41 Years Old, 2 Kids and Treating Myself. 34B, 360cc Unders, Anatomical Implants

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I've always had small boobs and liked them. I felt...

I've always had small boobs and liked them. I felt good in bikinis and was happy to go braless in strappy dresses but since having my two children they have been flat. Even padded bras don't look good as they gape at the top.
I started thinking about this back in June and thought I'd wait until next summer but once I have an idea in my head I'm hard to stop and last month I thought "I'm doing it!". Luckily my surgeon had availability in October and here I am today writing from my hospital bed!
I had two major concerns - what size to go for and what to tell the kids (who are 3 and 5).
I had been given two options for sizes - 295cc and 360cc. I was adamant I wanted a natural, fuller look rather than an increase in size but after weeks of dithering I opted for the 360cc implants. I'm 6 ft (183cm) tal,l size 12 and think they are in proportion with the rest of my body.
I didn't want the kids to grow up with negative body issues so just told them my boobs have been hurting and the doctor was going to make them better. Much better!!
Pain is bearable but I'm probably still dosed up and they fell rock hard. My surgeon doesn't recommend bras and bandages,
Looking forward to my overnight stay and maybe even a lie in without the kids!


So feeling ok but tired today. Didn't sleep that well with night time checks on my blood pressure. A bit bruised (nothing to see, but can feel it) around my ribs.
My surgeon discharged me this morning and I'm back at home! I have to take paracetamol and anti inflammatory tablets for seven days and have a follow up appointment in two weeks to have my dressings changed.
I've been advised not to wear a bra, just a vest or crop top. I think I'll have to go shopping before returning to work next week.
My husband doesn't seem to like them - he wasn't expecting them to be so big! So after being super excited yesterday I feel a bit down today. I'm sure he'll get used to them... Did anyone's partner have the same reaction?

Day one


Wondering whether I went too big?! They feel enormous and heavy and I'm worried colleagues are going to notice.

So tight

I didn't expect for them to feel so tight! No pain which is good but I feel like they are engorged. I was told not to massage or do any large arm movements but I feel like I need something to relieve the stretch! I have an appointment on Wednesday at the wound clinic so will ask then if they can suggest anything.

More day 6 pics

First day back at work

I feel like I've been grumpy so thought I'd be positive today! I went back to work today 1 week post op. Felt good and no one noticed (which was my aim). The girls who knew I was having the BA said they looked great which was good to hear.
Secondly, I'm off the pain meds. I didn't really have any pain, just tightness which I'm hoping passes soon, so all good.
Apart from my first night in hospital I'm sleeping extremely well. Looking forward to sleeping on my side again but having no problems being on my back all night.
I just need to stop my 3 year old asking me very loudly in public 'are your boobies still hurting mummy?'
Happy Halloween everyone!

Feeling better

The tightness has totally gone now across my chest but my scars are feeling uncomfortable. They look fine and are not red or swollen but I can really feel them pulling, especially the left one if I reach for something.
Looking forward to being able to sleep on my side in the next few days!

More photos - day 20

No time to write anything but photos for weekly comparison. Hopefully as weeks go by I'll notice a difference.

Nearly 6 weeks

Haven't posted for a while so thought it was about time!
They are feeling like part of me now and I've kind of forgotten about them. They are still hard but the swelling has gone down and they have dropped a bit.
I know one is higher ( it was pre surgery) The thing that concerns me is my right breast has a visibly flat area. Has anyone else had this? Will it correct in time? In clothes it doesn't notice but naked it's very obvious!
My follow up appointment is not for another 2.5 weeks.
My scars feel fine but I'm keeping the tape on as instructed and changing it weekly.
Will report back with update from surgeon in just over 2 weeks.

Scars looking good

So I'm just over 7 weeks and am really pleased with how my scars are looking.
I still feel like my real boobs sit and move around in front of my implants. Will this eventually change and will they feel as one?
I've just looked back at my photos and can see how they have changed. Am glad I've documented my progress as I think it's easy to forget. Looking forward to my consultant appointment next week when hopefully I'll be given the all clear to wear bras. For whatever reason my consultant recommends vests or crops tops so they drop into place better although most posts on here seem to go for sports bras. Funny how they are have different opinions!

Photos of scarsa

Week 14 - Downward nipples ????

I haven't posted for a while as I've been hoping there might be some change. I saw my consultant at the end of December. He was pleased with my results but said the implant won't stop anymore. I was hoping they would as my nipples are quite low and if the implant dropped down behind them they might pop up as I've seen with other people's posts. So although I can wear tops without a bra which is what I really wanted I'm now very conscious of where my nipples sit. They are also really firm still. Any idea when they'll soften up? I wasn't given any advice about massaging them. Should I be concerned?

New bras! Now 32E

Finally got around to getting myself measured and I was surprised to hear I'm a 32E. I'm guessing I was always a 32 and just wearing the wrong my size but, wow, an E! I particularly like the black Gossard bralette. Something I'd never have been able to wear before.
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