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I went into my procedure 5'6", 120lbs, age 44 with...

I went into my procedure 5'6", 120lbs, with a few trouble areas: outer thighs, upper/lower tummy, back rolls, mozilla side boobs. I am very fit for my age - no kids. Due to the difficult recovery from an accident, I developed problem areas of fat that won't go away and now have significant cellulite issues.

I am very modest but in the Summer like to wear a midriff which I have not done in 20 yrs since my accident because I hated my stomach appearance. I thought SmartLipo was the answer - I have done mesotherapy, countless workout routines including personal fitness training etc and nothing worked. I only wanted my tummy done but after consulting with a prominent La Jolla doc, who said SmartLipo is a piece of cake and urged me to do the other areas...gee, I am already under anaesthesia..., off I went to surgery.

I had five areas done in Nov 2007. My outer thighs are smooth as a baby's butt!!! My stomach is ruined with lumps and sagging skin - I cannot believe I ruined my nice body over a little protruding tummy...it hurts like hell too. I take Vicodin every couple hours just to get through the day.

Recovery wise, I could not get dressed for 6 days. My crotch is bigger than my dog's head. My back boobs and love handles are slightly improved but I am still horribly swollen and bruised so only time will tell. One side of my waistlibe is more sculpted than the other and on my small frame it really is obvious.

It was the most painful thing I have experienced in my life - I have been through a lot and am a "tough" girl when it comes to pain - this was awful. despite the results, I would never have willingly gone through the recovery - I was not well-informed.

Four years later and it's better but horrific. I...

Four years later and it's better but horrific. I am finally willing to add some pictures. I have tried just about everything - now whats left is a tummy tuck with a huge ugly scar.

6 yrs later . . . Tummy tuck was only real remedy to the deformities.

6 yrs later, I could not find any "non-invasive" treatment to resolve the deformities left by the Smart Lipo. The final resolution was to do a full tummy tuck and suffer having a big scar. B/c I have not had kids, I did not need muscle repair. I am now 6 days post op and hoping to have the drain removed tomorrow. The pain is much less than I expected and I am not really uncomfortable. I will post photos as soon as I am able.

I am advocating AGAINST Smart Lipo for anyone that is of light frame . . . it is not the answer to trouble spots and will likely end as mine did.

7 days post op from FULL tummy tuck . . .

After 6 yrs of various attempts to "fix" the botched Smart Lipo, here I am having had a full tummy tuck to cure the defects. It's still not perfect but it's a heck of a lot better.

Tummy Tuck 8 days post op

Still have drain in and compression garment very uncomfortable. Not sleeping through the night comfortably yet.

Needed a sneak peek . . .

I'm liking what I see here . . . ;D

Side by Side Abdomen photo

After multiple attempts to fix the bad Smart Lipo, I finally feel like I will look more normal. Sadly, now I have a huge TT scar but it's better than what I was dealing with so, I'll take it.

I'm very happy with this result

Day 09 post op from FULL Tummy Tuck. Looks like it will be really cut when the swelling is gone.

Day 09 progress

Making progress . . . hmm, where is the swelling?

Surgery almost derailed!

I was bitten on my belly the day before surgery and it almost derailed my TT as it was right where the incision was supposed to go on my left hip. Thankfully, I convinced my doc that he was going to cut that skin away so I did not think he needed to be concerned - he was concerned anyway and put me on Cirpo.

11 dpo TT scar

This scar is not that bad and will only improve from here.

Day 12 photos

No pain today, fully upright, normal energy level . . . scar is tiny and I feel really happy today. Having coffee and gonna sit in my office to work.

Day 12 before n after

FYI: Schedule a housekeeper when doing this surgery!

So I looked at my hardwood floors with a huge GASP!!! My dogs have created very large dust bunnies. My hubby has been a fantastic caregiver but I guess he forgot how to sweep and dust over the course of our marriage. Anyway, I'm exhausted from sweeping and taking a break - it sucks. I highly recommend securing a housekeeper at least once a week until you're back on your feet . . . for those of us who do not have housekeepers.


For those of you following my TT procedure, I've just done a new review and posted photos.

Never thought I'd wear this bikini

I bought this bikini 6 yrs ago and just removed the tags this morning . . . gee . . . wonder if it's still in style?

13 day post op Before N After

A picture says a thousand words

Smart Lipo is a BAD procedure - It's taken 6 yrs to recover from the damage.

Friends don't let friends get Smart Lipo.

5 days PO from SECOND FULL TT which I had to have just three months after the first full TT b/c my burnt skin did not heal prope

I had to have a second Full TT b/c my skin would not heal and I developed a large seroma with thick scar tissue. I am now just 5 days out. I'm in a lot of pain but the results seem good so far. Because of what happened the first time, I have two drains in which won't be removed til Friday (God willing). So, again, I cannot warn women enough times NOT to get SL. It's a bad procedure.

5 months after first TT and 4 weeks after the second one, here is the photo.

I think my issues have been resolved - I hope my story helps one person avoid the horrific disfigurement of Smart Lipo. I've suffered two Full TTs and have lost five months of my life having to rest.

2nd BA and updated TT photos . . . after 2nd Full TT

Updated TT photos after 2nd Full TT - 3 months PO. . . also, minor scar revision to remove vertical scar yesterday and to revise new BA revision . . . I guess it takes me two times to get these things right. lol
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