31 Year Old Mom of 1 Ready to Have Some Hips

I finally decided to write a review about my bbl...

I finally decided to write a review about my bbl journey. I am 5-2 and weigh 123 lbs. I have an inverted triangle shaped body and always felt that my upper body (shoulders and arms) are looking buff compared to the rest of my body. I just scheduled my bbl with Dr Hsu for Dec 1st. His work definitely speaks for him self!! The bbl for me is not so much about getting a big butt but rather to improve my overall body shape. I am definitely looking to get some hips to match my wide shoulders but still want it to look natural. Dr Hsu is going to lipo my abdomen, flanks, upper back and arms. He said that I didn't have much fat and that it is going to be finetuning and he guessed 400-500 cc for each cheek (hope that's enough). Anyhow, I am super excited! Lol

Tomorrow is the big day

Hey ladies, sorry I haven't updated anything. I've been trying to get rid of this cold I have gotten on Thanksgiving day. Thank God that it is almost gone, I'd say I feel 95% myself again and hope I'll be at 100% tomorrow. Dr Hsu prescribed me some antibiotics just to be on the safe side...and surgery will be as planned tomorrow! Yay! I can't wait for it to be over! Haha! But I'm still not looking forward to all this pain in the first couple days! But I know it will be worth it in the end. I've also attached some more before pictures....

I made it

Dr.Hsu put 100cc in each hip and 400cc in each butt cheek. I was hoping for 600cc altogether but I guess I just didn't have enough fat. It's exactly what he had calculated so it's all good. I love my results so far!
My measurements before bbl were
And are now
38-29-40.5 (I'm also wearing a abboard and I know butt will still shrink some, just couldn't wait to measure. Lol)

Hello ladies

I'm feeling pretty good today. I slept a lot last night and all morning. Swelling so far is not too bad. I went in to surgery with 126 lbs and now weigh 131 lbs. I really love my results so far! Just the fine tuning I needed :)

New pics

Took a shower today and feeling much better :)
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