23yo Skinny Girl Wanting a Rounder Booty.

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I'm excited to be having surgery in almost 2wks,...

I'm excited to be having surgery in almost 2wks, after having had to wait from my facial surgeries I'm ready. I have not yet decided on a size, i will be flying in 5 days earlier to California from Texas. It's been so long since I've been back to Cali. I'm 5ft 9 and fluctuate weight between 128-135lbs, I'm tired of watching my butt disappear whenever i lose weight. I'm excited to experience first hand the beautiful work Dr. Stanton has done. I will probably not go big, i want a more natrual look, but we will see soon enough.

2 days till my surgery

I just had my consultation with Dr. Stanton and it looks like i will be getting 425cc or #2 as he referred to the implant. I'm excited to see how i will turn out.

I don't have pain ????

So surgery went well, i unfortunately threw up because the pills tasted disgusting. Good thing it didn't land on Dr. Stanton. In total i would say it took me 2-3hrs and i was home soon after. I don't have pain, which is good.

1 week

I don't see what is painful about this surgery, i have not took my pain meds since the day of surgery. I'm finally able to move my legs further apart which makes sleeping easier.

1 week scars

Scars look good, no sign of infection. Now to wait 1 more week to begin using my scar treatment.

Scars at 2wks

Going to start using Pur-sil

Hips after butt implants?

So i noticed about 3 days ago my right side i don't have much hips. I didn't have any before surgery but i noticed after i did and my left side i have a well rounded hip area. My right implant does feel a bit higher than my left so maybe after it settles I'll get more hip projection? Have any other ladies experienced this before?

Almost 1 month

It's a little over 3wks and I'm loving the results.

2 months to the day :-)

Sideview in jeans

2 months update

I tried my best to take good fotos. My implants have been settling in perfectly, although I have noticed my right one is lower than my left. I don't know if they have fully settled yet so I Can't say much, although I like how my left implant looks more round shape to it. Hopefully these pictures give a better visual as to how my progress is going.
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