/ Curad(Green Box) – Walmart
9. Anti-Bacterial Soap – Walmart
10. Round Band-Aids
11. Surgery Tape
12. Compression socks – Walmart
13. Turmeric Pills (FOR SWELLING) – WALGREENS
14. Equate Soothing cream
15. Marble (for belly button)
16. - Silicone scar sheets (after my sutures close)

* Remember to bring a loose outfit day of Sx that you can slip on or has buttons! Don't bring something you love or light colored though Bc it might stain since you will probably drain a lot of fluid!
* Also make sure you fill all your prescriptions/pain Meds/nausea Meds before your Sx!

1.Back triangle compression board
2.Booty buddy pillow
3.Lipofoam for underneath garment (amazon)
4.Leachco full body pillow
5.Female urinal (freshette brand)
6.- stage II garment Should I buy Leonisa seamless shapewear?

1.Loose clothing (Dresses/ Tank tops/ Shorts)

•Take Shower Every Two Days.
Food list:
1.Vitamin Bottled Water / Bottled Water
2.Low sodium food. Healthy protein shakes. Jello. Healthy Soup
Unsalted crackers. Yogurt. Straws. Veggies. Chicken. Smoothies.


My BBL is scheduled for next Thursday, and I am beyond nervous.

I took of for 28 days from work, but how long/ often did you ladies wear your compression garments after surgery?

Sleeping after BBL

How did you ladies sleep ? I'm trying to see if my girlfriend and I should buy more pillows. I do not want to sleep on my back AT ALL.

3 more days

I've been journaling since New Year's Eve, and it has definitely helped me prepare for my transformation. I've been extremely emotional ..but I'm grateful to have my girlfriends support. We went thrifting yesterday, ( I wanted to buy clothes that I wouldn't mine destroying) & purchased all of the supplies I needed for post surgery.

I'm almost there ladies!

Tomorrow is the big day.

I'm going grocery shopping for tonight. I want to atleast stack up on food/liquids.

Any of you ladies recommend food to eat post surgery ?

My dream came true today.

I can't believe I finally did it. I'm currently in so much pain..laying on my stomach. Ladies YOU CAN NOT DO THIS ALONE. If it wasn't for my gf today, I would have left the moment I made it to the hospital . I cried once I got there, simply because I felt overwhelmed with emotion. But Dr. Hsu really made me feel supper special & reassured me that I'd the results I've been desiring for YEARS. I had to gain wait, & that entire process was miserable. I typically eat healthy..but in order to get enough fat I had to.
Though this healing process sucks, & I'm literally have to depend on my girlfriend to do everything ..I'm grateful .?

Dr. Hsu did the damn thing, and I'm so proud of myself for having the courage to do something this intense in order to change my life forever. If you are considering that you are making the right decision.


I'm so swollen. Omg.

I'm drinking pineapple juice tonight & ginger. Hopefully it helps.

Can't sleep, it's 4:30 am.

I have been walking around for the past two hours, because I'm in so much pain.. and laying down hurts after awhile. I'm going to call the doctors office tomorrow and see if I can get a stronger dose of pain medicine.. what I'm taking isn't helping at all.

I just made ginger tea. & drank more water.
I also decided to walk around meditating and I burnt sage. It's definitely helped with my mind.. and reminding me that there is a light at the end of this journey.

I have my first massage today too, hopefully that helps.

Please, please pray for me ladies.

I no longer sleep, I take naps.

It's been three days since my surgery, and the healing is for sure a process. Yesterday was my first time getting a massage..I felt so much better afterwards but hours later my body started to swell more. The massages are expensive, but I know I need them. I'm going to atleast try going twice a week.

I wake up around 4- 5am. Drink ginger tea.. meditate .. and take more pain meds.

I also saw my body for the first time today after my shower still feels surreal. I had an emotional break down during my massage, just because today felt extremely overwhelming . The pain + emotions and also feeling bad that my gf has been helping me so much the best of me. (I'm a cry baby lol)

And I am itching EVERYWHERE. Omg . I've been using Benadryl itch gel. It's working ok.

Emotional roller coaster .

