Horrible! Dont do a nonsurgical nose job, PLEASE! - Beverly Hills, CA

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Worst experience I have ever had with a doctor, ever! I decided to try a nonsurgical nose job and since this man is known as THE one to go to for this, I made the mistake of trusting him. He has destroyed my face and once beautiful profile. I asked before if the procedure was reversible because I was scared of not liking it so wanted to try this approach before a Rhino. Immediately, my nose blew up I looked like a monster. They advised it was normal to give it time. I went back after a month (still swollen) he then told me to wait a little longer and has the nerve to inject MORE filler to my nose advising it will help and look better on the tip. A month later, it was even worse!!!! At the third month I couldn't take it and called the office crying -literally- to please schedule me for a reversal of the filler with enzymes. When I get there, after driving 2 hrs he tells me the filler he injected is non reversible BC he used Radiesse ! I'm in utter shock that he would lie from the beginning when I specifically asked if I could take it off. Why would he inject a semi permanent filler on my nose and tip, twice?!!! I so disappointed that I trusted reviews and his reputation, my self esteem is to the floor, all I needed was a minor fix and I have a nose tip projecting out of my small face. Shame on you for deceiving, lying, and then show no remorse for your actions. Hope no others have to deal with this nightmare. I am now getting is surgically removed by a real certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, that is accredited. He laughed at me as I was distressed and actually told me and I quote "get over it nobody will notice your friends are no geniuses". Unbelievable. See before and after photos. The smaller nose- obviously- is before. I should've‚Äč appreciated my natural beauty and saved my money.

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