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Ok Ladies! Here it is 4 days before my BIG day as...

Ok Ladies! Here it is 4 days before my BIG day as my hubby calls it...lol I am 41yrs old, have a 16 yr old daughter and on my 2nd marriage. It gooes without saying that my hubbies a boob man...haven't met a man yet that isn't. He loves me the way I am 36 small b, 5'3", 115-120lbs. but knows I've wanted bigger tatas forever. Coming from a family of 4 girls and being the only one smaller than a C cup was always hard for me. When I was pregnant with my daughter I was a large C but lost that all very quickly.

I went for my first consult about 14 yrs ago but just couldn't afford it at the time. When my new hubby proposed he gave me the option of new boobs or a diamond. The choice was difficult, but I couldn't see myself flashing my new boobs and saying "Look, I got engaged!" lmfao. So, I took the ring. Here we are 3 yrs later, and for Christmas, he hands me a check for $7500. and says This is for your boobs! I almost fainted.....

So, we went for a couple of consults and they said I have great breasts.....I think they're paid to say that! I have had all of my pr-op stuff done (mommogram, bloodwork, sizing.....) And I'm not sure if I'm more excited or nervous. When the PS we decided to go with asked what we were looking for we both said "go big or go home!!!" She laughed. So, being that I am on the small side, She said I need to go with hp if I go any bigger than 300cc. My chest wall isn't wide enough. Plus she said it will give the projection we're looking for. While trying on the sizers, I couldn't believe we ended up deciding on 550cc hp memory gel unders. I have been researching this forever, like since I was 23.....I have seen a lot of women go way smaller on my size frame and I don't want to be one of those who wishes they'd gone bigger. I'm paying for it, might as well do it right the first time. My PS says they will fit me nicely and the nurses agreed. I actually wore rice sizers daily for 2 weeks prior to my pre-op visit to make sure that is what I wanted and that I wouldn't have any issues carrying the size. I would suggest this to anyone. It's a great way to get comfortable with your size before deciding. I have quit smoking, drinking, started my vitamin regimen including arnica and bromelein as my surgeon suggested. I am not scheduled until 1 pm on the 12th. This is crappy since I can't eat or drink after midnight the 11th. I am posting a few pics of me pre-op and will keep you all posted as my recovery progresses. I have read so many of your reviews and have gained a lot of great information and insight on what to expect. Thanx for that! I have purchased my post -op bras and snacks, prepared meals for my hubby and daughter to heat and eat, I have my bio-oil (highly recomended by a friend), arnica gel, arnica tabs, and have been eating fresh pineapple like it's free. My surgeon says it's high in Bromelain and will help with the swelling and bruising as well. So.....Is there anything I'm missing? any last minute pointers? any photos of 550cc on someone my size???

So....tomorrow is the day and I'm home getting all...

So....tomorrow is the day and I'm home getting all of my last minute stuff taken care of, dishes, laundry, last minute cleaning and such. I think I'm trying to keep myself busy to cover my nervousness...... I am actually moving my bedroom furniture to accomodate my recliner. My home is custom built and has the living room upstairs, man-cave down stairs and all bedrooms on the main floor. I know, wierd. Anyway, my hubby doesn't want me sleeping upstairs so we decided to move the recliner. Any last minute pointers Ladies? I'm drinking plenty of water, and I think I have everything covered.....

So, I'm going nuts sitting here waiting. Left work...

So, I'm going nuts sitting here waiting. Left work at 8:45 chicago time, don't have to check in till 11:30!!!!! Showered, packed, piercings out....can't eat, can't drink...and the clock seems to have slowed it's function!! My hubby is calm as can be watching TOP GEAR!!! and I'm sitting here like.....uh, what do I do now.....Good luck to all the ladies gettin their girls done today!!! Wish you all the BEST!!!! Will update later. : / So.....frustrating to wait.....

WOW!!!! So it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it...

WOW!!!! So it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be! I couldn't seem to stay asleep last night though, I woke up about every 1 1/2 - 2 hrs. not in pain, just awake....That sucked! I am definately high and tight, but I expected that. I've been icing about 1x/hr. for about 15 minutes, using arnica gel and cocoa butter of course. I did go with mentor 550cc memory gel HP. And my PS used the dual plane technique type 2 on my left and type 1 on my right as I did have some minimal differences as we all do! But so far, they look fantastic! I will upload pics in a bit!!!! Hope all you ladies are doing well and lovin the girls!!!

So, it's been 8 days and I feel great. Went back...

So, it's been 8 days and I feel great. Went back to work and am finally sleeping in my bed again after 7 days in a recliner. I use my arnica gel regularly, and cocoa butter to keep my skin pliable. My nipples and my skin in general are very sensitive and I am unable to wear even a sports bra cuz it irritates my skin so much. Tank tops are working well though. I started my massage today.They are dropping beautifully. Can't wait for summer so I can actually wear more flattering clothes. I hate to have to bundle up. I have to say it's all worth it though, and I'd do it again in a minute.....I finally posted some pics too.

Hi Ladies!!!! For anyone out there that is pre-op...

Hi Ladies!!!!
For anyone out there that is pre-op and reading this....I can not stress the importance of taking Arnica pre-op as well as post! I have had absolutely NO BRUISING! Going from a small B to a DD with 550 cc hp silicone, I expected to be bruised....at least a little. My PS swears by Arnica and says that is why I am recovering so well and had no bruising. I took to fast melts 4x a day for 5 days pre-op and 7 days post. I also used cocoa butter for 2 weeks prior to surgery and still use it 4 x a day now. It really helps with keeping your skin pliable and you feel less tightness. I believe using the cocoa butter and Arnica gel before bed helps "morning boob" be less severe also. Good Luck to ALL, and may all your boobs be beautiful!!

So....my hubby is working today and my teen went...

So....my hubby is working today and my teen went to a friends for the weekend. This has left me alone with thoughts about what I miss about my pre-op boobies!!!
1. Sleeping ( I have ambien but when I take it I talk very loudly in my sleep and get up to do the dishes or some other stupid thing and don't rremember it in the morning!!!)
2. When a sneeze didn't feel like I was going to project an implant out an incision. Wow that hurts!!
3. When a body chill felt great!!!! This windy city weather sucks and every time I get a chill it hurts like hell....
(anyone in a cold weather climate should rethink a winter BA)
4. Stomach sleeping.....I can't get comfy in bed to save my life!!! tried different pillows and positions, I can't wait till I can sleep on my tummy again.
5. SEX, SEX, SEX!!!!! My PS extended my restrictions another week.....Never thought I'd miss it sooooo much! I feel really bad for my hubby....poor guy!

Things I don't miss!!!!
1. my itty bitty titties ( like that's not a given)
2. padded/push up bras......
3. being smaller than my 16 yr. old.....she does not agree
4. my tops always being loose and saggy.......

So, overall I'd have to say this is still the best money my hubby ever spent. LOL I'm sure he will agree once he's allowed to do more then stare at them and apply lotion. I was trying to talk with him yesterday and he kept looking at the girls, I said "um honey I'm up here...) he smiled and said "I know, but they're down here!" He's too cute.
Hope everyone is doing well!!!XXOO
PS I removed my topless pre-op pics.....everytime I see them I'm disgusted....Yucky boobs!!!
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