I keep having to remind myself that it's only been 4 days since my surgery, but today after my second massage I cried again. I'm very independent, so it's some what hard seeing my gf do everything for me. It seems like the massages are helping me..but I feel worse at night. (Which explains my weird sleeping hours) I'm up around 2am-6 am walking around..because it's that painful to just lay in bed all night.

I had to take magnesium Citrate to have a BM, and it was so uncomfortable. (I don't take off my garment to pee either) I stand up because I refuse to sit on my booty lol.

I'll post more pictures once my swelling goes down more.. my thighs literally look like turkeys, and I am still walking like a penguin. BUT I am remaining faithful..and trusting that this entire process will be worth it in the end.

Again ladies, if you are planning for this surgery ..make sure you have atleast one person to take care of you. It's been a bit disheartening that I have seen any of my family (only my sister n law) but thankfully I have an amazing woman by my side.

Today is day 4... looking forward to getting better one step at a time.

Before /After

I deleted this picture originally because my tattoos were showing AND it's really hard looking at my body before. But I am so grateful that after all these years I am no longer afraid to look in front of a mirror.

Dr. Patrick is amazing.


Day 5.

This has been me every single night. I can never sleep for long periods of time. I wake up around 3-4 am.. take pain meds, drink ginger tea.. and wait for the pain/swelling to be bearable.
Tomorrow I have my first Appt with Dr. Hsu. And my third massage. I really hope he atleast tells me that my body is healing well because based on how I feel.. it seems like I'm getting worse.
It's uncomfortable to stay in one position all night, and after walking around for so long I get tired easily .

I've been told that I'll start to feel better after day 9 or so. I'm praying that's the case for me :( I have no idea how girls are taking pictures of themselves in dresses/ pants etc shortly after surgery .. Lol meanwhile I'm most happy when I can take this garment off and walk around in my granny panties.

I slept through the night!

Day 6, and I only woke up this morning to change my pad.
(It's that time of the month unfortunately) But I'm feeling better, and I am able to walk a little better too. The weather is really bad right now In Houston, so I'm not sure if Dr. Hsu's office will be open today. My gf doesn't want me to leave the house because of the flooding.. but I really want to make it to my Appt :( Overall I'm just grateful that I am healing.

I'll post pictures soon.. I didn't realize how small my frame really is. My body makes so much sense now. lol

First follow up Appt.

Today has been super emotional. I hate not being able to do shit for myself..but on the bright side I put on clothes today for the first time & Dr Hsu says I'm looking really good :) We talked for awhile..., I was telling him how I see so many Horrid stories on here. It's so upsetting to see women invest their trust /money into doctors only to be let down and have their health put at risk. I'm very blessed to have found Dr. Hsu after YEARS of researching.

Ladies, please ..please.. do your research on REAL SELF first before you decide on a doctor. I researched, had consultations in Houston with 2 different doctors for 4 years before selecting Dr. Hsu. With that being said, I am so far pleased with my results. I love how natural my body looks, and it's everything I imagined it to be.

I miss the little things.

I miss taking bubble baths.
I miss cuddling with my woman at night.
I miss running.
I miss sex during random times throughout the day/night.
I miss lounging on my sofa.
I miss sitting down to eat.

Don't get me wrong, I look at my shape everyday.. and I do not regret this. I am blessed that I was able to finally follow through with a procedure that will change my life forever.. but I do miss the little things. lol

On a brighter note.. im 8 days post surgery and I can feel my body healing slowly but surely :)

Tried on a dress today:)

My girlfriend asked me to run errands with her today, and at first I was hesitant ..because I hate that I'm always walking slow since the surgery & I didn't want to feel like I was slowing her down in public if that makes sense? Anyway.. I did good! I'm still sore ofcourse, but today was my first day dressing up and going outside of my house.
Sooo... I went to urban outfitters and tried on this dress without my garment :) Booty on fleek! I am literally going to kiss Dr. Hsu's hands when I see him on Monday for my 2 week post surgery appointment Lmao.

My fav jeans that finally fit!

