SlimLipo worth it so far. Just Did Abdomen and Did Flanks 2 Years Ago - Honolulu, HI

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So I am writing about my second procedure which is...

So I am writing about my second procedure which is on my abdomen. I had first done my flanks in 2012 and was so happy I decided to do my abdomen. I am now 34 years old and very active working out any where from 4-7 times a week and was am normally in the 123-128lbs range. I also eat pretty well, I follow the 80/20 rule and eat healthy most of the time but give myself the weekends to slack off. No matter how much I worked out and ate right I always had this "tire" around my waist, nothing crazy huge but just flabby and annoying. I feel like I had done everything to resolve the issue on my own and decided to look into SlimLipo. Both consultations I went in for I promised myself it would be to just get more information, but Dr Shim Ching and his staff are so great I always just wind up immediately booking the procedure.

Procedure was the same as last time, I do feel that they should give you the pills as soon as you get there because both times I felt like they did not kick in until I was done with the procedure although the shots and local anesthesia they give you do make you pretty numb but both times I had particular spots that were painful but 95% of it I just felt the pulling and tugging. It was weird because I would feel nothing then sudden pangs of pain that would startle me and cause me to twitch. Not excruciating or anything it would just catch me off guard. After 2 twitches Dr Ching numbed that area a little bit more before proceeding which helped a little. When it was done I still felt pretty coherent and honestly did not feel the pills they gave me till I got home. I sat there texting waiting for my ride to pick me up so I was totally fine.

Home was another story, it is so good they tell you to have someone with you because my hubby is overseas and I have been living alone. They gave me ambien, valium and something else I dont remember and I told my friend to wake me up if a few hours to eat and take my meds and she told me I was doing weird things I dont remember like while I was eating then walked over to the stove and put a pan on, added some salt & turned it on then walked away, lol! Then I turned on the water and left it running and walked away. We had full conversations I do not remember either! So please make sure you have someone stay with you if you have this procedure, because I almost didnt and who would've turned off my stove?! I had a lot of drainage overnight which I did not have AT ALL when I did my flanks, not sure why.

I honestly felt totally fine the next day very little pain. I walked around and ran errands in the morning, went in for my appointment, then went shopping. I could see some improvement but was still pretty swollen.

I am about 17 days post op and I can totally see the difference but have developed some lumpiness that they tell you will happen but still when it happens you still kinda freak out a little because of some horror stories you read about it being permanent. My belly button looks really weird too. I am just trying to be patient before I make any judgments. I have to say I don't remember my flanks being so lumpy but I imagine abdomen is different. Anyone else experience this?
I also got conflicting information one nurse told me that if I feel fine that I can go back into my normal 2 hour sessions (cardio & yoga) even if I get swelling. She told me it will only help my result to work out. I find that hard to believe because all the doctor websites I have read says starting to workout to soon will prolong the healing. I also talked to another person at the doctor office that told me not to work out more than 30-45mins and to only do slow easy workouts like biking. She told me after spending all this money I should do what I can to ensure I protect my investment. I want to believe the first nurse because working out is my therapy so when I did my 2 hour sessions 4 days in a row I got super swollen and it scared me so I backed off and just have been doing the biking for an hour. At the 3 week mark I am going to step it up a little and see how I feel and listen to my body.
I work from home so I am able to wear the compression garment comfortably which they instructed me to wear for 4 weeks. I kind of feel like it causes some of the lumpiness but that may be in my mind.

If anyone can weigh in on lumpiness and working out that would be great!

I don't have any before pics of my flanks but you can see my current result is pretty great. I also have marks from my garment in the after pics.

Overall results are looking really great and I am happy as long as the lumps go away & belly button goes back to normal which I am optimistic it will.

I will do some weekly updates and keep everyone posted.

3 Weeks Post Op

So I make 3 weeks today and I can feel the lumps starting to go away and also I am starting to lose the numbness. 2 days ago I did as my nurse told me and went for it and did 2 hours of exercising, nothing crazy just an hour of biking and an hour of Zumba and I got REALLY swollen, I forgot to take a pic but it looked like I literally had a "step" on a stair. I am still swollen 2 days later, the nurse told me to disregard the swelling if it happens but screw that, I am not doing it again this week, I will wait till I hit the 4 week mark as I read on this site. Anyone wondering if you can workout 2 weeks after slimlipo, I would say DON'T DO IT! I get really antsy because I love to be active but after spending this kind of money it really isnt worth the risk.
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

Great doctor on both procedures, you can tell he is very skilled and he is very gentle and patient with all the questions you have. Office is beautiful and staff is great too!

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