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I am currently 5'0" and roughly 107-110lbs, I...

I am currently 5'0" and roughly 107-110lbs, I fluctuate. I was once 118lbs and that brought my bra size up to a 34B (I was not healthy then, a lot of beer will do that to you). I got into working out and using muscle to build my curves so therefore sit at the weight I am now but a lot better looking, however with losing fat, I had to say goodbye to my boobs (not that they were so great anyways). I am now a 34A. I wanted a BA for years, but since I was a 34B, a nice padded bra sufficed for a while. Now that I am tuning my body into what I want, that seems to be the only thing missing. I went to several consultations and all doctors agreed that 400-450ccs HP silicone under would look good on my frame. From my stats, I sound petite but I think the way my weight is proportioned, I am not as fragile and small as it sounds. I chose my doctor and have surgery set for 12/11. Less than 2 weeks away. I have become obsessed with this sight and reading everyone's stories and questions and looking at photos. I am completely confident in my PS but I am so worried about the size. I do not want to look like I am going to fall forward, but I do not want to feel like I wasted so much money because I should've gone bigger. What a dilemma. I am hoping at my pre-op on Monday to finally choose a size, and let my PS have the final say in the OR. I know I won't have any second thoughts about going through with the procedure itself, just the size is killing me. I wanted to start documenting my thought process through this entire journey. So here it is. Also, I can't believe I am going to be out of the gym for a month or so. That kills me too.

Wish boobs

These are along the lines of what I'm hoping for... Have my pre-op in a few hours. I guess my PS will confirm if I can obtain this. So excited. 11 more days.


Wow I made a bunch of updates in the last day or so... I had my pre-op appt today and stuck with 450cc srx inspira? Basically UHP because my BWD is 11.5. I should achieve a full C/small D my PS said. I am afraid it will be too big but he knows I don't want that complete round fake circle on my chest-and he assured me I won't get that. Plus pretty much everyone I know said to go big. I liked the way the 400s looked on me so I'm hoping hat is my final result after the D&F. I got my packet, sinecch and rx script. Just have a few things to grab to be ready and it's pretty much a waiting game til next Friday. That is so weird. I'm so anxious and nervous. I trust my doctor so there's really nothing else to do. This is going to be the longest 10 days ever.

On the plus size-two weeks after my surgery-I am headed to Disneyland for Christmas and New Years for Vegas. Hopefully the girls are a little settled by then to fit into some nice outfits.

12 hours!

So here we go-12 hours to go. Not feeling too anxious right now but then again, I'm trying not to think about it. Just gonna leave it in the hands of my PS. I had pizza for dinner. Might have a last slice before bed when i take my Sinecch. No eating after midnight. Or drinking anything. And I drink about a gallon of water a day. I'm going to be so dehydrated in the morning. Oh well. Here's to new boobies tomorrow!!!

I have boobs!

Well had my surgery this morning. Surprisingly, I slept fine last night. I thought I would be up all night-anxious. But nope. Slept right through to 645. Got up, took a shower and left at 730. My friend dropped me off cuz my bf had to be at work this morning but he was going to pick me up when I finished. Got there-checked in. Everyone was so great and welcoming. Still didn't feel nervous. I changed into my gown, got my vitals taken and hopped into my bed with the warming blankets. My nurse was funny and very nice. I seen my PS and he marked me up-I felt so at ease because his demeanor was so relaxed. I could tell surgery is his comfort zone and I knew I was in Good hands. I heard the person who just finished surgery come in the bed next to me and she was definitely out of it after the anesthesia. I just thought to myself-I wonder what crazy things I will say. Next thing you know they added something to my IV and wheeled me to the OR. Scooted me over to the operating bed and I was out. I woke up in the recovery room so thirsty. Apparently I had slept through another hour after surgery ended. I didn't ask anything crazy. They called my boyfriend and told me to hang out. I could feel some pressure, and a little pain, although tolerable-more in my left boob. Come to find out that one got the bigger implant. I got 470ccs in my left side and 435 on the right. Within about half an hour or so, they told me my boyfriend was here and we were gonna get me dressed and wheeled down. Felt some pain as we got in the elevator so my nurse told me to took one lortab. I took another when i got home too. Experienced very little nausea so took half of the nausea mess they gave me. I was able to eat two slices of pizza and two cookies. I was and still am so thirsty. But I feel like everything went great. Yes my heat is sore but nothing crazy. My boyfriend put me in a t-shirt and propped me up on my backrest pillow all day. He has been such a huge help. I was in and out of small naps all day. Thinking I may go out to get some frozen yogurt later tonight. As for the girls, they are high and very tight. They are big but can tell they won't be too big once they settle. I am so happy. I hope tomorrow brings less swelling and pain. Open the arnica helps with the swelling. I'll check in later. Please ignore the mess on the floor. My dog has been acting up trying to get my attention so my bf has had to let him play with all our socks. Lol.

Day 2

Well today did NOT bring less pain. This morning was a breeze. Took pain meds at 530 in the morning and woke up around 730 feeling great. Got up and ready and went to have breakfast. After breakfast-went to the store and my chest started feeling really heavy and painful. Took a lortab and took another when I got home. I took a nap and got ready for my company Christmas party. Party went smoothly but towards the end of the night-definitely needed some painkillers. But he time in between is getting bigger but I don't wanna push it. And it hurts. Definitely hurts. Been rubbing cocoa butter on them to help with the skin stretching too. Gonna take my meds and lay down for the night. Happy healing ladies!

Day 3

Well, last night, I had two nightmares where I woke up in tears. I am not sure whether they were related to the meds or not but they were not fun. They were in no way surgery related though. Besides that, sleeping is my least favorite. The pain meds help me fall asleep but tonight I will be switching to Tylenol as the pain is not that severe anymore and I will be going to work tomorrow. I just want to sleep on my side again. I am not a fan of being propped up against the pillows. I want to stretch out!

The girls are still high and tight. Nothing new there. I feel like they may have softened up a tad near the top but I could just be imagining that in my head. They are pretty numb on the sides towards the armpits and my nipples don't have much feeling either. My incisions must be healing because my armpits are starting to itch. I have my first post-op appointment tomorrow during lunch, pretty much just make sure everything looks okay and my incisions are healing well. Then my one week post-op on Friday. I just want them to soften up and drop-even just a little! They have this weird slope going on right now. I will post pics after I shower this afternoon. I am happy with them though. I just need to remind myself to be patient. They are going to be gorgeous! I find myself looking at lingerie online even though I know I can't wear any of it for a while. I just want to shop!

Oh. Still no BM but I started taking dulcolax yesterday. I am not extremely bloated, but still would like to have a BM by tomorrow at least!

Day 5

Well today has been the easiest so far. I pretty much just take Tylenol at night and once in the morning. Mostly just tight and I get random pains and burning feelings but my Nurse said its just my nerves coming back. Incisions are annoying-skin glue feels tacky in my armpits sometimes. I swear it feels like blood is gushing but nope, they're fine. Lol. Have to remind myself not to do so much raising my arms and opening things and carrying stuff. I have some light bruising on the sides and underneath. My one week post op is on Friday. I will be learning massages to help them settle. Had TWO bm's today so hopefully I start losing this bloat. How's everyone else's healing going?
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