Hi Guys After Lipo 4 Years Ago and a Baby I Want a Bbl. Who's the Best Doctor? - Houston, TX

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Hi guys!! This is my first time posting .I've...

Hi guys!! This is my first time posting .I've spent months on this site trying to decide if I wanted to have surgery again after my liposuction with dr Bancroft and I'm just like "why the hell not". I had a baby a year ago although I'm 15 lbs from my Prebaby weight I just feel like my face and body needs a refresher. So let's start with a bbl and breast. Who's the best in miami,Houston,or los Angeles ?

My wish pics

A big headache

Dolls I'm still up in bed looking at asses. I'm so anxious but confused. I've been looking at different doctors and the great thing is you guys are suggesting some of the same doctors I'm looking at. The doctors I have really been considering was Dr Hasan or Fisher but I don't play with my money or health and will have a fit in vanity if they do be how they've been doing some patients. Also Dr HSU is cool but I'm need to see more pics and Salama the booty king is pricey and I'm seeing a few of his girls have a big but flat butt. Is this something to worry about with all bbl's ? Please inbox me pics guys cause this searching this is causing me to have a massive headache.


I've finally made up my mind. I want to become a BlinskiDoll. But I'm wanting to get my bbl in NOVEMBER 2016 but I'm seeing everyone with 2017 dates. Is he booked up for this year?

The moment I've been dreading...

So I've been dreading the moment that I put my pics up but I honestly feel like it's a must. I had reading reviews and not being able to understand the full picture due to lack of pics. All of us on this site are going through a journey. I feel like if I don't show you guys my before pics you won't understand or even be able to suggest options. So here goes. I just had a baby so take it easy on me.
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