Horrendous experience - Czech Republic

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Prague Plastic Surgeon

Avoid at all costs!!! Went to have a breast up lift and implants by Dr Vatlak and it was by far the worst decision I've ever made. My breasts look no different to when I first had them done - one breast is now actually bigger than the other. When I arrived back in the UK my stitches started to come apart and badly infected despite strictly following the dr's instructions. This resulted in being admitted to the hospital and taking time off work and being referred to a breast specialist. I contacted the doctor through the patient coordinator, after 2-3 working days to get a reply and after sending pictures to the doctor he said he would re-do the stitching for me, however they were still very infected. I was advised by a doctor here that I should not get them re stitched before the infection had gone - Dr Vatlak never suggested to wait for the infection to go. After stating that I wasn't happy with the outcome of the surgery and having one breast bigger than the other, the Dr then suggested that one of my nipples needed lifting up - as they weren't level after my surgery performed by him (after seeing 2 surgeons in the UK they both advised my breasts aren't the same size, and my nipples aren't level). I advised the surgeon that I wasn't happy with this and that I wanted the full uplift doing again - the Dr finally agreed to do this after over 40 e-mails to the patient coordinator and a threat to get legal advise, however I was told I will have to cover clinic costs at 500 euros. After all the stress & disappointment the surgery has caused me I had lost confidence in having him redo the surgery to correct his errors. It takes 2-3 working days to get responses from the surgeon, however they will say this is the downside to having treatment at a reduced cost - this is rubbish, any good surgeon should be on hand for any aftercare needed, not just once they have taken your money! The surgeon is now refusing to give me a refund so I have had to pass all the communications and Dr's notes (I'm still having weekly trips to the breast specialist in the UK after having my surgery on 17th Aug) to my solicitor. I've been advised by 3 doctors that all this is due to poor stitching & aftercare from Dr Vatlak. I will be happy to share my photos and answer any questions anyone may have but please don't make the same mistake I did!!

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