25 y/o 4'9" 110lbs 385cc's Hingham, MA

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Hi Ladies! Like a lot of you on here I've always...

Hi Ladies! Like a lot of you on here I've always dreamed of having larger breasts. I did countless hours of research about breast augmentations and plastic surgeons in my area. Finally I narrowed it down to 3 doctors. I had my first consultation with Dr. Guenther in Hingham, MA on 2/20/15. He was so nice and his staff welcoming. He's informative and answered my questions thoroughly along with my boyfriend's questions. I was nervous beforehand but he put my nerves at ease. My boyfriend liked him so much that he's getting some work done as well. Ok so back to the boobies lol. I felt the different types of implants and I believe the Sientra silicone ones are the most natural feeling. I'm going with 375cc's under the muscle with areola incisions. I felt so comfortable with Dr. Guenther that I knew he was the one. I ended up deciding to not meet with the other surgeons. I'm a 32b now, after surgery I should atleast a 32d. I scheduled my surgery which will take place 5/22/15. Super excited and can't wait to share my journey with you all! :)

The countdown begins!

I can't believe that in about 24 days I will be having my breast augmentation surgery!!! I can't get enough of this site! I feel like all I do in my free time is look at these reviews! I'm officially boobie obsessed lol. Can't wait for my day so I can start tracking and sharing my progress! =)

Wish pics

Now that it's the month of my surgery time is officially dragging. Found a realselfer with similar stats to mine. Hopefully my results are similar!

Pre-op is on Monday!!!!

Slowly but surely getting closer to my surgery day!!!! :)

Boobies all paid for!

Had my pre-op Monday. Paid my balance. Now just playing the waiting game! :)

Almost Boobie birthday!

Ish just got real! Can't believe my surgery is just in a few days!! Ahhhhh where did the time go lol?

It's boobie birthday!!!

So today was my surgery. I arrived at 7:30. My surgery was scheduled to take place 8:30. I checked in then was led to my bed. I changed then took a pregnancy test. My surgeon came in and marked me up. Next came what I call the medical meet and greet. I met my anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, and my nurse. They hooked me up to an IV and asked if I wanted something to relax. Next thing I know I'm waking up in recovery. My surgeon came and seen me in recovery but I was so loopy I barely remember anything we spoke about lol. The after pain was bearable. But OMG the nausea!!!! I didn't end up leaving the hospital until 5pm because I felt too nauseous and lighthearted for the car ride. My throat also hurts from the tube they put down my throat because of the anesthesia. It's now almost 6pm and I'm feeling good. I ate some applesauce and had some ginger ale. Now I'm just relaxing on the couch watching catfish :) .


4'9 115 lbs
32B when I want the super pushed up look. Pretty sure I was a 34B
385cc round Sientra silicone unders
Moderate profile plus :)

It's been one week already!!

Hey ladies! So I've decided to do my updates on a weekly basis. I'm looking and feeling great! By day four I wasn't feeling pain anymore. Just the occasional tightness in the morning. But once I'm up and moving the pain is gone. I went to my first post op appointment on Wednesday. My PS says I'm healing nicely. We discussed starting massages at the two week mark and silicone strips for my scars. I have to wear my surgical bra 24
Hours a day up until the 2 week mark I believe. Then after that just during the day until the 1 month mark. Then I'm free to go bra shopping!! I weighed myself the other day, I'm 122! Not sure how I feel about that lol. But I do plan on eating better. Check in with you girls in a week!

Boobies in clothes

Just a few shots of what they look like clothed.

Week 2 :)

So nothing much has changed. Still wearing my surgical bra w/strap. Made an exception tonight though. I went to go see Kevin Hart perform, so I threw on a sports bra so I could wear a v neck shirt. I started doing my massages on Thursday. Also bought a pair of areola scar sheets for my scars. Other than that nothing's new. I'm loving my boobies. Weird how I haven't experienced boobie greed. I feel like I had awesome small boobs. So anything from this point on is an upgrade :)

Bikini season ;)

Got this cute neon pink bikini from Walmart less than $10!

Week 3 Holy side boob!

Not much to update. Loving my girls... That is all :)

Where did the time go!!!

I can't believe today is exactly four weeks since my breast aug! I'm sure my breast are changing daily but I can't tell lol. So I'll probably do my updates once or twice a month. I'm loving my results! My plastic surgeon is truly and artist! :)

Week 4 pics


7 weeks!

Here is another pic of the girls! Omg they are huge!! Idk if padded bras are not my friend but I feel like I look way to top heavy in one.. Never thought I'd have that problem.. Waiting until my 3 month mark to invest in bras from VS ;)

First VS trip!!

So I finally gave in and went to Victoria's Secret yesterday!! Unfortunately the girl who sized me had no idea what she was doing and measured me as a 32 B at first lol... I laughed because that's the size I wore pre BA. Not to mention my boobs look far from any kind of B... She measured me again as a 32D/DD. She wasn't exactly sure, but I didn't care I was ready to shop! I picked out a few PINK Bras and tried the bombshell on just for fun lol.. Not to mention swim is 40% off at the store nearest to me so I got a bikini also! I'll probably end up going somewhere else to get sized eventually... Here are a few pics of what I found :)

3 month pics!

I'm sure from this point on the updates will get repetitive. So they'll be few and far between. Here's a look at my girls now :)

6 month update!

It's been 6 months and I'm loving my size. Might go bigger in the future ;) but for now I'm so happy with my decision and wish I would have gotten them sooner lol. Here's some pics of my progress...

Pre Op: 32B
4'9" 110lbs
Implant info: 385cc Sientra Silicone under the muscle
Post Op: 32DD
4'9" 117lbs

Cheers to 8 months!

Times flies when you're having fun! Still loving my results and wish I would done this year's ago :)
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Guenther is such an awesome guy. This whole process was nerve wracking but he did a great job at answering my questions and putting my mind at ease. My boyfriend and I both had cosmetic procedures done by him. I would totally recommend him to anyone looking to get some cosmetic work done by a doctor who is patient, caring, and as talented as him. He is truly an ARTIST! :)

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