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I have been wanting to do this for a long time but...

I have been wanting to do this for a long time but out of fear I decided against it. Finally I got tired and decided I was gonna do it unfortunately the hubby was not on board so I listen to him and waited. Two years later and I'm feeling the same way and hubby decided that if it will make me happy then he will support my decision. So here I am ready. A friend recommended Dr. Kaye to me after having her breast done. She said he was very nice and he took the time to listen, if he didn't feel it would look right then he wouldn't agree to do it. And I must say after my consultation I agree with her everyone was very nice and the office setting was beautiful. Dr. Kaye was very informative and he listen to what I wanted he offer his advice and made sure I was okay with my decision. After talking with him we decided on saline, under the muscle and between 390-425cc, he said he will decide during the procedure. I decided to wait until after my hubby come back from deployment so that he could be here to help me. So it's looking like I will be getting it done the 1st week in September. I'm a little worry considering I'm in the Army myself and I don't wanna take away much time from getting back to pt. We run a lot and I don't know how long it will take before I'm back to doing that. I'm looking forward to read you guys stories it excites me to have this much support from people across the world. I'm so excited that read just about everyone story every night. Hey don't judge me....lol.....Will post updates soon, good luck God Bless, everyone.

1st photo's of my itty-bitty's...

I will be getting somewhere between 390-425cc. But some of the pictures I've seen made me think that they were too small now I'm just not sure anymore. I'm not looking to be a Double D or anything I just want to be sure that I end up satisfied. Do anyone know what's the cup sizes of these ranges 390 to 429.

Wish boobs!

I found my wish boobs. I pray mines turn out like this....

MRI Disappointed Me

Went to the doctors office to get my referral for my MRI before surgery and my doctor inform me that the Army will not do because I'm not 40 and they are not changing it to 50 but (that's still in the air). And because I'm not having any issues with my breast ex. no lumps, dimples, or other indications of breast cancer. He is concerned about the sharp nerve pain I've been having in my left arm and the and sharp pain in my left breast. He did a EKG and it came back normal. I'm not sure what's going on now one would think that if I told you I'm having sharp pain in my breast you would order me an MRI but not he said the Army won't do it. So I can't get that test done post surgery.

MRI Disappointed Me

Sorry ladies there's a lot of spelling error above, grammar errors. The doctor was tell me that the Army age range for MRI on the breast is now being done starting at the age of 50, however he said that is in the air because they are fighting to keep it at age 40.

Surgery Tomorrow

So had my preop Thursday and everything went well blood work done and everything came back okay. Brought just about everything I could think of and now I'm just relaxing and nervous will be taking the medication to relax and getting a good night's rest. Will update you guys after the procedure.

Hello boobs!

They're here and done will text you guys wht happen when the pain were off.


So I'm just sitting here and decided to write my review as to fay of surgery. The morning of surgery I arrived to Dr. Kay's at 7:25a.m. we walked in and the nurse came and took me back immediately I was some what drugged from the Lorazepam I had to take before arriving to surgery. The nurse walked me to the back and I got undressed took a pregnancy test and sat on the bed the anesthesiologist came in I can't even tell you his name. I remember him sticking me to start the drip and the doctor coming in to go over my expectations. Then the next thing I remember was waking up to the nurse taking the IV out of my army and me asking when we were going to start. My husband was standing there and told me that it was over and we were going home. The drive home I slept and stopped to get some oatmeal. My husband told me that I got 330cc filled to 360cc. From the downward look they look small but I know they have to drop and fluff. My chest felt engorged and heavy, breathing is okay they we're numb and felt weird. I slept all day, hubby had to help with everything he has been amazingly wonderful.


Yesterday I went to see Dr. Kay and he said everything looked fine but I was too swollen so he gave me some steroids pills to help relieve the swell and some pills to help prevent acid build up. I feel like I'm taking to much medication be so glad when it's all over I'm taking like 5 different medication. And the antibiotic medication stank lol. DR. Kay told me to get up and move around to prevent stiffness, I was also told not to use ice packs. The sutures and tape has given me a rash and I'm putting ointment on it. Breast are still numb on the bottom and around my nipple area it feels funny. Left is more tender then my right but the doctor says that's normal, and that everything looks good, I go back for checkup next week and to have my sutures removed on the 16th. He also told me I didn't have to wear my bra if I didn't want to, but most women wear it due to sensitivity and rubbing of the clothing which later I found out about. However today is day three and I'm feeling okay just stiff how long does the stiffness last and engorged feeling, this sucks? I''my feeling frustrated with taking all of this medication. Did I mention hubby is so wonderful he has my medication schedule out in his phone wakes me in the middle of this night to give it to me and is taking great care of me. I definitely have to do something special for him when this is all over.


Waking today was a little ruff as always I was stiff this morning and stomach tight. I absolutely hate taking the medicine throughout the night, I feel awful in the morning but once I get to moving around it gets better. The rest of my day was okay now I'm sitting here having muscle spasms they're not painful just uncomfortable because it won't stop. The right is dropping faster than my left. But they are dropping.

1 week check up

Okay so I had my one week check up along with sutures removed and pictures taken today. Dr. Kaye said my breast are still tight and dropping slow. He put me in the 6 to 12 week time frame for results. Of course I was upset after hearing this and want didn't wanna think about all the stories I've been reading about, mondor, contracture and possible revision. I'm a Soldier in the Army I took a career risk by even getting the surgery I can't afford to have complications with this kind of job. It definitely will not be a good look.He removed my stitches told me about the massages and told me to start taking fish oil pills, that disappointed me as well I am not a pill taker and have already been depressed about taking the pills I have had to take thus far. I'm trying really hard not to stay disappointed or to even be unhappy, but mostly I don't wanna feel regret, which is what is beginning to happen. I know that with this surgery there is no grantees the end results are what they are but I will try to remain hopefully as it is still early and there's still a ways to go. I brought the products for my scars I will keep u all posted on the out come of that. My next followup with him is at my 4 week. My boobs feel much better after along hot shower, every part of my body was tensed and sore I didn't realized just how much until my shower. I am more relaxed now I did my massages and rest for the remainder of the day.

Update 2 weeks

So in 2 days I'll be 2 weeks postoperative and my boobs still haven't dropped. There's lots of itching and my incision area is lumpy, not smooth at all. I put the silicone sheets on it, and i use the gel but afterwards my skin is real irritated and turns red. I have no clue what I should be doing to help the healing of my incision. Nor the dropping of my boobs I massage all day and nothing.

3 weeks

PS called to check on me, this was very nice of him and it helps me to know that he really loves his job and wanna make sure I okay and satisfied. I told him my concerns which was the tenderness under my breast, my left is dropping extremely slow or not dropping, irritation of my skin and he asked me to come in. When I got there he said there were no cause to be alarm everything looks great and that my left was taking its time dropping he to me he didn't wanna look at going in to pull in down if it doesn't drop for 3 months to give it time but if it doesn't drop but 3months then a decision needs to be made. He gave me the bandage to wear 24/7, and i have to follow up in 3 weeks. The lumps is my stitches under my skin but it'll flatten out in a few weeks. He doesn't know what the red bumps are that's irritated he suggested if then get worst for me to see a dermatologist. I'm praying that they drop and look beautiful. Thanks you, Jesus!

Pic update

From week 1 to week 3...
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