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I have been wanting fuller breasts since 18. Just...

I have been wanting fuller breasts since 18. Just turned 30 years old and I am going to take a leap of faith and do it. I believe I have the right doctor but my hold up is all the options that are involved with breast implants. The first doctor I went to for a consultation left me confused and not confident in the whole process. The second doctor I went to see has a completely different idea what we be good with me and got me really excited that my dreams could come true. He recommended 500cc on one side and 450 cc on the larger breast due to them being uneven. Silicone of course and a dual plane placement. I am thinking of all the complications that could happen and I want to reduce as many of them as I can with going with a smart placement of the implants. I am reading that there are ways to avoid capsular contractures for example sub muscular, or massages, lastly supplemtments like vitamin e. But I'm hearing some issues with dual plane. For example the muscle folding upwards cause issies with the shape. I also want to try one size smaller to see what it would look like as well for the sizers. I don't want to look fake.


So I am getting closer to the surgery date. I am waiting for one more day to be approved for the time off I requested to secure the date. I know I have the right doctor just considering the size. I know everyone wants to go bigger but I want to see a size smaller on me. I feel like the ones I'm wearing in the pics are to big for me.
My next dilemma I keep obsessing over is CC or when your implant falls out of the pocket or falls to the side to much because it wasn't supported well enough. I researched that when someone has a implant that drops to low, they have to put in some type of mesh liner to support the implant. If that's the case, why don't they install it in the beginning? Why wait for the problem to start? And with CC is there a way to prevent it? Any methods?? I don't want I have a revision like some others had too only 3 months after their surgery. None of course from the current doctor I am seeing but from the other stories from this website. How many women have successfullu bounced back from best feeding wits implants. I want to have another child next year but I don't want to wait any longer for implants...

Getting ready for the big day! March 25th!

So now I have been doing a lot of research on what to expect after surgery and before. I just purchased Make Me Heal Plastic Surgery Healing Supplements & Vitamins Kit (Pre & Post-Op Formulas) from makemeheal*. Heard about it on this site and it was recommend by another real self member. It's suppose to supply with essential vitamins for before and after surgury to help your body heal faster. I figure it can't hurt. Next I am looking for more pillows, comfortable sweat pant combo for the big day, and anything else I might need. If anyone has any recommendations on what they used to help, I am all ears. I am also purchasing some Arnica on Amazon to help is well. I heard the PS also has his own special custom made elixir. Just wand to make sure I am set. I am also changing my diet until the 25th. I'm eating veggies, fruits, and lots of water. Trying to stay away from dairy as red meat. I read this helps your body stay healthy and have a faster recovery time.

It's official!!!

Wow. I'm still in shock I swiped my credit card and now I am locked in. I'm excited and nervous of course. Signing all the paper work about all the side effects and possible death almost made me run out of the doctors office. I think that was my most scariest moment so far. Definelty learned about some things that I wasn't told until now. For example, the first 24 hrs my husband will have to wake up every 2 hrs and check my drains to measure and I guess dispense the blood. Poor guy... But he loves me and agreed to take care of me. And WOW that is a lot of medication to get and a bit expensive. Lastly, no sex for a month! Lol getting creative is going to be a must! I hope I heal quickly. I got a long list of medication and supplements I am not allowed to take. Just bought a make me heal vitamin supplement package for breast augmentation so I hope none of those supplements are on the list. Will double check though. Now on to my final shopping list. Big oversized hoodie with zipper, lots of prune juice and snacks, and extra pillows. I wonder how slow or fast these last 2 weeks will feel?

It's done!