Today was amazing. My girlfriend and I went through our clothes to throw out what we don't wear anymore. We call it "throw away clothes day." Lol. I tried on jeans that have always been my fav, but now they finally fit the way I want :) It turned into a fashion show ..I literally tried on everything, including my underwear. Haha I was afraid I'd have to buy new underwear because of my booty..but nope..the only difference is that they now fill out perfectly .

I'm still swollen, but I'm definitely in better spirits & im sleeping better. I had a great weekend...and I'm optimistic about my entire healing process. I am very blessed about my results, and my body seems to be healing very well. I can't wait to get back into the gym, and start moving in the way I want. I don't plan on laying on my back or side for atleast 3 months. (My gf thinks that's insane) but I want to be on the safe. Maybe next week I'll start practicing to sit with my bbl pillow. I do want to try driving with that soon too because eventually I'll have to return to work.

I need more garments, recommendations??

I'm sorry but one - two garments is not enough. I feel extremely dirty all of the time, and it's a hassle having to wash my one garment every other day & wait for it to dry.
Hopefully I'll be receiving my 2 week garment from Dr. Hsu this week.. but do you ladies have any other garments you purchased? Please list any recommendations from your experience .
Thanks ladies

Please do not go to Dr. Cortes

Dr Cortes was one of the first doctors I saw when I was 19 considering a BBL. thank god my instincts spoke to me then & I decided not to go through with it. I have been spending a lot of my time on real self and I see so many girls that have had horrible outcomes /experiences with him. It's so sad, and my heart goes out to every single woman that has invested their time. Energy & trust into him and his staff only to be disappointed.

Ladies surgery is a big deal. Any surgery. Take your time with researching your doctor. If you are in the Houston area I highly highly recommend Dr. Hsu for the BBL. He's genuine, authentic, honest.. and you can see that he takes his time with every patient. I wish you all the best and though I don't know any of you personally .. I know what it means to feel insecure and unhappy with your body. If done correctly by the right surgeon your results will change your life!

I hope this helps Someone!

Looking like a stallion

Feeling better :)

Lol. I may be moving too fast or nah?

It's been Two weeks. (3 weeks on Thursday )
Here are a few updates

1. Today was my first time sitting using my booty buddy.
2. I went out to dinner with my gf. (Used my booty buddy, and she carried it. Lol )
3. I've had sex. ( a lot of sex lmao.)
4. I am still sleeping on my stomach, but sometimes I accidentally move on my I'm trying to stay conscious of how I sleep more.
5. I know that I will lose fat cells, so I'm trying to be very careful with how I move. But I am healing pretty fast .. and I'm only responding to how I feel.
6. I still get massages, I have another one tomorrow.
7. I've switched over to a new garment by Dr. HSU & I wear it 24/7. Except when A. My gf isn't taking it off. B. I'm taking a shower. Or C. I just feel like walking around in my panties. (Explains why I'm having so much sex. Lmao... but I'm never out of it for more than 4 hours.

Pray for me guys, I am really hoping my final results are amazing. I'll keep updating

How to maintain weight without gaining too much ?

It's killing me that I haven't been able to be active how I use too. & it bothers me that I'm eating without having the chance to lift weights yet.

What do you ladies recommend for diet after BBL to maintain a healthy size. I'm naturally thin, but I don't want to lose too much of my ass.

My compression.garment burned my skin

Anyone familiar with this?
I've been wearing my stage two garment and these past couple weeks has been irritating my skin. Yesterday I noticed the burns.
I'm not looking to get another garment, but the ones at the office are too expensive.

I've been looking for different faja compression garments, does anyone recommend any?

3 months in April.

I still wear my garment basically 24/7, but I'm now trying to maintain my weight and pick up a steady work out regimen. Because I'm naturally thin, I don't want to lose my booty. lol. I've been eating. (A lot) and I noticed that the weight only goes to my ass and hips. (Which is good) but I want to be lean/thick. If that makes sense.
I thought about switching back to strictly fish, but I'm not sure.

Any tips?

How to heal scars

Do you ladies recommend any scar cream for your skin that I can purchase online/in store. Spring is here, and I don't like the scars or discoloration of my skin.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Patrick's work is amazing. I fell in love with his genuine spirit, and I've seen the works he's done!

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