Tria Age Defying Laser for Surgery Scar

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I had a tummy tuck May 2015. I've done a few...

I had a tummy tuck May 2015. I've done a few different things to improve my scar. I got a Tria for Christmas 2014 which did great things for my face though it gets red during the treatments. I thought I'd try an intensive Tria course on my scar and stretch marks. I'm no doctor and my protocol is not supported by anything Tria recommends but it worked for me. They'd probably scream no! Don't do this! For the face they say 12 weeks, 5 days a week, 10 minutes a day (one cycle at level 3). So 60 cycles. In Canada, I've read, they said 8 weeks 7 days a week. So 56 cycles. What I did was compress that into 14 days, minus a few cycles. So 50 cycles over 14 days. I did about 5 cycles a day for 6 days, 2 days off, then 6 more. Yes it was a commitment! Yes it got very red and angry (no way you could do this to your face and go out). I would do one cycle, wait a bit, do a second cycle and then it would have to charge again. I did it over the holidays so I wasn't working for some of it. I feel it worked great for me and I'm about to do a second round after waiting 4 weeks. My redness is reduced and my stretch marks are much better especially where I focused extra time, right around & under my belly button.
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