24 Years Old, 120lbs, 5'4", 390cc, and 2 Kids! - Hopkinsville, KY

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I have not gotten my BA done yet. I have went to...

I have not gotten my BA done yet. I have went to my consultation and pre-op!! My friend went to this doctor and she absolutely loved him, and I felt very comfortable with him, too! I have to get blood work done AND then it is just waiting for JULY 11th BOOBIES! I am starting with deflated breast, a larger 32A. I breastfed both of my boys, my breasts have taken a beating. They have decent stretch marks, my doctor actually said he was glad for them. My skin is 'stretchy' haha. Doctor said I had a great pinch test and he thinks they will settle well. I have some asymmetry. My nipples are at different levels, I never noticed until I took pictures. I decided to go with 390cc Saline, inframammary, and under the muscle. For my small frame, it may seem big, but I had about that size during breastfeeding and loved them. I have some good curves to help out haha. My parents are taking our kids for a week, so I hope I can rest easy. My husband will be off of work to hang out with me! Thank you to all the ladies who have posted, it helps me with my nerves!! I will keep you updated!

Comfort Zone?

I am making a list for a comfort zone after the surgery. That way it's all pretty much within reach. Anyone want to suggest anything??

Rice Boobies

I filled thin socks with rice! I am having way too much fun haha. This helps me with my second guessing. Having even fake rice boobs is way better than none. Takin them out is depressing lol.


I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I am so excited and SO NERVOUS. I have never had a surgery, I think that is why I am most nervous. I guess also worried about the sizing, if I went big enough? I get nervous when I think if my body will 'accept' the implants. BUT I am willing to go through with this major change. I have given birth twice, so I know about pain. I know this will be a little different though. I CANNOT WAIT! Hahaha! I always have said, I can change anything about my body, smaller arms, more toned legs, whatever, BUT I cannot change my breasts. I need help with that. I want to feel like a sexy woman! Give me words of motivation lol.


Just wanted to catalogue these in here!


Wow! I never thought the time would come! I am pretty nervous, but more so excited! I just can't wait to get the surgery done and start to recover. I'm still wanting 390cc. I am the first surgery, so it'll be an early one. My parents took our kids for the week, just husband and I! He is so excited LOL! We have my comfort zone set up, and I know he'll take good care of me! I will try to update you ladies ASAP! Can't wait to be in boobie land!

Surgery went great!

I am feeling amazing right now. No pain, just some tightness! My doctor took such great care of me, along with the other staff. I was in an out before I knew it! I haven't had too good of a look at the girls. My husband is all about resting, eating, and taking a nap. Then maybe I'll venture to the mirror. They feel nice though haha

Post Op! Surgery Day.

Doctor said they looked great already. I'm super happy and excited.

8 hours post op.

I am feeling really good. We got to the surgery center at 7:15, they got me back and marked up, surgery was at 8:00. I do not remember ANYTHING, which is just crazy! I remember them putting a cuff on my calf and that's it. He dosed me quick lol. Then I remember waking up and searching for boobs, my awesome nurse said oh they are there honey! We got home after a half hour drive. No nausea. I ate some soup and crackers. Took an hour and a half nap. I'm still pretty numb. I feel no pain. I just feel like when my breasts would be engorged while breastfeeding. I couldn't be happier with how they look right now. Definitely high but they look beautiful! My stretch marks even look amazing. My husband is already in lala land lol! Nipples are a little torpedo like but whatever! Haha! Yay boobs! I named them rose and lace. I mean come on, they deserve it haha.

Post Op Day 2!

Yesterday I definitely had some pain, it wasn't horrible. I took my prescribes meds for sure though. Slept great last night and woke up feeling great! My breasts are still sore but now they just feel more tight. I'll start taking just Tylenol today. I am in LOVE! I know they are still super high but my goodness I love my girls!!!! I gently tried on my old bikini top and about cried with happiness. I had my post op appt yesterday and my doctor is proud of himself lol. He said wow you make this look easy! He's really happy with the shape so far. I am definitely tight, he said that'll take some time. Whatever! Haha!

5 days post op!

Hey, everyone! Today is 5 days post op! I have been feeling really good. I love my girls! I don't have much to update on, just continuing healing and getting use to have big boobs lol. My incisions have been itchy! That's good news, though. I have sensations on my upper breasts and nipples, my lower breasts are still a bit numb. Other than that, same ol! Hope everyone is doing great! I feel SO sexy now, like a confident WOMAN! There is nothing better than that.

2 weeks post-op!

Girls and I are doing great! They are slowly settling and getting softer. Incisions looks really great! I've had some weird gurgling in my right breast and my doctor said its normal and will go away. He said it is just fluid? Anyone else have that? I notice it gets better when I don't wear a bra. Other than that, everything has been smooth sailing! I love getting dressed and looking at myself HAHA! I've never been so confident! I CANNOT wait to workout, it's really getting on my nerves. I've been going for walks but I want my weights back. Soon, hopefully for some workouts I can do. Hope everyone is doing great!

5 weeks post

I am doing AWESOME! Healing perfectly. Incisions are doing exactly what they should. I have dropped and fluffed! I am so happy with my girls! My size right now is a 32D. In love. They are a great size and fit my body. I love them even more without a bra, great shape!

6 months post-op

It's been a great 6 months! Absolutely loving my results! I feel incredible! I sadly gained some weight after the surgery, just because I was lazy lol. I am three weeks in and have lost half of it already! I bought a new swimsuit and can't wait for the summer and beach time! Here are some pictures!

10 months post!

Hey all! I am still loving my new girls. We are 10 months post op. I haven't had any problems, besides the random muscle aches from what I think is where they were cut. Usually I feel it when I work out. Getting the surgery was 100% worth it!
Clarksville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Doctor and staff were very nice, approachable, made me comfortable, listened! Cannot wait for the surgery.

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