Arrived to the surgery room at 9:30am. After getting vitals checked IV hooked up the anateshiaolist checked on me, was moved to the surgical room. They prepped me with heated blanket, heart monitor, and lastly my oxygen mask. I remember someone saying just relax and that was it. No count down to warn me, I just slipped deeply into sleep. All I remeber is my husband and the nirse telling me to wake up. I don't know how I got to the car even the drive home.
About the pain.... Your breasts are extremely sore tight, and itches. Didn't have a problem sleeping at all. My husband so sweet. He woke every 2 hours to help me drain my bag and spray medicine on my bruises. It's called DMSO and it works wonders. It's only been the second day and the bruises are almost gone! I'm getting stronger already. I can use the restoom by self again. Really I just need help to get out of bed or a chair. I will be posting pics later or before and after for you. So far everyone is great and i am so exited to see how the progress.

2nd day post op

6 days post op

Before ba

Close up on right boob

No body warned me about this...

I have been having a really tough time emotionally after the surgery. On about the 4th to 5th day I started to really regret this surgury and what I did to my body and all the maintence that comes with breast augmentation. The doctor says that everyone has this little break down around the same time so I am really hoping this feeling goes away. I feel emotional just writing this. I can say with out hesitation I wish I didn't do it.
Now the doctor and staff is great. His work his great. My boobs look great. I just don't feel great. I knew all the complications and maintenance and risks involved. But some how, I feel different about it after the surgery. My appetite has left the building. I struggle to eat. Gatorade has helped a lot. But I don't feel like me. I feel like I took my health for granted and my life was worth the risk of boobs. I really hope the feeling changes but it hasn't and I'm so disappointed in my self. Has anyone felt depressed or regret afterwords and how did they feel later?

1 week post op

Weighing in my options

I have had so much luving support from my family with all my emotions. I am feeling better each day but still have pain from the procedure. My gut instinct is saying take out the implants. My gut instinct told me to run out of the office before I paid for the implants but I thought it was just Normal jitters. I need to trust my instinct but I'm so confused. I love the way they are starting to look but I don't like what I did to myself. Of course I always wanted larger breast and they do look nice but they don't make me happy. I see them as two large reminders of the added Heath problems I will have to insure from them them and the stress about what they might do to my body. I am meeting up with my Plastic surgeon tomorrow at 7 pm to talk about my options. Can't wait.

3 week post op

1 month post opp

This bra is not to provide support in anyway but simply cover my nipples for my work shirts. Scars are heading very well.

Right breast revision

It's been about 7 full months since my surgery. I love having my implants but my right breast has not dropped and fluffed like my left. I am scheduling another surgery to fix the problem with the sane doctor. A new implant will be used and they will have to cut through the nipple to gain access and replace the implant. Some additional "etching" and lowering of the pocket to help my tuberous breast lower into place. Crossing my fingers this works!

More pics of double bubble

I have reached out to my surgeon to see what I can do. I love having implants but I don't want to be stuck with the double bubble look for sure. I'm willing to go a lot smaller to help having nicer looking breast.

Here are some answers I relieved off of the website to my double bubble question.


Had an appointment today with my surgeon and it went well. Learned a lot and he came up with a plan to make my breasts accept the implants and adapt to it a bit better. I have my appointment set up for Jan 22nd. I look forward to the adjustments and have full faith it will look a whole lot better. I will of course document my journey for all of your doing the same. :)

Revision surgery

I had an additional surgery with my original surgeon on March 28th 2016. After reviewing my issues with my results, he came up with a plan to help my tuberous breast accept the implant by sculpting a new shape with a second surgery. He replaced both implants with the allergen inspira which is a new implant filled up more then the older type to reduce rippling. He covered all expenses. My results are nothing but amazing. I really didn't expect it to look this good with what he had to work with. I'm am so pleased with outcome. I overwhelmed with happiness. Second survey was easy and effortless. It took to surgerys but oh so worth it. I'm so happy I went with this surgeon. His staff is also amazing and so helpful. They make such a scary decision and process a walk in the park.
I will keep my profile updated. Please check l out all my pics. The transformation is amazing.
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

I love how this doctor really looks as your individual needs and pays attention to all the details about you. I really feel like my time is not being wasted and that he is confident in his abilities.

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